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November 15, 2010



what a stupid bitch.


I still believe a credible fraud case could be brought against her in civil court, for using the "Dr. Laura" handle out in front of a psychological/psychiatric help show. Absolutely disgusting show, which thankfully, comes to an end soon.


that is some repugnant shit. fits her perfectly, to a tea, even.


You may be right Tommy. In order to bring the case to court, you must be able to prove standing. She certainly can be accused of driving you insane. You will just have to prove that your mental illness came from her and not Dori or some other source.


you're fucking with us right


She must pay her husband to stay married to her.


She should have got ~~Troll'n Da Niggaz~~


At least it's on her arm.


Her husband is a gazillionaire who does what he's told.


Unless she got a string of numbers tattooed on her inner-wrist, she has no business dabbling in the world of ink.

Senor Winces

Don't recall the Bony Maroni Macaroni Macarena Tour of 2001. Thought Maroni died a long time before that...


That woman has so many issues.


topic change alert:

I am catching up on Maddow and watching her interview with Stewart. What a chaotic mess. He's the best BSer I've heard in a very long while. I have decided that Americans will turn out for celebrity regardless of the message. It is cool to admire the intellectual Stewart. But right now I think he's got a hell of a good way with words but makes very little sense. And talk about parsing words... He's supporting Bush going to Iraq because Bush really "believed..." God help us from Presidents who make decisions based on what they "really believe." Sounds like every rightwinger on this blog. Stewart reminds me of Obama.

Stick to satire, Jon. You're good at it on TV.

I heard Steve Almond talking about an article he wrote for San FranciscoGate.com in which he called Stewart's rally an "opiate of the masses" and I totally agree. People sure do fall for a lot of BS in this country. It is our ruination.

Finally, truthfully, I agreed with a lot of what Dr. Laura said. She was heartbreakingly direct at times. Even her last faux pas - the race word - I kind of agreed with. Take the power out of words by simply using them. Watching Canadian TV, I'm finally comfortable with "fuck" cause they use it all the time? No, I don't use the race word and I don't like the word bitch but maybe if we quit giving some words more power than others, none of them would have any power at all.

My two cents worth.

I;m so disappointed in Jon Stewart.


I'm glad you see the truth about Jon Stewart, but as for Dr. Laura, you're not seeing the bigger picture. The context of her tirade was completely insensitive. She's truly a crazy, crazy bitch.


tigsnort says "That woman has so many issues."

I think having a radio show exacerbated his craziness. Had she been forced to work a real job she might have had a moment where she realized that despite her cRaZy, hypocritical moral code, she's just a human like everyone else. Instead she sat way up high on a pedestal, detached from reality. She couldn't hear what the crowd way down below was saying, but is sounded to her something like "we love the smell of your farts!"


Rachel said that MSNBC will rebroadcast that show on Friday night.
Once was enough for me. I am still amazed that the guy who made his fortune on mocking Bush is now lecturing the world to take the high road. Weird.


Jon Liebowitz(Stewart)is a 4 foot 2 inch "prince" of cable television with an ego the size of Quest Field. I want to tell him that i love him a lot but i gotta get a bellyful of wine, as The Beatles said about Queen Elizabeth. His humor show would be great if he was funny.


speaking of TV , it's great to be validated by the experts. Dori had that guy Carter on who wrote the book about the latenight wars between Lettermna Leno, Obrien, etc. Apparently Dori has a real mancrush on the guy and has had him on several times. Carter pretty much validated my view expressed here at the time last winter that Conan was basically being a big, headstrong baby by refusing NBC's offer to go on at midnight, and jumping ship from the network. Carter feels it was his big mistake. Instead of a bunch of yesmen and toadies, which apparently he sourrounds himself with, Conan should have had a manager or an agent there to tell him to quit being a baby and think with his big head, not his "little head", Carter basically said, in different words. of course. Conan was shocked, shocked that FOX didn't care to have the Great Conan O'brien on their network. Monson chimed in with an actually salient, good point, saying that after all the waiting and hoopla, O'Brien is just doing the exact same show he did on NBC. When Fox declined and TBS accepted, this really put his show up against some dicey metrics for it to survive. TBS is taking a big gamble with him, by paying him 10 million a year. His predecessor on the 11 p.m. spot, now moved to midnight, George Lopez, was and is only making 3 million, which is fair pay for cable tv, which has a fraction of the ad revenue of an NBC. TBS will have to triple their ad rates and convince the sponsors to buy the ads, to make money on Conan!, the show. I see O'Brien doing tired, warmed over SNL stuff now. He's doing the same old crap on TBS he was doing on the mid-nineties on his "Late Nite" NBC show. "Let's do the de rigueur mocking of W. Bush with a fake video of him driving his truck into the lake on your monologue, Conan." "Gee that sounds great, guys." Duhhh, ya think? I can't see how Conan!, the show, survives more than a year ON tbs. (Joanie alert! Joanie alert! Get ready for a post from Miss Priss acusing me again of "redundancy" again,because i dared to post about the same topic twice, using a few of the same comments i made before but expanding on them. The horror, the humanity.)

