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September 08, 2010


Puget Sound

I'll pick up the Grisham Book.

The book that made me seriously rethink the death penalty was the number of cases the Innocence Project has overturned via DNA and the book 'Death and Justice.'

"In this book Fuhrman investigates the Oklahoma County's criminal justice system by interviewing major players, including forensic chemist Joyce Gilchrist and legendary district attorney Bob Macy, reviewing case files and trial transcripts, and examining police records, and concludes that "catastrophic errors occur in many death penalty cases" (Fuhrman, 2003, page 245). Fuhrman uncovers a plethora of errors, misconduct, and general disregard for life and innocence in Oklahoma County. Despite his history as a strict "law and order" type cop who used to be a fervent supporter of capital punishment, his book details his arguments for why death row in Oklahoma is problematic and needs to be revamped. He focuses particularly on the behavior and unwavering punitiveness of Macy and his "Black Wizard" star of a forensic chemist, Gilchrist. In his investigation into Oklahoma's death penalty machine, Fuhrman documents systematic errors in capital cases, most notably behavior that borders on prosecutorial misconduct (including Macy suborning perjury, inflaming the jury's prejudices, overzealous personal confidence in witnesses and evidence, and withholding evidence), and forensic testimony by Gilchrist that was later discovered to be untruthful, impossible, prejudicial and misleading. Fuhrman notes how the pressure to convict obscured the prosecutor's duty towards justice over conviction; in Oklahoma County, once a case was determined to be a capital case, anything less than an execution was considered failure.

Fuhrman talks not only about the prosecutorial team hiding evidence that could have proved the innocence of defendants, but also about the unwillingness of officials to accept the factual innocence of individuals exonerated and released from OK's death row. Fuhrman puts most of the blame for the problems in Oklahoma on Bob Macy and Joyce Gilchrist. He concludes that many of the prosecutors in OK were incompetent, and were also maliciously and intentionally covering up mistakes, hiding and planting evidence, and ignoring contradictory evidence, but that Macy in particular was a force to be reckoned with, giving "fire and brimstone" closing arguments and often breaking into tears during trial (page 29). Fuhrman argues that it is Macy's legacy within the prosecutors office in Oklahoma County that has caused the rash of wrongful convictions in OK. In particular, Macy's "frontier justice" and win at all costs mentality have permeated the prosecutorial system and have led to a system that tolerates misconduct and perjury. He concludes that in counties like Los Angeles (CA) and Arlington (VA) the death row machine and the criminal justice system works, but that in Southern counties like Oklahoma County or Harris County (TX) the racism and prejudicial attitudes and the desire for revenge cause the system to falter."


I take issue with your statement that Europeans ditched the death penalty as it offends the Catholic church. The UK? Sweden? Germany? Not big on sucking up to the Pope but conscious of the fact that civilization and state-imposed murder don't go together comfortably.

I do very much agree that this is a weird double-standard as far as the small-government 'bagger types go. But then they're all anti-abortion, pro-killing everybody else anyway.


I have never, ever understood why so many small-government types can rail against an institution they believe shouldn't have the right to assess their property taxes, but they're fine with it deciding who should live or die.


A shit load more innocent Americans have died at the hands of choosy women and their abortionist on any given week than criminals that have been killed after being convicted of capital crimes in the past century.
But those children never got the benefit of lawyers, trials, judges, jury's and decades of appeals. These children just get ripped from the safe, secure tummy's of their mommies and thrown in the trash.
Kill the innocent baby, save the convicted murderer.
If you don't like the imposition of the death penalty on convicted crooks, don't go watch it and then preach to us about how shitty you think it is Michael.
If there are prosecutors in this nation that have deliberately charged and convicted innocent people of capital crimes, then get the thousands of anti lawyers to go after them for murder.
Pete, that is about as dumb an argument as I have read here in the past five years.

Obama is a Black President

Come on Chuck S, anyone who would lie about their wife being playboy pinup, or if true, tell all of her lurid back ground you can’t be all there.
Also lie about getting the back story of union drinkers by disparaging his own daughter, portraying her as a bar fly or maybe she is a barfly. Still it’s sad to hear a dad bragging of this behavior just to advance a political point. Pitiful.


It is an ex-wife that I refered to OiaBP. LOL, just a calendar page in 1972. Nothing lurid about that. Now she is just a loving grandmother to our grand kids.
What the fuck are you talking about re barfly daughter? My daughter is an MBA earning great person destined to do great things.


It literally scares me that psychotic morons like Chuckie get to breed. God help your daughter. Let's hope the apple fell far from the tree. Or at least rolled.


