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December 28, 2010



Love to Sarah run. It would indeed be polital porn. Just disgusting but you can't stop looking. Run baby run, run baby run!


Costco is a big Dem contributor and she's drawing in (medium) crowds for book signings, effectively boosting Costco's profits so they can contribute more money to Dems. It's neat and makes me LOL.

Puget Sound

...and allow her to sell more books and contribute more to those TeaParty Candidates that been kicking the Dims tail...makes me laugh.

jeez, you would think the Dims would learn by now. on second thought, maybe not.

(pssssss, Pres Obama will close Gitmo next year. really, he will...LMAO)

BR, you still doing that #2 thingie?


Costco took pity on her. See not all assertively left companies are bad and I make the assertion Costco is no more left than Microsoft.


Isn't that the point? The left isn't all about following the leader. You sheeple just don't get that. Costco will continue to make a profit and pay their employees a living wage. They are not black and white like the little sputs. Costco will sell whatever gives them the profit they need to do the ethical and moral thing.

But, I know, you don't get that. It is nuanced.

The right on this blog posts as if their side is on a football field and getting the ball over the goal is what it's all about. Hard to have a conversation about politics and the future of the American democracy when all you can talk about is sports.


The liberal progressives' wet dream is that she will run vs. Obama in 2012. The mainstream GOP does not want her to run, which typically means she will not be the candidate - uh-oh. I think the GOP is smart enough not to send her against the Dem candidate Obama, or Clinton because they have figured out that she won't win. I agree with Perin's analysis though - she does not exude a presidential image and lacks gravitas with all her extraciricular stuff.

She is effective right where she is - making money, driving the lib progs beserk, selling books and rallying the Tea Party and the candidates she supported in November did pretty well - well enough for the GOP to pick up 63 seats in the House and 6 in the Senate.

Puget Sound

yep, i love costco and dislike walmart.
costco treats it people better and pays a good wage. as a result, the lines move faster and the workers are more knowledgeable.
ok coils, that's probably the only time in 2010 you and i agreed on anything.
lets go for two: do you think Blatherwatch's version of Lucy (GG) will fool Charley Brown (Joanie) yet again?


I think that Dr. Bill (on this blog) will slap down Joanie again and again.


I stick to smart topics, those of past posters seem petty to elaborate on.


"Alaska state regulations require public officials to make public records available to the public within 10 days in most cases. On Monday evening, Sarah Palin's former staff in the Alaska governor's office requested another delay in making public 25,000 e-mails exchanged by Palin, her husband and her senior aides.
The governor's office is asking the state's attorney general to approve a delay of five more months, until May 30, 2011.

At that point, the request filed by msnbc.com and other news organizations will have been pending for 986 days.

Sarah Palin was governor of Alaska for 966 days.

In other words, if the delay is granted, the wait for the e-mails will have lasted longer than the Palin administration."

In Alaska just 33% of voters have a favorable opinion of her to 58% with a negative one. The only place where fewer voters see her positively than her own home state is dark blue Massachusetts.

Puget Sound

do you think joanie will have the football jerked away by gg, yet again?

as you know, you would ahve to be pretty f'n gullible to let it happen again. but, we are talking about joanie...


She quit her job before it ended. How many governors have done that?

Puget Sound

She quit her job before it ended. How many governors have done that?

Posted by: Coiler | December 28, 2010 at 08:09 PM

don't worry coilsy, palin won't be elected again. but she'll be a force as a conducter on the teaparty express. you may laugh, but she spent the last 18 months raising money and doing more to defeat dems then anyone else.
probably a sad commentary on repubs...

anywhoo, you're non answer is actually an answer. and i agree.


"Your" I wasn't worried about the 5 time college dorm ride. She played the flute in jr. high.


Is that what they call it now?


Gullible...like when you believed GG when he said he was really a high school student, and you spent months making fun of us for letting a "kid" get the best of us?


The liberal progressives' wet dream is that she will run vs. Obama in 2012.

I don't know anybody having "wet dreams" over Palin. The only people obsessed with sex on this blog are you and chuck (Big Jim and the twins).

As for continually trying to best me, sputsie, you keep losing, Why not face up to it, nobody thinks your obsession with me is worth noting. Including me. But keep begging.

And I don't think Coiler was worrying about Palin. You have a problem with characterizing peoples' posts. I think Rhino has made that pretty obvious.

And your inability to get a friend on this blog is motivating you to think that every new person is an old person. That's pretty juvenile.

Reread your posts above and find one consequential, intelligent comment worth anyone's time.

BTW coiler, nice job playing with our little sputsie.


"We're with those believe Palin won't run: She's having too much fun, and making too much money to put herself in the real grind of presidential campaign."

