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October 26, 2010



Dori needs a sidekick...maybe with a foreign accent. French would be good.


Hopefully this means the John Curley - Nicole Brodeur experiment is over...that was painful radio!

bang boy

I'm very happy about this... thanks for getting it first, Mike. It seemed inevitable, though.


I would listen to Luke Burbank doing pantomime, that man is perfect in every way. I actually have a reason to listen to terestrial radio now! Good choice KIRO!


I have a feeling Dave wants to retire and go back east, and that this is a way to ease Burbank into the slot. If they don't feel that Burbank works well on his own, they might just pair him up with another straight news guy when the time comes. Nicole Brodeur didn't work out to well, but that doesn't mean someone else can't. I'm sorry to say, but I think it has to be guy. All the women side kicks they tried are too deferential and just back off when the conversation starts to heat up, even if they were winning at the time.


Prefer Dave Ross alone but rather have Dave and Luke than no Dave at all. Luke is pretty good if Dave has to have a hip sidekick. Enjoy an occasional pop culture subject but hope we have some serious stuff like Dave used to do.

Newb E

I'm a bit torn - Luke is awesome and his return to the airwaves is a welcome addition, but I've never been a Dave Ross fan, so to me they go together like eggs and chocolate. But Blatherwatch really missed the boat by describing Luke's TBTL program as "KIRO evening talker". The show is kind of big deal, folks, and even bigger as a podcast.

Marsha Toles

I love Luke Burbank. He's funny and smart, and he and Dave compliment each other. I've found myself comiong back to KIRO mornings lately. Bill Radke is another old radio friend, I could stay on KIRO all the way to Dori.


Glad to have Luke on permanently in the morning - his presence has made me go back to listening to KIRO after TBTL was cancelled. Luke in the morning on KIRO and then the TBTL podcast in the afternoon...my day is now complete!


Hmmm...nice hatchet job with the pix. Dave is the old king of the hill and Luke is the young, hip, beer-sippin' yuppie. What I don't get is why they would bring Luke back after they took him off the air for low ratings. What's changed since then?


The question should be what hasn't changed, and the answer is "Luke's talent", it's always been there.


*rawr* Luke on real radio and Jen coming back to TBTL - is it Christmas?!

Bitty from Lake City

Congratulations to Dave and Luke. Congratulations to us.


Not surprised Luke got the job over Brodeur. Nothing like a radio person for a radio job...a few others break through, but usually the experience and skill set wins the day. I like that B'ville is willing to spend money on radio talent. That is something that has become increasingly rare.


Finally, a reason to tune into KIRO again! Dave and Luke: who knew I was such a fan of eggs and chocolate?


Whats changed? Well, 100,000 downloads a month for TBTL the podcast might be a start...


My Luke is awfully taken with himself these days. That's one of the big things that makes him unlistenable. He sounds like he's 16 years old and pleased a punch that he's so precocious, overmature for his age and bright that he's able to almost sound like a grown man along side "Dad" Dave Ross". He's not "kind of a big deal", nor is boring TBTL


thread obviously is packed woth TBTL types who worship Burbank. In honor of the new show i refrained form calling Burbank any nasty names tonight.

Bob Winters

Bitter much?


The listeners could be full of "NPReastCoastLiberals"


"Bob Winters".....another new name coming out of the woodwork just to flack and shill for Burbank....was this thing organized...seems so


I have to admit, I like LB better when he is with Dave than when he is on TBTL. Dave pulls him up, without being pulled down. It works.


Kiro made the right decision rehiring Luke! Dave and Luke are great together! I will be tuning in everyday faithfully!


I can't wait to find out how they do ratings wise. I've never seen such overwhelming approval. Usually people come here to do the exact opposite.

To the Luke haters: you're dying. Get your affairs in order and make peace with yourself.

Chuck Bolland

Maybe a reason to try "talk radio" again for a few hours a week. Maybe. Most of it has become so mind numbing. While I've always liked Dave' act, all of Seattle talk radio was starting to sound like wall to wall Dori Monson.


Who could KIRO possibly pair with Frank to get people listen at night?


I was not a big fan of Luke - he sounded like a fake college kid*, but perhaps Dave will forge him into something palatable to us on the far side of 40.

*kinda like Bob Rivers, somebody pretending to be half their age


Pairing with Dave Ross is exactly what Luke needs to hone his talent. Nobody does an interview like Dave, and that's Luke's weakest point. Also will tame his potty mouth, which is why I stopped listening to the podcast. You don't need to cuss to be real.


"thread obviously is packed with TBTL types who worship Burbank."

Did Luke's overly protective sister take on 10 different posting names and go nuts here or what?

Like... Whatever.

