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October 25, 2010



Sparky, Have I deleted any of your post? If I did it’s because the only post I delete are filled with foul and abusive language. Did you post such a comment? And I’ve been known to ask for poster to resubmit said post without the harsh words.

Regime changer

G'Willie/George Bentley: Why haven't your statist cops moved against this piece of shit blog and made him take the post down? The Sec of State is even a Republican!
Maybe it is because the post is satire protected by the First Amendment.


And Pete, I really don't care how you try to twist what I said. What Sharkansky did was demonstrate that there were a large number of illegal votes from his detailed analysis of the 2004 Governor's election. That was not even part of the main argument and couldn't have been.

And KS, I really don't care what you or Sharkansky did. What you and Shark DID NOT was show that at a percentage, the irregularities in KC were not higher than any other county (some had higher percentages).

So Shark was technically right. KC had a "large number". But why the higher total number? Higher population. DUH!
In fact, you should go back and read the Conservative Chelan judge's decision (which we know wakes you up in cold sweats).

He said the Republicans' claims of fraud were not supported by any evidence. He rebuffed their statistical proposal for subtracting invalid votes from the candidates, calling it scientifically inadequate.

Not only does he point this out, but he also says the following - the death nail to Rossi:

"An election such as this should not be overturned because one judge picks a number and applies a proportional deduction analysis," he said. "To do so would constitute the ultimate of judicial egotism and activism."

Ouch. Stings don't it. Conservative pet cause - judicial egotism and activism - used by a conservative judge against a conservative failed candidate.

Let's here it again, just because the truth feels so good this time:

"To do so would constitute the ultimate of judicial egotism and activism."

Now think of that, and go weave some baskets with you-know-who. He's got a huge decision to make


sales tax deduction (if it exists for wa):
deduction reduces owed by only your marginal rate. it's not a full 100% credit


G Whizz, in order for you to delete a post from me, I would have had to write something. Before Sunday, I didn't know you existed.


Mercifurious - that is all water under the bridge - based on the evidence presented, Judge Bridges made the correct ruling. I am no fan of the WSRP.


For 6 years, Dems were "conspiracy theorists" for reporting touch-screen vote flips. Now, the GOP wants to sue over them.


Before Sunday, I didn't know you existed.

Well sparky, how would you know whether or not I deleted post on my blog, oh you didn't you just lied!!!


For 6 years, Dems were "conspiracy theorists" for reporting touch-screen vote flips. Now, the GOP wants to sue over them.

Posted by: sparky | October 28, 2010 at 08:38 PM

Sparkles - That's only half of the story. The other half is that the voting machines in Clark County Nevada have a service contract with SEIU, the progressive marxists who are in the tank for the White House - like the fox watching over the hen house. Reid is trying like hell to steal this election, but since this has been publicized - the chances of this succeeding will hopefully decrease. Isn't each voting machine now required to have a paper trail ?

Puget Sound

This makes Blam's electioneering prank look tame.

Up in Alaska, they play rough.

Puget Sound

You know Sparkles specializes in giving half the story. Because when the whole story is told it tends to discredit her point.
Context and perspective take a back seat to a little snark.
Sparkles should be angry that any vote be tampered with and if it had been Sharron Angle's name popping up and say Haliburton had the servicing contract she would be up in arms.
And rightly so. The difference is that both you and I would have been up in arms about it irrespective of Party.



Puget Sound

Hey Sparkles
What say you about Bill Maher's comment on his show regarding the muslim faith.

"Those who accuse the once libertarian Bill Maher of becoming too much of a liberal apologist might want to clean their ears. Maher made a Juan Williams-esque confession on his program when he apprehensively noted that Mohammed has just become the most popular baby name in Britain. “Am I a racist to feel alarmed by that?” Maher asked his panel. “Because I am. And it’s not because of the race, it’s because of the religion. I don’t have to apologize, do I, for not wanting the Western world to be taken over by Islam in 300 years?”


Bill Maher doesn't have the same contract Juan did with NPR, plus Williams has made a series of stupid remarks "Michelle Obama looks like Stokely Carmichael in a dress"

It was time to let him go.


Bill Maher also lied about Obama's approval ratings going up 15 points after Obamacare was passed. It went up a few points for a few days, then it continued going down and was below 50% in the following weeks.

