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November 13, 2010



KNGW overtakes KGO 810 when the sun comes up. I woke up one Saturday morning to hear someone impersonating God, telling me that Jesus rode dinosaurs.

Dr. Bill

That's right, Sparky. We don't like our signal crowded up there by the bible-bangers. Speaking of KGO, this is Dr. Bill and I'll be on the air down here in two hours to take on you vulgar green Nazis, members of the "snide tribe", eco-frauds and various assorted lib bungholes.


for a minute there I thought the station was pronounced "queef"; which would have been deliciously ironic given the new programming.


The American public did not vote for efforts to take care of the deficit in the midterns. They voted against the party in power to express frustration at the fact that our economy is still struggling. And the economy is still struggling because Democrats were not bold enough on the stimulus, cramdown, infrastructure investments, funding for state and local governments, and other steps that could have achieved a full economic recovery. As a result, Democratic leaning voters were uninspired to vote, while the right wing had been riled up into a frenzy by Fox News, Glenn Beck, and the billionaire sugar daddies that finance the tea party.

The lesson of the past election is that Democrats need to make clear which party really has the interests of the working and middle classes in mind. And the Democrats need to do that by being bold on the economy and by rejecting as unacceptable the Fiscal Commission draft proposal that would reduce the deficit on the backs of the middle and working classes while giving further tax cuts to the wealthy elite.

Rev. Ray

Now just hold on , I'm going to have to pipe you down Dr Bill or whatever the hell you call yourself. I have many good callers up in the NW well, one or 2 in Oregon and a few in Washington except that idiot, who calls himself "Happy" and happy he aint, ladies and gentleman. On more than one occasion I have had to spank his white behind, and its an ugly one, no doubt about it, after he calls in and sickens my audience with his vulgar, hmmpf I just don't want to darken what is already a good morning here in San Francisco so I'll leave it at that.


Wow, what a line up. I haven't seen a bigger pile of shit since I was out in the cow pasture earlier.

The big difference though, is that my cow's shit has considerable intrinsic value.


Hmmm... thought talk radio was dead, but rumors of that nature were exaggerated.

It would be good if KGNW were moved to 830 - so that KGO would project a better signal. Portland has a similar problem with 800 AM.


The big difference though, is that my cow's shit has considerable intrinsic value.

Posted by: RealaMurkan | November 13, 2010 at 10:38 PM

Silly progressivist. Speak for yourself...


Maybe KVI should have gone all holiday music until the DJ crew was on board in January. No competition on AM.

(below from Radio-Info)

Why some stations are going all-Christmas: Arbitron's December PPMs just began

Arbitron's PPM schedule divides the year into 13 months and 13 books, squeezing in an extra "Holiday book." Stations in the nearly 50 "live" PPM markets that have been hopping onto Santa's sleigh hope to gain an advantage in the "December book", which actually has more days of November than December. The PPM December survey period started Thursday, November 11 and ends December 8. The "Holiday book" goes December 9 through January 5. Stations which do all-Christmas now, mostly adult contemporary, believe they'll do well in two books (December and "Holiday") - then try to hold onto some of those new listeners in early 2011.

Puget Sound

Looks like Coils isn't the only one bummed out by the Republican Gains in the mid term.

"Castro: Far-Right Takes Over U.S. After Midterms
Cuba's Former President Criticizes $600 Billion Fed Stimulus; Says Dem Loss in House Is Result of Racism and Frustration

(AP) Fidel Castro predicted Saturday that Democrats' recent losses in the U.S. midterm elections will result in ultraconservatives taking over the government. He also criticized a recent $600 billion Federal Reserve stimulus measure.

In an essay published by the state-run newspaper Granma, Castro remarked that President Barack Obama suffered what he called "the biggest defeat in memory in the last three-quarters of a century" in the Nov. 2 vote.

He wrote that he considers Democrats' loss of control of the House of Representatives to be the result of racism and frustration among Americans.

"The most reactionary sectors in the United States are sharpening their teeth," Castro said, predicting that "all power (will fall) to the extreme right in the United States."


whoo boy. Gotta get me up to listen me to some Bill Bennett. That guy is some exciting. And thanks, Mike for turning me onto Jesus.com. Seems Christ isn't just a name of the ex-governor of Florida, it's a furniture polish.


Can somebody come up with some decent weekend programming? For those of us who don't care about football, computers, or mutual funds, the weekends can be full of nothing.


Good time to listen to music, April. Stream KINK Accoustic out of Portland. (FM)

jack rabbit

I get tired of music. I get good listening from Ring of Fire. Mike has the passion I feel and Bobby the intellect. Interestly, Mike was dissing Obama thoroughly while Bobby interviewed Tim Dickinson who has a piece in Rolling Stone defending his accomplishments. I like radio that can mix it up.

