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November 01, 2010



Ironic that a talk radio refuge for anti-immigration conservatives would flip to latino programming, and that it would happen for strictly free-market reasons. No gubmint' interference, not tax payer dollars funding it. Reminds me of those movies where the condemned are made to dig their own graves.


What Hood doesn't know is that it's already a one deal. Bonneville is buying KVI for its own Mexican station and to eliminate KVI competition once and for all. Bob Boyd is going to Eastlake with the call letters.with it


Interesting thought Andrew,
I hadn’t thought of that angle while reading Hood’s post. I wonder how KVI will market itself to that demographic with that stigma yoked to those call letters.

Radio Queen

Expect KTTH to pick up what little audience KVI had. BTW, anyone hear that abomination they're calling a radio show this morning on KIRO-FM from 5-9? Sounded like amateur hour. Maybe they just need a bit more practice...


No. Nope, I don't think anyone heard it.


If it's true, it's a very sad case of total incompetent programming that has been driving the mighty KVI into the ground since Brian Jennings left. This station beat KIRO twice in the ratings in the '90s after burying KING. The crumbling started after Fisher changed "Hot Talk" to "Talk Radio."


What happens to Coast to Coast AM? I need my UFO fix. It's the only thing to listen when you're driving home from Sea-Tac after a late flight.


It's only his first day, but Radke sounded stiff and uncomfortable as hell in his KIRO debut.

If today's effort reflects the sum total of what he brings to the show, listeners will be breaking fingernails punching up KOMO on their car radios.

And who is the teen-ager doing trafic reports now? Talk about unlistenable.


"dip-shit-extraordinaire" I like that!


I wish KIRO would pick up Coast to Coast. It's not the same without Art Bell, but it's better than Alan Hunt.

Kevin LeRoy

So all personal biases aside, just how exactly did KVI get to this point?


KIRO is on the right track, they will re-gain upper prominence in the Seattle world of radio.
CtoC is FAR better without Art Bell. Mr Bell is a phony and a despicable person, in my opinion.
Btw: Patty Murray will win tomorrow, sorry about that puget sound, chucks and ks and whoever else hangs their hopes on Mr Rossi.


Blah, blah, blah. Oh that's right, this is Blather Watch, read by blather brains... I forgot.


Kevin ... answer to your question is hard to compete with the poster children of your format occupying key positions on your competitor's station. Take away a long-standing morning show and fill with national hosts and you've lost some traction that is hard to regain. Same scenario you've probably seen in a bunch of businesses when they let the other guys get some serious market share and hard to get it back.


Btw: Patty Murray will win tomorrow, sorry about that puget sound, chucks and ks and whoever else hangs their hopes on Mr Rossi.

Posted by: MstngSally | November 01, 2010 at 04:21 PM

Not a high priority thing here, but if she by chance loses, there will be a lot of distraught folks here.

Rossi would have to have at least a 7,000 vote lead after the first count (above the recount-voter fraud limit) for him to win - if there is a recount, the Seattle/King county corrupto-machine will drag her across the finish line.


Yes, the fix is in!


From AllAccess.com - it's OLDIES with Mark Christopher and Marina Rockinger!!! :-D
FISHER COMMUNICATIONS Talk KVI-A SEATTLE will flip to Oldies on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 8th, becoming "SEATTLE’s Greatest Hits 570 KVI” -- the first Music, News, Personality and Information station on SEATTLE’s AM dial." TRAVIS BOX will stay on as PD.
The on-air staff, which will debut on JAN. 3rd, 2011, will feature Seattle personalities including TOM HUTYLER (KJR and KOMO) and MARINA ROCKINGER (KBSG and KOMO) in the morning; 20-year vet and former KBSG talent MARK CHRISTOPHER will do afternoons and KJR legend RIC HANSEN will do nights. SUE ROMERO (KBSG and KOMO), BILL RICE (KJR and KOMO) and ANA KELLY (KBSG, KOMO and KPLZ) will provide local news, traffic and information.
"There was a huge opening on the SEATTLE AM radio dial for an Oldies format station and the exciting addition of SEATTLE’s Greatest Hits 570 KVI is another unique way for parent company FISHER COMMUNICATIONS to serve the community," BOX said.
FISHER RADIO/SEATTLE VP/GM JIM CLAYTON added, "We are pleased to return full-service AM Radio to SEATTLE and 570 KVI’s format change presents a huge opportunity for FISHER’s group of radio stations to enhance their overall success."


