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September 02, 2010


Obama is a black man

Unfortunately the content at KIRO is no longer entertaining or stimulating but this circus of rumors and almost daily programming adjustments are in fact titillating.

Sure looks like some big change is on its way.


I like the pair ups. They've stolen the only thing The Commentators had going for them. Not bad.

Dr. Remulac

I cant stand luke burbank. That lame hipster doofus delivery does nothing for me. When he is on with Dave the intellect of the show goes completely down the drain.


Like the Burbank-Ross combo. It's made an already good program better.

On the other hand, the Jessica-Dori thing has made an already annoying program even worse.

This trend probably means that Ron and Don probably aren't going anywhere too soon, I'm guessing.


This post is 100 percent cotton candy. Let's reconvene when some actual data warrants it.


Not sure about cotton candy... KIRO does seem to have paired up Dave Ross and Burbank.
I don't know why, I thought times were tough and they need to cut back, not add more.
(sounds like a government move)
Jessica is already there and I think adds to Dori's show by just giving input when she feels like it... And Dori interjecting into the news at times.
It's a casual relationship and I think it works.
I was hoping they would replace Ron and Don with ONE person.
Thought that would be a money saving move.
They should just stick Luke Burbank back in the 3 - 6pm time.
Is that were he was before?
The Commentators are great.
Wish they had 3 hours and were on at either 9 - Noon or 3pm - 6pm.
I listen to Dori, but tune away when I hear Don Oneil doing ads.
Sometimes I come back, sometimes not.


I agree that while Dave and Luke is interesting (I like Dave and I like Luke, they are two great tastes that almost taste great together). But Dori and Jessica is nauseating. When she started to read the news all sexy I started to lose interest (ack, I'm getting old), but when her role seeped out of the news reading box, or more accurately the sexy news breathing box, and she started to comment on the news she just read, uhm no.

I don't hate Dori like so many of you, but I will stop listening if this grows.


The tag-team idea at least brings a sense of balance to talk radio, no matter how wacked-out too-far left or right one talker might be. It's the lack of any contrast or correction that make Hannity or Limbaugh unlistenable except by the lemmings who continue to be told exactly what they think they want to hear. Even a modest voice of reason or counterpoint would completely upend the rants of these non-stop near-Nazis. Case in point: Monday a guy calls Hannity to disagree with the daily narrative and Sean just takes off; and endless, relentless tirade for freedom, responsible government, low taxes, strong military, blah blah -- all the things that ALL of us want. Thing is, while Hannity continues to address the caller, the poor guy has been CUT OFF minutes before. No chance for rebuttal. Typical gutless Hannity tactic, used successfully by Levin and Savage day after day.


Actually, I have been giving this great thought as I sample the local conservative shows.
They are a little flabby on the intellectual end and lack real vigorous discussion.
When I have tried to call in to Dori or Brian Suits I get screened out.
Kind of makes me feel sad.


Well, this is one reader who hates Burbank. Dude's nothing but a grade A punk..even talks like a woman.

I'm listening now to the both of them and I don't know how much more I can stand.I wish Burbank would just go away.

Ross doesn't need him, I don't need him. At least there's always Thom Hartmann.


The picture above looks like KIRO PD Ryan Hatch, with whom I had the honor of working back in the '80's. He was no Ken Berry, but he's a pisser. In those days he could slam back a few beers.

Emile Flournoy

The show is very unfocused with Luke on it. This is not working. I want Dave Ross ALONE!


I like Luke, but I don't like him on Dave's show. I prefer Dave alone.

I can't stand Jessica! Her affected tone and opinionated delivery of the news is extremely annoying. So I definitely don't enjoy hearing MORE of her on Dori's show!


Is that Luke punk on Dave's show every day now? I don't listen enough to know. it's sickening to hear Dave's program dumbed down by this callow slacker Burbank. If i was Dave and management was pressuring me to bastardize my show like this, as they obviously are ( Dave does not want to voluntarily share his show, nor does Monson0) I would take a long look at what I'd saved up so far and consider retiring or changing careers.


