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September 17, 2010


Puget Sound

i come back ot the thread and find that Joanie has ripped off her latex mask of the kindly, aging schoolmarm and the face on evil witch hag is revealed underneath, crowing about how "we deserved it on 9/11". This is like the classic moment in countless horror movies. I'm glad i finaLLY smoked her out into the open.

Posted by: Tommy008 | September 18, 2010 at 10:13 PM

Good work Tommy.
So far, Joanie say's we 'deserved it' and Andrew say's we 'provoked it'
Any thoughts on how the rest of the Usual Suspects view 911?

Coils? Sparkles?


Puget Sound, you might try to learn some humility.

I have lived in 3 countries and spent considerable time overseas in my working life. What really ticks off many non-americans is the crass "USA no 1" attitude that some of you display. The arrogance is breathtaking.

I became a citizen 15 years ago not because the USA is the best country in the world but because it happened to suit my wife and I

I have had many friends and acquaintances thru the years who enjoyed their time here but when their time was up they returned home willingly. The USA lifestyle is not for everyone and who is to say they are wrong. The main reasons many of them leave is the lack of a social safety net particularly healthcare.

On the subject of KVI , as a shade tree mechanic I enjoy the two auto repair shows (Tom Turner and Gregs) although I haven't been able to listen for a while.


I hate when that happens.
Posted by: sparky | September 19, 2010 at 12:36 AM

The question I have for you is why do you hate that when it happens ? Are you afraid that you will be accused for being someone you either don't want others to know or may not actually be ? Joanie's teacher aide for instance - hmmm.... It is clear that something is up with these new names sounding just like Coiler, rozkat, et. al, Joanie, Sparkles and Zounds (lol) - The blog thought police are not addressing this because they like the blog to police itself as much as possible.


never mind, KS...if I have to explain snark to you, it becomes pointless.
You and Putzie are obsessed with WHO is posting, rather than what they say. Michael gets over 3000 hits a day here, but apparently you two have a hard time understanding that occasionally a handful of them might also want to say something. Whatever.

Puget Sound

Ex Pat, I have lived in 4 countries and will tell you that I found wonderful things about each and every one.
But, I also appreciate and understand what the United States has meant to the free world.
Pity that you don't grasp that fact and view living in the USA as a 'convenience' rather than a honor.


Puget Sound you mouth off like the boor you are.

You should learn the difference between nationalism and patriotism although as a Republican that's way too nuanced for you.

The loud obnoxious American that everyone tries hard to avoid when overseas. Met plenty of pricks just like that.

Your questioning of my patriotism was very "Sean Hannity" of you. You have learned from the master.Well played sir!

I love being an American citizen and don't plan on changing that.

However I would never be so rude to suggest to another person that I live in a better place than they do, just the same way I wouldn't say their religion, car, house, family is inferior to mine.

Just poor manners to do so.


puts says Provoked? That sounds a bit like saying the girl 'asked for it.'

Don't equivocate, come on out and say it.

Are you suggesting we targeted completely at random on 9/11? The fact was we were not targeted at random. You're simply wrong.

Oh yeah, still waiting for you to name a better country than the USA. I don't think you can.

With respect to education, many other countries are ahead of us. With respect to life expectancy many other countries are ahead of us. I could go on and on.

You're an idiot and everyone knows it. You're just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

A real patriot strives for better, for himself and his countrymen. Your "good enough" complacent attitude is the reason why unpatriotic business criminals have little resistance when depriving Americans of health coverage, equal opportunity and living wages, all the while becoming rich beyond your wildest dreams.

Modern conservative thought is a failed expermient and it couldn't disappear fast enough. When Rush's heart finally gives out, there will be nobody to replace him and you know it.


Puget Zounds lives in the past. He reads about the lives of dead people. He has robotic memory. He is unable to understand the past nor apply it to the present. Somebody posted that insight about him and it was dead on.

As for people wanting to come to the good ol' US, here's who they are: Origin

Rate of immigration to the United States relative to sending countries' population size, 2001-2005

Projected regional growth rates using birth, death, immigration, and emigration rates. Latin America and Caribbean will be growing slower than US by 2024

Top Ten Foreign Countries - Foreign Born Population Among U.S. Immigrants

Mexico, China, Philippines, India, Vietnam, Cuba, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Canada, and Korea.

Don't see many of the socialist Europeans biting at the bit to come, do you. And Canada probably has a lot to do with marriage. . . you think?

Of course, bean counters just count beans. They don't need to understand why or for what purpse they count. 'they just need to count. One, two, three, four, five, six...

I'd say those socialists in Europe must really like their socialism. Of course, that would be connecting the dots, wouldn't it?

BTW, you fools. If my icon doesn't match my name, use your heads and figure out it probably isn't me. It's not rocket science you know. It's as easy as counting one, two, three. . .


I'd say that those are extremist views with random or pretzel logic but as typical with Ph(J)oanie - no common sense. Are you also an anti-colonialist besides being a nutter (9-11 truther) ?

I don't give a shit about the socialists in Europe - let them stew in their own mess and I also invite you to join them, as you seem to embrace them.

You show a firm grasp of ignorance of the past for understand what needs to be done for this country to be successful in the future. Nevertheless, you must like this country - albeit in a misguided and dysfunctional way.


Klueless, you need a translator. Cause I don't know what language you're talking.

As for giving or not giving a shit about socialists in Europe? I never said you did and I don't care if you do.


With respect to education, many other countries are ahead of us. With respect to life expectancy many other countries are ahead of us. I could go on and on.

