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October 10, 2010


Mr Common Sense

is this the same prick claiming it was an outrage that Med Whitman's maid was paid such a lousy salary at $23/hour?


I've been impressed with Burbank's performance the last few weeks. After the show ended at noon I was left thinking "that was some good radio." and it's really been making Mosnon's performance seem all that much worse in comparison, and his friction with Gottess Jessicaman all that much harder to stomach. Luke has come a long way since cooking Kraft Macaroni and Cheese on the air.

Puget Sound

not sure why Andrew is so ready to hustle dave ross out the door. he's been delivering a quality show and is showing no signs of slippage.

on the other side, this will free up Dave to make another run at Reichart in 2012.

leroy keeshawn tyrone jackson

"What conclusion would you draw?"

That KIRO will lose even more listeners?


Luke reached a new low for his "stupid talk" the other day with Ross, when he said that "River Phoenix is Casey Affleck's , like, brother-in-law". In the past I've only heard him use "like" (the valley girl, incorrect grammar usage) before an adjective or a descriptive phrase. Now he's escalated his usage to where he has used it before the object noun in a declarative sentence. So Joaquiin is only "like" Casey's brother-in-law? does that mean he's only kind of the brother-n-law? He's very similar to a brother-in-law? Stupid talk.


he's gpt a two- hour break now between shows. Plenty of time to drive from Eastlake to the Mount Baker neighborhood, picking up a mcdonalds along the way, with an hour or slightly less to prep for TBTL. Or let him do the show from studio b at the station. Make him comme into the freaking radio studio from now now to do Ross'es show. Lazy bastard.


I would be Okay with Burbank taking over for Ross, if that in fact occurs. Even though Ross appears to be "mailing it in" at times, I can't imagine KIRO letting him go when he is, for the most part this area's voice of wisdom.
Luke is very intelligent and seems to have total recall in many topic areas.
Jen is a work horse as a producer and I'm glad to see her re-employed. Potential for KIRO's reemmence as our area's kick-ass is appearing. With the seeming demise of KVI this is needed. Now, if there was only a way to coax Suits over to the big radio power; that would clinch it!


good gawd, if luke burbank takes over the kiro 9-noon timeslot, you'll see the most massive tuneout ever. i'd put $$ on this. burbank is a niche boutique player, not a general appeal broadcaster with mass appeal. he attracts a small clique who, like him, enjoy inserting their heads into their rectums. then again, this is seattle we're talking about...


Doesn't matter to me any more. I stopped listening to Dave when it became apparent that Luke was becoming a more permanent part of the show. Hopefully, Dave will be able to find a job on another station that won't insist on saddling him with a pretentious fool as a co-host.


The problem is that Burbank won't ever been seen as local programming. TBTL plays to a national audience, as if it were a syndicated product. He's no Voice of Seattle the way Ross is.


I tune in KIRO at 9am out of habit...
Usually bounce between Dave Ross and Laura Ingraham, and now John Carlson.
Lately I've been jumping from Dave Ross earlier as soon as I hear Luke Burbank say something that makes me feel embarressed to be listening.
I lasted just a minute or two this morning.
I'd be happier to see Dave Ross leave rather than be side kicked...
Then I could ignore KIRO completely in that time slot.
Dave has had a good, long run.
And yes... We do love him.
"Now, if there was only a way to coax Suits over to the big radio power; that would clinch it!"
Suits was at KIRO in their good times...
I'd rather see him go to KOMO for the Suits/Carlson/Schram Trifecta.


If Dave Ross does leave, you can bet it's by his own choosing. Seattleites would be outraged it he were ever forced out.

Luke Burbank would not make a good outright replacement. He makes a great co-host, as comic relief to Dave Ross' serious. Having said that, if Dave Ross wants to head back to New York to be closer to the family, I can't think of any truly worthy replacement. They've tried out a lot of people including John Curley, and it just doesn't work. Not even Bob Rivers could reproduce the kind of insight that Dave Ross brings to his listeners.


