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November 05, 2010



Dori has done what Lars Larson did, only Lars was more successful--he has a nationally syndicated show--both had interesting "lifestyle" shows that were fun to listen to. When Rush's approach to talk radio took off like wildfire, Lars suddenly began emulating him and gained a huge audience. It took Dori until 9-11 to adopt this type of show. He isnt as good at it as Lars. It will be interesting to see what happens to the other rightie stations in the next couple of years.


Talk radio is taking a hit, it is true, right-wing talk radio is losing it's appeal and politics may certainly be a part of the reason, but one questions why the left could never generate any significant interest to start with. The youth of today realizes that the elderly (any > 40'ish) is really pretty much full of bullshit and thus the new generations will not find enjoyment in wasting their time tuning in with so many other venues in which to gather more creditable data. The Limbaugh's of the world, much like the Elvis'es and the Beatles will always have their following 'till attrition takes it's course. Get with it or move over and get out of the way cause the times they are a'changin.


That is incorrect and you know it. Dori proves it day-in and day out, practically keeping this blog alive by himself. So, put a sock in it you know not of what you blather.

Puget Sound

Right wing talk had a nice run but radio in general competes against an array of media.

Well, lets get it straight that Left Wing Talk rarely did well in the market place. But I know of one.

It takes a special personality to make it work long term. My favorite host is KGO's Ronn Owens -Liberal- is one who has made it work on the local level. He's been doing it out of SF for over 30 years. His views are well reasoned, he is a good debater, and gives the caller a chance to make their point.
He wouldn't appeal to the Joanie or Andrew types -not enough red meat and he does not employ the straw man routine they use- but Owens does very well among those who enjoy rational talk.

In Seattle, Carlson does well and will continue to make a nice living off of radio.
At some point, Suits will hit a homerun and make it work. If you get his humor it is fall on the floor funny at times.


Oh Please.
You are SO over-analyzing this. First and foremost, radio is supposed to be ENTERTAINING. Right-wing talk radio ceased being entertaining years ago. It's all about over-stuffed white men ranting and blowing off steam because they never worked out their issues in therapy. I think listeners simply got sick of these blow hards getting their angst out in public. Also, has anybody noticed that Washington's 2 senators and governor are women? Where's the woman's voice of politics on talk radio? Or about ANYTHING other than home repair (i.e. Tammy Michaels). It's on smaller stations, stations with no blow-hard promotions budget. Maybe we just got sick of these boring white men. Where's the African American voice of reason or, God forbid, the Asian voice of reason? Or the LATINO speaking English and expressing political views? Jamie Mendez does a great job, in Spanish. Dude can also speak English quite well. Give HIM a show.

No, the format just got old and tired. Good riddance.


Counting down the final moments of KVI right now...
It will be up to KTTH and the small handful of KIRO conservatives.
(Ok, just Dori)
KOMO is going to be more prevalent on my radios now.
Still hoping for that announcement that Bryan Suits jumps on board the KOMO schedule.
(Or possibly KIRO, KTTH)
Going to be interesting to see how long it is before I stop tuning in KVI out of habit at the times I usually listen.
Thank you for your service, KVI.

Puget Sound

Rat Bastard
I was thinking the same thing but I'll be taking it off my preset station setting this morning.

Sad day, but Suits will live on.


in his final hour on KVI, Suits proclaimed that he would "never set one foot in California again". Say it ain;t so, Bryan. The people of Los Angeles clamor for your presence. Face it, folks. This is the statement of an extremist nutbar. Whether Suits was something else years ago and has simply progressed to this point is open to debate. But as far as Novemeber 2010, Bryan Suits is an extreme rightwing nutbar. And of course it's hard to win friends and influence station managers when you're a meanspirited sarcastic asshole but that's a different matter. Remember Bryan- KVI's failure was at least partially caused by your failure from 5 to 9 am. Just like Obama with his own situation you can't admit that, just too arrogant. Instead you hide behind a mask of aggressive, fake "cheerfulness", like you did all morning on Tuesday. So, Bryan, remember.... Don't go away mad- just go away. bwaahahahahahaahahahaah


You're a fuckin idiot.


