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August 02, 2010



Let's see, $14K at 50 bucks a months means she'll have it paid off when she turns fifty.

All for a measly grand and prizes. Hope it was worth it Ms. Keeley.


She's a little hottie... she doesn't look like a crack whore, I could forgive her.


Your smear tactics, Hood, have gone too far once again. Fisher Broadcasting has been found to be a victim of this crime, not a perpetrator of it. Your insinuations that KVI was at fault or trying to profit by Keeley's crime is libelous if Fisher ever cared to pursue it. You've hurt so many people over the years, it's a wonder no one has sued you thus far.
Your motives are transparent, everybody knows you carry a personal grudge because Fisher fired your daughter a few years back.


There's no smear here. Find one sentence that isn't objective. One. It is almost entirely quotes.


If she's a conservative, I'm going to give up following politics. Wonder what she thinks of the imagration law?


You know, I had to go back and reread the post to see just where Michael blamed Fisher or KVI for the crime. I can't find anything that can remotely be construed that way. Nothing. Instead, we have a quote from the P-I describing the sentence (including a quote from the perp expressing her remorse), a quote from the victim saying they were victimized, and, uh, that's it.

Seems to me lukobe has much more of an agenda here than Hood.


lukobe, what the hell are you talking about? This is a straight-up wire-service writeup. Your criticism is insane.

Anyway, the little monster did it, hot or not. Just goes to show you should never let hotness be your guide.


Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is truly hot, or if good hair and makeup just do them wonders. Holds true for both genders. Reserve judgement, that's all I'm sayin.


whether she's a conservative or not or a hottie, she looks like a little snotnose. That trumps the other qualities.

Puget Sound

Sometimes it's hard to tell if someone is truly hot, or if good hair and makeup just do them wonders. Holds true for both genders. Reserve judgement, that's all I'm sayin.

Posted by: Andrew | August 02, 2010 at 10:13 PM

That's the voice of experience and I'll defer to him.
No doubt all that time running the Wendy's Drive-Thru Window and being fooled by the image of the person ordering the food and then pulling up to the front to pay for same has led Andrew to that sage comment.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour 2009

However he got the experience to acquire such sage advice, Putz, he, at least, has some to offer (as opposed to the "cut-and-paste" bumper-sticker mentality you display).

Puget Sound

hey GB,nice to see you back from 'vacation'
anyway, by any name i am just glad you and i agree about Andrews Fast Food experience.


Suits called Obama "America's first beta male president" yestwerdY, so i guess that makes Suits a "beta" talkhost since he was invited to join the bigtime (L.A. talkradio) and he found out that he couldn't hang down there, and had to come running home. haha Bryan.


like Monson , who delighted in playing us the tape of the taser victim, screaming, over and over, Suits enjoys hearing clips of people in great pain. He just played a tape of a guy rolling down a mopuntain, breaking bones in his leg or legs as he did so. He says he "can't get enough of it". Funny, I didn't find myself chortling, chuckling and horselaughing to beat the band when I listened ot the clip. Actually, i wasn't laughing at all. But that's just me.


Conservatives always insist that their calls for self-reliance and tax cuts aren't motivated by a desire to keep more for themselves, but then you always see them behaving in a wildly selfish manner, laughing at the misfortunes of others.

Limbaugh wiggling around in order to mock a well known actor with parkinson's. Dori referring to the down and out as "human garbage". Michael Savage hoping that (someone he thought to be a gay man) would get aids and die. Conservatives have a pattern of tactlessness and wanton disregard for the plight of others. It's symptomatic of a selfishness that lies at the core of their person, and their political ideology. The ugly side of humanity manifests itself in conservatism.

Puget Sound

imagine that, people want to keep more of the money they earn...

wait til you earn some andrew, you will be surprised at how your perspective will change.

it's basic human behavior that if you want to curb or discourage an action you tax it. if that doesn't work as a disincentive then why do we tax cigarettes? because we want less smoking.
by punitively taxing those who earn more, you are similarly curbing their motivation to earn more.

as to other nonsense, we can post ugly behavior from liberals as well as conservatives. it has little to do with tax policy.


If you earned good money you'd realize that society played a big role in helping you earn than money, and if you were a decent person you would appreciate the need to return that which you had borrowed from all the people around you who you would at that point be out-earning. I know you don't earn anything to speak of because your perception of wealth is imaginary.

