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January 13, 2011



Bill Swartz or Kevin to replace Dori next year on Seahawks pregame!

hammering man

How about Raible says "Now that's a spicy meata-balla"!!!


Jessica Goddessman leads every story with a question? It's very annoying.

I don't know if she was taught this or is directed to do this. She should just read the news. She is a spoiled women that lives off the dime of her new doctor husband as she drives the Acura MDX down I-90.

I miss the professionaliam of Tony Miner.

Radio Queen

Ya gotta love Billy Bob. This blog needs more information about local media--with some humor thrown in--and fewer posts from pompous, political, polarizing, pundits who take themselves WAY too seriously. Just sayin...


Dear Bily Bob;

If Palin doesn’t have anything to do these days, except say stupid things, why not fill in for Ted Williams for a while. I hear he will be away for a while.


You've observed the kind of car Jessica Goddessman drives??? You're officially a stalker. Report yourself to the nearest police station. Then calmly lay down on the grown and allow the the police officers to restrain you.

And an MDX isn't even all that expensive. You're really reaching there, sicko.

Earl Shankmeister

I also heard the Jessica Gottesman say "Mommy & Daddy" when talking about the parents of the Tucson shooter.

I also remember a time when KIRO did professional, non-partisan news.


It took me a few moment to figure out who Jessica whatshername was talking about when she made the mommy and daddy comment. When I figured it out, I was totally blown away. She was talking about the parents of a crazed murderer. Could she be more insensitive if she tried?


The free market is so wonderful, it gives us so much objective, unbiased news. American media is a like a wellspring of impartial, fact based journalism. It's not like the "most trusted newsman in America" is a fucking comedian or anything. The pinko Brittish should take some pointers from us, right after they get through adopting our superior healthcare system.


it would be special if Jessica's hubby was one of those million or two million dollar a year doctor's , causing Jessica to look with disdain and mockery on the 100k and mayble slightly over income Dori is so "salary proud" over.


Dori claims to have taken a paycut. If he does make over $100k, it's likely only after combining the weekday show with his weekend sports stuff, so that's like working two jobs. If the "joke" about being fired has any truth to it, it goes without saying that he's not in the most maneuverable position, contractualy speaking. I'd like to think it's a joke, but they've played musical producers with his show, and usually "jokes" don't impart such detail.

With Curley filling in so much lately I feel that KIRO management really wishes a more friendly, upbeat personality could replace the doom and gloom of Monson. The fact that local politicians won't touch Monson's show with a 10 foot pole doesn't just relfect badly on his show, but it lowers the profile of the station as a whole. Name one other news program that has been essentially blacklisted by the fairly elected officials of the region.


I can't stand John Curley. Can't stand Monson either. But I have lost count of the number of times that Curley has put down and ridiculed the woman he is paired with on the station. That includes Jessica whatshername and some woman from the Seattle Times. He obviously has a very littly wiilly.

Earl Shankmeister

What if Raible and Moon did the Blazing Saddles sports call:

Raible: Touchdown, Seahawks!!!

Moon: Scuze me while ah whips dis out!



That wuz funny!


That's a good point, how long can they pay out 100k a year contracts with declining revenues?


I have no doubt that there are some ratings monsters like Bob Rivers that can demand $100k plus, but that's not Monson. I'm not hearing 100k quality talk from him, not by a long shot. Maybe in the boom times, but in a downturn, people want solid, meat and potatoes radio. I don't keep a spread sheet, but I don't believe I hear as many of those higher priced endorsement spots like in did back in '06, '07. I think the high flying days of "Stupid Prices" are behind us. Infact I've been hearing more spots from Luke Burbank lately. He's starting to get the hang of the whole "professionalism" thing.


Ron, Don and Shiers each make $300/show.

Dori makes over 250K because he locked in when ratings were high.

Dave makes 150K but also makes some syndicated CBS News money. I don't have Burbanks number.

FYI-All those newsreaders/reporters (i.e. Radke, Thomas, Sullivan, Bell, etc) all make in the range of $100 - $300 per show.

Radio Queen

@Observer...I think you meant per year, not per show, for those salaries. You're probably close on the main hosts being in the $150-300k range (except for Shiers) but the reporters, etc are more likely in the $50-60k range.


Radio Queen, I read that as $300 per show or $60-70,000 a year. Dori and Dave are salaried employees maybe.

