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September 13, 2010



Hey, I'm still waiting for that promise of Ron and Don's demise.
Those ads they do that run on KIRO have me tripping over anything in my way to get to the dial.
I found it easy to miss Dori's show last week while Bryan Suits was filling in for Carlson on the Commentators.
Went back to Dori Monday and wasn't long before I was channel flipping.
Jessica isn't bad with the occasional interjection...
Nichole seems pretty good, if paired up with the right regular co host.
(She could never host alone)
The killer for me with Bonneville right now is all of that damn sports just crushing the weekend "best of" KTTH shows.
Soccer? Friggin' SOCCER?!!
Seahawks and Mariners games are bad enough, but "Commie ball" is for...


can't stand breathy-voiced "Chatty Kathy" doll Gottesman but i love to hear her contradict Dori knowing he's fuming inside whenever she does. Yesterday he was poohpoohing the possibility of a Fox sports color guy at the level of a nationally televised NFL game color man making crude anti-semitic slurs ( a listener misheard what he said) but the annoying, self-righteous Gottesman dissed him by having to have the last word (and the argument win) insisting that indeed it COULD happen. This is a bit of insolence and cheekiness that wouldn't have occurred weeks or months ago, whenever she first started to team up with him. Not only does she seem to be escalating the amount of airtime she is hogging away from Dori's minutes, she seems to be escalating the status of her billing viv a vis the wee one. Again, absolutely can't stand her, theoretically she shouldn't be dissing the host like this, but in this case, couldn't happen to a nicer guy. haha Dori


Dori has enough ratings to switch to KVI. He's at least better than that morning guy they got, who laughs and chortles at a tape of a guyy rolling down a mountainside and yelping in pain as he breaks bones along the way. I can't imagine the prideful egotistical Monson being anything but livid over stunts like yesterday's "NFL"n diss by Gottesman.I can easily see this situation devolving into a "it's either her or me" situation with the Ballard boy. you don't basically tell the host he's just wrong, after he's closed out a segment with a long, involved explanation ( based on his extensive experience in sports broadcasting, an expertise which the obnoxious Ms. Gottesman does not have) of why the Fox NFL color guy didn't say what he was accused of saying. Just not done.


apparenly Gottesman has a law degree or at least a year or more of law school. She exudes a sense that she thinks she's superior to someone like Monson, although she definitely isn;t smarter than him. She obviously thinks she is, but she isn't. Also she contradicts him on the Ground Zero Mosque,insistenting on calling it an Islamic cultural center, to his face, over Dori's objections. That must make him seethe inside. On that point i agree with him.


what this dumbass KIRO programmer that Blam writes is the ex- sports radio guy behind the new sidekick thing with Ross and Monson, is really insidious. He's hanging Ross and Monson out to twist in the wind , in an undefined gray zone, as he allows folks liek Brodeur Burbank and Gottesman to encroach into their airtime. The sportstalk knuckleheads who appear in pairs are clearly defined as such, with equal billing. Some of the sidekicks, like Brodeur, seem to generally respect the fact tha they are second bananas on the show, but at least one, the overly chatty Ms. Gottesman seems to be alerady pushing the boundaries from subordinate to co-host on the show, creating an uncomfortable, awkward tension.


KIRO Radio (apart from Seahawks broadcast) -- experiencing program director-induced death by a thousand cuts.


Brodeur sounds dimwitted because she is dimwitted. She's been doing her "I'm just an ordinary mom who doesn't understand all these complicated things, but I have opinions on them anyway" schtick for years. Colleagues of hers at the Times have complained for as many years that she can't write worth a lick, is impossible to edit (though she needs a lot of it), and has an ego (and salary) all out of proportion to her miniscule talent. In other words, maybe she ought to be the one teaming up with Monson. At least they'd be evenly matched. Pairing her with Ross just underscores how completely out of her league she is.


The radio industry like other industries faces a dilemma in terms of cost cutting to cope with the current economic climate. Imo KIRO needs to cut back on high caliber (defined as high-salaried) employees. If present staff will agree to more pay cuts so that team co-hosting nets a savings fine but if not they should pare down. High paid hosts such as Monson & Ross need to be replaced by younger and cheaper talent. Positioned correctly this younger talent can use this down economic time to build a following and increase ratings. I think Luke Burbank should definitely be considered, as well as Jessica and Nicole. This is survival mode and poor planning now could mean disaster. Out with the old and costly work force. ?


