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October 21, 2010



Totenburg is a member of the NPR clique. Williams is not. He is the only black man out of 400 reporters at NPR. This NPR outfit seems more and more of an insular, stifling, oppressive pc lib echo machine than i even imagined. Their level of political correctness is downright Stalinist. The NPR honcho who held the press conference and said that what Williams said on O'Reilly was between him and his psychiatrist, with her smartass New York accent, was really a class act. She apologized later, but not to Williams personally. She wouldn't go on O'Reilly- spineless coward. They need to be defunded by Congress. American taxpayer money should not be going to an elitist , intolerant and narrow little clique of politically correct turds.


regarding the NPR honcho's comment about Williams needing a psychiatrist- The Stalinists in the old Soviet Union used to commit political dissidents who didn't tow the Communist Party line to mental hospitals.

Puget Sound

that's all you got, BR?
i casually defined the national list as being in the top 5 and someone else stretches it to to the top 20 something?
mighty weak cheese.

Puget Sound

good points on the old 'party' tactics tommy and ks.

the reason they like say nina totenberg is that for all her faults (plagiarism, hatespeech, or her using her so called reporter position to advance a point a view) she says things they believe.

they couldn't tolerate juan williams because he did something they can't do. namely, disagree without being disagreeable.

many conservative viewers on fox don't agree with the views of juan williams but they could respect his views.

he's not feeding the beast of fox, rather he is allowing people who may only listen to fox to hear another side.

Puget Sound

This is why Liberals get to look foolish again.

Here is what NPR's Nina Totenberg said on a weekly political show about the grandkids of Jesse Helms getting aids if there was a concept of retributive justice.


Or maybe that is NPR's position, that the grandchildren of Jesse Helms are deserving of some form retributive justice and should get Aids.

Any of the usual suspects want to defend that?


It's pretty much an open and shut case, PutS. Soros contributed #1.8 M to NPR, with some strings attached - that they sever ties with the "evil" Fox which exposes conservative views that contradicts their liberal progressive ideology. I am anticipating that Liasson will be the next - either she quits being on the Fox News Sunday panel or she walks. The far left, funded by Daddy Warbucks Soros is trying stifle free speech of dissenting views. I listen to NPR in my vanpool take it with a grain of salt (of course) as a captive audience.

If the GOP controls the House, I would welcome an investigation on George Soros, for his questionable hedge fund dealings and other associated financial dealings - it would not surprise me if he had a hand in the mortgage bust in Sept. 2008, just as he helped break the Pound Sterling in the UK for his own benefit. He may be a shrewd investor, but he makes what Bernie Madoff did seem small potatoes and supports causes that would have made Mussolini proud. He also gave $1M to Media Matters and Moveon.org to smear and try to get Glenn Beck off the air and bring down Fox News. He is a key reason for the liberal progressive movement intruding every nook and cranny of our lives. Just sayin'


"If the GOP controls the House, I would welcome an investigation on George Soros"

From the party of "It's not a witch hunt when we do it"


Ecoli - you are making stuff up again. As to witch hunts, I said that both sides do it. I fully anticipate the progressive left to go on trying to prosecute Bush and Cheney for war crimes.


Is this on the floor of the senate? Why do you stand on nothing more than paranoid assertions?


What are you referring to ? If its about the Bush Cheney war crimes thing - you follow the loony left more carefully. Call it paranoia if it makes you feel better - I call it eternal vigilance against liberal fascism and the welfare state and all of the other bullshit that is attached.

You aren't concerned about that, but I don't worship and suck off the Guvmint teet like you do. The Guvmint that gives you goodies can take them all away. You'll rue the day there is a conservative President.


Of the thousands of complaints that have saturated NPR in the wake of Juan Williams’s firing earlier this week, some of the most telling have been from callers describing themselves as long-time "viewers" of NPR who warn that they are going to going to "stop watching."

Watching their radios, no doubt.

By the way NPR gets no direct money from the federal government for its $161.8 million annual budget. It does receive some dedicated grants from Corporation for Public Broadcasting for projects like covering the country’s economic crisis; in fiscal years 2009 and 2010 combined, those grants totaled just over $5.2 million. NPR also gets occasional grants from from sources financed by the federal government. In all, NPR said those grants accounted for 1 to 2 percent of its income on average.


I knew that NPR received a relatively small amount of Federal money, but the point is; NPR should get zero Federal money.


