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December 07, 2010



Lars Larson was a newscaster on Ch. 12 KPTV for years, and when he got his first radio gig, he was a mild mannered male version of The View. One of his best shows was with Jerry Frank, of Meier and Frank fame, discussing the different kinds of chocolate....Then Rush came on the scene, Lars observed the large amounts of money he was raking in, and suddenly Lars was the "angry" conservative voice in Portland. He chose well, obviously.


"suddenly Lars was the "angry" conservative voice in Portland"
Posted by: sparky

I'm sure that Lars didn't just "turn into an angry conservative"...
Most of my people are like that under the surface at all times.
It's only when talking about politics that it comes out, and that's what changed with Lars I'm sure.
It's not just an act.
Laura Ingraham is the same way.

I never thought that Bryan Suits would join KTTH, as much as that he already has a Fisher hall pass and should be on the mornings at KOMO.


disappointing to say the least. So other than the token one hour of David Boze, everything else is a syndicated national show. Competition is good but now that KVI is out of the way, KTTH is just another useless rehash of syndicated content. I honestly find it difficult to believe people will listen at all to Lars and Laura. And Hannity? Please. Can't listen to Frank "put me to sleep" Shiers so I guess it's podcasts for me.


I knew Lars when he was in college (Univ. of Oregon); he's a small town local conservative (from Tillamook) whose first gig was at KTIL and who always, always wanted to be in radio.

KXL was actually his first gig, before he was on KPTV. KXL was all-news, and he was a newscaster, in those days.

He's been at KXL something like 30 years now, which, politics aside, is pretty impressive. The flip side is that he's never had a non-media job in his life, and has been comfortably employed by the same company since his early 20's, so his "wisdom" on how the rest of the world works is fairly suspect. But then, that's true of a lot of political pundits.


I just listened to the guy a few minutes ago, on FNC with Megyn Kelly. He seems pretty moderate to me and is, thus right down my ally. We moderate conservatives will like him.
The preference would still be for live and local as opposed to all of this syndication.


It would probably come as no surprise that people who tend to worry pay more attention to news than people who feel comfortable and safe in the world... so KIRO has a self promotion spot saying something like "Dick is a worry wart, he's about to lose his job and he has a kid on the way and his marriage is on the rocks... AND HE LISTENS TO KIRO TO FEED HIS INSECURITIES AND STOKE ENDLESS PARANOIA." or to "stay connected", yeah right. That makes no sense. Radio is a one-way medium.


Dori just went on a rant supporting the Ramada Inn that charged the guy 450 dollars a night instead of the $65 regular fee ( wihtout telling him in advance) because it was "supply and demand, busiest travel day of theyear") . He went on to give attaboys and high fives to the guys during Katrina and other disasters that charged triple or more rates for generators or gallons of gas because they could. This is a puking snivelling little fascist we got here.


he kept talkin about the "free market" when he was applauding the gougers. Does he realize that these practices are declared illegal by local governmental agencies when they catch the bastards doing it, during disasters or extreme weather emergencies?


Dori promote socialism greatly when he willfully puts such an ugly face on an unfettered free market.

"If businesses want to exploit the weak, businesses should be allowed to exploit the weak. It's a free market!"

And people like Monson, not to mention millions of businessman all across the planet, claim they follow the teachings of Christ, and urge others to do so, but if it snows and you're stuck, they won't render much needed assistance, they'll charge you FIVE TIMES THEIR NORMAL RATE.

All of these caring Christians are making so much money somehow, I really feel like I'm missing out on this gravy train.


oh in the interest of fair and balanced Dori did say the hotel should have told the guy in advance the charge would be 450 a night. Other than that caveat, he was totally high fiving them. The hotel is being sued by the S.U. law student they tried this stunt on.


Being from Portland, I have heard Lars since the late 80's when he was a newscaster on KPTV.

He is socially moderate, except for illegal immigration, pro 2nd amendment and fiscally conservative. Mike Siegel has filled in for his shows on KXL. Bryan Suits would be better and hope gets a gig on KOMO. Ann Coulter said on a promo, "After listening to your show, I can see why you carry a gun to the studio".


There's a great viral video going around where an atheist explains to this Christian caller than Christianity is really an immoral religion because they are never held accountable for their sins. If a rapist rapes someone, and then asks Jesus for forgiveness, God will never hold the rapist accountable for that act of rape thereafter.

And that's why I think greedy businesspeople like Monson love Christianity; you can commit any sin you want, treat others poorly, and then apaologize to Jesus at some later point in time, and all is forgiven.

"My God is a forgiving God, and that's fortunate, because I'm going to need a lot of forgiving."


Oh yeah, Dori's "Christianity" only goes so far; it's when he's gone way beyond the limit that he called the homeless "human garbage".

And no, Dori, we'll **never** let your forget that. Your audience needs to know the true ugliness in your soul.


He had a morning show on KOIN tv for awhile after KPTV and KOIN told him he was either working for them or KXL.

Jason Andersen

does Ryan Hatch = Mormon primogeniture, or have I just had 4 beers?

Jason Andersen

...regardless, Mr. Hatch, Dave Boze needs to be off Seattle public airwaves FORTHWITH!!!!!!!1

I do not listen at all regularly to Boze; however, my memory of spoken English is at least average...last few times I happenend upon him he was not just intellectual wannabe reject from almighty "Hillsdale" with Medved crush...and married to THAT woman...*even Dave Boze* could do better..."DAAAAAAAAAVVVVE YOUR BACON IS GETTING COLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Fire him forthwith and replace him with Sean Hannity.

At least Mr. Hannity has the grace and class not to inarguably race-bait and poke fun at gay people like me. He's


(BTW: he has effed up X5+ since I have been back in Seattle and listened to that show: +/- 45 minutes over last month/this month).

Go back to killing to killing animals and having your way with that woman who turned Afgan men gay.

PS: I have played football too--THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE TO BE OBESE BOZE!


Laura's looking her usual stunning self. And gay people are soooo smart! Finally, an amusing and intellectually honest post.


When are you going to post your photo ?


When you do.

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