Sir Dino was once much looked up to by me. He lost alot of my respect in this campaign. He didn't seem interested enough to give it his full attention.


Get out of here Duffman, you know you've been banned from this site!



Film at 11!!!!


Bringit, you have a great point there.

  tru blu

Rachel will be next when they find out OHMYGOD she VOTED for a Democrat


I doubt that Rachel wrote out checks to dimocrat candidates re-election after their appearing on her program in violation of network code of conduct contract provisions.
Now back to our regular radio blather. Right wing radio as presented by KVI had even become boring to me. All we had left was Bryan.

Puget Sound

I guess Olby violated the rules and he'll face discipline.
I kind of question the need for the rule in the first place.
Does anyone have any trust in Olby to be unbiased?
At least he put some Benjamins behind his convictions.

The MSNBC election coverage was ridiculous. Funny from my point of view as they made no pretense of being unbiased. That Olby gave money doesn't impact his credibility.

Hell, I am glad that the best MSNBC can cough up our weak actors such Olby, Maddow, and Big Ed.
(I have a soft spot for Lawrence O'Donell as he'll debate anyone anytime--although when he gets that vein to throb it can be amusing)


I prefer to watch Spitzer Milf on CNN anyway.

Their story is total bullshit though. He's a commentator, not a journalist. Olbermann is known for having a huge ego. I think this is just a cock fight between Olbermann and MSNBC management.


Oh crap. Rumors are already spreading that MSNBC is in talks with Major Garrett to get the 8:00 PM slot at MSNBC. Garrett was seen going in to Phil Griffins office.
Now that would be something.

Puget Sound

judging by what some of his 'dates' have posted, olby will be on the losing end of such 'fights'


Monday will be a big day for me. Put KVI back on the preset after so many years. Switch back to KOMO for morning news after trying Radke for a week. Radke a disappointment.


The best comparison I can make is between talk radio and any professional sport. Let's face it, professional sports are, more often than not, full of over-paid, soft, boring personalities with very little incentive and spirit.

Now go watch college or semi-pro ball -- those guys WANT it, they kick and fight and leave blood on the field in order to make the big time.

Same with talk radio. There is a, albeit small, presence of young talk talent in this town with serious potential who were kicked in the jock-strap by management before they could even get their cleats dirty.

In pro sports, there's a bench and a draft full of young, spirited men and women aching for the chance to prove their talent and worth. No such bench exists in talk radio because the corporate suits, myopic nut-less station management and rich, soft, flabby, comfortable senior talkers don't allow it.

The Anti-Dori

KVI could be riding high if they'd held on. With the Republicans back in charge of the House, they're going to be the stuff of conversation again. KVI jumped the gun.

Lame analysis by the right. Olberman donated to campaigns? Grow up, MSNBC.


No, 'thuglicans are going to obstruct again in preperation 2012. Obama will present legislations and budgets and 'thuglicans will say "we have concerns about provision and we need to take more time to bla bla bla." Then by 2012, nothing has been done, and everyone acts like they did everything they could do. Voters are upset and simply vote to unseat whoever the incumbent is, which in this case is a Dem Senate and President. If you don't get how this game works, you haven't been paying attention.


Suits will find a new home soon - he has the wit and insight going along with the quirky humor.

Lars Larson (not Larsony) is a fixture in Portland and Nationally and Jason Lewis is up and coming on KXL, along with his new book "Power Divided is Power Checked". Lars also has Jim Gossett, who does the best parody on Obama that I have heard - he seems to get who Prez BO really is.

