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November 07, 2010


Puget Sound  for Usual Suspects, KS, Chucks, Duff, Nevets, et al

For all of you who regularly use this blog ask yourself, 'isn't it time to help pay the freight?'

Get thyself to Paypal forthwith and grease the palm of the Northwest Blatherer. For a Latte a month, you can easily send him $50.

You'll feel better for it.


Just for the 1/10 laugh per read ratio I get, I'll give him a few bucks.

Phil McKraken

Oh Fuck Off, you are wasting bandwidth.


Phil's remark makes me want to give even more to Bla'm this year. Thanks for another year of greatnews and reading entertainment.


wow.. $1.50 this year...you rock Duff.


Yes, even the exterminated can donate.


I love the Blatherwatch site and visit often...
If the agenda was more about Seattle radio information and less about bashing all things capitalism, free market and the "hate filled, right wing bigots"...
I would gladly donate money for the cause.
Since I view the Blatherwatch agenda as pro big government "new Socialism"...
I would think that giving money of my own free will without it being yanked away from me by the government to then redistribute...
That would clearly be "anti-Blatherwatch".
Dori might give a healthy amount just to keep his name on the interwebs though.


I understand your sentiments, Rat Bastard - that cannot be denied.

I enjoy the reading, bickering but don't care much about the classless insults often thrown out, which do not directly implicate the webmaster - but instead the usual suspects who are trolls by any other name. . I don't do PayPal, but will consider alternative means to contribute.

Puget Sound

among the regular posters, we'll see who are the 'free riders' that stay inside the wagon who will step up and help push the wagon.

Just a Latte a Month...


Which regulators shut you down!? I didn't know the Internet has regulators.

D. Moderate

This is a progressive liberal opinion blog type site with the use of the cover of local radio info. Duh..... With a couple of dozen loyal followers "blabbering" back and forth, etc. More bias political opinions than radio info. Though, it is somewhat entertaining to read at times. I visit this site maybe once or twice a week when I need a good chuckle. Sorry, no $ from me. I'm sure the progressives will keep you going.

Tridacna Crocea

Um, no, that is not a self sustaining business model. A few ads maybe Google style? And 95% of comments are useless drivel. (Yes I see the irony). So, again, NO.


we thank you for damning us with your faint praise. we love it when your condescending to us like that.


Are you kidding me? A pledge drive!? Do I get a tote bag and an "Over Blatherwatch" DVD?

Mark C.

Blatherwatch has the same business model as the Catholic Church- imperiousness and begging. They both look pretty sustainable to me. Not sure how Id fill that 3-5 minutes each monday and Friday w/out the Blathe. I'll send the Mike a few bucks.

Sandy Merwin

I'll bet 99% of these "critics" just take this and everything they read for free on the Internet for granted. Is it a coincidence that its the same % that don't even know when Michael is joking? Probably not. I appreciate the time spent on this blog everyday.


Duffman literally emptied his wallet for blathering Michael and what did he get in return...BANNED!!! and for what reason...simply handing the regulars their ass, on occasion. :)


If I am not mistaken, Duffman is back - so it appears like Bathtub Boy on MSNBC, the ban has been lifted. People like that who can argue both sides keep this blog interesting - even if it reeks progressivist.

Emile Flournoye

A pledge drive? On your uniform?


Duffman should donate his prolapsed anus as a fund raiser.


There you go again - more graphic proctology. Progressivists are projecting here - once again. LOL


I am not banned, I just sent Bl'am $50. My anus is none of anyone's business. How 'bout Uranus? :)

Puget Sound

Glad to see you tanned, rested, and ready to put the wood to the Usual Suspects.

KS has been doing yoeman's work fighting the disinformation campaign so he can use your able assistance.

For some reason, the usual suspects are in denial over the election results.


Sorry Puts, my son is still banned...someone is posting under his name (not surprising). I believe he still has plans to contribute, however...as he finds this blog to be helpful and interesting even tho discriminatory. :)

woody held

Donate money for the privelege of being branded as racist, due to my belief in the superiority of freedom and individualism? Oh yeah, I'm all over it. Can I get a kick in the balls too, sir?


I hear you Woody, but where else can you participate in the bickering and the exposure of left-wing misinformation and lunacy other than here ?

Horsesa$$ is more insane than here, although there is a similar political demographic and some vague similarities between the two blogs exist.


GET BACK TO WORK! Stop sloughing off on taxpayer supported computers.


I thought this type of thing was a hobby...
And would it be so hard to get a few advertisers here?
It's not so bad once you try it.
And really, I do hope this blog sticks around, though if talk radio keeps dropping as it is, there won't be much point to it other than all of us talking about what once was.


GET BACK TO WORK! Stop sloughing off on taxpayer supported computers.

Posted by: Coiler | November 09, 2010 at 12:48 PM

I was on my lunch break. Are you on your lunch break or company time OR are you even working ?


You take a lot of breaks...


Not as many as you do.

jack rabbit

neener neener
what's new with KS's weener


news update: acc. to radioinsight.com
Salem's KLFE "Freedom 1590" will have conservative talk with Bennett, Levin, Praeger, Gallagher, Dennis
Miller etc

Doug Bursch

Will do. . . thanks for asking.


Number of Americans who are millionaires? 1%

Members of Congress who are millionaires? 49%


I will give you a tip that is worth at least an honorable mention... Goto: pledgie.com create yourself a campaign there and who knows you might have one of those millionaires give you a few bucks.


"Even as they whine about Obama, American businesses earned profits at an annual rate of $1.66 trillion in the third quarter, according to a Commerce Department report released Tuesday. That is the highest figure recorded since the government began keeping track over 60 years ago. Companies are hoarding cash and otherwise refusing to engage in job growth. But to sit there and complain about Obama when he's presided over their strongest growth ever, is the height of absurdity. They should be kissing his feet in gratitude, not gearing up to spend hundreds of millions to defeat him."

So, how much money DO they need in order to feel "more comfortable" about increasing jobs? Where are all the jobs they said they could provide if they just had the money.


In addition, I sure hope the Teapartiers who were elected recently will be sure to refuse the government health care they are so against....think that will happen?


companies are greedier than ever now, but there is a tipping point when the bastards will see it to their advantage to start hiring again. There always has been. We may just be seeing the beginnings of that, with the encouraging jobss numbers. Reagan Republican Kudlow listed a whole checklist of signs of a recovery on Sunday , during his KIROfm radio show. The economy could very possibly have recovered more rapidly with more seasoned leadership at the helm than greenhorn Obama. The greenhorn with the tin ear. I don't vote my pocketbook. He's got to be turned out of office come 2012, improved economy or not.

Cheap Ass

I'm tired of Hood asking for money. Get a day job. How can you honestly ask people to pay to support this blog? What are the costs? You can go to the friggin library if you need to use a computer. I just don't get it.


Hi David I think I am a relative of yours. Please call me 208-353-9053

Patty Boze

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