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October 27, 2010



This just gets better and better,,,,

Marsha Toles

You cannot write without deeply disrespecting people who believe differnetly than you do. Even the dead among us.
Mrs. Craswell passed away a few years ago. She was a deeply religious, committed mother and grandmother. Can't you libs leave her alone? YOU ARE SHAMEFUL.


It's almost Halloween. Are you sure those dead "among" us are not just goody-seeking neighbor kids?

Avery Garrett2

Mrs. Craswell was deeply fascistic, and profoundly christianic. It was embarrassing to Republicans to have nominated her.


You RAWK Michael..."Mistress Brenda" (lolol) got it just right.

The ghost of Bruce Crawell still haunts the WSRP.


This is the only blog I read because it's the only local talk radio blog I don't give a shit about this inter-blog circle jerking. The joke was funny but let's keep our pants on.

Ted Smith

If you read her comment immediately preceding the "Craswell sex toy" comment, you would realize that Brenda's comment was a joke.

Ellen Craswell lied to the voters about her health and admitted that she was suffering from cancer only after the election. That alone makes her a holier-then-thou slimeball. And the thought of her having sex with Mike or anyone else is best left unimagined.

Puget Sound

What happens when the Usual Suspects get to meet President Obama?
Check it out,

Puget Sound

don't cry coils, it's not even election eve...


That was funny Putz.
I see where Rasmussen has Rossi up by one. That is still a statistical tie but up 4% from last week.
I spent the day at the phone bank calling traditional indy's on Rossi's behalf and nobody told me to fuck off. Of those I called (and actually talked to) 62 of them confirmed Rossi votes, 34 were that woman and 11 still can't decide but agree things are about as bad in this nation as they ever have been, including Carter and Nixon (who was very good when not covering for burglars).
I'm feeling more hopeful but going to keep working.
I have met Mr Bentley. It was at one of the screw you rat bastard commie lib rallies in Olympia, probably a tea party event. -Really liked him. He is one of those nice guys that believe in limited and honest government. I know that many of you live in King County and that those concepts are totally alien to you.

Puget Sound

Hey Chucks
I don't think we'll take the Senate this cycle but looking at 2012 it's even better for Repubs -and a rough one for the Usual Suspects.

From Politico:
"By then, Republicans will be poised to take control of the Senate — with pickup possibilities scattered across the map and a much narrower base of their own to defend.

It’s not simply the lopsided mathematics — with at least 21 Democratic seats on the table in 2012, including two independents who sit with the Democrats, compared with 10 Republicans. It’s where the seats are located.

Start with Democratic seats in three states where President Barack Obama lost in 2008: Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana.

Then go down a list of where Democrats are poised to lose Senate battles this year — Ohio, Florida and Missouri, for example — and Democrats will be right back at it in 2012, defending seats there again.

Throw in some bona fide tossup states — Virginia and New Mexico — and it’s pretty hard not to picture Republicans picking off the handful of seats needed to take control, if Tuesday goes as well for the GOP as experts expect."

Puget Sound

hey Chucks
I would love for Mr. Bentley to meet Joanie.
It would be worth it just to watch those 67 IQ points furiously working inside that noggin of hers until her head exploded.

Totally Stupid Conservative

yeah we hear you chucks and puts Just shove some more people around at public events and claim it was a set-up or they had it coming to them. yea that's the gop/teabag ticket.

Puget Sound

I like how you have to explicitly use the descriptive 'stupid' ie totally stupid conservative.
if you had just put in 'liberal' the 'stupid' would have been understood.

Totally Stupid Conservative

nah its ok, your use of the proletariat, is that correct? as in dumb people carrying water for the top 2% is necessary for me to call all people, mainly those who rarely vote or git invovled in politics by calling them all stupid, and thats ok since tha south will ris agin. were both doing our part


Nothing but a mind-numbed angry caucasian - Totally Stupid Conservative (aka totally intelligent liberal progressive)looks up to Joy Behar another angry and insecure caucasian and a failure as a comedian. You are making it difficult to civily respond to your weird attempt at hurling insults.


"Then go down a list of where Democrats are poised to lose Senate battles this year — Ohio, Florida and Missouri, for example — and Democrats will be right back at it in 2012, defending seats there again."