Get butt cancer and die you 1977 Fleetwood double-wide residing, redneck liberal, cousin screwing waste of humanity.


"Pete, that is about as dumb an argument as I have read here in the past five years."

What, you never read your own stuff?


Miaow. Guess I touched a raw nerve there Chucky. (Fleetwood? How come you know brands of double wides? Or do you just have the catalog and daydream over it?)


I just shared the humor I got reading your blog there trailer trash.
(been selling Fleetwood motor homes off and on since 1978)
Now rednecklib, go brush your tooth and get to work. The SaniCans don't clean themselves.


I came across a comment that pretty much sums it up for the current state we are in;

"In 2008, 52% of the voters swallowed the blue capsule, a noxious composition of lies, arrogance, contempt for American tradition, rejection of any limits on government power, bribery, corruption, Chicago thuggery, fiscal irresponsibility, foreign policy incompetence, disrespect for allies and subservience to enemies, all bound together with extreme left-wing ideology. It's taken two years, but that capsule has finally provoked a reaction, and the American people are about to vomit Obamunism out of their system.

Think of Barack Obama as political ipecac."

I distanced myself from Bush starting in 2004 even I voted for him once and was against many of his policies so I can empathize (a little) with those who voted for Obama, who now distance themselves from him. To those who would refer to the opposition party as extremists because they call themselves constitutional conservatives - BTW, using that train of thought, you would also need to call the founding fathers extremists. Just sayin'


"I distanced myself from Bush starting in 2004"...

You're still guilty as charged and receive your 30 pieces of taxpayer supported silver. Don't stop now!


Bush was a mistake and enabled the current situation we have now. I know its tough to admit mistakes in your judgments, but its better to own up to it rather than live in denial. That's what she said....lol


A shit load...

That's when I knew chux was posting and stopped reading. He's the king of potty talk. That's all you need to know. From there, it only gets worse.


"These children just get ripped from the safe, secure tummy's of their mommies and thrown in the trash."

Wow, Chux! Another brilliant analysis in defense of capital punishment...mighty impressive! You might want to revisit the mechanics of birth, however...babies don't come from "tummy's".

There is nothing "dumb" about Pete's statement, btw, Chux...it is an astute observation. Yours, however, is not.

Puget Sound

Chris Christie responds to Teacher During Town Hall.
Good Stuff.

Teacher Union 0...Gov Christie 1

Puget Sound

Gov Chris Christie makes salient points. The Teacher's Union act as spoiled children.

Who's to blame for Teachers being laid off? Hmmmm.

He's direct and to the point.

We'll be seeing him in higher office one day.


The same was said about Jindal

Puget Sound

here he is explaining a bit.

Puget Sound

note that this fellow doesn't require a teleprompter like your man does...lmao


Bush wasn't my man, let's stay current, ya know?


Christie is da man. Don't think he will be running for POTUS in 2012, but he is making his imprint in NJ. The GOP can use more communicators like him to dispel the image of Bush and there are some fairly good ones out there.

I see that the NYTimes just handicapped Murray vs. Rossi and gives Rossi a 54% chance (Murray 46%) of winning. They will debate twice - that might be interesting to see or maybe I'll watch the highlights of debate #1. Murray is always a good argument for term limits in the Senate - now rated the most liberal senator, since Obongo is no longer a senator.


Term limits? don't people vote anymore?


Huh ?


Your words KS

"Murray is always a good argument for term limits "

So no one votes in Washington anymore or is it not enough people vote outside of King County so let's whine about how unfair elections are when the majority of registered voters occupy the spot where they gain the most in income and quality of life?

Puget Sound

coiler, i agree with you regarding term limits. that's what the ballot box is for. if the good people of downtown seattle want to elect jim mcdermot, then that's the price they pay.


My main point is that there is something wrong with those who we elect - witness the last 10 years, especially the last 2 years. There are term limits for executive positions but not US Senators or Representatives. Has nothing to do with the fairness of elections in King County or anywhere else. Sens. Byrd, Thurmond did not need to serve for 40+ years - their faculties were starting to fail worse when they finally bowed out. Why don't these people go out and get a real job ? many of them have never done anything but work for Government. That goes for R's and D's.

On the other hand, I believe there will be a higher number term-limited out from the elections in November. I am starting to realize that my criticism should be equally directed at voters who are misinformed or ignorant and ideologically driven on both sides. Bottom line: we (collectively) end up getting the Government we deserve and at this time, it seems like we don't deserve shit.

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