You're just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

Posted by: Andrew | September 19, 2010 at 12:59 PM

What is your pointless point - besides the one on your tinfoil hat ? I know that you are desperately trying to get out of the hole you have dug for yourself, but you repeatedly miss the point. Why are you stupidly trying to dentigrate your own country without proposing any solutions ? Just to win an argument with PutS ? Grow up, Andy. That is how it comes across.

BTW, the Democratics have controlled education for years - so you are also assailing the party who you have voted for over the years. Sounds like you subscribe to the Ph(J)oanie book on "How to vanquish your adversaries with facts and logic" - another one of the world's shortest books.


Cause I don't know what language you're talking.

As for giving or not giving a shit about socialists in Europe? I never said you did and I don't care if you do.

Posted by: joanie | September 19, 2010 at 02:13 PM

Yeah right, you are a self-righteous phony.

Again, you missed the point. I know that you care about the socialists in Europe and invited you to join them in dealing with their sluggish economies and the Islamization of Europe. I don't care about it - they made their own mess and have to deal with it. Kapish ?


The point, you fucking moron, is that your conservative talking point that America is "the best country on Earth" or that "we're the best" is objectively untrue at this time.

Nobody is saying we can't improve... except you who have this mistaken belief that we're perfect at everything, with our too big to fail banks and golden parachutes and dropped health insurees and out expensive, underperforming education system.


No it isn't you asshat moron - noone claimed we are perfect at everything - that is a red herring and is only in your imagination. I am tired of listening to your petulant whining. You just want to read your own rants or win an argument with a conservative, when in reality you look like an idiot. How shallow and disingenuous...

If you say you care about pride in your country, you have a weird way of showing it. Until you produce some solutions for making this the best country, kindly STFU. Quit wasting your time here and contact your local politician if you really want improved results. Otherwise, there's nothing to see here - time to move on.


"Objectively?" You need to explain the meaning of that term, Andrew. Klueless is truly klueless.

I laugh when I think that the standard bearers of the right are an illiterate twisty road builder and a robotic brainless bean counter.



Fear mongering again - Ph(J)oanie ? Why should anyone in their right mind listen to an extremist nutter like you ?

Puget Sound

Fear mongering again - Ph(J)oanie ? Why should anyone in their right mind listen to an extremist nutter like you ?

Posted by: KS | September 19, 2010 at 03:49 PM

maybe ph(J)oanie is all they got.

still laughing at how Tommy 008 smoked her out.

Puget Sound

andrew, it's not that we are perfect. far from it. but give me an example of a country that you think is better?

whatsamatter? is it difficult?

btw, how does a young man like yourself feel about never once serving his country in any way shape or form.
it doesn't have to be in the military.
how about the peace-corp?

it might rub a little of the pretension off of you.

i'm just saying...

Puget Sound  Johnny One-Man Army

Really? Where ya serve, Grenada? ROTC? Like those jack-offs in "Animal House" trying to restore order?

Puget Sound

BTW, you fools. If my icon doesn't match my name, use your heads and figure out it probably isn't me. It's not rocket science you know. It's as easy as counting one, two, three. . .

Posted by: joanie | September 19, 2010 at 01:21 PM

nice try, but sparkles already showed us that you can flip the icon.
the problem you run into is it sounds so much like you.
but hey, if you want to apologize for your intemperate remarks then go ahead and just do it.

Puget Sound

wow, someone has feelings of inadequacy going on.

so sorry that public service for your country threatens your self esteem.

now get back to work and start working those salt shakers. those fries aren't self-salting.


So your experience living overseas consists of being in the military!

Will all due respect to that service, residing in the cocoon that the US government provides when abroad doesn't provide much exposure to local conditions.

Living in a bubble is what it is, I have done some of that to. Might as well as of stayed home.

Salish Sea

Its folks like ExPat who scare me the most. They are here only for the love of a woman, not the country. If his woman left him tomorrow, he would more than likely blame it on Bush and go on a fort Hood style killing spree. Lord have mercy on those that get in his way.


oh gee "loud obnoxious americans".........isn't that kind of a 1960's paradigm....WHAT ABOUT THE LOUD OBNOXIOUS EURO- TRASH THAT COME OVER HERE.......don't tell me they don't exist....... the idea that Europeans are nicer and moer decent people than Americans is just a myth, unproveable by empirical data. i live in America and i rarely encounter a luud obnoxious person but of course i spend most of my time in SEattle.....i suppose the poster is erferencing the iconic midwest rube wearing white shorts and white gym socks with black dress shoes- with a beer belly, Again, an anomalous cliche, even for the midwest.

Puget Sound

poor ex pat brit,
never served anything greater than himself.
i've met the type. loves to bash the 'ugly american' in order to come off as worldly.
never quite pulls it off. just ends up looking like an ungrateful opportunist. do hope you enjoy your time here until you find something better, dear.

and andrew, sorry that you have led such a shallow life to date. keep whirling as a wannabe wunderkid.

but it's not too late. you don't have to end up like joanie.
she is a cautionary tale...


but sparkles already showed us that you can flip the icon.

What would be the point of changing my icon but posting my name?


not your icon? an imposter defaming you? why, there's a simple soltion, Joanie!! simply deny that you believe America "had it coming" and deserved what they got on 911 and tha tthe person who pretended to be you is a defamer. tell us that 911 was a horrific, evil attack that cannot be justified in any way. if you don't feel that the appropriate response to those of us who bring up 911 should be "get over it', speak up right now an denounce such a position.


if you do as i ask , i'll give you a "three cheers for the American!" Joanie , just like Dave Boze got in England for being a standup guy.

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