The big news really might just be that Luke's co-hosting gig is permanent, he did say "finalized", which is something people do with contracts, and TBTL is being pushed back to 2PM in order to give Luke more TBTL prep time going forward.


I thought that cost cutting was the factor lately...
Isn't that why The host with "verbal producer" is the method to have a side kick only on occasion?
Dori, with new producer Jake...
(Jessica seems to just do her regular job and give input here and there)
Dave Boze with Former Dori producer Phil Vandervort...
Multitasking as producer and additional "voice".
I still can't understand how Ron and Don can be justified.
I'd like to see the salaries of radio station employees, just to get a sense of how these decisions are made.

Dori Monson took a Dump on my Lawn

Sadly, I keep checking in on Dave's show only to turn it off due to his stammering, idiot side-kick talking about his high school hijinx. This is going to mean there will be no reason to listen to Kiro anymore. It seems, with all the 'talent' out there, these geniuses settled on Luke Burbank. Luke Burbank?????? Dave sounds like he's broadcasting from a life raft, lost somewhere in some vast ocean.

charlie potts

Dave's not going anywhere. If they're to leave partisan rant-radio (which, as an old white guy, I love) they might as well do it with humor and intelligence. Ross has always had that, and Burbank brings more of it - plus a younger zeitgeist. Welcome Luke Burbank.


When and if Little Luke leaves or starts sounding likes he's out of diapers, I might just check out Ross's show again. Until then, it's all about Thom Hartmann.

Today was the last straw. Little Luke and Ross discussed the pressing issue of keggers. From there, Burbank went on to inform dad and the audience that he liked the make up of the current Supreme Court. Yeah, the Roberts SC is just wonderful Little Luke. About all Dave could do was go along, sounding like a weary humiliated old man.

I just don't understand why Ross is allowing this to go on. Doesn't he know how it looks, being forced to babysit for a smart mouthed punk? He can't be that hard up for money. Walk away Dave...you're being laughed at out here.


I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone in my inabilaty to listen to Luke. Please Dave, go to another station so you can bring us the quality show that we are used to.


I think you mean "copyright,"not "copywrite."

Love the site, thanks.


P.S. Big TBTL fan too...appreciate the coverage.


The more i listen to Luke Burbank the less i can stand him.If Dave leaves it can only hurt KIRO ratings.


lUKE BURBANK PROBABLY SITS IN HIS pj'S IN HIS HOME STUDIO, as he acts the fool with Dave. Something slouching and disgusting about that.KIRO is really letting luke call the shots if he gets to continue to do the show from home, once, or if, he get's a signed contract to to cohost with Ross. I'm sure Luke is reading all your comments (he reads Blatherwatch, like Frank) and convincing himself tha this seemingly endless stream of negative, disgusted comments regarding his intrusion into Dave's show are coming from a small army of "adult kids" living in mom's basement. The "mom's basement" rationalization is the last refuge of talkradio dunderheads like Frank Shiers and Burbank. oh yeah, Luke takes it a step further by argueing that since he has a radio show and we don't , we have no standing to critique him.


I think Luke's success with the podcast gives him some credibility he didn't have back when TBTL was freshly cancelled. I think the game is his to lose at this point.

Dori Monson Pooped in my Driveway

Another morning turning off KIRO due to the clownish manchild.


I'm so used to tuning back and forth...
I leave the Dave Ross show because of Luke being there, then listen to KOMO for a bit until ads, then tune back out of habit...
Then Luke is there again and I tune back to KOMO...
As often is the case with talk radio, it's the topic more than the host for getting my interest.
There are times though when I really want to hear something being talked about, but I just can't handle the host being there...
Usually the case with Frank Shiers and sometimes when KIRO is on a radio when I walk into the room, and I hear Ron or Don... Ugghhh.
Luke is likeable, very much so.
Just not my type of host.
I'd much rather see him with his own show and let Dave be dave.
They could replace R&D with Luke...
I still wouldn't listen, but I wouldn't have to race for the dial every time I hear R&D doing ads.
It's business and the bottom line will dictate what KIRO decides after testing the waters.
They can't please everyone.


