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October 31, 2010



It was an awesome speech.
Unfortunately, the message will be lost on Tuesday, assuming it sank it at all.
Thanks for posting it. I'm glad there is a record of it.

Puget Sound

what's not to love about jon stewart? he is the best humorist alive today.

he bashes the right and goes after the twig-truthers on the left.

funny how some of them don't see themselves.


Stewart can be funny, but the speech shown was rather lame, being that he was emulating an empty-suited radical sitting President, who battling Bush for being the most dangerous President in modern times.

That aside, Colbert is a crackup like to catch him whenever I am near Cable TV and Stewart's interview and verbal joust with Prez BO last week was good and would just say Stewart won that round.

I fully expect this to draw comments and ridicule - so have at it or don't have at it.


Actually, Stewart's speech had a bit more substance than Obama's speech in 2008, that duped many people at the time. PT Barnum would have been proud.

John speaks better without a teleprompter than Barry.

dave, not dave ross

KS what you call lame i call heartfelt and honest. Stewart also had the stones to sit across from obama, on the daily show, and call him out on his campaign promises verses what he actually delivered...that was a great half hour and informative.

The Anti-Dori

Informative! Please don't use that word with KS. He'll get confused. We wouldn't want that.

Stewart is authentic. Got to like the man.


Stewart didn't speak out against conservatives or Republicans, he was speaking out against hyper-partisans like putz and KS who are chained to their ideology.

Since putz and KS have made it clear that they are conservatives, they will never support a liberal position, even if they know it's right, for fear of being seen as a "loser" or having made a mistake.

Once someone claims they root for an ideology they way people root for sports teams, their pride won't allow them to think freely, because in a public forum such as this, that might lead to embarrassment. For all intents and purposes, they're brain dead. There's no brain activity. Debunked conservative theories will still be frozen in their minds as they lay on their death bed.


Right, not Dave Ross, i degrudgingly give Stewart credit for not lobbing the old softballs at Obama like say an Olbermann or the lesbian woman would have. However, he was way out of line in calling him "dude" Don't liek Obama and don't like Stewart, but that is irrelevant.It's called respect for the office, not for the man. Stewart is getting way too big a head nowadays, although he's always been arrogant.


Stewart has a huge ego. He's become so used to people showering him with praise that he thinks his every utterance is worthy of being chiseled into stone tablets. Lots people are tired of his shit, but that quiet majority isn't heard over his loud minority of supporters. Eventually it's going to blow back in his face. People are going to want to know what he stands for besides himself. Everyday it becomes more clear that he's first and foremost a self promoter.


Andrew, The way I heard Stewart's speech, he was talking to you, Sparky, Fremont, Coiler, Bla'M, Rhino, as well as KS, me and Putz as well as the rest of us that have strong feelings about the way government should be run.
Even more, I believe he was talking about the members of congress that are left standing tomorrow as well as all of the new Republicans and the couple of new democrats that are hired tomorrow.
Of course he is delusional. I will not compromise my principals to get along and don't expect you to do any different as well.
The congress critters must reach compromise. Your leaders just need to learn that peeling off a couple of Republicans (or moderate democrats) by bribe, blackmail, graft or corruption is not compromise.


I'll never say "I'm a liberal" because that would mean I have to surrender my own free thought and follow the party line that's drawn by some elitist think tank somwhere. And the same is true of conservatives. Bush said pre-emptive strikes is now a conservartive value, and you sheep all went along with it, and defended it.

Where I part ways with fiscal conservatives is that I don't agree that the profit motie is a one-size-fits-all reward model for all the worlds problems. This has forced pharmaceuticals to develop treatments rather than cures because treatments are far more profitable. Ever notice how TV commercials for prescription meds are never cures, always treatments? Treatments for allergies, joint discomfort, irregularity, labido, etc.

Where I part ways with social conservatives is that if your relationship with Jesus is personal, then why do you want to force that relationship upon others by outlawing gay marriage and abortion? Why do conservatives disrespect the spirit of the 1st Amendment?


So where is our missing poster today.Are we expecting him to make an appearance today?

Tommy where do we go from here Mr. Expert? Markets crashing. You claim this is a mere correction. For months I've guaranteed DOW 9500 or lower by election day wiping out the incumbents/Dems.

As usual you say nothing of relevance.

I think we now know who the expert is.

Posted by: Obama is a black man | June 04, 2010 at 01:05 PM

hope all you astute republicans are bailing out of the market as we speak! A 1700 point correction coming tonight


Best line of the day: 250,000 people and no display of a single swastika.

Thanks, Randi.

dave, not dave ross

thanks for your comments, tommy008 regarding stewart. for some reason the dude thing did not affect me one way or the other, i did not see it as an insult to the office of the president


"For those of us waking up this morning feeling a little depressed, it might help to remember just where we were when Bush eked out that "mandate."

Paula Zahn, CNN host: "A president with a mandate, a 10-seat majority in the Senate, at least 25 seats in the House. So everything should be smooth sailing for Republicans, right?"

And what was on the agenda?

Ceci Connolly, Washington Post staff writer: "Interestingly, what you heard President Bush focus on was tax reform, Social Security changes, partial privatization. And continuing what he calls the war on terrorism."

They had the House. They had the Senate. They had the press. They had a plan to destroy every social safety net and grind away the last vestiges of programs it had taken decades to build.

First we stopped them. Then we beat them. It's too bad that we have to do it again, but hell, that's democracy. You get up in the morning, you put on your shoes, and you go back to work."

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