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September 07, 2010



At the end of the day, you like literally hit the nail on the head! It's not rocket science, though. and is literally awesome, know what I'm sayin'?
That's my two cents worth, or whatever...


I like Nicole and Dave as a team, just sayin'.


Thanks, Bla'm, for going the extra mile and giving it 110%.


Very clever.

MoterCity Man

Anyone stupid enough to communicate this way will not get the content of your piece.


It's not that this particular cliche was cra - um, foisted upon us because the various pols and talking heads are all stupid. It's because the RNC (or whomever) literally sends around a "talking point of the day" for everyone to emphasize, and obviously they got one that suggested focus groups respond well to the phrase "crammed down our throats" and therefore everyone should use it (in their own words, of course).

The right wing has been doing this sort of carpet-bomb messaging for years, with a big assist from the Fox & talk radio infrastructure that makes it possible. I always appreciate it when the conservatives who post here make arguments from their own hearts and experiences, rather than simply parroting the talking points of the moment.

It's the sort of thing you rarely have to worry about with liberals. They're neither that trusting of authority nor, well, what Will Rogers said.


Like the great David Lee Roth once said...

"Hey, its all water under dam."


"Its not rocket surgery."

Plain Jane


Ron and Don missing in action.

Could Michael Hood's prediction of 'change' at Labor Day coming true....?


Here comes the politics of personal destruction from the left;

if all else fails, slash and burn and heavy on the napalm. MSNBC, Media Matters, the Daily KOS and Huff and puff Post want a piece of this action. These ventures typically backfire, but not without employing a counterattack with sunlight - the best disinfectant to dispense these Soros-bred COCKroaches

MoterCity Man

“BlatherWatch is a 'safe haven' for refugees, perhaps the 'last bastion' of hope.” Do you mean to state this here Blog is safe from colloquialisms?
Really? Have you ever seen the ranting from KS? This poster beats clichés like a farmer beats his mule. Ad if Pete is correct about circulating talking points, KS has to be receiving the comic book version.


GG - hey its good to see you are alive and kicking in your trailer park...

Puget Sound for the Usual Suspects...

Hey Coils and the Usual Suspects:
Great article from Politico on Who will get the blame on Nov 3.
Can it be that the Democrats will blow the most commanding lead a party has held over government since the advent of the Reagan revolution?

"...Either way, the blowback will be searing — and followed by one of Washington’s enduring customs: cut-throat blame-casting. We are already getting a taste of the finger-pointing on the campaign trail, and in much more pointed forms in background conversations with officials in the White House, on Capitol Hill, and in the key campaigns. Here is a taste of what readers can expect the Day After:

If Democrats lose the House:

— House Democrats will blame Obama. It’s hard to talk to any House Democratic operative these days without getting an earful about how politically tone deaf this White House has been. The latest rant goes like this: Obama blew the entire summer for Democrats, starting with the First Lady’s fancy trip to Spain and Robert Gibbs’s public admission that Democrats could lose the House (a no-brainer now, but a huge deal back then). Then there were the mosque controversy, the Martha’s Vineyard trip and the lackluster Iraq speech. House Democrats estimate that they will have gone 10 straight weeks dealing with unhelpful storylines generated or exacerbated by the Obama White House.

Individually, these are minor abrasions. But they all speak to a much broader feeling among House Democrats that they have walked the plank on many tough votes for Obama — and gotten very little in return.

“They'll say they did everything that he asked them to do, he didn't do enough to help them fundraising-wise, he didn't do enough to focus on the economy and his overall message was bad,” said a top Democratic official. “Just like in '94, they'll blame the president."

— Rahm will blame the “professional left.” It’s no secret, the White House chief of staff hasn’t been thrilled with the activist wing of his party, starting with its demands for swift, big government-oriented action — and punctuated by its decision to provide little political support for what has amounted to swift, big government action. Remember, it was Emanuel who pushed internally for a smaller health care bill and other, Clinton-style efforts to keep independent-minded voters happy. He lost, of course. But it made plain his preference for a political strategy that excites more than the Netroots Nation crowd. If the House falls, looks for a flood of bring-in-Bill-from-the-bullpen stories.

When Robert Gibbs coined the memorable put-down “professional left” — his reference to the liberal chattering class — he wasn’t speaking just for himself. Obama aides are mystified and irritated by how ungrateful the progressive base has been with its constant carping about Obama in the face of the most far-reaching legislative accomplishments since President Franklin D. Roosevelt."

So Usual Suspects, is it Pres Obama or the Professional Left that blew it?

Puget Sound for the Usual Suspects...

Oh yeah, forgot to tell ya that Chucks, KS, and myself will be chomping on popcorn and swigging some beer on Nov 2nd.


So you're for our president's 100% tax break for new equipment purchases?