"I knew that."

Keep it up, klueless. We just sit on the sidelines laughing.


Silly me. I'm going to post a link which should be read by all idiots (read: chux, klueless and sputs) but will never be because it lacks the Fixed News logo or the World Nut Daily: Juan Williams Is Right: Political Correctness About Terrorists Must End!

Yes, America did and does provoke the mess we now find ourselves in globally and locally. Yes. Yes. Yes. And anybody who doesn't see that America is becoming nothing more than a profiteering war machine has licked too much shit off the assess of Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, et al.


Ph(J)oanie - out from under your rock - typical that you don't understand what you are laughing about.

Keep up your faux laughing. I don't read World Nut Daily, so you are barking up the wrong tree. So you like to coddle terrorists because you are mad about the way America is ? (You take exception to the headline about Juan Williams) makes purrfect sense - to a 9-11 truther (nutter) extremist... cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo....

Puget Sound

good points, ks.
ph(J)oanie 'ass-umes' that because she is addicted to the wing nut left that those who disagree must read similar crap from the right.

in regards to sparkles point on NPR, then it should be no problem for them to go full monty and remove itself from any gov't funding.


An excerpt from a recent article in Investor's Business Daily (IBD) regarding George Soros - very telling.

"The value to Soros is that it drives the news narrative leftward and attracts attention to its left-leaning message. After all, there's nothing the mainstream media in its vanity likes more than someone writing about it.

Yet another Soros donation worth noting came in September, when he shoveled $100 million to the nongovernmental organization Human Rights Watch. It came shortly after HRW's then-operations director, Suzanne Nossell, was caught on a secretive list called JournoList actively plotting with other Soros-funded leftists to smear the political campaign of then-vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin.

"I think it is and can be spun as a profoundly sexist pick. Women should feel umbrage at the idea that their votes can be attracted just by putting a woman, any woman, on the ticket no matter her qualifications or views," Nossell wrote to the others.

When news of that broke, Palin had become a Fox News commentator and the Soros donation followed.

These aren't the first forays into media that Soros has attempted.

His Center for American Progress is obsessed with media ownership and using the "Fairness Doctrine" to silence Fox News.

He's also ventured into crazy left-wing radio like Air America, which failed to attract enough listeners and went bust. But this new wave of donations seems to arise out of a desire to seize control of a message in the wake of Democrats' unpopular socialist policies.

We've got news for Soros — Fox News follows what the people think, it doesn't issue its views from the top down. All the same, there's something strange and disturbing about a radical left-wing billionaire so obsessed with the success of Fox News."

Follow the money applies here.

Puget Sound

Ah, KS you know that for the usual suspects it can only be applied against your political enemies.

so, they go all out against clarence thomas who would pale in comparison to the harassment of bill clinton (c'mon, all those women didn't lie) or the crimes of ted kennedy (failing to report an accident and leaving a woman to die).

but the american people are on to 'em. this nov will be a wonderful time!

Puget Sound

"About two percent of NPR’s budget comes from grants from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting and the National Endowment for the Arts, and the organization receives dues from local member stations that are largely taxpayer-funded. Williams joins a growing chorus of policymakers and commentators who have also called for the federal government to cut the organization off and force it to compete on its own like other news media outlets. A majority of the organization’s funding already comes from private donors and sponsors.

Williams also suggested that NPR feels entitled to taxpayer money, and called its need for public funds “nonsense.”

“And too often, they make it out like, ‘you know what, we are a public jewel and we need the protection of the federal government, we need federal funds that come through the member stations and they pay for this product.’ Nonsense,” he said."


(You take exception to the headline about Juan Williams) makes purrfect sense - to a 9-11 truther (nutter) extremist... cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo....

What are you rambling on about now?

Didn't I say you wouldn't read the link? Yep, I'm laughing - not faux, actual belly laughs. That's about all you're good for. You're so predictable, kS.


I just read a long bit of drivel on the Huffington Post, written by Michael Moore. Is there any doubt left as to why joanie is such a moron? Ariana Huffington + Michael Moore = joanie's thought processes.
God save the children!!! Get that idiot out of the class room. She should not be allowed within 500" of any school.


And as usual, you attack without ammunition. Since you don't indicate that there is anything to take issue with in the article, it leads one to conclude that perhaps you either didn't read it or didn't understand it.