She will run. She always puts her own career's needs ahead of the Republican Party. If she doesn't stay relevant, her book/TV/speaking fee moneys will dry up. If she doesn't run for president, she won't matter anymore.

It will go like this: Sarah Palin will run for president. All the Republicans will act shocked, there will be TONS of buzz around how unqualified she is, and how she stands no chance of defeating Obama. Liberals will do a premature victory dance. She will have just signed another four year celebrity contract with America, no matter what happens at this point. She will refuse nearly all non-FOX NEWS interviews. She will attend several Republican debates, and roll out prepared statements on every issue about "takin' aim" and "reloadin'". Just like last time. The other Republican nominees will go easy on her not wanting to appear sexist, bullyish and knowing she will lose the nomination. And she will lose the nomination, which will, of course, go to Mitt Romney.


Come on...
Sarah will be a noise maker, but she won't be the GOP candidate.
The best thing about Palin is that she gets the Lib's panties so twisted up.
She'll raise a ton of dough, which will only twist those panties all the more.


That's a pretty nifty scenario, Andrew. I can't argue with it. As for the nomination, that's an unknown for me. Not sure what damage the right will do to its base between then and now.


Mitt is polling low as well. Huckabee seems to be the only popular Repub. right now.


"The liberal progressives' wet dream is that she will run vs. Obama in 2012.

I don't know anybody having "wet dreams" over Palin."

Ph(J)oanie - you don't get it once again. The Dems wet dream would be over the prospects of running against Palin for POTUS - DUH !!


Then let me rephrase it just for you: I don't know anybody having "wet dreams" over Palin's candidacy on the left. And neither do you.


The best thing about Palin is that she gets the Lib's panties so twisted up.

My you rightwingers do a lot of your thinking south of your brain. "wet dreams" and "twisted panties" - Big Jim and the twins - have some teanagers suddenly stormed the blog? And, no, Mr. Bastard, we are not having wet dreams nor twisting our panties over the thought of Sarah Palin running for anything. As far as I'm concerned, she's become a monumental bore. You can have her - and you do.

BTW, I think she could win. I think there is no bottom to the ignorance and low-information status on the right these days.


I look for more infighting amongst the GOP. Who will get crucified over DADT repeal and 9/11 responder health care support? START?

morning wood lumber company

I had not heard anybody on the right, locally even express dissatisfaction with DADT, 9/11 responder or START.
The few righties I know thought that the Repubs fighting for better terms was about all they could axk for in the lame duck.
They all have higher expectations for the next congress with most concern being for deficit spending and slowing government health care.
Everybody seems to be expressing more concern over congress in the next year rather than who will be the candidates for President.
It, admittedly is funny to watch my left leaning friends get all goofy about any and everything when ever Sarah Palin's name comes up. The obvious fear of the woman brings out the kind of vitriol that a PETA member expresses when they hear anything Michael Vick.


I do, too, Coiler. But I never underestimate the ignorance on the right and ability of the media to propagandize. How do you fight media that lies and supports lies (Fixed News) and msm that lies by omission? If all low-information voters ever hear is the rightwing propaganda, they can be suckered into anything.

But I will get some satisfaction if KS and Big Jim's bride get shuffled off into unemployment. They would be getting what they asked for. That would be fair.


"obvious fear"...uh huh. Im quivering with fear. I guess.

Saw this quote just now:
“The rich are always going to say that, you know, ‘Just give us more money, and we’ll go out and spend more, and then it will all trickle down to the rest of you.’ But that has not worked the last 10 years, and I hope the American public is catching on.”
— Warren Buffett


Good post, Sparky, I was just going to post similarly:

Umm, Mr. Lumber Company, it wasn't one of us lefties that brought up wet dreams or twisted panties at the thought of Palin nor was it even one of us that responded with any enthusas. Michael put her out as a topic based on a new Perino interview. I think you and your side might be a little too hopeful that we care that much about her. She seems to be on your minds much more than ours.

I don't Rich's politics but it seems he just wants to look at her. Of course, the real "panty twister" - Big Jim and his twins probably has great enthusiasm for her. She fits the bill for his vote.

Big Jim and the twins

Stop changing the subject, Joanie. the question is- do you have the guts to call up Dr. Bill next weekend and give him a piece of your mind? The challenge is out there- and most people here are betting that you're all skeered of big old Dr. Bill and his short temper with types like you. Whatsa matter Joanie? Skeered?


Just a like an insecure man: thinking it okay to coerce a woman while avoiding the same challenge himself. Oh, you're a big jim alright. I wonder what Mr. Lumber thinks of you?

Kind of like maybe you're a wimp for posting under multiple names maybe? Find your own guts, bub.