Rex Kat

December/May? Geeze, give Dave a break -- maybe October/May? He's not *that* old!


And, it shall be known as the R&B Show, no not rhythm & blues, but The Ross & Burbank Show. Viva la R&B !


"you're dying, get your affairs in order"....does that mean i should "lock in my cremation at today's low prices"?


Yes, do right by your loved ones.

Dori, Panty Sniffer

I forgot. How do I unsubscribe from Dave's show in iTunes? The stuttering, stammering fool that is Luke Burbank heralds a new era for KIRO -- The era where I don't listen to the station AT ALL. I can't stand that little moron.


Luke is a heck.Makes Dave sound like a conservative.

dave, not dave ross

Luke is growing on me now that he is paired with dave. Much less time for actual calls, however that seems to be by design. And perhaps it is the too often a tedious caller that drags down 'talk radio', lol. Nick, i agree, if this means i will never have to hear John Curley again on KIRO then mores the better.


I think they had hoped that John Curley could out-perform Shiers, and from what I heard, I don't think it's going to happen. Curley has some off center view points, but he doesn't stay focused, he banters around the bush way too much.

I definately don't think Shiers is happy about having Curley & Female butt in on the show that does not bear his name. After they left and he came in he didn't so much as mention that they had just been there moments before. Sounded like bitterness to me. But I'm sure they're very friendly in passing.

The worst thing about Shiers is that he's closer to Dave Ross without Luke Burbank. The station seems to think that old, mild mannered white guys is out and duos are in. I feel bad for Shiers. I think they're going to just keep on trying out new hosts until they find a replacement. Northwest Nights will probably be a continuously revolving door until he's finally shown the door.

And their feeling about Monson is probably that he's a reprehensible host, but he's gets their better ratings so there's not much they can do. The few times that Goddesman really chimed in, Monson seemed to go out of his way to make it awkward for listeners, perhaps so he could go back to management and say "see, it doesn't work with my show."


Looks like King Lear to me. Now what can we make of that?

I can think of several things John Curley is missing. Let's start with talent...and end with intelligence.


KIRO FM has jumped the shark. Ross's shelf life is limited and he looks like the dude on the Burger King commercial and Luke to the rescue ? What's wrong with that picture ?

Dori and R & D have the most listeners - and none of them are liberals. John Curley - not made for radio, unless there is music.


John Curley is not as bad as people make him out to be. He could be good if he corrected his mistakes. He's got energy and a clear speaking voice. I don't want to name any names, but this alone was more than some KIRO tryouts could muster.


Long time Dave Ross listener here...
Have to say, I still "Dave listen" out of habit, bounce around with Carlson and even a bit of Ingraham.
(since Bryan Suits leads in)
Luke isn't as bad to me as he was, but I'm still seeing it as less than Dave's show was.
Luke should have his own evening show.
KIRO is at least shakin' their tree a bit.
I'm liking Jake with Dori, and Phil has been good for Boze.
Not sure what the problem is with John Curley having a show...
He sounded like a good host that I wouldn't listen to.
I'd prefer that to the Frank Shiers show that I don't listen to.
When are Ron and Don leaving?


Frank Shiers is a prissy, petulant old ass. Lately he's bween doing these disgusting "bodily function", excrement, smells, and bathroom bowls topics... has anyne heard this repulsive crap...........The guy is a great takl host....for Bremerton radio.....i once sent him an email that said he should be on the Belfair Wa. 5,000 watt station, if there is such a station, but now I really think he's good enough to be the King of Bremerton talk radio.


The addition of Burbank only solidifies the leftward slant and eventual capsizing of this 9-12 slot. There was a time when Dave was a bit more centered and did not take the cheap and easy shots he does now, Burbank will only push him farther from a commom sense dialog to a overly partisan gabfest.

Steven Gardner


Bremerton is offended.

Matt Lutthans

Now we need to get Allan Prell back on the schedule. If they teamed him with Shiers, riveting radio would result.


They've changed Dave's recorded intro's to Ross and Burbank. A sad day for KIRO radio. A lowering in standards, - grammatical standards, standards of masculinity, and of knowledgable and intelligent discourse. The "fake college kid" Luke Burbank continues to embarrass himself vis a vis "Dad" Ross with his callow, silly performance.


A brilliant move by KIRO, I'm sure that Dave Ross is not far from retirement and mentoring Luke like this will likely prove to be a wise move indeed. ROCK ON!

Matt Lutthans

Like, I don't know what Tommy008 is, like, talking about. (It bugs me, too.)


John Curly: the Ryan Seacrest of Seattle Radio!

Brian Stewart

This is the best thing to happen to music radio in years, it will drive listeners back to music. Where is Carl Jeffers?

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