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September 10, 2010


Puget Sound

"Sometimes when it's embarrassing to be an American. This is one of those."

In regards to Phelps, et al:
actually, i would amend that to be
sometimes it's embarrassing to be a Human. This is one of those.


Spot on puts!


What PS said.


Actually because of tolerances and allowances it's never embarrassing to be an American.

Puget Sound

The best of Bryan Suits was on display this morning. He had the daughter of Rev Phelps on and he interviewed her beautifully.
She came off as the goon/creep that she is all the while Suits kept her off-balance using his quick wit.
He never deigned to try and bust out the 'reason-stick' on her, instead he got the salient points across with subtle humor.

Puget Sound

Little known fact, Fred Phelps has run for Gov and Senator of Kansas.
He gets more votes than I would have thought possible in the primary. (source--wiki)

Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1990

* Joan Finney: 81,250 (47.18%)
* John Carlin: 79,406 (46.11%)
* Fred Phelps: 11,572 (6.72%)

Democratic primary for United States Senate, Kansas 1992

* Gloria O'Dell: 111,015 (69.20%)
* Fred Phelps: 49,416 (30.80%)

Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1994

* Jim Slattery: 84,389 (53.02%)
* Joan Wagnon: 42,115 (26.46%)
* James Francisco: 16,048 (10.08%)
* Leslie Kitchenmaster: 11,253 (7.07%)
* Fred Phelps: 5,349 (3.36%)

Democratic primary for Governor of Kansas, 1998

* Tom Sawyer: 88,248 (85.28%)
* Fred Phelps: 15,233 (14.72%)

Puget Sound

oh, and I won't go the Andrew broad brush route and try to tie the Dems into Phelps.
Obviously, neither Repubs or Dems want anything to do with him. Kind of like David Duke running as a 'Repub' back in LA.


Wish I would have heard Suits - maybe it was in the "fake hour" as he calls it. Don't forget not to do an Ecoli and try to tie these mentally deranged preaachers to the Tea Party.

Just goes to show that it doesn't require many smarts at all to become a media pimp (case & point - Fred Phelps) - because the prostitutes in the media glom onto to anything that will get thme their fame for being the first to break any story - that shows the basic stupidity and morally bankruptcy of those who bring us the news.


woo sez I cannn't spel ? LMAO

blathering michael

Both Duke and Phelps are right-wingers, and take extreme right-wing positions on social issues like The Gay, and social justice for minorities.
Phelps tried to game the system by running as a Democrat, and Duke thought he could put a suit and tie on his vulgar white separatist beliefs to get votes from the conservative Republican wing of the Republican Party in Louisiana. (he almost made it!). They are both from the right. Many of their beliefs are indistinguishable from the nat'l Republican platform today. Conservatives opposed integration in the south, liberals supported it. Some liberals were Republicans (in a very different GOP than today) Some conservatives were Southern Democrats. They're all in the GOP, now. Comparables in wackiness on the left to Duke and Phelps died out in the 70's.

Puget Sound

interesting fact on Phelps from the Advocate. Evidently back in the late 50's early 60's -before it was popular- then Attorney Phelps was a strong Civil Rights Lawyer taking on cases that few would dare.

"Fred Phelps, the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church, once fought for the civil rights of African-Americans as an attorney in Kansas. Former colleagues say they are shocked by his antigay enterprise today, but his daughter says it should come as no surprise because civil rights for African-Americans and gay rights are separate issues.

According to a profile by CNN, Phelps may be well known for his hateful messages against gays, “But there is another Phelps that few know. He was a ‘brilliant’ civil rights attorney in the 1960s who would take on racial discrimination cases that no other lawyers would touch, say longtime African-American civic leaders in Topeka.

“He fought for the rights of blacks, they say, with the same passion he now reserves for the condemnation of gays.”

While colleagues say they never heard Phelps express antigay attitudes, his daughter tells CNN that no one should draw any conclusions based on his work for African-Americans.

“Phelps declined to talk with CNN about his civil rights work or his ministry,” reports the network. “But his daughter, Shirley Phelps-Roper, says there is no contradiction between her father's civil rights work and his ministry. That's because there's a distinct difference between gay people and black people, she says."


Not only embarrassing, but one should feel shame that the country which was founded on the principles of tolerance, justice and freedom and was believed to be a shining beacon to all oppressed people should be represented by these reprehensible haters all the way to the halls of Congress. Every single Republican should be standing up for the values that made this country great.

Little value in detesting Phelps and Jones. Get your representatives to stand up for this Democratic Republic or hide your own faces in shame.


Nelson Rockefeller would be drummed out of his party, well he was actually and that is where the rot set in.

The media got punked by a pastor with 30 members and a can of gas.


Rightwingers: call your representatives and demand that they repudiate all the unAmerican hate being spewed by these unChristian hatemongers.

Do it now and save us all!

