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August 26, 2010



"I hope he fails."


This is like Reagan going to Bitburg


Dr Alveda King , MLK's niece is speaking at th Glenn Beck event. I wonder what she will have to say.
Of course, we need to bypass the fact that it was all of those bigoted southern Democrats that gave rise to the need for Dr Kings movement.
You may continue to blame us, but it was your people that fucked over black people, from government jobs to the KKK, Democrats all.


Beck knows exactly what he is doing. He knows this is all about entertainment and publicity and the more you and others write and talk it up, the happier he is going to the bank. I don't think he one way or the other. I personally don't care for his radio show since he talks too much to his producer on air and takes too few calls, but he has got this thing figured out and is milking it for every dollar. He's on the Web, he has a best seller, he has a TV show, he has a radio show...What does BW have? A web page.


Beck has a bullseye on his back, no doubt. Interesting tidbit about Dr. Alveda King being a speaker at this event. That lends credibility to it right there. Al Sharpton has a dueling event celebrating the 40th anniversay of the "I have a dream" speech by Dr. King. So what, this is America !

Yep, the Democratics have suppressed the advancement of African-Americans under the guise of "We are the guvmint and we are here to help you" and indebt you to them by introducing the welfare state. Thus, began the great cluster-schtook...


Dixiecrats like Reagan 'democrats' turned more conservative if not full-on right wing after the Great Society and the Civil rights legislation.

They didn't stay in the democratic party nor were they liberal.

Strom Thurmond switched parties. He wasn't a liberal, but he liked chasing tail enough that the GOP never told us he fathered a black child, as if that made him more redeemable. It did not, he was still the ornery old bastard of the south and people, white males who still dreamed of a segregated south. I'm sure he still liked fucking over black people, (your words).

Read your history Sherlock, about how the south changed parties, which was an anti republican vote during and after Reconstruction as they were the party that was in power during and after the "Woar of Norhern Ahhgression" The democratic party never endorsed the KKK, nor were the 3 civil rights workers killed in Mississippi likely to vote republican.

It was a democratic president and his AG that sent federal marshal's to kick some Dixie-ass back then and you know it Chucks, just throw out labels and misleading info is your shtick.

Did your RV people volunteer it's time helping the Urban League?


your history is half-baked, ecoli. You leave out the fact that Al Gore's Dad voted against the Civil Rights Act in 1964 and it was the GOP that helped it pass. When did Strom Thurmond become a Republican ? Oh yes, there was also Robert "Sheets" Byrd a Democrat and former KKK member.

Your credibility is still in the sewer. The Democrats have divisively worked to dupe the blacks into believing they are helping them. The welfare state and unsustainable skyrocketing unfunded liabilities brought to us by the Democratics has brought our economy to its knees. Damn those facts - they keep getting in the way !


You work for the welfare state KS, stop being a sanctimonious ass.

Byrd renounced his past association while Thurmond and later, Trent Lott continued to praise the policies of the white south.

You're also wrong about the economy, the recession started in 2007 along with the stock market crash of Sept 08.

Do you still hate gumbmint work?


Once again, you are being a simplistic, self-loathing jackass. BTW - I work for local government and not the Federal Guvmint - the real culprits. There is a big difference - local governments are required to have balanced budgets, while Fed Guvmint is not.

When did Byrd renouce his association with Thurmond, when he became a Republican ? Lott did not praise policies of the white south.
He only praised Thurmond on his 100th B-day and used a poor choice of words and the rest is history. What is your point besides trying to defend the pro-slavery party aka the Democratic Party with half-truths ?

You were correct about only one thing - that the recession started in late 2007 - one more time today and you'll equal a stopped clock.

Evelyn Sykes

I would love to see a Palin/Beck ticket in 2012.

blathering michael

Me too!


That may seem to be the only hope the Dems have.

Puget Sound  for E-Coili Andrew et al

For the Usual Suspects:

"Between the time of the Civil War and the death of Martin Luthor King, Jr., the Democrat Party advocated government discrimination between individuals based on skin color, and the Republican Party opposed them.
Since the death of Martin Luther King, the Democrat Party has advocated government discrimination between individuals based on skin color, and the Republican Party has opposed them.
As the old saying goes: the more things change, the more Democrats stay the same."