OK I admit Art Bell marrying the 21 y/o filipino girl not long after his wife died was pretty fucking creepy. I can't help but feel that old white men who do that are taking advantage of their desire to live a 1st world life at any cost. I hope I'm wrong.

I have a feeling the Murray/Rossi race will go into overtime and be a replay of the Rossi/Gregoire contest.


I think the race in Alaska could be closer.


How old will those "hits" be? I like FM 104.5


Listen to Bryan Suits on KFI Los Angeles' "Bryan's Dark Secret Place" for the latest inside information on the war on terror and military technology. Also, how to kill a man and drop a number two in the woods. Availiable on iTunes.


I have to say, I am happy about this flip; I never really listened to KVI as a talk station with the exception of Coast to Coast AM on occasion, but I will be tuning in regularly to KVI's oldies/classic hits format.

One thing though: since Mark Christopher is going to be on the station, I wonder what's going to happen to KMCQ? Maybe this is a percursor of things to come, and Fisher will buy KMCQ...


Nooooo....leave KMCQ ALONE......no goofy songs from the 50s, no crap from the 80s disguising itself as an "oldie" ( if you're 12)....leave that station alone!


The fix is always in, whenever it can be implemented in King County. I'd rather see the Senate stay in the Democratic majority, albeit it slim.

Any wager on which of the options that KVI will change to ? Bryan Suits might weigh in on this - he could be a hot commodity, when KVI caves or maybe he'll go to KOMO - the question of where Suits will end up is more of an intriguing question than the future of KVI.


I do enjoy Bryan Suits and hope I can find his biting humor somewhere else on the dial. It seems that he has been especially politically incorrect recently, probably figuring he can get away with it since he could read the writing on the wall.


maybe Suits could work as a DJ while he gets paid...


geeze. good riddance.


Suits will land on his feet, if not locally - then somewhere else. The leftwingnuts don't care for him - that's understandable.


The death of a once great station. They are flipping on my 50th birthday, to boot. This is so, so sad.


Yes, he can co-host with ex MTV part timers.



Oldies it is


Suits will probably move to another market if he doesn't get a new gig here, like Portland, Spokane or someplace else besides Californication. None of that rank amateur MTV second rate bilge.

no-longer-a-Fisher listener

Brilliant move with KVI. Just as we see a conservative resurgence Fisher goes squishy. They've got John Carlson, the brighter half of the commentators, doing a lobotomized show on KOMO and Ken Schram, the 20 watt light-bulb, blathering in the afternoon. Fisher may single handedly kill AM radio in Seattle.


Fisher broadcasting sucks !!


Bryan Suits must go to KOMO...
(5am - 9am)
Has to be what is going on with his show...
I hope.


20 years ago KVI played the Oldies and I enjoyed it. I'm older now and need my daily dose of Conservative Thoughts. I will look elsewhere for Conservative Talk Radio.
When I want Tunes I'll go to 102.5 KZOK.


After his long and lucrative paid vacation, Suits moves (eventually) to KTTH -- 6 p.m. -9 p.m. A good fit for him, solid lead-in from Boze, and gives new assistant program director Tony Miner a program to direct.

Live and local beats anything that's offered up by KTTH's current evening lineup of tape-delayed John Gibson back-to-back with Laura Schlessinger.

(How's that for an unappetizing visual?)


If KTTH doesn't dump Dr. Laura, they are a close second in radio mismanagement. Bring back Michael Savage or Dennis Miller or inserted Gibson later and the ratings will rise, even though the hate-filled lib progs don't like that - get a clue and get rid of Dr. Laura. It sounded like Suits was leaving open the option of leaving town again - wouldn't blame him..

