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November 30, 2010



I want one

sir dicks alot

I'm getting moist


thanks for this, Hood.

Puget Sound

and god forbid anything happens to one of those towers. someone will be quick to post that it was the work of conservatives. lmao


Community homeowners were angry over the outcome of the siting of the towers. Not outside the realm of possibilities.

Puget Sound

oh coils, not one 'conservative group' claimed credit for the act. at the same time, a local earth first group went on line to brag about doing the deed.
didn't matter to 'I made up my mind, don't confuse me with facts'
you know, the fellow that likes to come on to the blog and pontificate and take shots. but when it comes his way is the first to complain 'why me?'

oh damn, now he's gonna whine about being picked on...
boo f'n who.

Puget Sound

i sure feel sorry people in the drive thru lane tonight. lots of salt and spittle for those driving 'conservative' cars...

Dr. Bill Wattenburg

Puget Sound, you are safe! Narcissistic personality disorder, characterized by an inflated sense of self-importance and the need for constant attention, has been eliminated from the upcoming manual of mental disorders, which psychiatrists use to diagnose mental illness.
God, it's all starting to make a little sense now. I think I found the answer to all of our problems!!!!!!! Who's with me on campaigning to put narcissism back on the list of things normal people know are not A-OKAY? I'll promise not to make too big of a deal about myself getting this cause together and shit.


You answered in a manner reminiscent of Ted Bundy. Once again, were the homeowners, who had lost the legal battle, culpable?

Puget Sound

er, no Coils.

you can only be culpable if you performed an act that was blameworthy.


So you won't admit the homeowners are suspect?

Puget Sound

not when you have a group that has committed acts of vandalism before and now claims credit for the crime.

now if you have some proof that the homeowners committed the act yet the earthfirst types want to take the fall for it, then lets see it.

put up, or shut up.


Agreed, Dr. Bill. But what should we do about this odious temperament? Electroshock therapy, forehead lobotomy, or just disregard the brainless prattle?


If it was that easy Puts, where are the arrests? Putz up or shut up LOL?


Dr. Bill in reality has a multiple personality disorder. It is the well-intentioned cyber-terrorism though.

Coils may be moonlighting as a contributing writer for Media Matters - the lib progs are always looking for someone new who is good at making stuff up out of thin air to slander those bad-ass small government conservatives.



Something tells me Putz doesn’t know he’s the pot calling the kettle black.


Indeed, I wouldn't want him investigating anything along with his Barney Fife, KS.


There will be plenty of investigating as is when the next Congress rolls around.

As for this so-called issue that Coils wants to make, not worth the time it takes to write a comment or a bucket of warm sp(h)it...


putz has never ever heard of anyone ever being framed for a crime.

| putz is a pussy |

That right there is a crude sign someone made claiming that putz, which is commmonly understood to stand for "Puget Sound", is "a pussy". These mere existance of this sign also serves as validation of the claim therein, because, as everyone knows, anything anybody ever wrote on a sign was true.


Bravo, Andrew. Nothing has been so very well put…or Putz.

Puget Sound

Normally when people make admissions against interest it carries more weight then if one puts the blame on someone else.

So, to use Andrews logic if I was to say I was a Pussy it would carry more meaning then if say Coils were to call me a Pussy.

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