That may all be well and good, but the Rethuglicans will have to govern like Republicans in the House as will the new GOP Senators to maintain the favorability they have put themselves in mainly because the other side was so unfavorable. Hint: if the new speaker uses fascistic tactics of Pelosi, their majority will be short-lived. I am not convinced that Boehner is the right guy for the Speaker if the GOP wins control of the House - time will tell.


"but the Rethuglicans will have to govern like Republicans in the House as will the new GOP Senators to maintain the favorability they have put themselves in mainly because the other side was so unfavorable."

says who? You guys said the same crap in 1994? Who was monitoring "term limits" Doc Hastings? Nethercutt?

Puget Sound

Stop whining, Coils.
A Tsunami Wave is about to hit you so man up.
Kawabunga, Dude.

Just like Duff aka The Big Enchalada predicted about a year ago.


Duff? who's he? Was he like Nevets?

Puget Sound

ah, poor Coils I see another sign of Dementia.

Duff was a beloved fellow who regularly schooled the school teachers, offered witty commentary, and could disarm the Usual Suspects without working up a sweat.

So yeah, just like Nevets and a bag of chips.

Puget Sound

Wow, look at this Big Red Wave with even the Kennedy Congressional Seat is in play...cue in the Big Kahuna and time for the Surf music

"EAST PROVIDENCE, R.I. | Two years ago, it would have been unthinkable that both seats held by Kennedy family members could be won by Republicans.

But Scott Brown's January election to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy's former Massachusetts seat paved the way, and now the GOP is hoping Rhode Island state Rep. John J. Loughlin II will give an encore performance in the race for the U.S. House seat held by Patrick J. Kennedy, the late senator's son, in Tuesday's election.

"What we are finding in Rhode Island is exactly what we found in Massachusetts during Scott Brown's election, and that is extreme voter unrest about the liberal, big-government, agenda that is bankrupting our nation," said Eric Fehrnstrom, the architect of Mr. Brown's win and now a strategist with the Loughlin campaign.

"People are just now beginning to wake up to the fact that our country is on the brink of financial ruin and Rhode Island is not immune to the voter backlash that we are witnessing in other parts of the country."

An NBC10-Quest Research poll released Thursday found Mr. Loughlin trailing Democratic nominee David M. Cicilline by just 2 percentage points.

Whatever the outcome of the race, the election will mark the end of an era in American politics that dates back to 1946 when John F. Kennedy won a House seat in Massachusetts. Each year since then, at least one member of the Kennedy family has been in the White House, the U.S. House, or the U.S. Senate.

"It really is the end of the line for the Kennedys politically because when Patrick Kennedy leaves office I think the only Kennedy left is someone on the Santa Monica City Council," said Darrell M. West, a former Brown University professor who now works at the left-leaning Brookings Institution. "When you think about the fact that at one point they had a president and two senators and now they are down to a city council seat, that pretty much tells the story."


Even if several candidates get "Frankened or Gregoired" (which is almost a given) along the it looks like a bad experience for the Democratic Party, once the vote counts are released.


...along the way, it looks like a bad experience for the Democratic Party, once the vote counts are released.


along the way... which way was that? Walla Walla, Kentucky, Nevada Arizona, places where right wingers were caught on camera being their stoopid selves?

Puget Sound

Not to worry Coils, the Dems will retain the Senate.

But the House will be the Repubs and as you know, it has the power of the purse. So you'll see a lot of your pet projects de-funded.
And of course, they'll be investigations.

Puget Sound

Hey, to all the Usual Suspects don't forget to set your TIVO to Sunday night. Guess who is tossing out the First Pitch? Why former Pres George Bush.

And he -unlike Pres Obama- actually can throw a baseball. Poor Barrack, he should have let Michelle toss it for him. Now she has a helluva arm on her.


Why would you assume folks are setting their TIVO for the WS, do you have to fly somewhere Monday Morning playing the tax code for some teabagger who claims he is a populist?


Your marxist humor is getting rather old. Tea baggers will be in your vernacular for years to come, as the TEA party won't be going anywhere for quite a spell regardless of how the election turns out.

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