As for KVI becoming another KIXI - that inspires a big yawn, although I like some of their personalities.


haha Sharon hah Meg haha Christine haha all you extremist freaks.....haha McMahon ..you creep.........we voters want to put restraints on Obama but we dont want a bunch of freako nutballs in there;;.. Repugs take the house bigtime and the most egregious nutbars get heir assses kicked ... all in all very satisfying night for me.......and pretty soon i hope to be able say hahaha Dino


Aqua Budda wasn't extremist?


well i did say most of the nutbars....yes i was dismayed to see that puke Rand Paul get in....he is definitely an extremist based on just his comments about the civil rights act.....


Radical Pres BO helped the House Democrats get their nuts crushed and Peelosi may resign and go live in France as her wings were clipped. The Repugs are not the so-called nutballs that the media plays them up to be - Rand Paul wants us out of Afghanistan - that sounds good and normal. His comments about the Civil rights act were taken out of context - check your sources - if its MSNBC, you know they distorted it. Feingold is out. Divided government will decrease the drama of Obama and help the economy some.

The real flakes were beaten - like O'Donnell and Angle and master dickhead -Alan Grayson. Dino looks like he'll be on the ash heap of political history - oh well. Marco Rubio will help the Hispanic vote in the future for the GOP/conservative party. All in all, a bitter night for the left - and its OK that they keep the Senate, so people can be reminded how pathetic the Dems in charge are.

Totally Stupid Conservative

Yeah I hear ya KS, wearing loud golfing pants will be the order of the day.


oh no oh no...oh no Mr. Bill...... John Rothman is saying on KGO that Fiorini has a slight lead and it's too close to call so Boxer isn't claiming victory ... if Boxer loses and Murray loses that brings them down to 49 senators.......Whitman isn't conceding yet.....yes Grayson is a puke and deserved to be trounced ...criminally false campaign ads.... he was Stephanie Millers little pinup boy ...going on her show every morning.....puke puke puke


History will record this election as being the result of the Supreme Court decision that allowed business to pour millions into campaigns. Feingold's loss is directly attributable to campaign spending.

It's somewhere between funny and sad that people like KS have "Big Business" on their side and they somehow think their best interests are aligned. All businesses do is sit around all day and think about how they can charge more and pay out less. The idea that your interests are alligned is pure crazy.


You don't like even playing fields ? The big business is now on the same level as the Union thugs who are on Andrew's side (pathetic) - who sit around on their fat asses and think how they can extort money from their members and throw mud into campaign ads - doing a disservice themselves.

The Dems were whining because they lost their advantage they once had - toughski shitsky as they say in the Ukraine. I'd like to see McCain-Feingold repealed and go back to the way it was before the 2000 election. It would cut down the spending and ad nauseum campaign ads and shorten the campaign season - good for us all. That will happen - yeah right. Time to consider rearranging your priorities - if your side lost in the midterm election or go see a shrink and stock up on Prozac.

tommy's  bitch

Grayson was only on Thursdays.


"Also how to kill a man and drop a number two in the woods"- part of Suits' Blatherwatch post in this thread promo-ing his KFI weekend show.......I think I'll pass, Bryan.....I'm sure there are at least 500 middle-aged fat white men with large gun collections in their houses, in L.A. and Seattle, to muster up a loyal quorum for your sick little show.....


Fisher Broadcasting makes the Obama administration look organized. If you can't make a go of it with Laura, Sean, George Noory and Brian Suits, then you will never make it. Really - oldies? - that's a dumb decision. Who really listens or cares?? And what is an "oldie"? 50's, 60's, 70's?? No one under 40 will even give a damn. Nice call.

As for Rossi- I am sure he is an ok guy - but fights with gloves on - you can't unseat Murray without breaking a sweat. Murrary clings to that senate seat like Golem clinged to the Ring in the J. R. R. Tolkein trilogy.

Get a fighter in there next time - someone who at least can counterpunch.


I don't care about the rest of the talk radio format at KVI, but I'm really upset that I can no longer find Coast to Coast AM on the radio in Seattle. It' the No. 1 Late night show in the country, and no radio station in Seattle airs it! WTF??

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