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August 13, 2010



0 comments so far on Stephanie Miller is gay but 10 comments on John Curley farting. What is the world cominbg to. Fodd luck to Stephanie.


Besides Fodd luck to Stephanie, also good luck to Stephanie. My fingers have failed me.


All female radio personalities are gay even if they don't know it yet. I saw this and thought it was obvious day.


The important thing is that she is happy!


Good. maybe she'll stop that "mama sez' crap that should earn her a figurative kick in the puss


She has been out for years to her family and friends,,but had not told her audience, mostly because of nervous program executives who were afraid of the "effect" it would have on her show. Pff,,

Hope this doesn't ruin her career like Ellen DeGeneris, Rachel Maddow, and Melissa Ethridge. :)


Say what you like about Stephanie, Kent, David Postman or AM1090, but I can aasure you, the Showare Center is NOT "an obscure shopping mall." Here's the proof:


They even have "Disney on Ice" on Nov. 10!


More power to her !


It's amazing that any celebrity can keep it a secret. It's probably because most of us don't care.

This seems like another ho-hum. Good for her but no big deal. Enjoy your life, Stephanie, however you wish to live it.

Puget Sound

maybe she'll now ask why president obama's administration has been weak on equal rights for gays and lesbians.

Jason Andersen

OMFG I have loved Steph for the longesttime, and I am not stupid; I am also a gay dude who has occasional girl-crushes...anyways, I'd had no fucking clue, and there are others who have been involved with show who I was pretty certain were gay...I guess it's that gay guys and gay girls are kinda polar opposite in a lot of thought... processes...dunno why I had no clue...except that I also can play str8, if you will 'bout as good as her...did not start to come out till age 30 and I am not a public figure. I am sooooooo proud of Steph!!!!!!!!!!!! And she still sounds have ways dead-apnned serious when she talks about her naughty sexy about Sean Hannity....she is good!

Jason Andersen

"have ways" != "half-ways" :-)

Jason Andersen

If I had bet money before yesterday, I would have been sure that she was kinda "cougar-type" maybe into 2 or 3 romances per year w/ hot young dudes...never thought she was a total slut like she likes to joke...but that is how I'd read her. Shows you that anybody could be gay, and it's especially incumbent on those of us who neighbors, co-workers, colleagues, etc., would prolly never have clue...for us to come out really says something...by the way, "gay" is just an immutable orientation that prolly <10% of people are born with...always been that way and always will...iot's not contagious!


Jason. Why are there no gays in Iran?


Chux: Why are there no women in Djibouti?

I've attended a couple AM1090 forums and I'll be there tonight.
S. Miller is always inundated with audience questions from guys who want to "date" her. Tonight, perhaps, it will be women who ask for dates, or maybe we will be spared references to her "hotness" entirely...


What happened to the women of Djibouti? Did they tire of being chattel to the Djibouti boys? Is it something the French did?

Dr. Remulac

She is still horrible on radio.


No gays in Iran?

Ah, chux, you're always good for a laugh. Ignorance is bliss and you prove it every day.


Chux, you misunderstand so much about other cultures and people. And it is because you really don't have any sources other than the propagandist Fixed News.

You and KS have mentioned that one reason we're working in Afghanistan and Iraq is because of the way they treat women. I don't you don't think it is the whole reason buy you've posted it. Well, see it from another point of view: There has been much discussion, as well as misunderstanding, of the Time magazine cover photo of the Afghan woman who had her nose cut off by the Taliban. The purported object lesson is clear: If we leave Afghanistan now, this is what will happen. The woman had tried to run away from her abusive husband, and this was her punishment. Despite the torrent of bad news about the war, Time would have us believe this is the choice we face. But that is a comic-book version of Afghanistan.

The reality is even more disturbing: The repressive and misogynistic forces the picture depicts are the very ones now being bolstered by U.S. policy.

