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October 18, 2010



If Al Gore had not had the election stolen from him back in 2000, that poor goat would be alive today.


Ever since they changed producers the show has lost much of it's mojo.


Dori has managed yet AGAIN to get noticed by this blog. I would venture to guess that he gets focused on here more than any other radio personality. Love him (like our little Tommy one-note) or hate him he knows how to generate attention. Therefore demonstrating that he is paramount within this local radio community. His Seahawk's coverage is second to none also.


wait, what? Dorie is mad that the govt killed the goat for killing a human? He's sticking up for the wildlife over the people's right to use the resource? isn't that kinda the opposite of the stance he usually takes? what do you think he would have said if Obama(yeah, like the president is involved in the goat incident, but whatever)had FAILED to kill the goat?? Dorie's show was never good, now he's on a very short leash/castrated, and it is AWFUL.


According to Obama, in a comment over the week-end, the single best decision Obama has made has been his picking Joe Biden as his running mate.
That is hilarious, but if you look at Obama's record, it is most likely true.
Don't take any crap off of these people Dori. You have it right about the mystery man from Kenyan heritage.


I think it can be stated unequivocally that Dori is getting people's goat with this stance. Gee, what's new.


Dori's sounding a bit far fatched.

However, that pales compared to this headline from the Daily KOS

"Now the GOP Is 'Openly and Militantly Totalitarian,' With Death Squads to Come'.

a lucid job at projecting the desires of the far left progressives... bwahahaaha - oy-vay..


lots of interesting stuff on Kos, http://www.dailykos.com/, but nothing remotely close to what you just wrote. hmmm.

dinky dick dori

Dear Ms Sally, Dori aint no jock


It would be really entertaining radio if a mountain goat could be introduced into the KIRO studio to attack Dori.


"Now the GOP Is 'Openly and Militantly Totalitarian,' With Death Squads to Come'.
a lucid job at projecting the desires of the far left progressives... bwahahaaha - oy-vay..
Posted by: KS | October 18, 2010 at 03:59 PM

KS, is this another lie? I don’t see it at the KOS blog.


I have to agree with anyone who say’s Dori is a nonissue. His little show is a reflection of his prick and he’s losing listenership similar to his hair. But I do like the updates, so keep ‘em comin’. Ol’ thumper just loves the attention, so says his defenders.


This blog has dissapointed me for a second time in the space of a week for actually regarding the argument that Dori presented in one of his shows. It's all made up hyperbolic bullshit meant to inflame. If you're inflamed, it's purpose was served. I'm more interested in discussing his radio show from a business perspective, and the overall quality of the show rather than the content itself.

They used to be pretty good about pushing people's buttons, but ever since Fill Vandervorte (sp?) left it's been amateur hour...or two or three. Laughable subject matter, poor presentation.


I enjoy the subject matter, part of being a writer is taking a chance.


lots of interesting stuff on Kos, http://www.dailykos.com/, but nothing remotely close to what you just wrote. hmmm.

Posted by: jesus | October 18, 2010 at 04:10 PM

Here it is- from today. As it turned out, this wasn't a headline, instead embedded in this piece


Quotation marks have a purpose, KS.


I do see it at Shit Hustlers (News Busters). Shit Hustlers wrote that KOS has this head line, like you stated, but it’s not true. What would that make Shit Hustlers? Propagandists? And what would that make you? That’s right, a swallower of the swill.


BUSTED. KS is a liar. Please make a note of it.


Hay suss, that made me laugh from the belly. A belly laugh if you will.


Somehow, you overlooked this in said article;

"Let's face up to the problem as it is: One of the two major political parties in this country has become openly and militantly totalitarian, and does not even try to cloak its fascism in something more palatable anymore: Its candidates openly endorse torture; openly call for the unprovoked invasion of other countries; openly demonize racial, religious, ethnic, and other minorities; lie without restraint on all matters at all times; and just barely stop short of openly calling for political murders of Americans - a scruple that seems increasingly frayed around the edges.

The Republican Party is now immune to the signals of civilization and the restraints of democratic society: As an organization, it is now built directly on the premise of power - the absolute, and unshakeable belief that "I am right because I win" - and at this point I see no mechanism for how it can be reconciled to the survival of the American republic."

This is from the article in the Daily KOS, so what part of this do you doubt the authenticity of ? (Oh yes, guilt by association - Newsbusters made it false regardless whether it is true or not) - A spurious charge - Where there's smoke, there's fire. Just evening the playing field over here on this tilted blog and making it real.

Jesus, you're busted like BR for using a fake name or maybe you are one and the same - multiple personnas rule in your dysfunctional world.


Fine job of spelling it out in such a way that jesus (another act of Christian bashing from the left? and black pig with a horn in it's snout can understand.
I am certain that apologies will be forthcoming from them to you KS.


KS, I'm fairly sure I could go to WorldNetDaily any day of the week and find hyperbolic nonsense just like what you found at KOS (which, after all, has hundreds if not thousands of writers). I'd even wager that you'd disagree with a lot of it. All your story means is that some people on the Internets don't take their meds when they should. So? Why dignify it?


Over 100,000 members on Kos, and if you read the comments after those articles, you will find it is hardly a site for people who march in lockstep.


So reprinting a lie is evening the playing field?

This is your original post

that pales compared to this headline from the Daily KOS
"Now the GOP Is 'Openly and Militantly Totalitarian,' With Death Squads to Come'.

Posted by: KS | October 18, 2010 at 03:59 PM

It compares to what headline? This headline is either made up or a lie. Don’t obscure with tortured purpose. Just admit, there was no such headline.


Nearly all of the stuff Dori says is Baaaaaaaa! But he loves Ram-ming home his BS.


Michael Hood made up the whole story. Dori didn't say anything like that about the goat. It's a joke or whatever.


I'm way past the headline, BR - it was in error (the actual name of the article was It could get ugly). How about reading the friggin article or is the projection too obvious ?

Sparkles, your comment is evidently true. The leftwing nut progressives show little common sense, but do have the creativity going.


No, I listened and I distinctly heard Dori talking about some kind of animal.


Nice recovery KS, I’m glad you agree. As for projection…I guess it depends on your point of view. And as Hay suss pointed out, you are less than credible.


Dori does seem to be a defender of the criminal wildlife...
Moles digging tunnels? Kill them.
Mountain Lions, Goats and bears?
They can kill people because the people invaded their turf.
Begs the question of to whom Dori's yard really belongs...
Dori or the moles.
I say animals are just being animals, but we're at the top...
Have to keep them in their proper place...
Barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen.

That goat would have have killed again...
It unfortunately had to be whacked.





ROFL, Bla'M, no kidding!

Shondra Lee Pence

What a terrible thing to joke about. A man and a goat are dead.

Moral Voice

When is Munson going to get a facelift? It looks like he hangs weights off of his jowls and eyelids at night. Send that old puss off to the beef jerkey factory.


"Rat_Bastard.... Huh?"

Not sure about the confusion...
Dori has said before that people move out to the foothills to be one with nature and then complain when bears and mountain lions come after them.
He says that it's wrong to kill the offending animals.
My point is that there is a hypocrisy at play with defending the wild animals who attack, yet Dori proudly kills moles who are simply eating in his yard.
(as do I)
Huge Dori fan here, but I do see a problem with his logic about this issue.
And yes, it is very sad that this hiker died.
It's a terrible story.


It can now be reported: The goat's name was Al -- Al Gore.


Ah, ok, I get it. Rat_Bastard, and I agree.


Biden blows goats !!

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