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November 28, 2010



Waterboarding and drone attacks have too little in common to even begin with a comparison. The fact that conservatives would assert that there is an equivelency between these two things really goes to show what a poor grasp conservatives have on matters of torture and warfare in general.

There's been several example in the news today of conservatives acting childish and immature compared to their liberal counterparts 1) the hooting over the censure of Rangel. Liberals never showed such delight over the misfortunes of a republican politician. 2) Republicans calling the tax proposal "chicken crap". Democrats don't use such low brow language.


KS, I can't answer your question if you don't have a question to ask.

Puget Sound

nice try BR.

but you avoid the real question.

that's why i didn't bother replying.

Puget Sound

ks, it is interesting how they dance around their earlier indignation and now with a Dem doing much much worse have no real issue.
those predator drones are going all over Pakistan delivering death from above. But heaven forbid they get some wa wa in their nostrils.

Puget Sound

LMAO Andrew, you ever hear of Alan Grayson!

in regards to predator drones vs waterboarding you are intentionally missing the philosophical point.

Jeez, don't go ph(J)oanie on us.


Even if you wanted to draw some kind of moral comparison, and ignore the reality of collateral damage in war time, conservatives are the last people on Earth who I would feel a need to answer to about moral consistency.

As if I'm going to take criticism from the same people who rally behind Sarah Palin after having quit her job as governor, or the people who impeached Bill Clinton for personal indiscretion, but rallied behind Bush as he rolled out flimsy evidence for a war that has resulted in many thousands of deaths.


Yes, Putz. Whatever fabricated issues you have dreamed up surrounding this subject you are its definitive master of facts. As with any straw man you contrive.


Andrew, briefly the question was what are those of you of the liberal progressive persuasion fighting for ? I have outlined it twice before in this post. So far no takers. An opportunity for a dialogue. Later.


I’m going to quote KS here entirely, please excuse my evenhandedness.

“Do any of you self-proclaimed progressives know what you are fighting for ? It seems that you have a fuzzy idea, but are way oblivious and clueless to the consequences - unintended or otherwise. Misguided - perhaps ?
That's why ;

you all make no sense

here a vast majority of the time. There must be an underlying and even rational explanation for the disconnect from reality...”

Posted by: KS | December 01, 2010 at 10:44 PM osted by: KS | December 01, 2010 at 10:44 PM

Please note the bold…

And now this quote,

“…you are indoctrinated with pinko crap which results in
the toxicity coming via your piehole on the keyboard.”

Posted by: KS | December 01, 2010 at 10:18 PM

I know your question was addressed to Andrew, but I have to insist. KS, we are fighting the idiots of our country.


BR - you did not quote everything relevant to that question - you missed this.
"No self-proclaimed progressives have come forward to answer my question. It was sincere; what is your cause ? It was an attempt at a dialogue.

No need to be defensive and spew back hate-filled rhetoric. I'll be civil in return if you show civility."

No, it was addressed to all self-proclaimed progressives and it was an attempt is get at what makes them tick and don't make sense much of the time to me and I am sure they would say the same about conservatives or traditionalists. Idiot is a subjective term and fuzzy answer - as...one person's idiot can be another person's icon.

Maybe an honest dialogue is too much to expect in this venue, but at least it was attempted.


KS, I think you missed the point.

Puget Sound

As if I'm going to take criticism from the same people who rally behind Sarah Palin after having quit her job as governor, or the people who impeached Bill Clinton for personal indiscretion, but rallied behind Bush as he rolled out flimsy evidence for a war that has resulted in many thousands of deaths.

Posted by: Andrew

I wasn't talking about Iraq, I am talking about the 'good war' per Pres Obama.
You can argue tactics but the morality must give you a little pause when you reflect on it. Waterboarding is evil--you would cut America no slack in that regard BUT intentionally shooting a rocket into a home that has innocents is acceptable as long as you nail the 'suspect.' The problem is that the info to get sufficient confirmation is difficult since we don't tend to take prisoners. Can't have 'em filling up Gitmo, eh? Collateral damage sounds so nice and antiseptic for what really occurs.

Folks, it's a little hard for Andrew to admit he's wrong so he needs to dance away from it with references to a politician that resigned before the term was up or an impeached President.
Conflating unrelated events doesn't make your case, it only serves to undermine it.


KS, your question seems kind of broad. I suppose I could just read from the "What We Stand For" portion of the "Democratic National Committee's" literature. They cover subjects ranging from "civil rights" to "science and technology". It seems they believe that wealth and status should not be a requirement to having your voice be heard.

SGT. Pepper

Puget Sound, face it, it’s getting tired. Everyone see’s through your game. Your pawn KS is all you got. Your arguments are loaded and the forethought is easily spotted.

Puget Sound

thanks sparkles, it's nice to see you add some spice to your repertoire.


Face it, Putz. No one will buy into your ridiculous assertion.


Puget and KS has been put in check, as Puget often says.

LOL, Rotflmao and mine hahahahahaha.


Pepper has obfuscated and is good at finger pointing and playing mind games- but has no substantive argument, except like the rest of the lemmings to say PS is wrong.

Are you bold enough to state your opposing view ?


"I suppose I could just read from the "What We Stand For" portion of the "Democratic National Committee's" literature. They cover subjects ranging from "civil rights" to "science and technology". It seems they believe that wealth and status should not be a requirement to having your voice be heard."

Posted by: Andrew | December 03, 2010 at 07:08 PM

That's what the DNC says, but their actions show quite differently. They have signed on to the One World Order and have tried to install a shadow government and are an instrument in making the one world Government succeed. This would take away many of our freedoms and we would become a surveillance society and a police state. Sadly, a number of the GOP also has signed on to a one world order too (Bush-41 and Bush-43 did).

People's voices can be heard by all, but the fact is that they are drowned out by the $ - follow the money (i.e. the unions, large corporations and other foreign sources of funding). Money talks.

Hog Radio Producer

Wow no more bills to pay with an all outsourced syndication line up on KTTH.

Glad this blog is here will check it out often to track what is happening here in Puget Sound radio land since no one else is talking about the lack of talkers!

KVI started going down hill when they let Medved go - just track backwards.

1590AM Just changed their format to Conservative Radio. Prager 9-12AM is my fav lots of great interviews and he strays from politics which is great. I can only handle so much.

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