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January 25, 2011


Sgt. York

Or maybe Rhino, you are just to lazy to look it up yourself. Try it, you might find it educational for a change.


ON an offtopic post, it looks like the S.P.D. continues to decline in the public's eyes. This Nazi cop Berk may well be charged by prosecutors with murder of the Indian woodcarver, after an unprecedented negative inquest finding. The feds are now looking into the force as well. So what do i see the other day, downtown, but a gang of S.P.D. bike cops amassed on a street corner with aeveral of them wearing ninja-type neck warmers that are pulled up over their mouths, making them look like assassins or robbers, trying to hide their identity.I found the sight disturbing and brought the chilling feel of a police state to mond. Yo, S.P.D. champs? Whats withthe ninja masks covering your mouths? You really shouldn't be allowed to do that. You need to be able to be identified. I was wondering when i saw it whether this was a new tactic they'd thought up, or at least the several knuckleheads out of the gang who were doing it thought up , to avoid being identified when cauhgt on the everpresent cellphione and video cameras. It should stop. Should not be allowed. period.


Maybe when the weather is extremely cold and they are moving on their bikes they might need face warmers, but when they are "interacting" with citizens, definitely not.

Happy to see that Jimmy apparently passed out and gave up with his incoherent rant.

Radio Queen

Aha! So Joanie and BlackRhino DO know how to disagree with civility..when it's with each other. It'd be nice to see you extend that out to others who truly do have marked differences of opinion, instead of resorting to personal attacks and name-calling. Oh yes, you always want examples. Here are some quotes from both of you from prior posts:

"How stupid can you be?"
"What is the matter with 'you people'?"
"Glad to know you sunk to a new low."
You have become a ridiculous commenter."
I'm sure you're cute...if not smart."

Here's a great quote from Obama's speech last night: "Forward together, or not at all."

The Anti-Dori

Add me to the BR-Joanie duo, R. queen. I find both of them to be highly erudite as opposed to most of your comments. You don't seem to be uncivil but you also don't make your points with objectivity. Telling someone they're comments are "ridiculous" can be factual.

Civility by itelf is tedious. Good threads give people something to consider that is worth considering.

The Anti-Dori

"their" as opposed to "they're ..." - my error.


Radio Queen,
I know I kan be an asshole…what’s your point?

Radio Queen

If you want discourse, be civil. If you just want to invalidate someone you disagree with, keep ridiculing and attacking.

BTW, a "ridiculous" comment or a "good" thread is in the eyes of the beholder. Are we so polarized that we can't see beyond our own points of view?

Less combat and more respectful exchange of ideas is all I'm suggesting...


Radio Queen,

litening to the Obloviator deliver his speech......he sounds like such a pretentious elitist ass when he pronounces it "Pock-ee-stan, and "Tollee-ban".

Posted by: Big Jim and the twins | January 25, 2011 at 07:18 PM

Where’s the outrage?
I should have been incensed this self named dick, criticized the Commander and Chief at a time of war. But I was not; I illumined the obvious hypocrisy with great care and jocularity. I know how right wingers love to dish it but can’t take it. But you are critical of me?


By the way, Anti-Dori, welcome to the “Fighting Erudite Left”. We beat they ass, wit a dictionary and knowledge.



Tommy008, what do you think about Jimmy and Jets? And what do you think about disrespectful comments? Can you inform the Queen, Jimmy the Dick can hold his own?


Tommy008, what do you think about Jimmy and Jets? And what do you think about disrespectful comments? Can you inform the Queen, can Jimmy the Dick hold his own?


The very definition of a successful troll: generating 50+ comments on the president's pronunciation of a couple of foreign words, as the most "notable" aspect of one of the country's major political speeches of the year. Meanwhile, the actual content of the speech generates very few comments. Ladies and gentlemen, the political landscape of 2011 America.


C'mon Pete. Join the Anti-D, rhino and me - or at least rhino and me. We commented on the speech. That's why I commented to begin with. I'd like to know what people think. Rhino liked it. As Malloy said tonight, all those words but we still don't know the state of the union. I hope Obama is as smart as people are saying: kill your enemy with kindness and lean forward. I guess. "Yhe love train" - Howard Fineman. This country is in trouble and I want to know what he's going to do about it.

