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August 17, 2010



Pro-job? For whom?


The KRKO towers are standing once again.


Pro-CEO jobs that pay bonuses in the millions.
Too bad you don't have cable, joanie..CNBC is interesting to watch from the standpoint of how clueless they are about the smaller investor. Anything that suggests a break for the taxpayer is routinely sneered at. One guy on the floor of the stock exchange was screaming at a panelist who said he liked the idea of the Government buying treasury bonds. He was livid.
My mom watches it every day when she is here, and I sometimes I ask her to turn off the sound because she just wants to track the Dow, oil, gold, and her individual investments.

Puget Sound

An illustration of the Logic used by the Usual Suspects:

A psychiatrist was consulted by a patient -let's call him Andrew- with a very peculiar delusion. Andrew was convinced that he was dead, and nothing could be done to dissuade him of this. The psychiatrist tried to reason with Andrew. "Tell me", he said, "do dead men bleed ? " "No, of course not ! " cried Andrew. "That is a stupid question ! " The psychiatrist pricked Andrew’s finger with a needle, and a drop of blood appeared. "And what do you conclude from that ? " asked the psychiatrist. Andrew paused for a few seconds to examine the wound. "Obviously I was wrong", he murmured quietly. "Dead men do bleed…"


If anyone out there can figure out sputs' point, have at it.

Puget Sound

well, as one of the usual suspects you would probably not recognize yourself.
truth be told, i should have used you as the illustration but that was too damn obvious. your posts are illustrative enough.

Puget Sound

the usual suspects, such as you or sparkles, are so enclosed in their world of make-believe (it's not a mosque! totally ignoring the context), that there is absolutely nothing a reasonable person can say to help you see things differently.

look, they have the right to put the mosque/cultural center there.
in fact pretty close to is is another mosque.
i have been by there on foot.
it is a very modest one and has been there for a long time.

it's about context.


I would say that PS is just a little prick wanting to to be a psychiatrist

Puget Sound

wow, we sure have a case of 'transference' going on there, Rich.


The media outlets mentioned above, except Bloomberg are conservative leaning media outlets and there are more liberal leaning media outlets than conservative ones. It would be interesting and provide a true perspective if donations to the two political parties for all media outlets were shown. Just sayin'

Puget Sound

hey KS, don't forget to add in the pro bono work done by the folks at Journo-List...

KS for the usual suspects

Case closed !


No comments here about the last of the combat troops leaving Iraq--several months early. A major promise kept. Now, to get the rest of them out of Afghanistan.

Puget Sound

Thankfully, Pres Bush went forward with the Surge while lesser lights such as then Senator Obama, Reid, Biden, Kerry, et al voted against it.

Case Closed!!

Puget Sound

Hey E-Coiler, check this out:

" If Republicans win the House this fall, Rep. Darrell Issa will wield the majority’s sharpest investigative tool: the subpoena pen.

“Cabinet officers, assistant secretaries, directors — I will be able to take on everybody that the president hires and relies upon; the people who tell him that everything is fine,” pledges Issa, the ranking member of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, in an interview with National Review Online.
For months, Issa, a California Republican, has been delving into allegations of bureaucratic abuse and political foul play, prepping for the committee chairmanship should the chance come. A relentless critic of the Obama administration, he frequently takes to cable news to highlight his growing pile of files. Everything from the alleged job offers made to Democratic candidates by White House emissaries, to the private-sector ties of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, has caught his eye.

Prodding Democrats for answers, of course, has brought him both notoriety and enemies. The New York Times, for example, calls him President Obama’s “Annoyer-in-Chief.” Issa shrugs off Democrats’ displeasure. In fact, he says that he enjoys tangling with the administration and its flacks. But subpoena power, he notes, will make a “big difference” between annoying the administration and “holding its feet to the fire.”

“You will get oversight where now you don’t,” Issa observes. “[In the minority,] I try to create public awareness about my questions so that I can try to get at least partial answers. Without press coverage, however, it is hard to get heat onto members. Theadministration often simply does not respond.” With subpoena power, the stakes change. Republicans, he predicts, “may not have to use it, but when [investigative targets] know that you can, it makes them attempt to give you an answer.”

Rep. Dan Burton, the Indiana Republican who chaired the oversight committee during the Clinton years, says if Issa becomes chairman, his investigations will most likely face intense opposition. “From my past experience, I know that [White House chief-of-staff] Rahm Emanuel, in particular, will do whatever is necessary to put pressure on the chairman,” he says. “[Emanuel] was part of a group in the Clinton White House that looked into everything that I had done since I was in high school to try and get me off of Clinton’s back. If [Issa] is aggressive — as I’m sure he will be — he should be prepared to get hit.”

Burton, who issued more than 1,000 subpoenas during his chairmanship, has high hopes for Issa. “It is extremely important to make sure that nothing questionable is going on in the executive branch and in government agencies,” he says. “Issa, who I think is very thoughtful and forceful, will likely do whatever is necessary as chairman to make sure that oversight is carried out. In that sense, he is a lot like I was: Unwilling to back down even when people threaten you.”

