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September 17, 2010



Hmmm perhaps Mr. Suits should polish his resume'?

Puget Sound

stop your whining, sparky.
mr suits will be around a long time to come on seattle radio.
don't blame him because your bland wanna be hosts like reagan flame out.

The Anti-Dori

Someone poke a hole in your inflated ego, PS? Or do you just not know the meaning of the term whining?

Perhaps this is another case of projection. Seems to be rampant on the right.

Romainian Pink

Allen Prell. Where are you?


I'd love to see KOMO have the local shows and KVI have the national shows.
Thought the same thing before about KIRO having the local shows and letting KTTH have the nationals.
I really should just replace the Program Directors at all of the above stations and fix everything properly.
PDs never get what I like in place enough for my taste.
And I'm right...
All of the time.


I don't get the headline. Carlson was reassigned by his employer to a different job. I'm sure he didn't quit anything, although he may have asked for the move when he realized that KOMO might bring him some live listeners.


My first vote is for Dennis Miller, where he was about a year ago at this time - one comedic and cerebral dude. My second vote would be for Nasty Neal Boortz - that will piss off a number of lib progs - too bad.

I wish there were other choices besides KIRO and KVI for hot talk, but Seattle is a mediocre market. KPTK is for hate talk.


Seemed obvious that Carlson didn't "quit"...
Just had his solo show moved from 570 on the dial to 1000 and a different time.
Sad to lose the commentators, but hopefully there will be better all around listening with KOMO doing more shows.
It would be great to have Dennis Miller back on KVI.
The few hours in the middle of the night are better than nothing, but yeah...
Bring back his full show in the day.
Neal Boortz would really shake the rafters of Seattle radio.
I don't think we'll be that lucky.

Just sayin

Conservative talk radio is drying up. It is getting old and blowing away. I've been reading this blog for 5 yrs and there is almost nothing for it to talk about any more. John and Ken have a no-cut contract. That's why they're still there. Don't know for sure, but my guess is that Suits has one too. See what happens when these contracts end. It'll be Kirby Wilbur all over again. I hate to say it but Ron & Don are more the future of radio talk. Bryan Suits will always have a place in Settle radio? Where would he go if he lost his job at KVI? Spinning platters somewhere?


If KVI would re-format its programming around Lars Larson, Mike Siegel, and Alan Colmes, then they would have a chance, but neither KVI nor Bonneville has any interest in broadcasting these shows live, and incompetent station managers have fired Siegel over and over and over.
Salem should buy KVI and move their business programming over there, and sell KKOL to whoever owns Fox Sports 1380, who could then do a simulcast.


KS, if KPTK is for "Hate Talk" does that make KVI and KTTH for "Racist Talk" and "Political Assassination Talk"?


does that make KVI and KTTH for "Racist Talk" and "Political Assassination Talk"?

Posted by: OSK | September 18, 2010 at 03:00 PM

Not unless you are an extremist - are you ? It would be fair to say that KVI and KTTH are anti-liberal progressive talk. KPTK is hate talk (for the ruling class) against Republicans and the TEA party and those who oppose the liberal progressive big government agenda..

Puget Sound

the real 'assassination' and 'hate' talk come from shows like Malloy and Rhodes.
and you know that's true...

Puget Sound

Hey, looks like the Dems are onbaord to extend those Bush Tax Cuts after all.
damn, i was hoping they would go 'full walter mondale' and let 'em expire. you'll recall mondale ran against ronald reagan and promised to raise taxes. how'd that work out?


Poor Carlson. This is what? The 4th time he's flipped between KVI and KOMO in as many years? Hope he keeps the call letters on a card in front of him so he can remember who he's shilling for.



Limbaugh (KTTH):
1) http://newsone.com/nation/casey-gane-mccalla/top-10-racist-limbaugh-quotes/

2) "I want Obama to fail..."

Levin (KVI):

Beck (KTTH):
Way too many to count.

I will agree that Malloy often goes over the top but no more than Levin (why does Levin need to scream all the time?).