I guess first we need bipartisanship. Maybe Wall St indictments are coming down. If they are, do we get some of our money back?

That's my two-cents worth and that's about all it's worth.

But, we're supposed to be talking about cats wearing PPMs.

Big Jim and the twins

The little lady had to take an emergency trip out of town to tend to a sick aunt, Joanie. My guys have just arrived with their sleeping bags. A four day "smoker" until she gets back Monday night. Your guy isn't getting very many rave reviews for his stale, bloodless, and wooden speech, even from the lefties. ohho Jethro just arrived with a gym bag full of Asian porno DVD's. Gotta go.....


I know i'm not the only one who feels this way ........ Sargeant? Chucks? ....Buehler?

Posted by: Big Jim and the twins | January 25, 2011 at 09:13 PM


Posted by: Big Jim and the twins | January 25, 2011 at 11:12 PM



91% approval rating for the SOU speech isn't good enough Big Jim? That's the number from CBS for those who actually watched the thing.

On the other hand, that is one cute kitty.


Who are Buehler and Sarge?

Big Jim and the twins

actually the spelling is Bueller....Ferris Bueller's Day Off......what is the " Bueller?, Bueller?" quote?,... google" Ben Stein-Attendance Youtube"....you will see several video choices, but play the one that says Ben Stein- Attendance

Big Jim and the twins

Sarge- Sargeant York

The Anti-Dori

Your source of information is YouTube? That's so . . . I don't know. Why not download the movie and watch it? It's pretty good even if it is a bit long in the tooth.


Sparky, take a gander at this search. Not saying it’s valid, just interesting. There is someone else on this blog with the tendency to spell the name incorrectly.


"chink ass" - they call everybody else in the world names and get all defensive and sensitive when someone calls them a name.

Is that another sign of hypocrisy? - the malady of the right

 oh Christ, guy

oh Christ give me a break , champeen. the woman asked for the 411 on the Bueller reference. You twist into some negative bullcrap about how i get my info from youtube. Should i have suggested she download the entire movie and watch it until the attendance rollcall came up? how do yo uknow whether ive seen the movie or not? youtube is one of the places where you get quick answers to questions like Sparky's. Is this your lib analism setting in, Opposed to Monson?

 Big Jim and the twins

I follow all of Tommy008's posts, Sherlock. where do you think i got the spelling from . Then i looked it up to refer sparky to the youtube clip, and i realized he had spelled it wrong, Mr. Holmes.

 Big Jim and the twins

in this instance, it's not a "source of information" like a certain website's written version of an explanation of a particlar thing that could be true or not true, it's an actual clip from the damn movie. Your comment/wannabe putdown makes no sense.


Keep explaining. We find it amusing.

And since you're explaining, what's a "wannabe" put-down?

I sure have a lot of power over you, don't I? :)

 Big Jim and the twins

"i sure have a lot of power over you"-- dearie, my youtube referral and subsequent replies to the ass who twited it into some ridiculous nonsense derived from Sparky's question about the Bueller reference, not your post. she doesnt understand the Bueler reference. sorry, it's not all about you. Poor dear.


you make me laugh . . . thanks.

 Big Jim and the twins

as far as Rush goes, it was racist of him to do a minute or half minute long impersonation of the Chinese president with Chinese nonsense sounds "chong ching chow chong,,,," etc.....is he timewarped in 1953 ,,,or'23?.. I would rather be able to listen to music and enjoy it than hace 50 Maybach'es worht half a million each, or 25 or whatever the number is, and his gaudy Florida estate.........Rush 'es hearing has been damaged (probably because of the heavy oxycotin use) to the point to where even with his implant , music that is new to him sounds like fingernails on a blackboard.


I know who Ferris B. is..and I am familiar with that clip...but I still don't understand the context you were using.

 Big Jim and the twins

apparently you're not familiar withthe fact that the phrase "Bueller, Bueller Bueller?" or sometimes the variation "Bueller,.... anyone?" has transcended it's origins in the movie and has become a joke line used in everyday speech and writing. Of course Bueller isn't one of the bloggers here i was trying to enlist in my aid. It's called a "joke". come on, you guys aer supposed to the be the smartypantses , compared to us supposed dimwits.


ok....outside of the movie, I can't say I have heard it used again. Sorry.

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