If they contractually solidify the Luke/Dave format, I wonder if Dave would have to take a pay cut of some per-centage? Certainly, they wouldn't be equally paid, would they? With current economic budget constraints you would think that consideration would play a factor. Dori has said in the past that he's taken a pay cut, but I've never heard similar from Ross. Dave does like to go back to upstate NY and visit his Mom so may be he's looking to cut back a bit. He seems to be as frugal a person as there is (almost seeming like a skinflint at times). WELL, guess we'll know soon enough.


Luke and Dave have been wonderful together, great radio!


"Posted by: Dori Monson Pooped in my Driveway"
Did Dori actually poop in your driveway or are you just making that up?
I'm not saying it isn't "possible"...
Just highly unlikely.


yeah, Burbank should have a weekend show like Goldy's old show , tops, except about half of the airtime if he deserves to be on KIROfm at all and that's a big if. I say he doesn't belongn in commercial radio, period. He just doesn't fit with Dave. Dave sounds like an adult man, a deep-voiced man at that. Luke sounds like- a previous poster just wrote it, a whiny simpering "manchild". No gravitas there. none.


Luke Burbank can turn Seattle talk radio around. He's better than Ron & Don, who have the highest-rated talk show in Seattle. KIRO is making some good programming decisions.

Star Monson pooped in my yard

Dori is bringing a nonentity on his show in a few minutes, from a band that most peopel have never heard of, and he's hyping him up, with fake excitement like Jason landed Elton or Sir Paul for his 2 o'clock hour. Pathetic.

George Patkos

Luke Burbank and Dave Ross make me laugh and think. Not a bad mid-morning combination.


Dori's show has been getting really, really bad as of late. What's going on?

Star Monson pooped in my yard

Dori thinks he's a good reader of people, sort of a real "old school beat cop" type of guy who can sniff out a phony black widow killer a mile a way. He's on a tear the last few days on how fake he thiks the wife of the Texas border lake jetskier is. He's sre that she's lying when she says that drug gang thugs shooting from a boat on the Mexican side of the lake killed her husband . Now it turns that the head of one of the Mexican investigators looking into the death has been left in the lcal town square. Looks liek the drug cartel got him, just liek she said . So much for Dori and his "street smart intuition". The fact that the Mexican police were too afraid of the drug cartels to even admit they were investigating the crime is sickening. Reporters down there are too intimidated by the drug cartels to even report battles between the army and the drug gangsters. I have heard that the current Mexican government finally has these cartel rats rocking back on their heels. they need to smash these rats- that kinf of power and intimidation in the hands of barbaric thugs liek these cartel animals is truly scary.

Luke Burbank blows chunks

Star Monson... YOU NEED SPELL CHECK! An "Undocumented alien" can spell better than that!

A 50-something "10"

I'm a big TBTL fan and I'm really hooked on listening to commercial free podcasts now instead of "real radio". That said, I am more likely now to tune into Dave's show because Luke is the cohost. I think they make such a great pair that I'm even willing to listen to some ads.


According to promos Dori is going to talk about the dying 7 y/o in Michigan who was taunted by hew nasty neighbors.

THIS STORY IS 6 DAYS OLD NOW. http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/dpp/news/the_edge/dying-girl-taunted-by-neighbors-in-trenton


Does anyone think Bob Rivers might come to KIRO? Anyone heard where he may go? I miss Bob Rivers.


I really like Dori but the topics have been fading a bit.

lotus eater

I've been a daily listener to the Dave Ross Show for many years, and contributed $$$ to his congressional run.

Here's my take: Dave is great on his own, but for years he has to put up with the usual dumbshit talk radio callers. Now he's got someone with him who can talk and engage intelligently and humorously about issues.