Stopped listening to Ross and Luke early on this morning.
It isn't "regular listening".
Shouldn't be an every day thing.
The fun part is that I've been listening to Mark Steyn filling in for Rush instead.
Funny how I only listen to the Rush Limbaugh show when he's not there.
Best fill in hosts on air.
(Walter E. Williams, Mark Steyn)


I look forward to Dave and Luke! They are both intellects! Luke is smart and witty ... like Dave. For all of you that don't like the combo ... stop complaining and simply turn off your radio. Hopefully people will give them a chance! Peace out!


ewww i just tuned into Ross and assumed he was alone in the studio as he interviewed some rape victim woman. Suddenly Luke Burbank piped up from out of the ether, with his own question for her, sounding like Dave's pretentious, obnoxious teenager son, sitting in with Dad on "take your kid to work day". Dave went into commecial break saying more of "The Dave Rosh Show with Luke Burbank" would follow. Burbank is now getting billing on his show.


I hope that KIRO does not add jessica as a permanent part of Dori's show. that woman is too annoying. As soon as she starts speaking I turn off the radio. She is horrible.


Monson opened his show just now with the annoying Ms. Gottesman chirping in regularly with her unasked for and completely unneeded comments. Looks like management has pulled a fast one . Moromon suits have sneaked this new "team" format in without most of us even realizing it. Will Dori start billing Gottesman now as he cals out his show name on beaks? seems inevitable that we wil soon hear this if he hasn't already started.eewwww


Gottesman makes Dori's show much more listenable. My biggest wonder is are the hosts at all happy about this? And what about Frank Shiers? I know, it's easy to forget.


I've been a fan of Dave Ross for years but cannot listen while he has that buffoon Luke Burbank with him. I find it hard to believe that the sponsors are okay with adding Luke to Dave's show.


To all the haters; KIRO management knew you would hate. Just sayin.


Let's face it, KIRO can't do anything without some of us loving or hating it.
That's why we're lucky to have a place like Blatherwatch to complain.


And what does "The Church" say about Monson's infantile, straight-from-the-sixties echo-chamber effect announcing "Hour number twoooooowwwwooooowowwwwoooooo?)

"Pathetic," is my hope.


Funny how I only listen to the Rush Limbaugh show when he's not there.
Best fill in hosts on air.
(Walter E. Williams, Mark Steyn)

Posted by: Rat_Bastard | September 02, 2010 at 11:39 AM

Same here. I appreciate the guest hosts, but I don't listen to him because he is predictable and too heavy on the monologue and get much of my news from the internet w/cross referencing anyway. Steyn and Williams are probably my favorite fill-in hosts also.


its 19:33 do i stay with 97.3 and listen to the Seahawks just lost the game- do i stay with 97.3 and listen to Dori try to sound all "manly" and stuff with the ex-jocks on his postgame show or hear some pHIL hENDRIE comedy from ktlk out of LA.........hahaa is that even a choice?


Dave/Luke: like Dave...Luke seems out of place in that slot.

Jessica/Dori..Dori does some topics very well, but has become too much of a partisan for me to listen to most days...Not a fan of the melodrama in the news updates.

Ron/Don..good grief

Frank...can we give Star a solo shot? If I tuned into Frank I'd be asleep by 7:10 every night.

grizzly rex

Luke does seem to appeal to late '30's to '40's types which - in the dead world of radio - is like hitting 18 year olds. Perhaps that would stave off the death of Dave's audience but, why bother? Is that going to move the KIRO ratings needle from 17 to 2? From 17 to 16? No. Even with Luke's $8.25/hour it will just cost more for nothing. KIRO needs to just accept their new reality, can R&D and Frank, slot-in syndicated shows during those times and mainstay the station with Dori & Dave for the next 5-6 years until the FCC withdraws all the radio licenses to repurpose the airwaves for remote energy transmission.

In proof of point I'd say that, if what this blog claims is true and KIRO actually held-off on staff changes due to the "waves" created by a "news break" from a blog who - based on the comments section - is the personal chat room of 3 elementary school teachers, 2 stay at-home dads and every radio station employee in Seattle, that's really indicative of the new place of radio as some tiny niche of nostalgia media in the modern consciousness, like coin collector newsletters or novelty telegram services.


Suits just made a cryptic reference to his personal connection to the SPD shooter, ending wiht a "that's all i can say" with his too cool for schhool attitude. hah Bryan you're too late....Blam alerady exposed who your personal connection is....by the way, could this guy be possibly any more full of himself?....haha Bryan.....

Medved's Longtime Companion

I have one word to describe my thoughts on the Dave/Luke combo: Thom Hartman.


I was just in Centralia, where I can actually pickup 97.3 pretty well, and Burbank was there, complete with his baby talk, right at the beginning of Dave's show.