As for Seattle talk radio - it doesn't blend that well with the surrounding. Limosene liberals and progressive-cons would rather listen to KPTK or watch MSLSD. Similarly in SF, who Seattle aches to emulate. If they had classier talk hosts like KGO does, like Ronn Owens, Gene Burns, John Rothman (who is fair but a bit too limosene liberal for my taste) and Dr. Bill on the weekends, they'd have a good product, but local talk talent is a notch below there. Bryan Suits might be the best right now. Mike Siegel and perhaps Carlson and Kirby Wilbur were good during their run on KVI. Boze doesn't really seem to click, although he can come up with a few things worth hearing. KIRO-FM has everyone's favorite - Dori and Dave Ross, neither of whom are in KGO's league.

The talk radio scene needs to regroup here and revised oldies format on KVI will probably outdo any other talk station in the market.


Welcome back, Duffman - don't make yourself a stranger. This blog needs more sanity...

Jana H


"Wonkish and serious."

That's really funny.


No, it’s not. Think seriously funny, believing itself wonkish. It’s like a stick puppet of KS manipulated by Putz.


Thanks, KS. I see things haven't changed much.:)


"Never mad or passionate?" Soooo...you didn't listen much. You are right about the campaigns, candidates and radio hosts reflecting the gestatlt of the Northwest: "don't get me wrong." As in "Don't get me wrong, I think _____ went to Olympia with the best of intentions, but....."
The reason I will continue to do my KFI show from Seattle is because in LA you be blunt and honest about race, immigration and incompetent politicians. When I call Jay Inslee "The Loathesome Jay Inslee," I actually receive emails about the tone of discourse in Washington politics, etc.
Fuck that.
I've been to the future and it's California. Unless someone starts speaking bluntly, it'll happen here. Gavin Newsom is dangerous and evil. Governor Inslee will be the worst thing for big and small business we've ever seen. Since I find him loathesome, why not say so?
So, in response to your theory about the politics being boring: they're not. A multi-billion dollar underground boondoggle needs to be called what it is. A corrupt kickback scheme between democrats and indian gambling needs to be called a racket. Government unions bribing Margarita Prentice needs to be megaphoned from a tower. An unifluential, gasbag asshole Congressman...like McDermott, should be called what he is. So I did.
If other hosts play by Marquess of Queensberry rules, they're either part of the scheme, or they've never heard John and Ken's 5pm hour.


It all boils down to 'if a conservative doesn't like a talk show host, he switches channels. Liberals demand that those they don't like be shut down'; no worries Bryan, will be lookin for your next gig and be tuning in. Do you have a non-compete agreement to adhere to?


BTW, I'm off to the gun show in Monroe, then the Navy Exchange Likker store in Everett before the Ducks game. I ain't payin' no Gub-mint markup union bribe for my Knob Creek!
And yes, It's a Daddy/Daughter kind of day.

Puget Sound

and it's a good daddy who learns his daughter gun safety.
don't forget to keep us updated on your next radio adventure!

Puget Sound

ah, ken and john.
seattle couldn't take those two.
i was down in so cal over the past 4 weeks or so and would listen to them on my way home from work.
of course, they go after everybody.
what they did to meg whitman when she came in talk to them was devastating.

stay true to your 'inner bryan' and you'll do great.


Off to the gun show and buying booze before the Monday lay off? Not good.


Heed the words of KVI/Bryan about what the advent of a Gov. Inslee would bring. One thing I liked about Mr. Suits is that he did not play by the Marquis of Queensbury rules.

BR - ridicule if you will - you know nothing about me, but I know its better to stand for something than for nothing. Up to now, I don't know exactly what you stand for and how it fits in the big picture. It would be interesting to hear, perhaps.


"The wise man always fights for the LOST cause, realizing that all others are merely effects." e.e. cummings


"Never teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig." Albert Einstein


I'll take the pat on the back, KVI/Bryan - Does your FB page show where and when you can be heard now ?


he is probably hunting with Dick Cheney LMAO?

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