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September 19, 2010



I wonder if this will take a toll on TBTL's production values to have Burbank working two jobs.


I thought that KIRO would be cutting back on personnel, not adding.
This whole "sidekick" thing can't be better financially unless the voices are so desperate to be heard that they're "going Weissbach" and working for free.
Do Ron and Don really each get paid enough to make a living?
I'm no big Burbank fan, but I think he's good as a once a week guest for half an hour.
I always enjoy the Friday hour with Carl Jeffers and Tom Tagney.

fucj out

Tell us something we all want to know, like how much do these jackasses make!


Hilarious - Dave, time to hang up the headphones


i agree. Dave, time to move on. You've had a great run. don't let them dumb down your show with a guy who didnt pay attention in school enough to know that Samuel Clemens was the dude's real name, not Mark Twain, and that the adoption of "like" as a space filler in sentences doesn't improve the English language- it degrades it. I agree wioth the 20- something guy who basically said that the whole "Luke the radio/media wunderkind" thing is bascially a fraud, and the emperor's new clthes, dressing up a minimally talented/educated fellow who, like Boze, should be doing something else than talking behind a microphone.


"Going Weissbach"... heh. heh. heh.

As for Dave Ross: rule number one when managing your own brand is to leave 'em wanting more, not hang on by your fingernails in increasingly diluted fashion. The Dave Ross brand actually stands for a whole different set of attributes compared to KIRO itself... and Dave should take the big step now, and separate himself. He's viable without KIRO. I'm not so sure the reverse is true.

Monson's 3rd Love Child

Oh God NOOOOO!!!!!!

Wow, people NOT in that demographic are dumb.

2 Degrees left of center

and not a single comment about KIRO's biggest albatross, Monson.

lotus eater

I like Dave and Luke a lot, but would prefer them on separate shows.

FYI, TBTL's website says that TBTL will stream at 1pm for the *next two weeks,* leading me to believe that it won't be a long term tandem.

Russell Tupper

please tell me that Ron and Don are being taken out back and shot. I'd rather listen to two cats effin' in a bag than the top 5 at 5.


If only Luke Burbank was intelligent or funny... The mouth is a mile ahead of the brain. Just start talking and see what comes out. Thankfully, Thom Hartmann doesn't have a sidekick.


I agree that non-stop Luke is too much. On TBTL he talks about inanity and pop culture. He's a witty person, but he doesn't want to talk about politics and that shows through. You can tell he doesn't give it a lot of thought on his free time, and that his thoughts are formed only minutes or seconds beforehand.


Watch this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_8HgrM4LcE&feature=player_embedded and tell me the mayor isn't beholden to the cow on his left. Grab some popcorn and watch the investigation!

Mrs. Burbank

This guy is a pretentious, vacuous little pest. I don't think he realizes that he is neither clever or funny. Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying. Nope, still not clever or funny. How 'bout stop trying and go away.


I think Dave and Luke is genius! Bringing Radke in is also genius. Gee, what happened KIRO? You actually moved into the NOW.

Dave's Wife

Brilliant, stealthy move by AM1090. Send idiot, hipster doofus to KIRO to boost Hartman's ratings. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant.

Hannah Burbank Nelsen

Mrs. Burbank posted,
"This guy is a pretentious, vacuous little pest. I don't think he realizes that he is neither clever or funny. Keep trying, keep trying, keep trying. Nope, still not clever or funny. How 'bout stop trying and go away."

Mrs. Burbank my ass. I only know two Mrs. Burbanks, Luke and my Mama and our Aunt Jesse. Neither would ever post something so mean about someone they love so much.

If you don't like Luke, that's fine. I'm his sis and I don't always like him, but I do love him. Please try to remember that the folks you hear on the radio are regular people dealing with regular everyday problems and your cruelty and depiction of their character based on listening to them talk for a few hours, is completely uncalled for and just plain mean. Try to be nicer people...it'll make your whole world better.


Hannah, I was once a detractor of Luke and his style. I have since realized his growth and like his contribution to the show.
Dave had a show that featured fun and unpredictability in the past. I didn’t realize it was missing until now. Luke is bringing that back. I appreciate it.

Essa Klee

Luke Burbank fan here and also thoroughly enjoy Ross/Burbank.
Luke has an impulsive, in-the-moment wit. Sometimes he steps in it, which I think goes with impulsive. But without impulsive you might lose fast and funny. I do sometimes get a sense there are gaps in his education. The "big words"--not all that frequent and why would this be a problem for anyone?--seems like he gets them from reading a lot, as if filling in the gaps. I find it likable. He knows a lot, has a lot of experience, and is continually putting it all together into smart commentary. He's the guy next door who ends up continually surprising you by really not being the guy next door after all. Hard to explain. Probably not for you if you like main stream conventional.


I miss common sense and drive-by wisdom.

Janice Stahr

I REALLY miss the Dave Ross Show. The sad, sickly, try-too-hard attempts at humor of Luther Burbank along with his brash, rude, interrupting of every worthwhile comment, is resulting in forcing me to turn off my formerly favorite radio program.

Somebody! Help!!!!!

Brian Stewart

Burbank has sent me back to listening to music on the radio. This side kick thing going on with Ross and to some extent Monson (& his new producer) is a waste of airtime. What happened to Carl Jeffers on Fridays? It was the last reason I even had for tuning into Ross's show after the sidekick showed up.

Laurie Cooper

now over to kuow, really miss solo Dave


We'er real people too, Burbank's Sis. Your mean brother came on here and said we were lame fools who live in mom's basement and don't have any validity to criticize him and his show snce "I have a radio show and you don't". Not nice. Not nice. Luke announced today that he drives an Audi.

Robert Martin

When you pair up the one "Bringing Common Sense to the Masses, one listener at a time" with one with no common sense who interrupts instead of listens, can you really expect a positive outcome? I agree with the once a week approach. Here's to Carl Jeffers and Tom Tagney. Save Ron, not Don. As to Dorky Monson, he not only ruins my feeling of hope from Dave Ross (solo), but ruins my high from a Seahawks win and deepens my depression from a Seahawks loss. Send Luke, Don, and Dorky to KVI.

book wjr

Bring back Dave solo!!!

Every so often I tune back in and can't take Luke.
Very bad decision - you are losing listeners - you've lost me.

Jeffrey Wang

I listened to Dave Ross show every morning on my way to work before Burbank joined. Now I pretty much dropped the show and went back to music channels. The two hosts are not compatible with each other, so instead of hearing harmony, I hear cacophony most of the time.

Ed S

Genius pairing. They are funnier every month. Burbank is definitely better on a team than by himself.

Tim in Tacoma

I just can't take it anymore! Every time I change the dial to see if KIRO has finally gone back to a solo Dave, I hear Luke. And then I go back to the financial station I've adopted as an alternative. I'm getting financially wiser, but really missing Dave with the educational conversation he used to have with listeners. I got a lot more out of the former format. With Bori Monson and Ron & Don, I have no reason to listen to KIRO anymore.

Longtime Listener

Tim in Tacoma, I'm with you! I can't take any more either. Today Dave and Luke spent 15 minutes talking about Lindsey Lohan and her desire to be called only by her first name. That was the last straw. Dave Ross was the only reason I tuned into KIRO at all. After 20 years of being a loyal Dave Ross listener, I'm gone.


Dave...brilliant! Luke...he will learn from the pro. Give them a chance. The discussion should really be about how Dori and Ron and Don stay on.

Spike Speedwell

I personally think a better combination is Ross and Tangney.

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