!) Most or all of these quotes were puposely taken out of context by the far left in an attempt to smear him.
2 More people agree with this now than not. How is that hate talk ? It's opinion. Wanda Sykes said she hoped Rush would die of kidney failure back in 2009 - I'd call that hate talk

- I don't trust Media matters - they are a left wing extremist smear site - they write out of context.

I don't listen to Levin - he was a Bush-bot.


I didn't say Hate Talk, you did. I said racist and probably should have said bigot. How can you not see that in Limbaugh and Beck's statements? Every quote was taken out of context? Very weak argument.

"I want him to fail" is not hate talk it is political assassination and could incite potential violence by the more rabid of his listenrs.


Every quote was taken out of context? Very weak argument.

"I want him to fail" is not hate talk it is political assassination and could incite potential violence by the more rabid of his listenrs.

Posted by: OSK | September 19, 2010 at 04:36 PM

I stand by that assessment, and if you don't agree - then bring on the plaguerized video clips. It won't be a weak argument, when the sunlight of truth scrubs away the distortions.

When we have soft tyrannical government ruling class in power, and by the way - the correct quote was: I hope his policies fail... He has a right to say it and more people now agree with that statement than side with you. If Obama changed his policies, these quotes would go away. If not, they aren't going away.

What statements by Beck do you criticize ?
I doubt if you will get them right, certainly not if you quote the Daily KOS, Huff Post or Media Matters.

Puget Sound

you nailed it, KS
it's such a ph(J)oanie argument.
you know that mike malloy or randi rhodes weren't walking around in 2001 saying things like they hoped that Bush's policies would succeed.

looks like rush will get what he wants come 2010.

i thought it was interesting the way the dem's tried to twist it as if limbaugh wanted america to fail.

no, he wanted the democratic policies to fail. and they have. now we'll have some new policies. policies that will have interesting changes such as making the legislature actually read the bills they are passing. the nancy 'we'll read 'em later' pelosi way of doing things is about to change.

Rush Limbaugh

No, I really did say it

Puget Sound

it's so cute the way sparkles post under different names. but lets all play along...

Putsie: Johnny One-Man Army

Play along what? Does your woman know you're still here?


Sparkles and OSK - you are a couple of pinheads for purposely misinterpreting the quote by Limbaugh out of context. You have exposed yourselves too many times.

And that's why many of your candidates will get their nuts crushed in November, followed by Obamski in 2012. It will be hard not to gloat...

Steven I Szabo

Good riddance. Carlson was a Repubic, party elite type and his support of Mike Castle showed this. I know this outraged many listeners and his type need not apply with real Conservatives. He is better off on Komo with the liberals.


"you'll recall mondale ran against ronald reagan and promised to raise taxes. how'd that work out?"

Reagan won...and then ended up raising taxes. What was your point?

William J Harrison

Since Boston's hilarious Howie Carr is only syndicated in the Northeast, my guess would be that KVI is preparing to bring Mr. Borders, Culture, and Language Savage in from San Francisco since the Morman's replaced him with that dimwitted boring hack Texas Gibson.


Very helpful many thanks.

Nancy Aune

John Carlson, Brian Suits, Hannity, Laura Ingram...they are the best. KVI you are a loser of a station. Who wants to listen to oldies ALL DAY???? Why don't you retire and sell the station to someone who can take it into the 21st century!! Talk radio is educating, enlightening and gives WE THE PEOPLE an informative stance on the news with the opportunity to decide! Ken Schram gives me a headache with his language, conceited attitude and Messiah-like personality. (Who does that remind you of.) And he's your competition?????? 570 is no longer a programmed station in my car.

Lonely in Olympia

I jumped in my truck today to go to the doctor. Turned on KVI so I could listen to Hannity and got Oldies instead. What a bunch of crap. I can get music on 100 different stations, but could only get conservative talk on two. Who is going to pick up the slack?


Move to Centralia. You can listen to KELA and KITI..and what they don't provide you can get from The Crankicle newspaper.

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