I might actually start to respect some of you.

Puget Sound

hey, if you want to go broad brush then why don't we see a formal announcement from the Kansas Democratic Party kicking Phelps out.
In you primaries he sure seemed to get a lot of votes.

See, that broad brush game is easy to play...

Dr. Zook

The Democratic Party in Kansas cannot stop one from running in the primary. If you don’t believe me just look it up. And he didn’t get a lot of votes. Are you suffering from ODS? I’m here to help.

Puget Sound

just thousands and thousands.

actually, you missed the point: that broad brush paints both ways.

note to self: I really need to slow it down a touch for the usual suspects.


Puget: your point was that the Democratic party didn't kick Phelps out. Zook explained that's impossible, thus destroying your point. Do you really think we're that stupid?


How do you feel about expanding the stimulus? should it continue?

You're earlier post seemed to indicate you support it

Dr. Zook

Thank you wise ole Tigsnort. I had thought the elixir had got the best of me, but now I see PU has that thing crammed in his ear. Note to PU; it belongs in your throat.


Neither Christians nor Muslims are doing much to improve relations with the other. Both sides want a conflict. Afterall, it's usually someone else who pays the price. It's all too easy to gamble with other people's money.


Obama continues his jackassery with his Day of Service thing he's pushing tomorrow, the anniversary of 911. It's not a Day of Service- it's a day of mourning. There's always something out of skew about what this guy does - in this case he seems to be dlliberately trying to minimize the fact we were attacked on this day by extremeist Muslims, with his Day of Service crapola. I f he called it a day of mourning as he should ( "remembrance" is as far as this silly man is willing to go) he would be directly referencing the heinous, murderous attack, somethign he wants to sugarcoat in deference to the Muslima that he's been kissing the asses of for two years. It's not a "day of service", jackass.

Puget Sound

Puget: your point was that the Democratic party didn't kick Phelps out. Zook explained that's impossible, thus destroying your point. Do you really think we're that stupid?

Posted by: tigsnort | September 10, 2010 at 09:13 PM

exactly, Tig, and I was using the same tar that was given to republicans.
i think tarring both ways is ridiculous but can only get the usual suspects to see it when it gets applied to their side.

take a step back and it will become clear.

coiler, i thought i answered it before but i apologize if i hadn't.
it's the House that has the power of the purse so we'll have to look to them to take charge.
the way to go is to reduce gov't spending at least to 2008 levels, cut taxes, make it easier for businesses to start/operate by giving them a reason to believe that the rules won't be changing on them and you will see the economy prosper.
congressman paul ryan has a more detailed economic blueprint. no doubt you'll be seeing more of it next january once the repubs take over the congress. of course, while the House is a lock to change hands the Senate is still up for grabs but little doubt that the repubs won't make significant gains in the senate and with additional repubs plus the remaining reliable blue dogs they'll be sufficient control to make it happen.

Puget Sound

I hope everyone takes a few minutes to pause, remember, and consider today the impact of 9-11.

Puget Sound

Here is a brilliant piece by Bryan Suits interviewing the daughter of Rev Phelps. The first two minutes of this clip deal with Terry Jones, then a couple minute interview with the reporter who witnessed the execution in Walla Walla and then it goes to Rev Phelps.

Although the entire clip is good, but if you want to scroll forward to the halfway point and the Westborrough interview begins.

she really is the spawn of the devil...

humor and wit to skewer this horrid individual.

Puget Sound

If you want to see an amazing video, see the BBC's Louis Theroux documentary on 'the most hated family in america.'

a very sad tale


did you hear the latest ? The pig who insists on shoving the 911 mosque down our throats is now making veiled threats that if he doesnt get his way, he won't be able to control the angry Muslim radicals who will act out in violent tantrums. this slick, softspoken 911 mosque guy is truly repulsive and a disgrace.


"For if there is a lesson to be drawn on this anniversary, it is this: we are one nation – one people – bound not only by grief, but by a set of common ideals. And that by giving back to our communities, by serving people in need, we reaffirm our ideals – in defiance of those who would do us grave harm. We prove that the sense of responsibility that we felt for one another was not a fleeting passion – but a lasting virtue."

Yeah Tommy, God forbid we try to make things better for ourselves and our neighbors after such a tragedy.

I suppose you can wipe away a tear today with one of your hefty bank deposit slips.


yes i will pause to wipe away a tear today, with one of my brokerage account statements as i cheerfully make triple digit annual returns in the stock market. such a post desn't merit a serious response. the previous post was an embarrassing example of the penurious taking cheap shots at the prosperous. you are in the same class as the mean, envious worm who viciously keyed my elite class Mercedes last month.


Tommy, Tommy, he s our man if he can't do it no body can. YEAaaaaaaaaaaaa tommy


hey, if you want to go broad brush...

Easy. Name me one liberal or Democrat in Congress who is fanning the flames of hate for Islam? Just one.

