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October 04, 2010


frank franklin

Whaaaa! Who'd a thunk it? I'll listen, definitely. And this means that Ron/Don was right? Who'd a thunk *that*?

I checked the story on MyNorthwest.com but it doesn't say anything about his start date. Anyone know?


Wow! That was unexpected. I assumed it was going to be Bob Rivers in 6 months. Great choice, though. Kudos to the Mormons.


What happens to Tony Miner?


Was he over the many years at KUOW, Radke did everything but sweep up at KUOW; most fondly remembered is his syndicated NPR Rewind, a news satire show produced in Seattle. He was a columnist for the Seattle P-I, did local comedy, and was the first anchor on APM's late, great Weekend America?


I'm not familiar with this talent so I'll have to reserve judgement on whether I think this a good move for KIRO. I hope he presents a more liberal approach to the news reporting so we don't continue to get spoon-fed the conserative view on things. I do like Tony Miner and I hope he remains in some capacity.

Mr Common Sense


RIP: Tony Miner 1995 - 2010

What a brutal industry. The guy puts in enormously long days commuting from La Conner and what does he get...a handshake and few bucks severence.


Seattle is a big-time radio town. Radke is a breath of fresh air, smart, funny, and has a real journalism credibility that commercial radio in this town is lacking. His reports on Morning Edition have turned a boring segment completely around. And he has a self-deprecating style that is at once infectious and engaging. My big questions:? HOW did KIRO land this guy? And does this mean they are embracing the Bonneville goal of getting the smut and dirt out of radio? What does this say about the future of Ron and Don?
Hallelujah! Praise Jesus.....journalism has returned to Seattle commercial radio. KUOW, WATCH YOUR BACK!


Dori Monson just talked to Radke and evidently Tony & Linda will be staying with KIRO.

David M

And it's on the News Chick's blog...


"Seattle is a big-time radio town."

No, it's a provincial, parochial little clique.


So, where's Bob Rivers going? I can't see him going back to music radio where humor and creativity have been abolished, even for morning shows-- part of radio's ongoing attempt to commit suicide.
I would have liked to see Radke and Jane Shannon working together in the morning but I guess that isn't going to happen. I like Tony Miner, too. I hope he gets a good assignment with KIRO.
Looks like KIRO is improving while KOMO is going down. Is that because KOMO Radio's program director is a TV guy who has no feel for radio?


Yeah, KIRO's improving all right - it's turning into NPR with commercials from 5a-noon and the radio equivalent of "JoeTV" from noon-7pm.

That's a REAL improvement.

It is amazing just how inept the management of the two major news-talkers is. Sorta like a radio version of "Dumb and Dumber". But sclub nailed it with their "provincial, parochial little clique" characterization.


I'm looking forward to a smart combination of Bill and Linda in the morning. Tony is an alright guy too, he never seemed to have much to say. Wish him well though. Welcome Bill!


Hopefully since he was at KUOW he will add to the balance at KIRO? Notice that with Luke Burbank teaming up with Dave Ross, Dave has reverted back to his more liberal base. Dori is a tougher case and Jessica is having difficulty in drawing him more towards the middle. But, she's trying. I think top management is realizing that the Seattle market is fundamentally liberal and the only way to improve ratings is to appeal more to the left. I think Bill will aid immensely in this effort. Welcome!


Bill Radke has a great radio voice. Wow..even more drive by wisdom. Bet Dave is thrilled to have a lead in like that.

Jeannie Burbank

Luke Burbank needs to leave. What a jagoff.


perhaps mr Rivers will be looking for somthing in the pm. then Dori could be a full time sports guy. I tuned in and out a few times to the Seahawk pregame. Dori was missing Sam and Paul. Would you belive he was worse than the hawks.




I don't think Seattle is a "big-time radio town" at all. I don't think it's a big-time MEDIA town. The options are few and derivative.

Emile Flournoye

Seattle is 13th according to Arbitron. Hardly provincial.



Wonder why Radke would leave relative stability for relative instability?