Maher is sometimes sharp, but he is a partisan hack who doesn't care about the truth - if it makes his side look bad, so he becomes a lieing sack of shit. Malevolent is a word that describes him. No, he doesn't have a contract like Williams did, but he is a comedian kinda sorta (and like Joy Behar an angry one at that).

Coil -Do you have documented proof that Wiilliams made that comment "Michelle Obama looks like Stokely Carmichael in a dress" ? I'd bet that it was either falsely quoted or taken out of context - first time I have heard that.

Puget Sound

yeah, can't have dissenting opinions on NPR.

Such weak cheese, Coils.
Actually, the Stokley Carmichael in a dress comment wasn't a 'smear' of the first lady as the media matter types want to claim.
In the give and take of a political discussion he was referencing that Atlantic Magazine Cover. Sometimes in a fast paced discussion you say things without laying out the necessary predicate. You are thinking it, but fail to say it as you are engaged in a give and take discussion.

Puget Sound

Media Matters -the folks funded in large part by the likes of George Soros- took it and played it up. Sparkles type 'context' if you will.

Labeling it a smear of the First Lady, etc etc.

After getting some emails the NPR Ombudsman reviewed it and found it to be largely a non event.

But its good fodder for the low informational types such as Coils.


Speaking of low info--You don't know much about anything, Putz. David Brock founded MM. What did David Brock do in the 90's?


Coils once again resorting to half-truths to fuel his justification - it only makes you and the rest of the usual suspects look petulant and stupid.

Anything stated by Media Matters (a product of George Soros) is either a half truth or a flat out lie ! Their website was established for only one reason, to try and destroy conservatives and Republicans, who are perceived to stand in the way of Soros making billions and you can take that to the bank.


What did David Brock do in the 90's?

Posted by: Coiler | October 30, 2010 at 09:58 AM

Brock was a Republican operative of some sort in the 90's until he became mentally ill and was consumed by conspiracy theories and the head of media matters. Since then, he has become a serial liar and a despicable human.


He is the head of Media Matters.

Puget Sound

very good, KS.
The big question for Coils or any of the Usual Suspects is this:
Was David Brock a prevaricator then or is he prevaricator now?

You may see in another year or so when it is convenient, ie the money dries up, that once again Brock will go back the other way.

Puget Sound--for Usual Suspects

Read this Brian Baird Wall Street Journal Article on how Pelosi-Dem went astray.


Puget Sound--for Usual Suspects

my favorite quote from Brian Baird on the Healthcare -we have to pass it before we know what's in it- Bill:

""What the hell were we doing voting on this? I had labor groups come to me and insist the bill was so important we couldn't wait to know what was in it," he recalls. "I asked them if they were handed a new union contract and told it was so important they had to agree to it without reading it, would they go along?" They continued to insist he vote for the bill and threatened him with a primary challenger."


Good article - Baird did the right thing by not running, but he and other Dems in the House already shot themselves in the foot by voting for Obamacare and Cap and Trade.

He said that the voters should be treated like adults - a major departure from the attitude this Congress has shown - they created a monster and awakened the masses ergo the Tea Party (Teabaggers to the sore losers out there). Too bad if Pelosi wins in her district - she was the biggest problem. It looks like Harry Reid will not weather the avalanche on November 2nd, which would be good news !

Puget Sound--for Usual Suspects

Congressman Baird's admonition to the incoming Republicans is sound advice and I hope they follow it or I'll be voting their keester's out.

" I ask Mr. Baird what he would tell the incoming class of freshmen Republicans if given the chance to address them before the new Congress convenes. He summarized his bottom line:

"Governing isn't as easy as you think. Many of you have taken pledges that are contradictory—to balance the budget and cut taxes, for example. You must be honest about the numbers, since our annual deficit now exceeds all discretionary spending combined. If you set as your goal to roll back the size of government, you have an obligation to answer the tough questions and show real courage, not just appeal to ideology. Treat the voters like adults."

Puget Sound--for Usual Suspects

that's the irony, the ones who (on the Dem side) will pay the biggest price are by and large the ones that followed the Dem Leadership and come from safe districts ie Pelosi, Waters, et al.
Although it is telling that Barney Frank is starting to sweat a bit. He'll no doubt win, but damn that would be something to see him turned out and a testament to the real change you can believe in.

Puget Sound--for Usual Suspects

should read, the ones who won't pay the price but led the charge are from safe districts that won't pay the ultimate price.
the ones that will pay the price -moderates- will be history.

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