As with his rapport with Tom Tangney, David Sirota, and Carl Jeffers, he does best when he has a grownup to talk to.

Good job KIRO. I hope it's permanent.

Emile Flournoye

Yes, one advantage of having Luke is fewer stupid calls. I am never interested in what Larry from Burien has to say. And has anyone noticed that Dori's callers sound stupid. Almost Sports Radio stupid?


It's amazing how quickly the quality control has dropped on Monson's show since they switched producers. So they were talking about the 7y/o being taunted by the neighbor, already old news to begin with, and what question did he put forth to the callers: should the neighbor's conduct be outlawed somehow? OBVIOUSLY SOME SORT OF MEASURE SHOULD BE TAKEN TO PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING IN THE FUTURE. A better question to put forth to callers would be "what was the meanest thing your neighbor ever did to you or another neighbor?" or "what is the best thing someone do within legal means to get even with the neighbor?" I would have loved those topics. Six days ago.


As i recall, Monson seemed to totally ignore the miner's story, yesterday, when it was the biggest story in the world, maybe of the year........oh yeah, Dori played a British reporter talking about the guy withthe wife and the mistress coming up to the surface with only one female waiting for him.....he goes for a National Enquirer cheap shot sottory and almost ignores the huge big picture story that the little titillating scandal is a tiny part of. The whole world was a part of the rescue with various countries donating goods and/or services to the rescue effort..... a triumph of the best of the human spirit.......instead he devotes several segments (even revisiting the story at the end of the show after generous initial coverage earlier) to an evil repulsive puke of a neighbor who is taunting a little girl and her grandmother, A very small, sordid and cheaply titillating show presented by a small, insignificant, petty man.

Tommy008 (why we despise Dori Monson #345)

As one billion people worldwide watched the last of the thirty-three miners being transported in the capsule up to the surface, Dori Monson was continuously jabbering about Trenton Michigan neighbor Jennifer Petkov, an ignorant waste of human DNA, and an insignificant speck of dried dog turd on the shoe of humanity.


I'm a fan of both TBTL and Dave Ross, and I really like the combo of the two of them. Luke occasionally disarms Dave, makes him burst out laughing or groan in horror, and I really like that. It helps lighten up Dave and adds a new voice to the slot, both literally and metaphorically.

But no, I don't see Luke running his own show on KIRO. He works very well running a podcast that's not restricted by commercials and breaking news, where he's free to talk about whatever the hell seems interesting to him. (And by the way, I love that about TBTL - it's a journey inside Luke's brain.) I don't know how well he'd be able to carry off both a regular show and TBTL. And we all know he will never, ever, ever abandon TBTL - unless he gets offered his own reality show on TLC.

William J Harrison

I used to work evenings at a place where I was forced against my will to listen to Luke's total drivel of nightly weigh-ins and other content free trash while the most exciting Presidential Election in American History was playing out on radio stations all over the nation-except in Seattle. And as a political junkie who enjoys everything from Sam Seder and Randi Rhodes to Howie Carr and Jerry Doyle, I'm probably not the California style airhead demographic he is looking for, but the thought of this inane chump replacing the crusader for commonsense honestly makes me want to go postal on KIRO!


Don't argue with him HP. Putzie has magical powers and knows everything. He reads minds, he can see who is sitting in front of their screen. It's really awesome!

Puget Sound

yes, here's a rendition of coiler



LMAO [email protected]%$&**

Puget Sound

thought you would like that, ks.

hey ladies, hard to believe that 'coils' is still on the market...

fair weather listener

About possible salaries, remember Norm Gregory on KJR in the 70's? I heard a rumor that he earned $50,000 a year....back then..... of course radio was a huge powerhouse back then.....

my naive guess is that Dave, Dori, Ron & Don, John, Ken, all earn a decent middle class income ......Luke, I'm sure, much less, maybe half? third?
just guessing

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