MoterCity Man

About the Politico copy and paste post by Puget sound;
VandeHei and Allen wrote one of two big things will happen: then they go on to disparage the Democrats if they fail this election season, the number one of the two. The two never address what will happen if the “Republicans will blow the biggest advantages an out-of-power party has enjoyed since Watergate” the second of the two. This obvious inconsistency shows their bias. But as posted by Puget Sound the noticeable contradiction was left out. See the article yourself. It’s bad enough to quote biased articles, but to mischaracterize said articles is beyond stupid.


Well, that;s our sputsie. Never found a cut-and-paste that he could source anyway. Hmm . . . it was probably part of an talking-point email sent to him. That may explain most of his cut-and-paste expertise.


Fascinating scenario of blame games from Politico. No matter how it turns out, there will be a lot of blaming going down starting November 3rd.

My bet is that the Democrats will hold on to the Senate and Murray will narrowly defeat her opponent.

Puget Sound for the Usual Suspects...

that's our joanie, still missing the point after all these years...

the article clearly references -as usual- where i got the article. but of course, your 'skimming' method once again leads you astray.
do you ever wonder how much you really miss out on by not taking a little care in what you read and instead just posting away with no regard for form or substance.

Puget Sound for the Usual Suspects...

My bet is that the Democrats will hold on to the Senate and Murray will narrowly defeat her opponent.

Posted by: KS | September 08, 2010 at 09:09 PM

That very well could be, KS. I am hoping that Dino will be a little more aggressive in his campaign.
But even if the Dems hold on to the Senate, it won't be by much. AND, given that when they an overwhelming majority in the Senate they couldn't do much with it anyway the Repubs should be able to pick off a blue dog or two to join in votes to go along with the House.
The Blue Dogs will make a calculation that 2012 will be coming soon and seeing the departure of so many Dems will make 'em wary.

Puget Sound for the Usual Suspects...

hey motor-mouth

I was only excerpting parts of the article to make a point that when this election comes down in Nov that amongst the Dems there will be a huge blame game between the whitehouse and the party.

not sure how you missed that point.

Puget Sound  for motor-mouth

are you not agreeing that the dems will be having a huge blame game once this 2010 election is over?

i'll wait for your answer. unless of course your one of these one post wonders who pop up to support one of the usual suspects and then scampers away.


Until I see a change in his campaign (using Steve Schmidt or the infamously failed McCain campaign as an advisor), Rossi does not inspire much confidence right now, as he is letting Murray frame the debate.

Puts- motermouth is contrarian by nature. Peel back the onion skin and you get a rozkat - get my drift ? Redneck Lib is another one to watch - he's either be ADD or drug addled with an artistic slant on the world.

As for Joanie, she and Prez BO are both adept at missing the point. Their ideological slant and narcissism gets in the way - in ways that differ, but they are similarly anarchists. (the usual suspects like to follow the pied pipers at MSLSD).


should read:
(using Steve Schmidt OF the infamously failed McCain campaign as an advisor),

Redneck Lib is another one to watch - he's either ADD or drug addled with an artistic slant on the world.


It appears that after being "lied to" Terry Jones says that the Koran burning may not be canceled.

My first question: How are we letting this knucklehead control the national media narrative?

My second question: When has book burning ever worked out? It's only a tool used by dictators and other imbeciles to censor.

This man has exceeded his 15 minutes of fame. Time to cut him off from his life blood--attention.

Puget Sound

i hate to say it, but that ass-wipe 'rev' fred phelps (the one with the congregation that protests military funerals) is horning in on the act.
looks like he wants to burn a Koran and get in the 'attention act.'

don't forget, these two pay no taxes...


1) Because the national media is so f'ing stupid and that goes for all of the networks - not just Fox News - for the leftwing haters. They should not have exposed the dumb shit in the first place. The news media is killing us with their reckless and irresponsible reporting - hope you're all happy...

2) Better to hear about a book burning after the fact. Now there are copycats wanting to do this. The imam is a liar - no big surprise.

The other asanine thing is that there is no leadership here. The City could have stopped the Mosque from being built there if they wanted to, but not after it became political. Bloomberg and Obama look like a bunch of politically correct doormats and Osama Bin Laden is probably LHAO.

Both building the Mosque next to Ground Zero and burning Quran's are lawful, but bad judgment.


It's not 'next' to "ground zero" as stated infinitely, as there are several other mosques within walking distance of the former World Trade Center and lumping some nut case burning books to a community center sponsored by a religious group is a huge stretch.


600 feet is "next" to Ground Zero - I am familiar enough with that area to know. Other mosques are not that close and you don't appreciate the symbolic nature of this.

Huge stretch- Not really - they are both bad judgments - the book burning is stupider while the Mosque is a slap in the face to this country, where a majority do not want this to happen or the Great Satan, as Bin Laden refers to this country from this Imam, who has ties to radical Islam (he is the problem, not the religion).

