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September 23, 2010



How many talk stations are based in Block Island, R.I. for Holland Cooke to consult?
Anyway, it seems to me that if every one of you votes Republican this time around and again on Election Correction Day in 2012, the whole nation should be happy, thus there will be no need for Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck, Ingrahamm, Dori (it takes a real man to live with that name on not kill somebody), Savage, Larson, Suits or any of the rest of them.
Vote Republican and decimate conservative talk radio. What could it hurt to try? The profits go away and so does talk radio of the conservative nature.

Rush's Mom

Not necessary, like the wicked witch of the west on Oz, conservative talk radio is melting just fine all on it's own.


Halajulya: Health care is here, now we can all go out and start killing grandmas,but grandpas must be safe as the republinuts never mentioned them.

Joanie's Teacher Aide for TAMMMY008

Talk Radio, Schmuck Radio.
Just perfect for the potty talking Chuckster. Last seen inviting Andrew to Masterbate.

They just came out with the Republican Talking Points to bring back the Contract On America. More masterbation.

It won't work this time. The American People are to darn smart.

And tAmmy008, Joanie does not have to answer to you or repudiate her comments about the USA being to blame for 911. So shoosh little man. Shoosh.


Rush never looked better!


He looks like the Silly Putty© commercials from the 70's.


We need people like Rush, Hannity, Beck, Dori, O'reily, and all them other great American talk radio show hosts who in the face of our country turning into a socialist state stood up against the NEO-COMs of the left.

They were there before Nov. 2008 warning everyone of the coming doom America was facing if they elected the Un-American Socialist who couldnt produce a birth certificate.

They were there after Jan 2009 reporting the events that have turned this great country on the verge of becoming that socialist utopia Obama has dreamed of his whole adult life.

(ObamaCare. ObamaClunkers, the nightmare awaiting small business after his so-called financial reform.)

And they will be there after Nov 2010 to keep us informed of the socialist movement inside the NEO-COM party that goes by the name of Democratic.

I see in the future, a monument dedicated to these brave men and women of Conservative Talk Radio. A monument so great it will stand the test of time for eons to come so that future generations can visit and listen to the "voices of reason" that overpowered the great NEO-COM revolution one show, one word, one fact at a time.

May God Bless these great Americans.


God will Fuck you up

Chuck's Father's Failed Condom

chucks would rather embarrass himself and look the fool rather than admit he's wrong. Same thing with puget zound's hound.

Savage on Olbermann yesterday responding to another foolish outburst from McCain.


Olbermann is great...

Shabby Cat

As long as there is hatred and class derision, money laden interests will pay these hucksters to do their malevolence. The less educated will wear tea bags and tri-cornered hats for the hucksters. They will forgo vetting of possible leaders without regret. They will forgive absolute incompetence, monetary malfeasance and outright lying if the hucksters require. This circle jerk of stupid also includes blog posters, mouths firmly clamped to the hucksters balls, repeating the talking points. The money interests will attain their wishes as long as we fight the trivial battles. I know this post won’t make Chucks or his ilk to think twice about his idiotic post, but maybe someone will think twice…

Shabby Cat

I subscribe to the Teabagger e-blast and this is an e-mail I received from them. Glean from it what you will.

Sub: Tea Party Patriots} Fwd: Wednesday: Talk to voters in Washington

Date: Wednesday, September 22, 2010 10:31 PM


Register and inflate their count?

Spend the time there trying to educate them?

Go and mess up their calling?

Go and make calls on behalf of the other candidate?

Copy their lists?

Infect their PCs?

Other ideas?

Holland Cooke

RE "How many talk stations are based in Block Island, R.I. for Holland Cooke to consult?"

Two answers, first the TECHNICAL one: There are two FMs sited here on The Block, but neither of 'em talk. One's Hits, the other is Classical.

(Imagine if there were AMs here? We're 12 miles out in the Atlantic. Imagine THAT ground conductivity!)

GRAMMATICALLY, what-the-writer-was-writing might've confused you less if there was a comma in there somewhere.

I LIVE on Block Island, "Bermuda of the North," (www.BlockIsland.TV). But because consultants MUST be experts-from-afar, my client stations MUST be an-airplane-ride-away.

Picture the George Clooney character in "Up In The Air." I've got enough miles that I can fly ANYWHERE...FIRST CLASS...but to attain that level, one has to travel so-DANG-much that all you want to do is go home! And run several loads of wash...