How could this be? To understand Afghanistan, it is necessary to understand that the key fissure in the society's slow evolution towards modernity is not tribal, nor ethnic, but country versus city. And here, America's historical role in the region has had a disastrous effect on Afghanistan's women.

Why don't you read the whole thing and then talk to us.

Umm, this is about women and Stephanie is a gay woman who faces American disrespect from people like chucks so bear with please?

Puget Sound

"Why don't you read the whole thing and then talk to us.
Umm, this is about women and Stephanie is a gay woman who faces American disrespect from people like chucks so bear with please?

Posted by: joanie | August 14, 2010 at 05:43 PM"

ph(J)oanie, carrying on imaginary conversations so you don't have to since 2004...
obviously, chucks was making a salient point using sarcasm by quoting through inference the iranian president who infamously asserted that there are no gay people in iran. if he meant, 'gay as in happy' that may be right...otherwise he is a fool.

btw, this afghanistan war was the 'good war' that pres obama ran on.

he won't leave. he can't even close down Gitmo...pres obama is a one termer that will be dragged down by investigations post november. he'll be forced to move to the center -so he'll be abandoning the left base- to get anything done.

this pres won't even end 'don't ask don't tell' or renounce his vote against gay marriage.

c'mon pres obama, put down the teleprompter and lead.

Funi Gai

One thing about Stephanie, she's got a bigger penis that Curly or Dori. Well, Dori does have a bigger penis - it was in his mouth last night.


"You and KS have mentioned that one reason we're working in Afghanistan and Iraq is because of the way they treat women."

Stop smoking crack, Joanie. I never said anything about that. I am leaning toward us getting out of Afghanistan and Iraq unless we change our approach and terms of engagement. Everything Obama Administration touches seems to turn to shit. I am beginning to believe that this is serving more as recruiting more terrorists. We have to stop be the policemen of the world, besides the fact we cannot afford it like the neo-cons seemed to believe.


Yes, you've use it in your posts. Granted, not for a long time - cause we haven't talked about it for along time - but both of you have done it.

Puget Sound

too funny, joanie is defending a war mongering president.
take big ed's advice, and sit out the nov election to give the Dem's a lesson!

Puget Sound

still dancing around it, oh ph(J)oanie when is Pres Obama gonna close that Gitmo like he promised!

well, at least he has established great relations with russia. oh wait, russia just announced they will be helping iran go nuclear.

well, at least our president can 'talk' with iran and make them see the light. you know, pres obama did win a noble peace prize before he served a month in office. oh wait, the pres of iran thinks obama is weak and ineffectual.

well, at least he kept unemployment under 8 percent. oh wait, it's running over ten.

well, at least he can do some executive action and end 'don't ask, don't tell.' oh wait, he don't believe in that.

so what the hell CAN this pres do? besides give great prompter?

a one termer. if you are lucky.

Puget Sound

one of the usual suspects favorites. of course, he was one of the 'journolist' types. anyway, catch this:
"Liberal blogger Matt Yglesias likes to call his political opponents “dishonest,” but in a revealing exchange on the website Twitter Friday he advocated lying for political purposes.

“Fighting dishonesty with dishonesty is sometimes the right thing for advocates to do, yes,” said Yglesias."

something the usual suspects can believe in, eh ph(J)oanie?


Frank Shiers had some guy on friday, an eyewitness to the state trooper crash, and at the end of the interview the guy complained aabout some negative words made on apparently a newspaper website by commenters about his remarks to the press. Frank jumped in, seeing a chance to put down bloggers, and trotted out his dreary old crapola about how bloggers are just 40 year old kids sitting in mom's basement with dirty hair. He's been repeatign this exact same crap for years, word for word. Dude, get some new material. It's obvious that the many spot on anti-Frank comments made here on Blatherwatch have really struck a nerve with Shiera. Criticism of things like his recent claiming that "disespected" is not a word, or his ridiculously harsh "one hour of tv a week" rule for his daughter. sorry,Frank. You can't rationalize all criticism of you made here with that tired old "mom's basement" garbage. haha Frank.ya putz.


just a FYI Frank ( hi Frank i know you read our blogs every day) i am on the ground floor and i don't type on a 10 year old Dell with Windows 2000 installed. i am currently posting my anti-Frank missives from my ground floor room, on a brand new Compaq Presario with a brand new Hannspree 22" monitor and brand new Altec Lansing speakers. Haha Frank.


