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January 22, 2011



I wonder if the Dems will pick up some of those republicans? Which, of course, will push your party(the Dems) even further right. I wonder if it is possible that the Republcans will become so extreme that socially liberal Republicans will become Democrats and liberal Democrats will become Progressives aligning us all into - if not new parties - new factions of parties that may become significant? So that we will have defacto Democrats and Progressives with extreme tea-partiers forming the Republican Party and the Greens continuing to be the extreme of the left.

Make sense? Not new parties exactly but realigning of old parties. Of course, as long as corporations and lobbyists can make 'offers they can't refuse" to every new legislator that comes to town regardless of place on the spectrum, nothing will change, will it?

Sgt York

Is Joanie coming out of the closet. Has Olbies firing got her so mad she finally is coming out admitting she is a Communist.

Case in point. Her post above she calls the "Dems" Michael Hoods Party giving the impression she is an Independent. But in the last thread, she tells this to Andrew about the fat guy Shultz...

"You're not as far left as I am. So I wouldn't expect you to like him."

So is Joanie a Communist? Its right there in black and white. Her own words. Cant get around that. And if Joanie is a Communist, then are Sparky, tigsnort, and Rhino Communist Symphathizers.

Sgt York

And its nice to see Kirby get a job. Its a tough time out there for the unemployed. Go get em Kirby.


I have bashed the guy in the past but I have read that he is a wonderfull guy. Even though I bashed him I enjoyed his show. Politics aside, well done Kirby!

Anonymous in Tacoma

A person might agree more with Joanie's politics, although I don't , but who would you want to have dinner with or chat at a cocktail party with, Joanie, with her miserable, evil and uncivil personality or affable, polite Kirby ? As Tommy has ezplained to us, the answer is obvious.


Sgt York, you seem to forget the challenge on this blog-- disagree all you want with content, opinions, etc. but do it without ad hominems.
Are you able to do that?

Sgt York

Sparky, sort of not like this then...

"So, RadioQueen. The Nazi flag in the background, the words "Shoot them in the head.." I still am waiting to hear what different context that could be taken in. You seem to believe there is another plausable connection that I am missing. What is another connection? Please give me your ideas."

Posted by: sparky | January 21, 2011 at 06:05 AM

Maybe you need to look up the definition before you critic someone else.

Sgt York

Or how about this one Sparky...

"Do York's little playground chants remind you of something you'd more likely expect to hear at school?

Just sayin..."

Posted by: joanie | January 21, 2011 at 10:19 PM

You were silent on that one now werent you. Wonder why? Maybe because you are a...


That's why it continues to be impossible to have a conversation with you. Your response doesn't match her post. Please underline or find a way to show us how that post from sparky includes ad hominems.

The only ad hominem on this whole page are you and anonymous. And it is obvious why "anonymous" chooses to be anonymous. People with nothing to say rarely post under their own names.

I agree. More civility from you is nice but your ability to argue a point continues to be circular. Another Putz alert: you never have posted a response to the thread. You always post responses to posters: just like you mischaracterized mine above. Rhino has been very smart in pointing that out.

And your tendency to wag your finger at Sparky. 'These are all putz-isms.

Ah Puget Sound: you do protest too much. As usual.

Just post under your own name. At least it's honest.

A tiger cannot change his stripes. A leopard cannot change his spots. And Puts cannot change his posting habits.


Congratulations fellow Republicans. You've taken the first step towards statewide irrelevance. (see :California http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/01/22/BAB31HD2T1.DTL&tsp=1)
Instead of spotlighting the failures of entrenched seat warmers like McDermott, you'll concentrate on the holiness of thine own candidates. Conservative AND atheist? F you, go be a democrat. Not godly enough? F you, get Patty Murray a chai. This is King County and there's loads of us who don't pass the religious smell test, nor give give a shit. We care about taxes and Gub-mint unions! We are just as conservative as you, but we sleep in on sundays.
The Republicans surrendered California because the zealots took over. If I wanted Party Of God, I'd live in Lebanon.


I am one of the fiscal Republicans who will not support the type of right wing, wack job tea baggers that Kirby will be pushing. Hopefully, McKenna's future run for Governor won't be affected by the morons running the party.

Anonymous in Tacoma

thank you for your service, but would you please remove your head from that dark secret place?

Mike Barer

I think to the rank and file, Wilbur is a recognizable name, much like Dave Ross is for the Democrats.
I think as much as it will rally Democrats, it will rally the Republicans as well to have the well known Wilbur in that position.


Undoubtedly, changing the chairmanship of the state Republican Party will turn Washington red. Why didn't they think of this a few months ago?

Sgt York

Really Joanie. You dont see it there. The NAZI flag reference. Really. And how about your post. Q. What is it you were doing with that school yard comment. Clean out your own closet before cleaning someones elses.

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