It seems the freepers are confusing Alevda King with the late Coretta Scott King. This lends no more credibility to this event than would speakers from Project 21. I'm more likely to trust MLK's son, MLK III (http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2010/08/24/AR2010082405003.html), than his niece. Nothing like cashing in on a relative just for the sake of cashing in on a relative; not to mention giving cover to these nuts that want to take the country back to a time before civil rights legislation.


Alveda King is the niece of the late Dr. Martin Luther King. The Democratics just want to keep brainwashing the black community into making them believe they want to empower them, but they really want to lull them into selling their souls to the welfare state in Obama's America.

Ms. King is seen as the threat the Black Caucus, the NAACP, Shirley Sherrod and all of the other African American racists, because she dare speaks the truth. She deserves a profile in courage.


because she dares TO speak the truth.

Puget Sound

yep, right there with the ward connally, clarence thomas, dr thomas sowell, condi rice, juan williams to name just a few.

Puget Sound for sweet Baby E-Coli...

here is something that is coming...

the 'investigations'

From Politico...won't see this in Daily Kos


Agreed. I'd add Larry Elder snd JC Watts to that list.


In a way, its sad to hear about potential investigations, but they are necessary to hit the ruling class with for their overreaching tactics and soft tyranny. If this were Venezuela, Russia, Iran or any other totaltarian regime - this stuff could be swept under the rug, but this is still the USA.

This is a constitutional republic where the constitution has been mutilated and issued last rights, by the so-called Progressive vermin who have desired to tamper with it and make it living document ever since the days of Woodrow Wilson. Our swelling debt and governmental corruption and internal rotting of the culture will be difficult to reverse. The time is drawing near to bring it on...

Puget Sound for sweet Baby E-Coli...

i agree, i do hope that the investigations will be tempered with cool judgement.

it is a good corrective for those gov't officials thatthat over reach or are corrupt.

at any rate, anything that makes e-coli wet himself can't be all bad.

besides, it will be instructive to andrew to see how the constitution works.


The American people won't rally behind GOP lawmakers who would do nothing except go on partisan fishing expeditions (and fellate the wealthiest 3 percent) should they re-take congress (which they won't). You extremist wingnuts suffer an unabated delusion that your little hate fantasies are shared by a vast percentage of the public.

Motercity Man

Dr. Alveda King being a speaker at this event. That lends credibility to it right there.
Posted by: KS | August 27, 2010 at 08:33 AM

That means there was a lack of credibility before she signed up. What is so incredible about this woman that she makes the un-credible credible?


Good point. A niece somehow is more entitled to the King legacy than the immediate family? Her shtick is anti-abortion and other than the last name, we don't know if what she states tomorrow is what the good Rev had in mind.


She's estranged from the rest of the King family. She's a rightwing radical who once called gay marriage "genocide". But admittedly, she does have a "Dr." in front of her name. Is that why you find her credible KS?


She is the white sheep of the current living family. Her uncle, Martin would have been proud of her. Provide the source of your allegations, tigsnort, but it had better be a believable source (i won't hold my breath)..Really, you guys need to pull your heads out of your butts and watch something besides MSLSD - because you sound like ignorant idjits.

KKKoiler is itching to play the race card again and tigsnort wants to go on a hate-filled rant at the right wing because he is intolerant and a closed minded pinko progressive dweeb.


"Her uncle, Martin would have been proud of her"

Like Scientology, these are claims worth looking into.

You're also still mentioning butts and asses.

Motercity Man

Here in Martin Luther King County we share the pride in a black person moving up in the political power structure. Like Steele, I hope you like what you get.

“white sheep”, KS? Here’s a person involved in the depths of race baiting and not conscious of the fact. They to keep clam KS, the horse squeeze is oozing from your head.


I think Steele should be fired, BTW regardless of what the Republicans do in November.

Horse squeeze and butts - nice fixation. Instead of Scientology, just check Media Matters or the Daily KOS for their hate-filled bullcrap and it will give you the conspiracy theory you want and your head will pop like a huge zit.