IF ex-SPORTSTALK GUY KIRO programmer thinks the "hipper" Gottesman is better than Monson ( she isn't) he should just erpolace Monson with her and in the near future. Quit bastardizing the shows with the sidekick crap, and leaving the hosts in a gray area. Monson will go to KVI and cream Gottesman in the ratings, even though he's still a douche. I htink htis encroaching sidekick hting shoulf go the way of the pet rock on KIROfm. Maybe they should bring in a new perogrammer and have him gradually encroach on and take over more and more of ex-sportstalk guy's job , argueing with his decisions and contradicting him, and see how he likes it.


This is backwards, or is it on purpose? Yang is hard/male, yin is soft/female. And it's yin, not ying.


George Patkos

Yesus Christ, yingle-yangle, yingle yangle, --Jorgy Jorgenson.

Is KVI still on?


Monson claimed that he had taken a pay cut recently. Even if Ross and Monson are over payed relative to the economic climate, getting rid of them could mean instant death for the station.

Maybe adding side kicks is meant to dilute Ross and Monson's brand. They keep their listeners and reduce their on-air presence at the same time. Then it eventually it becomes harder for Ross or Monson to hold the station hostage at the negotiating table, because even though they would be missed, they wouldn't be as missed. Some degree of continuity would remain even if they left. I could argue that they used this tactic on Gregg Hersholt.


i think you're onto something there, Andrew. Whatever it is, it is really insidious, and some sort of disgustung new way to hose AND demoralize the onair employees, thought up by consultants and PD's. And signed off on by Mormon suits - of course. Those evil bastards are always in the back of the woodpile, lauhgiing their asses off.


just in- the 911 mosque Iman is a slumlord." Imam Faisal Abdul Rauf is due in court wed, to face charges he's ignored tenants complaints about substandard and dangerous conditions in his Union City N.J. apartment buildings, and city orders to correct theses conditions. The city orders included, among other things, numerous fire code violations, and in one case a fire actually broke out in one of his buildings, rendering the building vacant." New York Post I guess the Imam prayed to Allah and he told him to ignore the fire code violations,,,,,,,,,


Please excuse but what does your post have to do with the topic at hand. Are up inferring that you do not want the Imam to be co-hosting on KIRO.

MoterCity Man

Well, I’ve been listening to Dave all morning and he hasn’t had a co-pilot yet. If they are doing what you suggest, Andrew it has stopped with Ross. I don’t listen to the Dori, but I will try today. Kind of curious about what Tommy is posting.


I thought that co hosting the way they're doing it with Dave Ross and "sort of" Dori was just a way to introduce new personalities to listeners.
That's how Ron Reagan made his entrance... He was paired up with John Prococino for a week or so and then John was missing...
Then we had the worst hour on radio for what? A year or so?
I think all of the KIRO fm issues now are just hard for us old fans to handle.
Let's face it, THAT KIRO is gone, and they have to do what they can to get the available listeners...
The ones who throw money around, not us old codgers.


I guess my hatred for Imam Faisal trumped the Blatherwatch thread topic relevance issues.


Confirmed, no co-pilots today, but they'll be back, rest assured. They're "Gregging" the high paid hosts.

bastard, to be honest KIRO is no better or worse than it has ever been, save for the lack of TBTL and the presence of Frank Shiers, who simply reads the transcript from Dori's show. I never cared for Erin Hart or Mike Webb. I couldn't stand Allen Prell and Goldy wasn't cut out for radio. Lou Pate was shit. Aside from TBTL, there's no golden period for KIRO I long for. I miss the KOMO of the late 90's though.


Co-pilot has arrived.


yes, indeed. Gottesman just did a segment with Dori about the hottie Mexican tv sports reporter, sounding like a feminist prude with a poker up her ass. Why did she come all the way out here anyway- some people ( Pate, Gottesman were just intended to stay in NYC).............