 Tommy008 in "Mom's basement"

Diri again obliquely referenced Blatherwatch yesterday on his show. Actually it was Gottesman who brought up the blog without daring to name it as Blatherwatch ('The blog so terrorizing, none dare to speak it's name!!"). They were talking about a website that makes fun of ordinary people's looks, and then Jessica Gottesman said that well, Dori you have your own enemies who have a blog WEBSITE that makes fun of you all the time. Monson opined that that was all different since he was a public figure ("comes with the territory"). Then we went on to parrot the line he's used for years, that his detractors on Blatherwatch (not calling it by name of course) were simply poor, very unhappy people, implying that we all live in "mom's basement". "It makes them feel better about themselves to attack me," Dori said, dripping with condescension and mock pity. What a full of hmself, patronizing little putz.


Face it Tommy one-note, Dori has nailed it just as it is and we all know that.


And she isn't even trying to blame the late Bill Ballance for her tat!


Dori( and your) argument, Banion Tree is inherently a logical fallacy, and very easy to prove as such. If we were simply poor , pathetic clowns lving in my mom's basement making ourselves feel better about our lives by attacking our infinite superior Mr. Monson, then he would have no problem whatsoever with mentioning Blatherwatch by name. You would hear something like- "Hey if you want to see a real clown show, go over to Blatherwatch on the internet and read a bunch of poor pathetic buffoons attacking me all the time, just to make themselves feel better about livving in mom's basement haha what a laffriot." But you'll notice that he is actually frightened to name Blatherwatch by name, and hasn't done so in years. That's because with a few exceptions we are giving insightful legitimate crticisms of Monson and his show. No one is scared to give the name of a clownshow website. Monson is actuaslly scared to give out our name. haha Dori haha


I think it's readily apparent that Tommy is suffering from a severe case of inferiority complex and is constantly trying to enhance his deflated self image by putting down others. He should consider help and if he wants to call my show I'll try to offer help.


I love it when a story splits the freepbirds down the middle & gets 'em pecking at each other. Good work, Dr Shrew:


It's almost better than their doomsday wails during the 2008 Southern strategy failure tour... almost!

PS, up now in Free'pubic in big RED BOLD is a proclamation by freepuhrer Jim Robinson:

"Free Republic is a pro-life, pro-family, pro-liberty constitutional conservative activist web site. Those who cannot live with that should simply stay away!! (saves wear and tear on my zot button - bitterly clinging redneck, Jim)"

Masterbating to freeppanic so you don't have to,


'm glad you see the truth about Jon Stewart, but as for Dr. Laura, you're not seeing ...

Please don't presume to know what my "truth" might be and I won't presume to tell you yours.

Your opinion is welcome.


Watching Jon Stewart made me think of a pretty profound event in my own life in my very early "know-it-all" twenties: trying to explain myself I finally burst out with 'oh, I just can't say what I mean!" To which my much brighter friend replied that if you can't say what I mean then you don't know what you mean,

That really made an impression and I've never forgotten it. Rachel should have used that line on Jon. One thing about Rachel, she is very clear in her reasoning and can support what she says with a whole bunch of facts. That's what makes her so good.