Oh yeah, LMAO...

Motercity Man

OMG, KS, conspiracy theory? You have no idea I’m writing of you. gawd your precious…dip.


Watched Glenn's Biblepalooza on cSpan..Elmer Gantry.


I'm just throwing it back at ya, Motormouth. I was writing about you. All hat and no cattle..

I read that there were about 100K -as predicted at the Restoring Honor gathering - where did you get biblepalooza, sparkles ? Are you a Christophobe ?


“white sheep”, KS? Here’s a person involved in the depths of race baiting and not conscious of the fact.

Posted by: Motercity Man | August 27, 2010 at 10:01 PM

re: Alveda King - Still waiting for any credible evidence of that allegation.


KS, if you had watched Glenn give his speech you would get the analogy.


I take that back...the character of Elmer Gantry was charismatic.


Or Lonesome Rhodes from "A Face in the Crowd".

Puget Sound

re: Alveda King - Still waiting for any credible evidence of that allegation.

Posted by: KS | August 28, 2010 at 12:10 PM

just another empty suit poster. they come, toss some needed support to the Usual Suspects, and when asked to give some facts they pull the old 'Seattle Two-Step' never to be heard from again.

Roz, M Steele, Drew, Redmond Lib, Seattle Liberal, Joanie's Teacher Aide, etc etc etc

Kind of funny how that never happens on the other side. hmmmm.


yep - they are the most fickle and vile type of supporters - funny how they all flock to the usual suspects. They fall for that too, just like they fall for the screed on MSLSD, Media Matters, Daily Kos (to name a few) and the left wing talkers. Says something unflattering about their intellect. To them I say, see ya, wouldn't want to be ya...

tsk tsk...


Or Lonesome Rhodes from "A Face in the Crowd".

Posted by: Coiler | August 28, 2010 at 02:36 PM

Credible estimates indicate that there were 200,000 to 300,000 faces in that crowd.

Puget Sound

could an Olby, Rhodes, or Malloy draw that kind of crowd?
Of course, per Andrew given that it is not supportive of Pres Obama's policies the crowd must be a racist.

And dontcha know some pinhead from the left will infiltrate the crowd and hold up a placard with a mispelling or make a racist comment that can then be falsely attributed to the entire crowd.
We all recall that school teacher from the Portland Area who got nailed for doing just that.

As Krauthammer points out, 'it's all they got.'

Puget Sound

In terms of the Usual Suspects, the problem they run into is the difficulty in drawing a rational conclusion from an irrational premise; I’ve tried, KS has tried, and Lord knows that Nevets and Duff have tried. The latter two have given up and this Blog is the poorer for their loss.
Suffice it to say that the Usual Suspects prefer to live in a land of illusion where realities don’t hold a candle to an obsessive broad brush view that to disagree with them means you can't be acting in good faith. It's an emotional response.

Puget Sound--65 Days Left

“The Big Difference” Between 2010 and 1994 “Is Me,” President Obama Says, Per Democratic Congressman Berry

Rep. Marion Berry, D-Ark., fears that these midterm elections are going to go the way of the 1994 midterms, when Democrats lost control of the House after a failed health care reform effort.

But, Berry told the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, the White House does not share his concerns.

“They just don’t seem to give it any credibility at all,” Berry said. “They just kept telling us how good it was going to be. The president himself, when that was brought up in one group, said, ‘Well, the big difference here and in ’94 was you’ve got me.’ We’re going to see how much difference that makes now.”

SEE, Fear Not Usual Suspects. All is well. That isn't an iceberg we just hit so go back to your cabins and await further instructions. We'll take care of it. Don't mind us unlashing the lifeboats. Nothing to see here, just move along.
Not to worry. All is calm.

65 days until the Mid Term Election.
65 days until we say 'see ya' to Speaker Pelosi and 'howdy' (hopefully) to Speaker Ryan. (okay okay, I know that the old Congress term has to run out to January and that it will likely be Boehner not Ryan, but one can dream eh?)

LMAO--E-coli, that rumble in your tummy is not from sampling your cooking. It's the mother of all malox moments.

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