That's why you get no respect. And that's why you and chux and klueless should be phoning and emailing your congress people telling them to repudiate all the hate. You'd rather google about two morons like Jones and Phelps, wouldn't you?

You really are dense, you know that?

BTW, heard on the radio today that Jones was kicked out of Germany for being a cult leader.


Some of my neighbors report that two homely, "elderly" women wearing obscene anti-Bush sweatshirts were scene loitering and prowling around my Mercedes last month, the night it was viciously keyed here on Queen Anne. was that you Joanie, with Sperky tagging along?


Was it black with cherry red upholstery?


being against the 911 mosque is not being "hateful". The moer the jackaSS WHO OWNS THE BUILDING REFUSES TO move the mosque, the moer he is encouraging other people who truly do hate all muslims to express themselves in the open. move the thing a few blocks away, you silver-tongued Muslim jackass. take Trump's offer, which will give you a nice 25% profit for selling to him, and buy property elsewhere. the fact that you won't accept Trump's offer proves you do not want peace or healing. you are showing your evil nature and your hatred by refusing the offer.


Muslims died in the Towers. There was a small mosque inside the towers where they prayed. Forget Trump. I want the Constitution to stand up when times are hard. Welcoming a cultural center would show the world we are just. And it would be good for us to move on.

Why do you even care?

Would you deny a church the opportunity to be built near the federal building in Oklahoma City?

You need to know more about Islam. Watch Little Mosque on the Prairie. Or read Karen Armstrong.


Twenty-four six-and-seven-year-olds tomorrow bright and early. G'night.


spare me your condescending schoolmarm crap about my need to "learn more about Islam". the McVeigh comparison is very weak. it doesn't even have a pulse. "why do you care" if this offensive Imam finally agrees to show some respect for the dead of 911 and moves his mega-mosque 6 or 10 or 12 blocks south in Manhattan? That area around the towers has never had a large Muslim population. his freedom of religion does not hinge on building on the exact spot where his heart is set on building. an example was just shown in the news a few weeks ago of a christian Psstor who was denied a permit for his planned large christian church building at a certain intersection because of overwhelming objections of the immediate community, in that case because of traffic and other negative impacts. the mosque should have been denied at the city permitting level but was pushed through by a craven, politically correct group of city officials who had from time to time stopped the building of other non-muslim churches in Manhattan during pervious hearings. The vast majority of Americans can now see this Imam guy for what he is= a force for division and disresoect of non-Muslims, a person of no true goodwill at all.


25% OF mUSLIMS WORLDWIDE ARE OF THE EXTREMEIST VARIETY THAT SUPPORTS "JIHAD"= the 911 attack falls into general category of Jihad fo rthem so they basically support it. Whatevere perverted Christian philosphies McVeigh may have had doesn't even show up on the charts of Christianity and probably couldn't fill the pews of a 50 member church. McVeigh didn't blow up the building in the name of his Christian faith- the 911 attackers blew up the towers in the name of Allah and their Muslim faith. Your McVeigh comparison is a silly, bit of sophistry, Joanie- something we are used to from you, Ross, Sparky and other members of Seattle's "buffoon left".


Now, Tommy, calm down! Someone may ask you to cite your sources if you continue to rant. Easy there, pal...


No joanie, it was the Mercedes with the fur covered dash and steering wheel, with the bumpersticker that said "Pimp My Ride!"


spare me your condescending schoolmarm crap ...

A might insecure? You sound like it. And Timmy is right: you better be careful when you're ranting ignorance. Someone might ask you for evidence.

You know, Tommy, your posts above sound very similar to the racist ones you posted about Obama. But I know it's just another "Tommy Tantrum."

Puget Sound

well, i'll give you credit for waiting a whole day before throwing out the 'you're a racist' epithet.

what next, you gonna call him Hitler?

jeez, what a maroon...


Your memory failing? I called him a racist a whole long time ago. You're still an idiot.

Oh, and add these three Congress people to your list to email and call: Paul Brown, Sue Myrick, Trent Franks who have demanded that muslim interns be investigated. I doubt Fixed News would tell you about these Republican idiots but if you want to do something constructive, get your party to repudiate it's hateful and intolerant behavior.

Nah. You'd rather google Jones and Phelps and say stupid things like your post above.

You're denser than sand in Saudi Arabia.

Hopelessly Misguided Conservative

Ya, we hear you Puts and Tommy. It's our only hope to marginalize the black president but attacking all things black


stil waiting to see Anne Bremner reappear on Nancy Grace where she used to be on a couple times a week. looks like the harsh little prima donna of police stories has given her the black ball. Seems a little unjustified.Oh yeah Bremner lied and said she'd been in a car accident....shades of Mike Webb....sorry Anne, doesn't look good for you....it's been a long time since your last appearance....i liked Anne...

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