If he wins the chairmanship, Issa will be able to hire a slew of investigators. He says he hopes to build a team with a “healthy lack of respect, if you will, for bureaucrats. . . . I want them to assume that bureaucrats will always paint a rosy picture and to dig deep. . . . I’d look for the kind of people — talented attorneys and other investigators — who have the skills to do the research and find the failures in government.”


Polluted Sound, the public saw the abuse of the subpoena was used after the election system failed the right wing. Why not have a umm

You know



Puget Sound

oh they'll be a platform. it will be full of Dems getting ready to politically 'swing' for their crimes.

grab some popcorn chucks, ks, duff, nevets, et al. it will be a great time...


We need to empty the cockroaches out of congress - most of them are Democratics and let Waters and Rangel be justly punished for their scams and frauds. It would serve the best interest of this country that liberal progressives get their nuts crushed on November 2 for the legislative and economic damage they have inflicted.

Going back to before Nov. 2008 would be an improvement over what there is now. It was the $700 B TARP (which has been repaid - all except for $50B that staved off a depression, while the Porkulus ($787 B) may have stabilized the economy some, but also extended the recession, that will further extended in 2011 when higher taxes for Health care and Fed taxes kick in.

Puget Sound

sunlight, KS, is the best disinfectant.
no more of the nancy pelosi 'we gotta pass the bill so we can read it' legislation.

Puget Sound

More reason to cheer:

" The advice from Democratic consultants and strategists is almost unanimous: Run away from the president, and fast. A prominent Democratic pollster is circulating a survey that shows George W. Bush is 6 points more popular than President Obama in “Frontline” districts — seats held by Democrats that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee sees as most vulnerable to Republican takeover. That Bush is more popular than Obama in Democratic-held seats is cause for outright fear. …

“He is a walking radioactive disaster,” one senior Democratic operative said of the president. But any effort to seriously distance oneself from Obama is dangerous for an incumbent; go too hard against the president and voters think the candidate is faking it."


Obama has morphed into Jimmy Carter and after January, he'll be viewed as more like Nixon with the need for damage control. The WH came out with their damage control and claimed BHO is a Christian after seeing the latest polls that found almost 1/4 of those polled believed he is a Muslim, up from 11% back in 2009. Look for more damage control a la Nixon-Watergate in the coming year.

Speaking of cockroaches, Pelosi, the most toxic one of all is cruising for a demotion - former speaker of the house after Jan 2011 ?

Puget Sound

The whole Joe Sestak affair has not been looked into yet. What did Rahm know, and when did he know it regarding offers to candidates to step out of races in return for certain inducements.
Pres Clinton has already strayed a bit off the reservation on that one.

Congressman Issa has made clear that he wants to look into that come Jan 2011.


Typically, as they did with Clinton, the Republicans would make sure that none of the country's business would get done, while they "investigated" their wet-dreams. Apparently that is something you do quite often, Puget Sound.


I smell revisionist history here...

That Clinton hangover has caused angst among the Dems for a long time. If he hadn't lied under oath, like Roger Clemens also did - there should have been no case.

It caused the left to be stuck on investigating Bush/Cheney for war crimes after they regained control of congress in 2006. There was a movement afoot to impeach and imprison them even after they were out of office. Talk about wet dreams of the moonbat left.


Right.Typically, you try to deflect the actions of the Right onto the left. Bush and Cheney skated because President Obama chose the route that would attempt to get something accomplished instead of spending 4 years chasing after crooks from the former Administration.

You feast on gossip and rumor. Your "movement afoot" never materialized.


Palin's jaxkass boy, defeated Clint Didier, now making threats that ifRossi doesn't agree to a list of positions, including a caveman, anti-abortion stance, he won't throw his voter's support to Rossi. Talk about an irrelevant, jumped-up little fart who thinks he's a big deal.......


That's a good observation comcaster, putz tries to derail a debate or conversation by hanging it up on technicality, or formality, or extraneous circumstances, anything to avoid "progress". It's what republicans do. It's the reason Rep. Weiner was so upset in that youtube video. But is this a surpise? If your political philosophy is to let business go unchecked, then freezing public discourse would be a very effective means of getting what you ulimately want. They long for the good old days when people had to work 80 hour work weeks in dangerous conditions and there was no "big bad government" to demand worker's rights.


You feast on gossip and rumor. Your "movement afoot" never materialized.

Posted by: Comcaster | August 20, 2010 at 12:33 PM

What's good for the goose is good for the gander - that's all I said. You didn't really say anything, except make a bogus claim about Obama, who is as much a race hustler as Jesse Jackson and if anything goes wrong - he blames Bush, which is wearing thin. What he wishes to accomplish along with Pelosi & Reid is to implement a Statist agenda, which may be to your liking but not to a majority of us. November 2 is 10 weeks away.

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