Annoying little TTwerp who calls himself the Joanieseachersaide- Joanie doesn't "have" to do anything. She has posted that the comments attributed to her re 911 have a different logo or whatever its called attached to them , so apparently she's implying that the comments aer not hers and that she doesn't agree with them. Yet you will notice that she hasn't said that she disagrees with them, merely that ii wasnt her logo next to the comments. She needs to go the step further and say she disagress with the odious, repulsive comments, which said we deserved 911. To my knowledge she has not done so. is that you Duffman?. "little man " is your turn of phrase, simply a projection of your own feelingS of smallness aND INADEQUACY.


TODAY Luke on Dave Ross BUFFOONISHLY CLAIMED THAT Tom Tancredo is "anti-immigration( uh no , he;s actually anti- illegal immigration) and boasted that his old neighbnorhood in L.A. was so dangerous that "a couple of gang mmenbers were ,like, shot on my front steps".......wow, you're the dude, man. Is this Dave/Luke thing now, like, permanent? i think Dave's show has been seriously compromised....i was going say somehting nasty......controlled myself......

Puget Sound

careful tommy, the usual suspects will be calling you a racist.

speaking of nasty, racist politics check out this democratic congresswoman engaged in good old fashion race baiting.
Stay Classy Dems...

The Anti-Dori

Note to racist Tommy: you're obsessed with Joanie.Have you considered anger management treatment? I haven't noticed her posting recently. Hope she's well. She's a soldier.


And, she's on Our Side.

Puget Sound

From the WA Post

Pres Obama takes a stand.

UNITED NATIONS - President Obama sharply criticized Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Friday for suggesting in an address to the U.N. General Assembly that the United States played a role in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Obama called the remarks "offensive" and "hateful."

In an interview with the BBC's Persian service, which broadcasts directly to the Iranian public, Obama said of Ahmadinejad's speech Thursday: "It was offensive. It was hateful."

(Wonder what he would say about Andrew's opinion that the US 'provoked' the 9-11 attack)


And how aboutColbert making a mockery of Congress today. Now that is an Ass-Clown.


And then there is U.S. District Judge Ronald Leighton. Also making a mockery of not only Congress, but the Military as well. When will Judges finally learn they can not legilate from the bench.

Shabby Cat

I agree Puget, Obama is a Classy Dem…

Shabby Cat

Well, Zounds, as one of the unusual subjects you fail to see the virtue in our system. Colbert, in jest, made his point and the judge carried out his judicial duties. Face it, finding your side on the smelly end of the shit stick is what you find appalling.


Call me old fashion Shabby, but the system was working just fine the way it was until Friday, the 24th of September 2010. I forsee this case going to the Supreme Court where this Judge Leighton's ruling will be overturned. And like Sparky, he'll have pie all over his face.

KS educating the usual suspects

Obama seemed to be unemotional and not very convincing - just words. It was more about disappointment from what his former comrade Ahmadinejad had said.

I heard him sound much more emotional at the Union rallies this week. You assessment of Mr. Obama smells of stench, shabby cat.

Colbert made the House committee look stupid, even though he was funny. We are purposely behind the times here though - illegals or people for that matter don't need to pick lettuce or most other crops. In Europe, machines do it - so this whole illegals for agriculture is a mockery. BTW - Cesar Chavez was against illegal immigrants, because of how they made legal Hispanics look back in the 70's, when he was head of UFW.


What i hope the Air Force does is send this lesbo to the Antartica refueling helos so the disease she carries wont spread further.

Shabby Cat

Zounds, What do you mean? Yesterday was just fine and the sun fell and rose today. Things are just fine today, system is working, and nothing has collapsed. What are you suggesting is not fine?

Shabby Cat

KS; If you felt stupid due to Colbert’s remarks, then he made his point.

KS educating the usual suspects

Except for the fact that I didn't say that - Shabby Cat.

Shabby Cat

Are you saying you’re not stupid KS? Your posts would suggest otherwise, not to mention the rest of this community.


You are not only illiterate, you are an ignorant sheeple and a pathetic excuse for a commenter, jackass.

Shabby Cat

you admit you are left stupid by Colbert then you call me ignorant… strange. I bet you get lost in the mall if mom isn’t holding your hand. Little hint, withdraw the tea bags.