Which is it, chuxie?


I took the time to read it - The title of the article by Michael Moore is a facade - he agrees with the issue in the title, briefly states it, then for the rest of the article he doesn't take Juan Williams's side - he incriminates him for working for Fox and proceeds to trash Fox and the vast right wing conspiracy (in his mind)- such a ph(J)oanie premise.

Moore is a neo-Marxist bomb thrower who makes one-sided propaganda films filled with half truths and would like to collaborate with Soros and seems to dislike America. You advocate that extremist crap, hence you are cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo. Keep those strawmen coming..

Puget Sound

Too damn funny how this is illustrating the hypocrisy of NPR (we call it 'pulling a ph(J)oanie'
Here is Dr. Charles Krauthammer with Nin Totenberg. (recall she is the lady who graciously declared that the grandchildren of Jesse Helms should get AIDS)

"FOX News: "I don't understand the inconsistency here," Dr. Charles Krauthammer said on PBS's "Inside Washington" Friday night. Another guest on the panel was NPR's Nina Totenberg, whom Krauthammer targeted for her consistent liberal bias.

"Why is it okay for Nina to express opinions as she has tartly, sharply, unashamedly and openly? And she's an honored correspondent there; in fact, they mention your status here on ["Inside Washington"] in your biography at NPR. And Juan, because he expresses his opinions, he gets canned from NPR," Dr. Krauthammer said.

Totenberg said she's been put in an "awkward position" with the uproar and offered her explanation of why Williams was singled out for dismissal. "In the modern journalistic world, where people are asked to give opinions all the time whether you're a regular on a show like this or not, if you cover a story you may be asked to appear on a television show and talk about it. I think it's a very very difficult line to draw. And NPR tries to draw it, in my view, using rules that don't exist anymore."

"I have personal opinions that I will not share with you," NPR's Nina Totenberg said, who has not been afraid to share her opinions before. Juan's firing was not "popular on the floor" at NPR."


My bet is that joanie could still do a hell of a lot of great teaching from 500 inches away chucks.


Is that all you have, something from 15 years ago? It's obvious that people were not enamored with Helms back then. Are you going to bring up Earl Butz too?




That Chuck S, what a funny, funny human.


Totenberg is as i said a charter member of the NPR Clique, and Wiliams decidedly is not. Williams is black, and from the South I believe. The NPR Clique is a group of mostly Jewish, New York or at least Northeastern, smug, precious, liberal elitist smartasses who have chosen radio reporting, news/show copy writing, producing, and editorializing as their priofessions. AS i said before there is absolutely no that these intolerant, politically correct turds should get a dime of public money.


"Mostly Jewish," please don't hold back...


Here are the categories in the Code of Ethics for NPR employees

I. Statement of purpose
II. Who is covered
III. Statement of principles
IV. Conflicts of interest
V. Outside work, freelancing, speaking engagements
VI. Personal gain, gifts, freebies, loaned equipment or merchandise, etc.
VII. Ethical conduct in coverage of news and production of programming
VIII. Politics, community and outside activities
IX. Underwriting; foundation grants; advertising, marketing and promotion

I wonder how many of these are violated by Fox News?

Puget Sound

sparkles, you listed some broad categories. the devil is in the details.


Exactly. But that doesn't stop people from pointing fingers at NPR.


Those were broad categories - to be able to judge, I'd have to see the details. I'd venture a guess that Fox, CNN and all other networks violate some of these.
I also believe that NPR violates some of these too - who polices them ?

Congrats, you have opened a can of worms.


ha ha i love to get a rise off these lib pc hypocrites as they respon dto my posts with their selfrighteous, and bogus ant-semitism alerts. I call the NPR Clique "mostly Jewish", because it is- mostly Jewish. It's not my problem tha the employees of NPR happen to fit that description. it is simply a fact. I report facts.


Anyone else here think Tommy is a wizend old bigot with a whole lotta anger inside? He probably vandalized his own damn over-priced vehicle but doesn't remember doing it.

Oh well. He's just the old troll under the bridge...


it could of been the Meyer Lansky gang that rules Queen Anne. They probably have a foothold at KUOW


As i enjoy The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and dream of making even more googobs of money in the stock market , pushing my returns on individual stocks into the 200% per year level and beyond, as I begin to rival the performances of the top hedge fund managers. I take a moment to laugh at another of Joanie's ridiculous crank posts......... folks you will notice she has yet to denounce the comments made under name HERE a month or so back that proclaimed we all "deserved" what happened on 9/11. It's "wizened".


sorry, should read "made under her name"


Everyone ones a clown and a crank, and we're lucky here to have both of those wrapped up in one poster- Joanie.


