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August 02, 2010



Ironic that fiscal conservatives and small business owners are frequently the ones who claim they struggle financially despite earning $100k a year, and then try to make up some bullshit about how 100k isn't really 100k? They're total bullshitters.

Dino R.

i just got off work, waxing floors at the Space Needle......


sparky, did you see this from Anthony Weiner? We need more of this. Ed was great today. He's hammering BP, Wall street and the administration. And his numbers are growing.


Here's an op-ed by Weiner explaining his outburst which I think was just fine. That got some play. Usually it's the rethugs that get the play. Not this time.
Lovin' it

Puget Sound

Ironic that fiscal conservatives and small business owners are frequently the ones who claim they struggle financially despite earning $100k a year, and then try to make up some bullshit about how 100k isn't really 100k? They're total bullshitters.

Posted by: Andrew | August 04, 2010 at 01:12 PM

You don't elevate yourself by dragging down others to your level.
If you are unhappy with your current salary situation why don't you employ some self-help here and avail yourself of one of the fine universities in the Puget Sound.

Puget Sound

Big Ed is also advocating that Dems sit out this Mid Term election.
Hopefully many will follow his advice...


Of course the Republican that your Weiner was screaming at had voted for the bill in question. But really now, who gives a shit about facts?
Do you know what was in the bill that was being discussed (?) by the screaming meme? Do you know why it was objectionable to the right? How was it being paid for? Was it another bill to be paid by our grand kids?

Puget Sound

spot on Chucks

Hey Sparkles, whilst you were away we had little of the fake posting action.
Not saying you did anything, it was just a nice change. Let's keep it going, eh?
I guess coils didn't figure out your hiding spot to the keys of the phoney-poster machine...(under the 'Impeach Bush' doormat no doubt) LMAO


And neither you nor chuck have said a single word or thought in your stupid responses to merit even reading them. But, that is the norm for both of you

You were given a chance to show what you know yesterday and you failed the challenge. You don't get many chances to for an audience so I guess we now know that you really are an empty suit.

Of course, it isn't surprising that chuckles asks questions that he can't answer. Yes. I know precisely the answers to all the them. And if you did, you say so. But even if I tell you, you'll just slink away as you usually do when you're caught with your pants down and nothing to show for it. You really never have a response for intelligent talk. If you can't do the blah blah blah thingy, you're come up empty.

And, so begins the same stupid, idiotic, bullying that sputs does so well. And the blah blah from behind just for good measure. If you had anything to offer, neither of you would do that.

Sparky, yesterday we gave sputs the chance to show us some real intelligence and all he could come up with was an income table and a whine that the tax code is a mess. Now that was news. Zero. Nothing else. You didn't miss a thing.


Was it another bill to be paid by out grandkids? How can you be unembarrassed by your ignorance? You're not even ashamed not to know what your talking about most of the time. Unbelievable.


The tax code is the playground for accountants. No wonder they want to repeal the thousands of pages that harm their rich butt buddies.

Puget Sound

lets just go to a flat tax.


Oh sure. This idiot can continue to make a ton off reducing or eliminating corporate taxes and keep all his money.

Instead of America, we'll just call it Wild Kingdom where it is survival of the luckiest. A stupid jerk who serves the slimiest in society and who hates the ninety percent who really work for a living.


your logic amazes me. Evidently Joanie is clueless how a flat or fair tax would work, but it must be bad because its a change from the current mediocrity and oppression we have now. It is more efficient and will produce more revenue and people will pay their fair share - which they don't now. The mortgage deduction may be a sore point though, but its time for the discussion and debate to start again.

The Democratics will whine and squeal about any change to the tax code because there is a big kickback from their slimy lawyer lobbyist cohorts who would hurt if they didn't have a convoluted tax code to defend. Accountants would hurt temporarily, but they aren't as resistant to that change as lawyers;Puts pretty much said that, and Democratics, who are well on their way to finishing the job of running this country into the ground.

Puget Sound

agreed KS
tax accountants or tax lawyers will find something to make a good living off of.
anyone who is willing to deal in the field of taxation on a serious basis -and i am not talking about the fellows who crank out your basic 1040's- can use those same analytical talents elsewhere.

please, repeal the tax code. simplify it to the back of a postcard. it would be one of the greatest boons to our economy.

tax compliance is an onerous drain on corporations.


pretty much? What does that mean?

I guess klueless is ok with any tax that doesn't stick it to him. Keep that mortgage deduction until I get my house paid off please.

You're disgusting.

And you expose yourself: those poor corporations. Must be hard finding new ways to avoid taxes. Maybe they should lobby for a few more breaks, subsidies and they can always move another subsidiary to the Caimen Islands. Oh, they're already there . . . so sorry.

Yep. Mortgage deductions for klueless and flat taxes for the top 10 percent. Screw everybody else.

They're Republicans alright. Corrupt as hell but good for Swiss bankers.


"Keep that mortgage deduction until I get my house paid off please.

You're disgusting.

And you expose yourself: those poor corporations. Must be hard finding new ways to avoid taxes. Maybe they should lobby for a few more breaks, subsidies and they can always move another subsidiary to the Caimen Islands. Oh, they're already there . . . so sorry."

Posted by: joanie | August 04, 2010 at 09:33 PM

You are a dim bulb Ph(J)oanie and your reading comprehension sucks. I didn't advocate the mortgage deduction - I don't want it. I said it was a sore point from past attempts at the flat tax that I did not support at the time, but things need to be debated. BTW- it is spelled Cayman Islands.

What is this garbage about corporations - if someone supports a free-market economy, they are pro-corporation ? WTF ? Anti-corporations means corporations under Guvmint control - if it walks like socialist (statist), quacks like a socialist and smells like a socialist, it sure as hell is one aka a progressive-corporatist.

You'd rather keep the regressive tax code because of your paranoia about Republicans promoting a new idea, even though tax breaks are abhorrent now and would largely disappear if the tax code were repealed and replaced. American ingenuity has become obsolete thanks to control-freak attitudes like yours. Liberalism is a mental disorder....

Puget Sound

Lets see if she'll do more than flap her gums:

JOANIE, walk the walk. you love to tell others what to do with their property and go holier than thou on taxes. You have two homes. setting aside the fact that you are leaving a hefty carbon footprint, why not allow a homeless family to live in one of them?



puts - Joanie and ecoli and the other usual suspects, like typical liberal progressives are unable to connect the dots. Their dumbed-down ideology gets in the way along with their paranoia about self-sufficiency - as they drink from the trough of progressive pap and propaganda. That's why their iik are referred to as useful idiots.

Jason Andersen

I am curious if any of you inside baseball-type radio people could guesstimate what she was being paid at KVI. And that is not at all to say that low wages are an excuse to steal from your employer, but often when people are in abusive work place situations they resort to less than ethical behavior toward their employers. Jeez just having to be a young good looking blonde girl and getting ogled by likes of Kirby Wilbur and Bryan Suits couldn't have made going to work ideal.


don't forget Carleen Johnson - she wanted to run the place.

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