I see the sewers have gotten backed up in Everett again. We have some new turds that have floated to the surface.
Welcome to Scabby Cat, Elemdearwatson and the rest of the new (newly named anyway) liberal Kool-Aid consumption squad. Your idiotic rants will fit right in with the rest of the left wing turds floating in this pond.


Shabby, where is the logic in bringing up global warming when we are talking about Colbert making a mockery out of the Congress and some Judge who made a mockery out of a policy of the Military. Of course the Sun will rise and set each day. No one is questioning that. What we are questioning is the reason of the Progressives to make the US even more the laughing stock of the world since Obama became President. Even you are not that clueless. Or are you?

Puget Sound

Having Steven Colbert come testify in character was ridiculous.
Stars have come before but it was to testify as themselves.
It would be as if we called in Robert Young to testify on Healthcare Reform in the guise of Marcus Welby, MD. 'I am not a real medical doctor, but I play one on TV so here are my thoughts..."

Just another reason to turn over this Congress.

KS is correct on Ceasar Chavez. He also led a protest and a strike against those farmers employing illegal workers.

Puget Sound

Dims punt on Bush Tax Cuts. LMAO.
Now that November is coming down, how will the Usual Suspects feel that the Dims blew a historic opportunity.
Dems still have the power in both houses of Congress and the presidency, yet cannot manage to get their agenda through.

Hey Usual Suspects, how's that 'hope and change' working for you?


The only thing missing at Colbert's testimony was Code Pink in the background with cheerlearder outfits on. I have a friend in france and he e-mailedme last night and all it said was...

"America passes France as wimpiest Country."


As i said before, Scabby Cat is an illiterate brethren of the usual suspects. I never said I was left stupid by that, you idjit !! My original comment was that Colbert made the House committee look stupid, besides the fact that what he said was total bullshit. His satire only reinforced how stupid these clowns are. Vote these jack-holes (Lofgren and Conyers) and the rest of them out in November, to counter the statist Obamese agenda.

Shabby Cat

Zounds ,
Ok, I’ll rephrase the question; you said “the system was working just fine”. How has the system changed? What has suddenly happened to reduce your confidence in our democracy?

Puget Sound

'scrabby cat' is just one of the 'usual suspects' trying to be clever. just play along to humor Spar...er, I mean like uh..'whomever'..scrabby cat is.

KS, ever notice how with November coming up all they can do is play the race card? Did you catch my clip of Congresswoman Sanchez appeal to hispanics?

Shabby Cat


This sounds like the same lame cry baby crap from the Bush Roast. Congress looked great, and much attention was put upon the immigrant issue. I laughed while Steve King (R) nearly split his skull.

Shabby Cat

Zounds, Is your friend really using France to condemn America, and you tacitly agree? Hey everyone look. Zounds is a true Ameriken…or maybe you’re a Canadian infiltrator.

Puget Sound

What is the point of having someone testify 'in character' in front of Congress. It's like having Barney Fife testify on 'Use of Force.'
If you can't grasp that, I can't help you.
But if the Dem Congress wants to look like a joke, so be it.

Won't be long until that party is over.

Shabby Cat

Are you asking due to curiosity, or is this the faux news talking point?


Welcome aboard, shabby cat. Kind of like Marlo taking over the game from Avon...

But beware, there's no end to the foolishness from Puget Zound's Hound. You gonna feel a lotta circles. Funny, foolishness seems to hunker after intelligence while intelligence tires of foolishness. I be runnin' the wire and enjoying the show.

Puget Sound


queen of the seattle scampers...it must suck that your world view is being repudiated come November.

btw, don't you owe tommy 008 an apology?

anywhooo, give an example -just one- in which i haven't given YOU an answer. oh, you may not like the answer but facts/reason are stubborn things.

the question out to you is this: did the USA provoke the 9-11 attack?
Andrew says 'yes'
what say you?

we'll pause and wait for an answer. of course, a seattle scamper without answer tells us all we need to know.


Always begging, sputs. Always begging. Get off your knees, fool.

Puget Sound

like everyone say's, you're just an empty suit.


Get off your elbows, joanie, you idiot.



You sounding a little desperate, potty mouth. Next time you post, try real hard to say something that makes sense. K?

Fools do flock together, don't they?

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