BTW, did you all hear that David Brock of Media Matters won at auction a lunch with Rupert? Can't wait to hear what if any news comes out of that. They ponied up $86,000.

And yes, Soros gave media matters $1,000,000. Good for him. If Murdock can buy elections, I guess it's okay for Soros to care about facts once in a while.


And yes, Soros gave media matters $1,000,000. Good for him. If Murdock can buy elections, I guess it's okay for Soros to care about facts once in a while.

Posted by: jack rabbit | November 14, 2010 at 07:28 PM

Murdoch does not finance lies and propaganda smear sites (to my knowledge) like evil monger Soros does. He cares about distorting facts and is out to silence those with opposing views (like Beck and Fox News). David Brock won a lunch with Murdoch, eh ? wait for the half-truths to fly. People can influence elections without trying to destroy anyone's ideology in their path. I hope that the House investigates Mr. Soros and indict his sorry butt - he has a number of things he should be investigated for, and yes they can check Rupert Murdoch to see if he needs to be investigated too.

Poor comparison - is that all you've got ?


I love Mike Papintonio..he is straightforward and very very bright. I like David Bender on that show too. Great news--Alan Grayson will start being a part of the show in January or February. Jack, Bobby has become my least favorite person on there..not sure why, but I don't miss him when he isn't on there. But I agree with your assessment of how they mix it up.

Ted Healy

Why would anybody investigate George Soros? Because he's on the left?

What kind of dumass blog is this?


Gee, maybe because he is trying to manipulate our economy like he did for the UK, Malaysia, Russia and Georgia. Do we really have to spell it out more ?

If you really don't know why, it shows how ideologically corrupt and ignorant you may be.

Meteor Man

"Murdoch does not finance lies and propaganda smear sites (to my knowledge) like evil monger Soros does."
haha ha hahaha hahahahaha hahahahaha HAH HAHA HAH HAHA HAH HAHA HAH HAH HAHA HAH LMAO ROFL


Where's your evidence, clownhead ?


I've been googling a source for your allegations about Soros, KS. Can't find one. Where'd you get it?


You might want to try something different besides the Daily KOS, Media Matters, Time, Newsweek or the Huff and Puff Post - like those who are in bed with him.

Here's a clue: Try National Review on Line or The Blaze or Big Government.com, if you are really interested. Time will tell.


I don't believe you really want to know, Joanie - think that you are just out to pontificate about how stupid the moderates and the right are. You probably agree with jack rabbit, since facts do not seem to matter and are stubborn things to you.

Meteor Man

You left out World Nut Daily and Breitbarf. You excoriate the left for reading sites like Daily Kos, and then with a straight face, you recommend The National Review. And I am pretty certain you don't see how funny that is!!!


Google is a search engine, KS. It is not a news site or blog. I would expect something to come up. I think you get confused.

I did get a Wikipedia that mentions some of it but all it said was that he speculated and won - sort of like chuixie and WAMU.

Another site, Peking Duck, had this to say:

China will be the biggest winner of the current financial crisis, US billionaire and philanthropist George Soros said. The financier gave an interview to Germany’s Die Welt, in which he told of the roots of the crisis and said that the mortgage bubble only triggered the process, which entailed the economic collapse. The businessman also explained the reason why the Bush’s administration proved to be unable to cope with the crisis.

The United States and a part of Europe will have nationalized banks and huge debts. China will become the new global financial empire….

“The USA’s influence has already begun to decline. For the past 25 years, we have been running a constant current account deficit. The Chinese and the oil-producing countries have been running a surplus. We have consumed more than we produced. While we have run up debt, they have acquired wealth with their savings. Increasingly, the Chinese will own a lot more of the world because they will be converting their dollar reserves and US government bonds into real assets. The power shift towards Asia will occur as a result of the sins which America committed during the recent 25 years,” Soros said.

You can ignore Soros at your own risk. His track record has been nothing short of astonishing. And for my right-wing friends who fell for the Fox News smears of Soros as a deranged leftist, all I can say is do your homework. Soros is a man of principle, a great philanthropist and a huge friend to liberal causes. Yes, he has a few - very few - skeletons in his closet (insider trading in 1988) like other billionaires do, but all in all he is a hero, and a role model for other billionaires.

But,, this is just a site like those you frequent and has no journalistic credentials. So, I am still without a credible source for your allegations. Why do you believe things that have no credibility or merit? Why is it so important to you to believe such outlandish Fixed News factoids?