Rachel can support her reasoning with faux facts that she gets from Media Matters, or another George Soros enterprise. She seems intelligent, not necessarily smart, and twisted as hell. Jon Stewart reeled her in and maybe threw some common sense at her - doubt that it stuck at a place inhabited by Bathtub boy, Chris Matthews and the one believable confessed socialist of the bunch - Lawerence O'Donnell.


How can you stand to work at City Hall every day and live as a traitor to your Teahadist beliefs remains a mystery to me.

dr laura schlessinger

I am only leaving syndicated radio. See you 'round! warmly, dr laura schlessinger

P.S. Post-doctoral certification in Marriage, Family and Child Therapy and licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


Coils- spoken like the useful idiot for Soros that you are. I've told you to stop smoking crack - your brain is in deep atrophy.

Un-friggen believable...


"post-doctoral" crapola from an irrelevant doctorate (physiology) Schlesinger does not have a DOCTORATE IN PSYCHOLOGY OR A MEDICAL DEGREE IN PSYCHIATRY which is what you need to be a mental health professional at the level of Dr. She is misleading her audience when she uses the Dr title with no disclaimer at the beginning of the progam as to what her doctorate is all about. Why does she do this? i guess you'd have to ask her , but my best guess is that she is a cynical, moneygrubbing biatch , who has contempt for her audience and pretty much anyone else. 90% or more of mental health professionals would call this unethical athough it may be technically legal. Your snivelling little post defending the indefensible(Dr. Laura) has the stink of Duffman. Is that you Duffman?


don't tell me the real Dr. Laura would go "slumming" down here at Blatherwatch.....not possible....."Dr. Laura" answer the following test question--- for what reason did you threaten legal action aginst Tom Leykis some years back. i know the time frame so include the year you threatened him with legal action.... testquestoi number 2? did you ever work at the same radio station with Tom Leykis? where?


Sounds like you have a lot of experience around mental health professionals, would you like to tell us about it.


no one said you didn'y have your little certificates or license or whatever - you are just not at the level of Doctor, in the field of mental health, and you know that. You are taking prestige and respect, by misdirection and trickery, that you never earned, biatch. Go out and earn at least one of the two appropriate goddamn doctoral degrees, hotshot, instead of riding the coattais of self-help/psychology tv and radio show hosts that HAVE done the work.


haha funny funny, Your Anus....


Dr. Phil McGraw (Dr. Phil), Ph.D. clinical psychology , 1979 University of North Texas =wikipedia... whatever you think of him and his show, he is an example of a true mental health pofessional who has earned the right to "ethically", not just legally ,use the title of Dr. out in front of his TV show.


Dr. Joy Browne (The Joy Browne Show, longest running radio therapy show in America) Ph.D. Psychology, Northeastern University, licensed clinical psychogist- wikipedia


I think Dr. Laura , with all that ambition, "tough girl" stuff and all that, would have been much happier if she hadn't schemed to become a phony "Dr." on a radio therapy program, but had just built her own chain of liquor stores in Brooklyn and worked as manager of her flagship store in Brooklyn Heights. She could have followed blacks around the store with a loaded .45 in her pantsuit jacket pocket.


Perhaps a little obsessive today, Tommy?
Really, I have never really liked the woman myself so chose to never listen to her show. You seem to research and study the woman as if you just can't get enough.
Is she your female Dori?


no research- i simply knew about her interaction with Leykis from listening to his show, where i suppose you could call him an obsessive ,since he constantly ridiculed her , worse than me, as "Dr. Turkeyneck". The other facts about her i simply absorbed accidentally through the years, from the mainstream media. I was basically through writing about her until this little post appeared, purporting to be from Schlessinger herself, touting her "post-doctoral" certificate and family therapy license, apparently intended as some sort of refutation of those of us who have posted about her using the "Dr." thing. It doesn't refute anything. She is not a Dr. in the way most people assume she is on the show, and she shouldn't be using the title in front of that type of radio show. It's dishonest and sleazy.


Tomorrow will be my Ferris Buehler's Day off, so all the haters can enjoy a Tommy-free Blatherwatch, all day!! I won't be near a keyboard, Ill be on Lake Washington's shores or downtown watching Inception on the big screen before it goes to video, which can't be far off. The big holiday movies arrive soon. Enjoy!

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