She's just playing the role of the contrarian like Ron and Don do throughout their entire show. It's completely fake and they give themselves away by puting up such a dispassionate and feeble argument for whatever side they purport to take. Like if I had to argue that Dori Monson contributes to the greater good I might say "you have to give a voice to the nutjobs too" or some bullshit like that. It's as transparent as plate glass when you know what to listen for.

Lawrence Fishkiller

It is all just watering down of talk radio. bland, vanilla-izing. Doubt if it will work to get new listeners either. Maybe they should go back to radio theater, variety shows, soap operas and quiz shows. Where's Howdy Doodie these days, dead, I suppose...


You know fishkill with the popularity of shows like Mad Men (on TV) that might not be a bad idea except wrong demographic for the ratings.


For all the talk about the "money demo" most of the commercials on KIRO seem aimed at older people, such as home repair and maintenance; roofing, plumbing, re-finance services, etc. Most people in the money demo are renters or live with mom. I don't think KIRO is going for the kids. I can't speak for music radio though, I don't listen. It's truly obsolete.

Medved's Longtime Companion

Great photo of the Neanderthal! Where'd you get that? I'd love to follow the little troll around and take his picture. He loves being famous.

MoterCity Man

I stopped listening to Dori when he became bombastic and exaggerated his emotions years ago. But now that Gottesman has teamed up with him, things have changed. It seems he can’t capitalize on his hyperbolic rhetoric. No more extended pauses (she jumps in when this happens) and over emphasizing of syllables. His forced laughter has evaporated and has been replaced by the giggles found during water cooler banter. Even the innuendo has a touch of nervous uncertainty. I don’t know if Gottesman throws his rhythm off or he’s embarrassed to express himself in her presence. The Doris how has become something different.

That last line should read: The Dori show has become something different.


True, the ads are generally geared toward us "olders" I think because that's who's listening... fewer of us though.
That seems the problem for KIRO.
How to find new money sources since there are less of the original fans.
KIRO was better when they had Lou Pate as much as everyone hated him.
he was perfect as the Seattle basher, he just needed a day slot where he could get callers.
The time he filled in on a weekday was awesome.
Replace R&D with Pate... Hell yeah.

Bryan Suits, Mike Webb in small doses... Dave and Dori in their good Ol days... That was my favorite.
That "Neanderthal" Dori pic was from his most recent mole killing effort.
Love him or hate him...
He murdered a mole.
No way to turn that into a bad thing.


Why didn't you just fix the line before posting?

But I digress. Good points about the rhythm of Monson's show. Earlier it sounded like he was getting a little flustered with Goddessman's comments, as if he couldn't be bothered to make sense of what she was saying (which is forgivable). He was always on the verge of treating her as though she were an annoying caller and was holding back from becoming outright rude to a woman, a woman who was sitting in the same room as himself. After his treatment of "Queen Christine" it should be clear that Dori has a bit of a misogynistic complex, if not in his private life, at least in his ON-AIR persona, and I think a female co-host is likely to tire of his jockish belligerence. I could see Goddessman saying 'fuck this' and having to have Tony Miner take over.

MoterCity Man

I got that “misogynistic complex” vibe too but it’s hard for me to prove by just listening. I definitely get the feeling they understand who has the upper hand and the other has a show.

She's an uptight, somewhat obnoxious biotch

Monson went at it today with the "mannish goddess" over the Mexican sports reporter hottie, after he said she "was asking for it" when she dressed that way around the jocks. Gottesman is absolutely humorless and an uptight feminist prude who finds Monson's mildly bad boy attitudes toward attractive women intolerable> "She doesn't deserve the catcalls," she repeated, sounding like some goody-two-shoes from the mid-fifties. It's not an act- it's her. He's an uptight, obnoxious biotch, who hides behind thast phony, mellifluous/bedroom delivery. I would liek to see her gone from the station The guy is right who said she throws Monson off his rhythm and for that i guess we should be grateful and enjoy it. O therwise she needs ot get off the air, and go back to NYC where she fits in. She's not a good fit fo rhtis town.


I want to wine her, dine her, 69 her!

MoterCity Man

Couldn’t agree with you more Tomtom, but it speaks to the Wee Wons weak spot. No?


get a load of the goofball the Repugs have elected for their CANdidate for New York Governor, Carl Paladino. He's a Neanderthal construction industry millionaire, who sends out racist and porno emails to people. Repugs also elected goofballs in New Hampshire in New Jersey , both senate candidates, i believe.