If Dori is truly making $250K ($1200-1500 a show with his current vacation schedule WTF!) a year as soon as his contract is up he's toast.


ExPatBrit is correct. Dori will likely make a move when his contract expires because there's no way Bonneville will renew it with the current compensation. R&D will renegotiate their contract hard based on their strong numbers and will probably command 100K each. Currently they earn about 50-60K per year.Shiers has a lot of family money and his cartoon work. All the other newsreaders and voices make anythwere from 15K to 50K per year. Radke is about $60K.


when is Dori's contract up ? that way i can have two coubtdowns- one to the start of the new Tom Leykis Show (the day after his current CBS contract expires in April of 2012, and the other COUNTDOWN to the end of Dori's regime on KIRO. both dates will be jooyous occaisions.


I'll feel more pride in my home town when Dori is finally off the air. As it stands, I can't believe his selfish, intolerant, vulgar act is welcome to the ears of so many of my fellow Seattlites. I'm embarrassed for all of us. His finally leaving radio will, one way or another, represent a proclamation that we no longer want to listen to this kind of trash.


Great Points. And we must keep the Republicans on defense regarding the shooting.
Stop the Hate!


on the day of his contract expiration/firing we can all bring big ropes , chains and hooks and puil down the 50 foot statue of Dori in front of KIRO Broadcast House on Eastlake, just like our Iraqi brethren did with the statue of Saddam.

James Williams

Jessica Gottesman's use of the words "Mommy and Daddy" to describe the parents of the Tucson adult gunman is a clear display of her ignorance.

Her ignorance of mental illness. Her ignorance of any understanding of what causes mental illness. Her ignorance of how parenting cannot prevent or cure mental illness.

As a human being, her ignorance is not uncommon. Many people are just as ignorant and are just as willing to display their ignorance to others.

The only difference in this case, is she has a microphone and was willing to gleefully share her ignorance to thousands of listeners at one time.

My question and concern is not about her ignorance. Although, if, as others say, her husband is a doctor, one might think she'd be a little more aware.

My question is about what type of 'news organization' allows someone who is so ignorant about such an important issue to be hired in the first place.

Is there no testing during the interview process? Is there no training? Are there no standards?
Does anyone in management listen?

Maybe Gottesman could read about newsman Bill Kurtis and his comments after the Tucson shooting. He talked about his son, who suffered with mental illness and also ended up using a gun to kill someone. Himself.

Maybe Gottesman could refer to Bill Kurtis as his wife as "Mommy and Daddy."


Gottesman is a thoughtless bimbo, a spoiled woman who has gotten a cushy ride through life on her looks.


You're reading way too much into it. They're on live radio. It probably just slipped out, and I bet she would have issued an apology if only it were a serious enough error to warrant one, which it was not.

Besides, I'm just as disgusted by those who insist the parents are completely innocent. How do we know? Maybe those making the claim haven't been the greatest of parents themselves, and want to take some of the heat off themselves by downplaying the significance of the parental roles.

It's being said that the parents might have ignored letters from the college asking that their son get a mental health evaluation after five confrontations with campus police.


Gottessman is always talking out of line. She plays the 'ditzy blonde' part all the time and is frankly very unprofessional. She was absent yesterday due to a major hangover from the Thursday night dinner out with R&D and the boss.

She's on her 2nd marriage, is married to a doctor and lives on the Eastside. She does NOT need this job. It's almost like a hobby.


Gottessman is always talking out of line.

Dori, is that you?

James Williams

It didn't just "slip out."

It was a bottom-of-the-hour news update.

She was reading a script. Not only did she read it, but I assume she wrote it.

It was not an ad-lib exchange or an off-hand remark. It was the newscast.

It was premeditated. And, to me, inexcusable.

James Williams

The 'shooter' is not a child.

He is TWENTY-TWO years old. He is an adult and his parents are not responsible for his actions, and they have virtually zero legal control over anything he says or does.

There has been very little information reported about the parents and no one, that I've seen, has offered any firm diagnosis on the shooter.

I highly doubt some news-reader sitting in a studio in Seattle has any inside information on him or his parents. She has no idea on whether they were good or bad parents. And furthermore, if he has a mental illness, parenting is not to blame.

Her disparaging remarks were ignorant and insensitive.

And anyone who says calling her out on it is somehow hiding their own parenting issues, is an even more shallow ass than is she.


Looks like we have a long time to come up with something better than "Oh, my word" for Steve Raible.

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