I don't want to see that Mosque there, because I see the geopolitical ramifications - 20-30 years down the road, Islam would have a clearer path to expand here like in France - study the birth rates here and of the Moslems and see how much they are increasing in numbers, and look what has happened in France, the UK and other European Countries and it's getting worse. When it comes to public opinion, I am in the majority. What happens will happen, but I do hope neither happen - If the Mosque is built there, there will be Quran burning - the hatred is obvious - don't pretend it's not...


" If the Mosque is built there, there will be Quran burning - the hatred is obvious - don't pretend it's not... "

Sounds like you and handlebar mustache need to team up


Ecoil - that is asanine - get a grip.. you have a problem handling the truth ?


Okay, if you say so...


actually here..


i hate to say it, but...

If you hate to say something, then don't say it.

you don't appreciate the symbolic nature of this.

Symbols? What symbols? Muslims died at Ground Zero, too. Perhaps it is you who do not appreciate the symbolic nature of this. Fixed News sure has its way with you. Baa baa baa.

Those of us on the left stand by the principles upon which this country was founded. People selling fear does not leave us shaking in our boots nor hating people nor "appreciating" disregarding the Constitution. That may be because we choose to live our lives and let others live theirs. Now that's a new idea.


Nice try, ecoli. I'd bet that most of those signs were from leftwing infiltrators who want to make the Tea party look bad in a loathesome way.

If you want to keep showing them off, have at it, but realize that many are seeing through the gimmickry of the liberal progressives and they can are being turned back against your buddies.


they can AND are being turned back against your buddies.


" I'd bet that most of those signs were from leftwing infiltrators who want to make the Tea party look bad in a loathesome way."

Yes, your paranoid statements about infiltrators speaks legions about the tea party. Keep betting, Rand Paul.


What are you smokin ? I don't think so - the Tea Party will not be a 3rd party and they have some goofballs - but the generalizations you try to make are baseless and unprovable. The only people who are paranoid about the Tea Party are the GOP and maybe they have something to do with the Democrats who are going to lose in November and there will be many. BTW- the infiltrators are well documented so I'll stand by it with evidence. It doesn't matter, the Dem majorities will largely be toast thanks to the arrogance and assholiness of the Democratic Party in Congress.

So, keep living in your bubble and drinking the MSNBC kool aid and believing their half truths that they spew - it's your choice, as its America. BTW, the latest poll showed Rand Paul ahead of his Democrat opponent 55-40 percent. Sure, I'll bet he will win in that case. I won't bet on Sharon Angle though - a mediocre candidate.

MoterCity Man

“… but the generalizations you try to make are baseless and unprovable.”
Posted by: KS | September 09, 2010 at 10:45 PM

Coiler didn’t have a generalization. It was a picture of a Teabagger with a nutty sign. We’ve been seeing them for at least two years now with no push back from the crowd in attendance. There is solid proof of that. The only baseless comment is from you, “leftwing infiltrators who want to make the Tea party look bad”. Whether they left wing extremist, right wing extremist or Teabaggers that can’t spell; the Teabaggers rally around the questionable signs and pose for pictures. They copy the signs in hopes to draw more attention, and yes they look pretty bad in the effort.

Anyhow, it seems Coiler has nothing to prove unless you want to see more Teabagger insanity. If you refute the baggers commonality with the sign carriers then show us the proof. Where are the videos of the Baggers booing the signs you find so regretful. And no one believes Wing nut daily or because KS says so.


Motermouth - Prove it...

Puget Sound

oh KS, now you have done it.

just watch 'motormouth' take the trail well worn by the usual suspect brethren as it does the ol seattle scamper...

MoterCity Man

Prove what?


I never get tired of watching this


He claims to have a MASTER'S in COMMUNICATION. Not a degree though...


Maybe he trained to be a translator for the hearing impaired like Garrett Morris.

Puget Sound

yeah, good stuff.
of course, i like watching this fellow when he goes off prompter.



or here

MoterCity Man

Hey PU, what are you asking me to prove? Looks like you scampered off like the unusual character you are.


Good article on Patty Murray, Andrew. What was your personal impression?

Dr. Zook

There may be a new occurrence of ODS witch manifest itself in oral erotic imagery. Having it crammed down ones throat is a thinly veiled metaphor for 'Have your way with me'. This new occurrence of ODS leaves the sufferer with little understanding of logic or memory of the past. This is why they cannot comprehend the damage of the Bush years. Instead, all they can perceive is the big black mamba choking them instead. Except Rush who stated "that we have to bend over, grab the ankles”, he is not looking for the choking of course. We intend to fight this disorder for as long as there infected Americans. If you or one of you loved ones suffer from ODS, please let us know by flying the flag outside your home or sticker on your car. If you have an extreme case, please attach a tea bag to your hat so we can recognize you.

Thank you
Dr. Zook


Are you referring to Orbital Dysfunctional Syndrome or Opposition Defiance Syndrome?

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