MoterCity Man

Tommy, can you say face plant?

fucj out

Dave Ross is a Knee Jerk idiot, just the way ya like him


I used to leave comments on Danny Westneat's column at the Times commenting on him being Nicole Brodeur's "butt boy" (she used to run radio ads in which she'd say Danny was her "butt boy" - I have no idea what that was supposed to mean) but the Times banned me.

BTW - I'd just like to say I absolutely hate TBTL and, since it's become necessary to say this, I'm 24. It's necessary because, anytime anyone criticizes TBTL some 40 year old in a midlife crisis comes in and says "ALL YOU OLD PEOPLE DON'T LIKE OUR NEW-FANGLED, HIP PODCASTS!" SRSLy - the only people who listen to TBTL are middle-aged dudes in a mid-life crisis. Luke's NPR-Lite schtick plays with virtually no one else. He really should just throw in the towel, the whole media career didn't work out for him.


Umm... TBTL is a huge success.


Gottesman, with her golly gee cheerfulness and 1950's timewarp "square" personality absolutely kills Monsons's rhythm, timing and radio persona, whenever she mics up with him.. Perhaps it was a tad unfair to call her absolutely humorless- one can imagine her laughing at jokes on the old Father Knows Best tv show, circa 1957. Although still a doucheball, Monson has a sense of humor, and his non-meanspirited jokes can be entertaining. It's no wonder Monson's comic timing and general comedic presence is totally killed when a "stiff" like Gottesman appears along side him, with her cluckclucking prudery.


Jessica is smart, hip, drop dead gorgeous and is a great addition to any show on KIRO. Anybody who calls her anything else is a woman-hating idiot.


I totally agree.


Listening to Nicole Brodeur I often wonder if she still looks like the picture that her column has been running for the last decade.

Why does she still try to appeal to my 20 something demographic when she is close to 40? It makes me sad.

By the way, doesn't the picture of Billy Bob bring to mind what Puts looks like as he scans the internet. To quote him, 'LMAO'


Monson surprised Gptteman with a tape clip of her subway street announcement recordings an dshe proved what a stiff she is.....she went into a pompous lecture about what Time Out New York Magazine is...i guess fo rthe benefit of us norhtwest rubes....she literally has no eral sense of humor...she has this very odd forced, fake sense about all her chucKlings, exclamations and laughter....she is an odd duck indeed...party pooper , buzzkiller, humor snuffer....take the poker out Jessica, you'll feel so much better.......get her off the air please, KIRO


It's actually Seattle that has very little sense of humor. (Q. How many Seattlites does it take to screw in a light bulb? A. That's not funny.) Gottesman is not my cup of tea as a radio personality, but she has been to the show, while Dori hasn't; she'd held down a board at WINS, and Dori hasn't. She's been tested in the biggest, most competitive media market in the US, and Dori won't be.

In all likelihood her Seattle radio persona is a work in progress -- she's still trying to figure out what works in this odd city with its odder radio stalwarts, like Dori. You can hear her getting more confident, though. That could the sound of her finding her voice... or thinking, ah, the hell with this. If it's the latter and she hits the dump button it will be a loss for this radio market, which has deteriorated so markedly over the last ten years. She's a pro.


"held down a board at Wins" big f-ing deal woohooo, ...wha,t are you another "Lou Pate" NYC transplant/interloper type....i m so sick of pompous, stuck up NYC types like Gottesman, with pokers up their asses, coming out here to our city to condescend to "the rubes"....get the Hell back to NYC if it's so bigtime....


Gottesman is what our parents would call a "wet blanket"........


as i wrote before Gottesman very obviously believes she is smarter than Monson( just on the basis of her whole NYC "bigtime radio" background, and perhaps the law school thing to a lessr extent), but it is just as obvious to me that she isn't.

Puget Sound for Andrew

Andrew: F/U

Actually, i gotta admit you made me laugh a bit.

Anywhoo, I don't think Ms Brodeur is anywhere near 40.


Dori Monson is doing great work... perhaps KVI will take him on.

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