I think it will be Romnney because he's the right's only real answer to Obama. The rest of them either lack a) charisma or b) intelligence. Palin makes George W Bush look like an intellectual, and I mean that in all seriousness.

Mike "Huckamath" Huckaby will never live down the fact that he commuted a someone who went on to kill four police officers. That and we don't want to give the nuclear briefcase to Elmer Fud any more than we want to give it to Caribou Barbie.

That "palin gets liberal's panties in a bunch" is ironic seeing as how Karl Rove had to take his face out of his food long enough to trash Palin. Who's really contorting in discomfort here?

Big Jim and the twins

A couple of my guys and I were sitting around the old farmhouse out here in Maple Valley drinking some Jim Beam earlier tonight and we came up with a perfect example of the "Joanie" type. Joanie likes "nuanced" and of course thinks her ilk is the only group capable of nuance. Such conceit,with this "b". However we came up with a nuance that separates Joanie from even other libs and Dems who may differ with us guys at the farmhouse politically. Back during the 2004 primaries when Howard Dean was still pre-scream, and getting a lot of press, because he was deluding people into thinking he was a rational, decent person, he was asked about the 911 truthers. Instead of defending Bush from such vile slander, (remember, let's be real, and not candy coat it- these truthers are saying Bush would deliberately burn alive and massacre 3 thousand people), he hemmed and hawed and finally said something close to " who knows what is really true", "who knows what happened". Despicable. He left Bush to twist out there slowly in the wind, with implied suspicion. On the contrary when fellow Dem Bill Clinton was confronted by truthers at a speech, he stopped the speech and contemptuously faced them down. " An Inside Job? How dare you,?" he shouted, then repeated, to the scurrilous "truther" dogs. Joanie is a Howard Dean. Other libs and Dems , who, while holding differing views from us conservatives manage to still be decent people, are the Bill Clintons.


I don't think it's gonna be a Romney/Huckabee repeat. Romney has a charisma deficit and Huckabee is too Jesus-y (as in too much compassion) which caused a panic last time, forcing the GOP to run McCain. It's going to be someone younger & fresher like Scott Brown, John Thune or someone we don't know much about. The GOP's best chance will be to put a pretty, unfamiliar face out there who hasn't had much vetting and do it at the last possible minute.


You sure think about me a lot. And I can understand your kinship with Clinton. Bet you got a real charge out of the blue dress episode. A real charge. A real stiff charge.

How's that for nuanced?

Now, Mr. Wood, or Mr. Jim, or Mr. anonymous, you go right back to bed and dream of joanie.

You are a smart man, tig.


tigsnort says "It's going to be someone younger & fresher like Scott Brown, John Thune or someone we don't know much about"

Republicans have a very bad track record of nominating candidates they know nothing about. Bushler I was VP to Reagan, Bob Dole had been a senator for 27 years and was senate majority leader at the time of his nomination, Bushler II was son of Bushler I, and McCain is older than the bible.

But out of nowhere, Republicans are going to nominate someone they know nothing about.


Big Jim and the twins, you're fucking crazy, and I didn't read your post.

Puget Sound

But out of nowhere, Republicans are going to nominate someone they know nothing about.

Posted by: Andrew | December 29, 2010 at 02:10 AM

ya mean like, uh, err, Mr. Barrack Obama?
how's that 'hope/change' thing working for Progressives?

2012 will not be Huckabee (for the reason you stated) nor will it be Palin (can't go there) and if it turns out to be Romney we will likely lose.

Chris Christie! That's the one I want to learn more about. He is hell on wasteful budget items and is working hard to rid Jersey of 'incompentent' teachers.

joanie Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Chris Christie is looking interesting to me at this point.
I will be watching him real closely this next year. If he is successful in his budget cuts with the budget and can bitch slap the unions in to shape, he can be the choice.

joanie Can't Understand Normal Thinking

....budget cuts with the budget....
Sorry, it is that fine 13 years of public education plus LA Harbor College and UC Long Beach with the likes of joanie.

Big Jim and the twins

you'll notice Joanie didn't condemn what Howard Dean said, in the quote,.........just attempted a silly attack on me, ....blue dress....that all you got?...hahaha ...weak, real weak...pathetic

these truthers are saying Bush would deliberately burn alive and massacre 3 thousand people

Sorry, I normally ignore the left & right pissing on each other in these comment threads, but this is obtuse -- I was about to write obtuse beyond belief, but sadly, I believe it.

I have nothing but contempt for the truthers, but because they take speculation as "proof" of physically impossible conspiracies. Not because Bush was incapable of murdering people. He was and is directly responsible for the deaths of over a million people in Iraq. Never forget that.

Of course, he probably (like the commenter) doesn't think Iraqi lives are worth as much as American ones, and makes a moral distinction. I don't. A life is a life. And Bush was, is, and always will be an amoral war criminal.