Windows 7 Home Premium, Frank.


By the way Frank why not show some guts, and engage us here in person from time to time, just like Bryan Suits does, instead of whining about us over and over on your stupid cliche-driven radio show. OK i guess that's too much to expect from a sort like you, but at least get some new material. Not another mom's basement/dirty hair cheap shot Frank. Bitch, pleeeze.

Puget Sound

And IF Pres Obama becomes a 1 term President which road will he take?
Will it be the high road taken by Bush Sr, staying largely out of the limelight, engaged in charity work, and not second guessing the President OR will it be the low road taken by that failure, Jimmy Carter. Constant carping and whining with periodic anti-semitic actions...
I hope it will be the high road.
We'll see.


You can't talk about low roads without mentioning Dick Cheney, and lets be honest, GW only keeps quiet becuase Republican poll numbers drop whenever he's so much as mentioned, let alone seen or heard.


He was voted third worst President by historians. But he's retiring wealthier which was probably his goal.


He was voted third worst President by historians. But he's retiring wealthier which was probably his goal.

Posted by: joanie | August 14, 2010 at 09:37 PM

GW Bush was a disappointment, but in different ways the left claim he was - a little common ground, but not much (war and the bank bailouts, but not the spending - it was not enough for the liberal progressives on domestic). His book that will hit the bookstores in October, will probably not help the GOP - so his sense of timing is all screwed up and that's why I do not want to see any more Bush's run for POTUS.

Dick Cheney's distant cousin of Kenyan descent is doing one helluva job since taking over for Bush 43.

The UK Telegraph seems to report the facts more objectively that a majority of the American media outlets


I went to the Showare center tonight because I live in Seattle...it is not an obsure shopping mall it is a Hockey Center and they use it for other Venues....

It was a good evening and Stephanie talked about being gay and coming out.


With all of the bigoted and vulgar idiocy I've seen from many people of American descent, it's laughable that anyone would still bring up ethnic descent up as if it were something of importance. Maybe if being strictly of American descent also meant that you were learned and a constitutional scholar we'd be getting somewhere, but lately the opposite has been more the case. More often than not, foreigners here on a work visa trying to get a green card know more about our laws, our history, our foreign presence and our constitution than most natural born citizens. If only you birthers and assorted right wing ding bats weren't so ill-informed in comparison to these fine people you denigrate, we just might take you seriously. Please. Just stop thinking and see to your trivial jobs. You're embarrassing us.

Puget Sound

so says the fellow who runs the french fry machine...

andrew, have you ever 'lived' outside of this country? not visited, such as going up to Vancouver for a few hours.

which foreign countries have you actually lived?

Puget Sound

You can't talk about low roads without mentioning Dick Cheney, and lets be honest, GW only keeps quiet becuase Republican poll numbers drop whenever he's so much as mentioned, let alone seen or heard.

Posted by: Andrew | August 14, 2010 at 09:27 PM

Andoof, i referred to Bush Sr. We had another President Bush. His name was George Herbert Walker Bush. The topic was one term presidents. The hints were Bush Sr and one term Presidents. Try and keep up, pumpkin.

Not to be confused with his son, George W Bush. The father, was a one term President. Hence the comparison between him, Carter another one termer, and this likely one termer, Pres Obama.