Ross can't be happy about this turn of events. Burbank is being forced on him and everybody knows it..so why is Dave allowing himself to be humiliated over the public airways like this?

You've had a great career Dave but right now you're being laughed at...do yourself a favor and walk away from KIRO. Don't allow your legacy to be sullied by Burbank and his Mormon buddies.


Yes. I loved the segments with Luke when they were just segments. Everyday Luke is just too much cute. A little goes a long way. Those of us who listen to Dave probably like him because his is the only place where one can hear reasonable and interesting talk about current events. It's a sad way to end your career.

But, then, it is all about money. KIRO's big mistake was going FM. Play around the edges all you want, if people can't pick up your signal, they're not going to listen.


honestly I'd enjoy it if they had a sit in a few times a week or for an hour a day, it brings variety. Too much of one thing, new or not, takes away from the variety.


Ross is an Ivy League graduate. Luke Burbank hasn't yet achieved the gravitas and vocal presence of a Dick's day shift manager and has been heard to say things like "so Samuuels Clemens is, like, Mark Twain's stage name, right?"

dave, not dave ross

sorry if this is a double post, Luke does seem to energize Dave and he is more liberal. It seems mostly old people dont like Burbank, however its mostly old people listening to the dieing paradigm of talk radio. Everyone else is listening to Lukes successful podcast. To Andrew, i agree if you disagree with the topic on Dori's show you are relegated to the last segment where there is only seconds for you to make your point, or they just simply 'run out of time'. I specifically ask Phil when i call, if i am going to be sent to the end of the line before i can talk.


There's a rule in talk radio:


A host cannot learn anthing new from a caller, nor be enlightened by new information. The host's opinion at the start of the hour must be exactly the same at the end of that hour. A talk radio host has to have "heard it all" despite being the only one allowed to speak. Genuine curiousity is a fireable offense. A host can get bonus points for claiming his certainty is so great that it borders on clairvoyance, and then proceeds to predict the future. A host is to be the smartest person in the universe, but they are to use none of their awesome abilities for the public good, they are only to use their intelectual might to pitch matresses, roofs, pest control, and the like. None of it has to make sense, just ... go with it.


The combo concept on Ross's show is distracting at it's least and downright annoying at it's worst (be it with the insipid Burbank or this week's vapid guest host). Have found myself switching frequently to Hartman's show as a result.

I don't listen to Ross because I want some half-wit undermining his interviews and commentary, nor do I find the forced 'witty banter' especially compelling.

Ross has managed a top notch solo act for decades - the thought that he needs a zany side kick in order to spice up the act at this point in his carreer strikes me as bizarre.


it's the MWM syndrome. Always happens when Morons Working for Mormons take control of a radio station.


Dave Ross is simply the most intelligent voice on Seattle radio. It is unfortunate that KIRO has taken this road. Dave's questions of his guests are always insightful. Even when he disagrees with a guest, he treats them repectfully, while at the same time holding their feet to the fire. He is a master of his format and doesn't need a "sidekick" to help him.


^ Never was this more apparent than during today's segment with Carl Jeffers (another great that KIRO let slip away) - his guest host is a distraction who brings nothing whatsoever to what is typically one of the best political segments on local talk radio. Back to AM 1090.


Agree with you fully JB.

MoterCity Man

This is the first mourning I have tuned to Hartman before Ross.


I agree that having three people talking during the Friday guest segments is bad radio. Not constructive discourse, distracting.

I also agree that, while I like the variety of more than one voice, having a guest allows Dave Ross to think less and offer less insight than we've come to expect and appreciate.


Where's my new little friend Tommy, I too do not like Dory Monsom and thought we could discuss his teaming up witf jessicah this week. Get back to me okay.


Sorry, everytime Jessica comes on with her snarky remarks the radio selection goes over to 88.5 KPLU.


I've gotten behind on my Ross podcasts but judging from the remarks above, I needed bother. Too bad.

MoterCity Man

Didn't hear Ross and a side kick today. From what I was able to hear it was a well produced interesting show.


I'm fixing my post: "needn't bother." But, are you saying that Ross was solo today? If so, I'll download it.

MoterCity Man

Yes he was. He managed to keep me interested the whole show.


Good. I'll download it.

BTW, I'm watching a great Maddow from Friday. Talking to Ezra Klein about his WAPO blog referencing the Slate article The United States of Inequality

Provides graphic visuals supporting the claim that everyone - even the rich - do well under Democrats but that only the rich do well under Republicans. Very interesting.

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