THE LAST WEEK OR SO SEEMS TO HAVE FEATURED dORI SHMOOZING AND "BONDING" WITH HIS NEW PRODUCER jASON......Jessica has been out of the picture... SHE CHIMED IN A BIT TODAY, and there was reference today of her being out sick or a few days so i don't know if im just imagining things but i could swear that Jessica is out as the chummy sidekick after that fractious, unpleaSANT AFTERNOON A WEEK OR SO AGO when Dori was definitely ANNOYED WITH gOTTESMAN AND TOOK NO MEASURES TO HIDE IT. Gottesman got her revenge late in the show, when she laughed AT him, not with him and made a cheapshot regarding his homely looks.


I also noticed Dori seemed more at ease talking with the new male producer, who generally laughed at his jokes and agreed with anything he said. I feel that it's further evidence of an underlying misogyny. I suspect that while he hates liberals, he probably feels that women are liberal by nature, and therefor is suspicious of them as a species, as it were.

The fact that they even feel a need to modify Dori's show... and that he seems to be pushing back, does not bode well for him. The message is "the status quo isn't good enough." Dave Ross seems to be biting the bullet and doing what is necessary to survive. The morning crew, Ron and Don, and even Frank Shiers are proven team players, but Monson seems to be saying "I'm not going down without a fight." At some point they're just going to have to get the tranquilizer darts and put him down.

Jorge george

" I don't think Seattle is a "big-time radio town" at all. "

Don't be stupid. Seattle has been a major market for years.

"Dori seemed more at ease talking with the new male producer, who generally laughed at his jokes and agreed with anything he said. I feel that it's further evidence of an underlying misogyny."

Friend, see a doctor. You're mentally ill.

"Wonder why Radke would leave relative stability for relative instability?"

Answer: Los Angeles.

I'm wondering if something is imminent at KVI--they're playing "an encore presentation of the Bryan Suits show" again this am, which seems to be happening a lot lately.

Maybe that "Ron" [or was it "Don"?] guy is right. RIP KVI?


With KVI barely showing a pulse and sinking in the ratings toward total irelevance in the market, Suits has to be looking for a way out of the joint, with his dignity and a satisfactory severance package.

Rivers: KISW? Or, dare we hope, afternoon drive at KIRO? Give us a reason to listen to KIRO 3 p.m. - 6 p.m. again?

Miner: The Linda Thomas Blog said Tony would stay with the station. That's sort of nebulous. With Gottesman planted firmly in afternoon drive, that doesn't leave much. Miner seems to be mainly an anchor and not an outside reporter.

henri (pronounced "ahhn-REE")

What about that "Ichabod Caine" guy? I can't stomach the crap he played on KMPS, but apparently "Ichabod" was well-liked, non-controversial. Would he be a job candidate anywhere locally?


Tony Minor did the business reporting and fill-in while waiting for Hersholdt (sp?) to be shown the door. I think they like having him around.

As to Radke, I think it's a good addition but don't understand the excitement. Unless the focus changes KIRO's 5-9am show will remain News and Traffic on a tight rotation. I'm not sure Radke will be able to add much more than a familiar voice.


Yeah, what was the KIRO draw for Radke? How much do we know about his political inclinations? I agree with Sparks (on nearly everything) that Radke is a pearl among swine.


KUOW currently ranks first in AM drive (6+ Arbitron, Seattle Tacoma September 2010). At critical junctures, war/depression/elections, listeners in the most highly educated market in the nation turn to NPR and a great local news provider, KUOW. Radke is a great talent; putting him in the ho-hum rote of 30 second news bites, traffic, weather and 15 minutes an hour of brain deadening commercials an hour is akin to Picasso painting houses. Having Bill back in town makes him one step closer to filling one of he mid-day slots on KUOW where he is sorely needed...


At least you won't have to keep doing the clipped interviews on NPR. Answers to complex questions cut off after a 30 second answer...


What about John Curly? We heard he had a job at Kiro FM.

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