GW Bush was a two-term President. BTW, he is actually becoming more popular and may soon pass up Pres Obama. Being President is hard. President Obama is finding that out. It's so easy to be candidate Obama, touring the country, giving great 'prompter. Can't vote 'present' as your President. LMAO

He'll be lucky to be as successful as Pres GW Bush and even make it to a second term.

Puget Sound

GW only keeps quiet becuase Republican poll numbers drop whenever he's so much as mentioned, let alone seen or heard.

Posted by: Andrew | August 14, 2010 at 09:27 PM

Hey, why is it that Democrats are running away from Pres Obama? The only ones to greet Pres Obama on his visit to Texas were Republicans. All the political Dems ran away with other 'pressing commitments.' LMAO

Puget Sound

specific question for andrew,since joanie is afraid or unable to grasp it's importance.

why is it that even Glenn Beck get's it that gay marriage is not a 'threat.'
why is it that Bill O'Reilly supports the end of 'Don't ask, Don't tell.'

Yet this Democratic President won't support Gay Marriage -he voted as a Senator supporting the horrible Defense of Marriage Act- and won't end 'Don't ask, Don't tell.'

C'mon. What is Pres Obama afraid of? He's not getting 'votes' from those opposed to him cause of it. All they do, the Beck's and O'Reily crowd is mock him for weakness.

(take deep breath, assume a Keith Olberman voice 'special comment tone' ie going full Ted Baxter):

"Pres Obama, sir, stop voting 'present', sir, and start leading on this issue,sir, that impacts America, sir."

if not now, when? jeez. my friend from California who is impacted directly by this issue in California puts it nicely:
"In 2008, a year in which we had a 'change election' for progressives this same crowd voted for Prop 8. many of these voters that put this over the top were not the holly rollers as they were going to vote for this anyway on Biblical grounds. Ok, I get it. But not enough to win. It was the minority voters -the ones who flocked to put Obama over the top- the ones that presumably understand the history of oppression of the majority yet had no problem taking away my rights. Fast forward 2 years. The court has overturned Prop 8 --no thanks to Obama's administration even though the Gov of Cali refused to defend it.

So I have Glenn Beck, Bill O'Reilly, and a Republican Governor that support Gay rights and a liberal Democratic President that is against it."


Valid points you bring up, PutS. However, that pales in significance to what Prez BO stated on Friday evening; that he supports the Imams of the building of Mosque in NYC beside Ground Zero.

It would not be that much of a stretch to conclude from his actions that Obama apparently supports Sharria law in the United States, as it is known that with the Islamization of America, that Sharria law comes with the territory - a poison to feminists. It seems that he is too obtuse and inexperienced to be able to connect the dots. He, the community organizer in-chief, an ideologue has already made some bad calculations when it comes to foreign policy and this one is the WORST...


"It would not be that much of a stretch to conclude from his actions that Obama apparently supports Sharria law in the United States, as it is known that with the Islamization of America, that Sharria law comes with the territory"

Good one!

Puget Sound


Here is my take: Although I try to be respectful of all religion, I am not one who is part of any organized religion.

I clearly think it is hurtful/hypocritical/thumbing-their nose-action on the part of the Imams to want to build the Mosque so close to the 911 site.

YET, I think they have the right to do so if the zoning permits it.

Mayor Bloomberg (I know, he is a RINO of the first order) but he gave cover to Pres Obama when he came out last week also in support of the right of the Imams to do so.

Of course, we'll see who wants to build it for 'em.

But Pres Obama takes a dangerous political stand on behalf of them but will not be similarly courageous on behalf of gays and lesbians. Wow, when even Beck and O'Reilly get it...and this Tele-prompter In Chief passes the buck.

No doubt it is Bush's fault. Can't wait for that blame game to happen.

Pres Obama from the Oval Office:

"Ladies and Gentleman, I only wish that Pres Bush had dealt with this whole Mosque situation more (teleprompter goes out) ...ah...ah...err....umm...hem...haw...let me repeat...err...umm (at this point tele-prompter comes back to life)...yes... forthrightly. Yet again, Pres Bush left it to me to deal with these difficult issues."