Mind you, Obama's rationale for Afghanistan (and his "winning" strategies, and his endlessly sliding deadlines for calling the whole thing what military leaders already know it is, namely a lost cause) isn't much better than Bush. But that's another topic.

The truthers (and conspiracists in general) were and are nuts, but only because they have no idea how either human nature or the world works, so they've invented a faith-based religion to neatly explain it all for them - not because they judged Bush's moral compass as badly deficient.

Big Jim and the twins

Pete, with the above comments, puts himself totally at odds with Bill Clinton, who condemned the truthers and would condemn Dean's slimy, weasely remarks..... Clinton is in the mainstream of Dems...Pete has clearly taken his seat in the kookbutt left bleachers. Bush did not "murder" people in Iraq. He launched a war which he believed was justified. Arguments can be made on both sides of the "justified " issue. Bush went to war. Civilians die in war. Bush did not deliberately kill civilians, which is what haoppened on 911. Pete's one million deaths figure has no basis in reality and comes straight out of the kookbutt left handbook. Thank you for clearly showing us what and who you are, Pete.


Romney..the Cons hate him because of his religion and he isn't far enough to the right.

Scott Brown..he is in the teabaggers' gunsights..and according to Putzie, they are All Powerful.
He has voted with Democrats which is an unforgivable sin to the Cons.

Bloomburg had a major FAIL with how he handled the snowpocalipse (the outer boroughs were left unplowed and he growled that New Yorkers are whiners). He's toast.

Chris Christie got outta Dodge before the snowstorm could hit, along with his Lt. Gov. who went to Mexico, leaving the snow mess in NJ behind. People in NJ are pissed.

My prediction for the next few weeks...listen to the Right start using the phrase "unprecedented power grab" when examining rule changes in the Senate.


joanie Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Pete. Why don't you remember Saddam Hussein violating the terms of the cease fire from the Gulf War? Is it so hard for you to grasp the whole truth over the edited libtard spin? Hussein is responsible for any and all Iraqi deaths.
Whose ass did you extract the million deaths from? You should put that number back and see if you can pull out a more accurate number.
As far as Obama, the poor guy is conflicted. He now receives the same intel that Bush got and has been forced to make the same choices Bush made to deal with the reality of Islamic terrorists.
We are at war with a real enemy. Success or failure is now Obama's and he knows it.

joanie Can't Understand Normal Thinking

Hey Ms Sparky, is there something wrong with accurately referring to an "unprecedented power grab" by the US Senate as an unprecedented power grab? If it is without precedent, then it seems like an acceptable choice of words.
(and who the heck let that "gravitas" word back out? I thought that it had been used up)


Ah Pete. Any war a republican starts has to be good. No thinking allowed. Republicans are perfect. Note the wonderful economy, peace throughout the world, and the chinese are not taking us to the woodshed.

Chux watches Fixed News and reads headline news on MSN. My advice: he's a wingnut who few of us take seriously.

But you can have a lot of fun teasing him about his wood.

Aa for the "honest and forthright" clintons who would never slander: when asked his birthplace, nstead of defending Obama from such vile slander,they hemmed and hawed and finally said something close to " who knows what is really true",

c'mon, chux. Haven't you figured politics out yet?

Big Jim and the twins

Pete throws out the old left wingnut canard about Iraqi lives not beiing worth the same as American lives, to people like me and Bill Cinton and Bush, and sneers at us for making a "moral distinction". No one ever said anything about our lives being worth more than the other group's. Duhh, there IS a moral distinction between the deliberately targeted 100% civilian lives lost on 911 and the lives lost by unfortunate Iraqi civilians due to collateral damage in a declared war launched and approved by the leader and the lawmakers of the U.S. I would tell you to put on your critical thinking cap, but it's a lost cause. You might as well go hold up a cardboard protest sign down at 5th and Pike with the La Rouche-ites.


We haven't won anything since WW2 and that was an allied effort. A billion dollars a day back at home would shut a lot of tea par-tiers up. Where are they on the failed empire spending?


I would posit that there is NO distinction to the families of the victims.

Iraq had nothing to do with 911. That's is precisely why we do not take you seriously.

And as far as I know, the President of the US is not perfect. Few have been corrupt as far as I know. I would consider Bush corrupt. But, you are a sheeple who will follow your leader as long as he's a republican. And it is odd that you consider me to lack critical thinking skills when it is you that follows blindly the lies that everyone knows (who can separate from Fixed news) led to the invasion of Iraq.

You are the ugly american. And Bush killed more innocent people including Americans than did the fifteen Saudis who committed the crime.

But continue your unsupported characterization of my thinking skills rather than face the facts of Bush's illegal war.

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