No dear, I didn't fail to do anything. If you could read and process what the rest of us write occasionally, you'd see that I did reiterate clearly enough for any non-comprehending angry person like yourself to understand. It was just a few posts ago...

As for your money? Precisely. Bigotry and racism are usually about money. When people have what they need and are satisfied, when they like themselves, they are generally more accepting of others. It is when they become fearful of losing their own money or jobs or prestige or they feel inferior that they begin to talk about other people the way you do.

Keep making that money. Hopefully, someday you'll have enough to give you some generosity of spirit, kindness and acceptance of yourself to accept others for their character rather than their skin color.


Tommy, you shouldn't type so fast. You make mistakes that way. I guess my posts really get to you, don't they? Sort of reach their target . . .


I have several reports by my neighbors of the two "elderly" women wearing matching "Fuck Bush" sweatshirts who were seen loitering around my Mercedes on Queen Anne the night that it was vandalized. Did you pick Sparky up in your old Volvo B-2 station wagon with the Jerry Brown for President bumper sticker, Joanie, or did Sparky take the both of you down here in her 2001 Prius to do your vicious acts of vandalism on the car?


Ah. Poor Tommy. He's repeating himself. That's a sure sign the ol'grey matter is deteriorating. I'm sure a good night's sleep will help, Tommy.

BTW, I appreciate the Volvo connection. Wish I could afford to buy from that ethical company that makes a safe car. And the thought of Jerry Brown back in government makes me smile.

Mercedes. What were they doing from 1938 to 45?


Joanie has a reputation that will live on - the clown and crank (aka the hag) from Blatherwatch. Hat tip - T008.

If Jerry Brown becomes Governor, that state will continue to financially fall over the cliff and would be as well off if So Cal was conquered by and became part of Mexico - that's how bad in parts that it is down there.
A big part of the problem Whitman has is running as the successor to Schwarzenegger (an unpopular Governor).


I'm torn on Whitman/ Brown because Whitman is someone i don't like much, but she says she will take on the drug cartels and the gangs and illegals. I came out for Brown earlier but now i don't know. They can't coddle the gangs and the illegals and the drug cartels down there for another 4-10 years . if i had faith that she had the financial knowhow to fix theor economy that would be the tipper......wasn't she supposed to be a failure at Ebay....she must have done somethign right there in her early years....


"If Jerry Brown becomes Governor, that state will continue to financially fall over the cliff and would be as well off if So Cal was conquered by and became part of Mexico - that's how bad in parts that it is down there."

Which proves our point that teabaggers will take disaster and failure over democracy every time.


I am glad to see that the idiot that she is, joanie would be willing to buy a new Ford product.
It has been good for Ford since they bought Volvo years ago.


Actually Ford unloaded Volvo to China's Geely last summer for 1.5 billion. Volvo lost 650 million dollars last year and hasn't turned a profit since 2005.

Dr. Bill

I get the biggest kick out of reading posts from this vulgar greenie Joanie, a card carrying member of the "snide tribe" up there in commieland Seattle, as she defends those effete liberal snobs and boors on NPR. Do i have to come up there with my D-9 Cat bulldozer and take care of business? Don't make me come up there, you vulgar lib bastards.


Spare us the "Juan as 1st Amendment martyr" meme. Juan had been warned by NPR ad nauseum, NOT for anything he said, but for appearing on Faux under the caption “NPR Analyst”.

Now if Juan had appeared on Faux as “Just another pawn in the Faux News Analyst rabble”, we wouldn’t be posting here.

NPR did the right thing. They cut him loose so Juan could no longer claim NPR credibility turf.

Conversely, Juan now has no connection to credibility, but has plenty of Benjamins. From now on, he’ll just have to be OReally’s “black friend” every time Bill Freudian slips into his bedsheet garb. The whole scene horrifically fits the minstrel show script like a glove, but it is what it is!

Think of it as Juan going from topless to porn. Not-that-there’s-anything-wrong-with-that: Juan make bundles more, but he can’t ever look back.

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