OK, I'm guilty as charged of what Sparkles, Ph(J)oanie and the other usual suspects do here - exaggerating the ramifications of one action. (We have checks and balances that would prevent this, but the door for the Islamization of the USA has been opened wider)

However, I stand by what I said below;
"He, the community organizer in-chief, an ideologue has already made some bad calculations when it comes to foreign policy and this one is the WORST..."

WORST politically... the Dems are running away from this and see this as becoming an election issue almost as much as the economy. Bloomberg is Mr PC mayor with zero tolerance and no principles.

Puget Sound

I caught what you were doing. Just using their technique to illustrate an absurdity.
That the usual suspects don't get it, just makes it funnier.
As always, Spot On!


KS..you get extra points for being honest. I disagree that the Dems are running away from it though. There is still an inordinate number of them who embrace his decisions. Joanie has already spoken about those of us who wish he was as liberal as how he campaigned. The discouragement is that he has not followed up on the most liberal stances. McCain was not an option. Voting for a Republican candidate is not an option.
But right now, Republican members of Congress are polling far lower than Obama, so November is not a given outcome for them. If you look at individual state polls, Dems are doing well.

And I ask again, why does nobody mind that Muslims gather at the Pentagon to worship?

To get back on topic of this thread, I will be interested to hear how the program went last night, and the reception that Stephanie Miller got. I hope the other panelists got to talk..lol.


Isn't it Randi that tends to hog the Mike? She can talk. Stephanie gets a little quiet.

And KS, the mosque isn't "next door" but a couple of blocks away from what I've read. You need to be accurate.

And as a Jew, Bloomberg understands very well the intolerance suffered by people of other faiths. Good for him for standing up for one of our basic rights: freedom of religion.

I wonder that you as a Conservative aren't standing up for that same principle?


Some of us understand the tradition of Muslims of building Mosques at the sites of victory's and conquests.
The radicals may have taken down the WTC but they have yet to be victorious. To allow them that propaganda tool is foolish.


Tradition? Show me how you know that? Are you saying they can't have a mosque anywhere in New York City? How close is "at the site?" Show me your source for all this expertise on mosques and muslims.

Sparky, you think we'll hear from chux again today? I'm sure his always available stand-in will try to cover for him but I think chux will probably go out for beer with his other unemployed pals from the RV Sales lot.


"But right now, Republican members of Congress are polling far lower than Obama, so November is not a given outcome for them. If you look at individual state polls, Dems are doing well."

Posted by: sparky | August 15, 2010 at 10:37 AM

I have not heard this before. What poll gave you that information ? I know that the generic GOP is ahead of the generic Dems for November by 4.5% according to Real Clear Politics, which shows a composite of all polls, so that debunks part of your theory.

The state polls are independent of the National polls - I haven't seen those either, except for the US Senate race. I will bet you that Republicans win more seats than the Dems in this election. It probably won't be enough to switch control of the State Legislature.

As for the Mosque issue, like it or not - its a political football and a majority of Americans are opposed to it - perception is reality. I disagree that Bloomberg has any principles. It is all about the location of the Mosque and the Imams were not willing to relocate and Bloomberg and Obama capitulated - principles ?
Oh yes, no need for them - it was Bush's fault.

The issue that is going to bite the Dems in the ars in the elections is the way Congress and the White House has ruled against the will of the people in; the Stinulus (Porkulus), Government run-health care and Financial reform and the attempt at Cap and Tax that is waiting in the wings (all of these are payoffs in one form or another to unions, the environmental fascist lobby, and large corporations). Only two things I can recall that have sided with the public consensus' Cash for clunkers, and the use of drones in Pakistan to eradicate Al-Qaeda, but even that has become controversial.

Now back to your scheduled discussion on the gayness of one Stephanie Miller.

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