As for Murdoch paying for lies? Good God, have you forgotten that they went to court to get the right to lie?

Fox News gets okay to misinform public, court ruling

You are very odd, KS.


Fixing my name. :)


Ph(J)oanie - Just as I figured, you don't really care where the agenda of Mr. Soros is discussed. You just wanted to pontificate about how bad the right and moderates are by cherry picking.
NRO and Breitbart are not 100% gospel, but I will continue to say with a straight face that they have more cred than the Soros-funded smear sites.

That last article you tucked in there is from Ceasespin,org is more leftwing propaganda. Nice try, but you exposed your extremist lunacy once again. Still waiting for credible evidence that Murdoch is out to destroy the economy of this country like Mr. Soros is.

KS for eradication of the One World Order

I am laughing at you, Meteor Man because you believe the bilge that Daily KOS, Media Matters puts out for consumption of useful idiots like yourself. Moreover, you are a useful idiot of George Soros.

Rev. Ray

"NRO and Breitbart are not 100% gospel"

Yes, VG. Why post their links to begin with?

KS for eradication of the One World Order

For that matter I hesitated to add, no one is 100% gospel - so why post any links to begin with ? Is that what you mean ?

Said comment should be aimed at Joanie.


That's all right, klueless. All you have are rubber bullets anyway. Maybe someday you'll get some real ammunition.

Nah. That takes a brain.


What is this "one world order" stuff. Is Sumner going to merge with Kent?


you are cardboard cutout - ph(J)oanie. A gust of wind would do you in.. LMAO.

One world order - check out George Schwartz's (name changed to Soros) vision of One World Order. He says the United States is the one obstacle for a one world order coming to fruition. C'mon don't be a lazy leftist- check it out.


Seems like you have completely run out of ammo, ph(J)oanie - back to hurling insults with the impact of puffballs...


I'm upset that repuglicans have gone to such great lengths to villainize Soros. Other rich people would sooner spend their coin on another Italian sports car, or dump it into a campaign that will ensure their taxes stay low. He genuinely wants the world to be a better place. He should be applauded for sacrificing so much of his fortune on the behalf of others. Repuglicans will paint a swastika on just about anyone or anything they don't like.


Andrew, people who don't take the time to learn about the people they are condemning will never have reason to think well of them.

KS has made a reputation for himself of not ever having the facts or understanding even remotely the people he condemns. ACORN, Shirley Sherrod, Van Jones, Soros . . . it doesn't matter who it is - if Breitbart, Fixed News or any other profiteering liar tells Klueless anything idiotic or dishonest about any liberal, he will believe it, repeat it and add another few angry names to it. That's what he does. The proof is posted on BW every day several times a day.

Now, let's all wait for the spate of name calling he'll hurl at me . . . again. He's really sort of pathetic which is why I prefer him over Sputs. Sometimes I think KS knows he's no rocket scientist. Sputs regards himself as a rocket scientist extraordinaire which makes him just repulsive.


Especially ironic, Andrew, since Soros is a Holocaust survivor.


You have selective memory failure, ph(J)oanie. I have posted evidence on these a number of times. You have nothing credible to refute it, except your handwaving extremist dogma. You are an idiot and a useful one at that, if you don't see the wrong with the people you mention. OR you are are neo-marxist revolutionary at heart and side with the moveon.org and media matters propagandizers.

I will leave it to others to judge for themselves.


I'm upset that repuglicans have gone to such great lengths to villainize Soros. Other rich people would sooner spend their coin on another Italian sports car, or dump it into a campaign that will ensure their taxes stay low. He genuinely wants the world to be a better place. He should be applauded for sacrificing so much of his fortune on the behalf of others. Repuglicans will paint a swastika on just about anyone or anything they don't like.

Posted by: Andrew | November 15, 2010 at 10:35 PM

There are good reasons why the GOP is villainizing Mr. Soros - rather than shooting off your keyboard, why don't you be curious and find out why ? I offer a suggestion; take some time and get familiar with the other side of the argument and do some research instead of being Joanie's protege and parrot what she says.

I challenge you to not be lazy and check out other sources on Google, specifically; Town Hall, National Review on-line and Drudge to see why the other side believes as they do and the new book by Michael Savage - "Trickle up poverty" to explain the agenda of Soros and his minions.


Oh yes, don't forget Alex Jones too. He probably has some "info" on Soros


Here's today's op-ed in the WaPo by Dana Milbank, who has introduced some red-herrings. He seems to ignore liberty and other significant factors that render his argument LAME but he figures most readers are lazy and stupid enough not to get it...

See for yourself how he is already campaigning in disingenuous way for 2012 and how he is in bed with the Democratics

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