Why am I hard pressed to think of a liberal radio host wishes aids upon gays, or ridicules the homeless, or mocks the disabled?

Even your screed about "keeping more of what you earn" drips with selfish intent. Some conservatives try to hide it, but you.. you're like a caricature of yourself.


The ugly side of humanity manifests itself in conservatism.

That's an astute observation, Andrew. While not obviously true one hundred percent of the time, your observation seems to be born out generally. Didn't Michael post an interesting column on serial killers sometime ago? "Ugly." So fitting.

I think you missed the point, sputs. Again.

Puget Sound

andrew, i am not a rich person but generally max out my ssn witholding tax around september. for the rest of the year i don't have that 6.5% tax on me and it makes a difference.

as to giving back, by allowing people to keep more it puts them in a position to give back to who you want.

if you don't think you pay enough tax, i can arrange for you to give a greater percentage to uncle sugar. the bureau of public debt is always open to donations if you want to make a lump sum. the gov't will appreciate your selfless actions.

not sure about how on point is joanie's rant on serial killers.


As a lower income person I don't expect you to pay higher taxes. The progressive tax code is your friend.

Paying taxes is not about personal generousity, on the contrary, it's about giving back to society that which you take from it every day.

The problem with letting rich people "give to who they want" is that they don't reinvest in the community that underpins their wealth, they spend the money in ways that only benefits themselves. Rather than a public park for everyone, they buy themselves a pool. Rather than improve public transport, they buy an Italian sports car. Rather than improve education, they extend their vacation in Europe. Fewer homeless shelters, more trips to Nordstrom.

This is why conservative economic policy always results in a bloated upper class and a diminished middle class. Yes, trickle down economics work, but note the key word "trickle". We're not talking about a waterfall.


Bill Gates Sr. has a reasonable plan to put a state income tax on only very high income residents of Washington , to correct the regressive nature of out taxing system in this state, which relies on sales tax. Our Bryan Suits, recently run out of L.A., and cocooned back home now, apparently feels very thretened by old man Gates' plan. Instead of debating the proposed tax on it's merits, he plays cuts from Gates' speech and Q and A session concerning the tax.....he thinks the way the old guy speaks is really funny and worth mocking and ridiculing. As i said before, the joke is really on him since old man Gates is surely worth 200 times Suits net worth.....haha Bryan, the jokes on you...


FYI - Old man Gates's plan is a stupid and devious one as he is playing PT Barnum here. Suits is 100% correct in his assessment. Gates Sr.wants the camels nose to go under the tent and by the way, Gates Sr. does most of his work for State Government.

If passed, the tax levels would have to remain in place for 2 years. After that - as the saying goes "Katy bar the door". The long range plan is that everyone will be paying the income tax along with the sales tax, which will come back and above the current level. If you doubt that, check the tax history of all states that have both a state income and a sales tax - you can start with California.

The state guvmint will tax us more than ever before and guvmint will continue to grow. The politicians are addicted to big guvmint and they'd like the voters to enable them. Gates Sr. is worth ridiculing because he is not telling the truth, when he explains the so-called benefits (which would last only 2 years and he never mentions it) for this tax. However, he does a fine job at turd polishing.

The joke is on everyone if this pig in a poke passes and I'll be moving out of WA a few years after that :(

Puget Sound

kind of funny how you misunderstand about ssn taxes...

oh well, the progressive tax system devolves into a system of write offs for special interests, allows lobbyist to bath congress with money, and subsequently morphs into a tax code that is 44,000 pages long, etc. For those of us in the top ten percent, we pay over 70 percent of the federal taxes. back in the mid 90's i passed the washington state cpa exam and can attest that the tax code is a miserable piece of work.

btw, i always get a kick out of someone who never served a day in the military pontificating about a duty of service. what exactly have you done in service of your country? seriously.


Which tax code are you talking about? The federal one or WA state's? Or both?

This is something you know about. You said you're not rich but then you say "for those of us in the top ten percent" - so what is it?

What does he "misunderstant" about ssn taxes?

And the rich can only consume so much so they're not even buying more pools and cars. They are putting their money into equities. Big ongoing government case currently over Swiss numbered bank accounts and rich Americans which have multiplied over the past few years.

I don't really understand your post, PS. Why not post more clearly and with more information. I'd like to know.


BTW, the top ten percent should pay seventy percent of the taxes. They've been the most empowered. Do you really think janitors work less hard than RV salesmen?

It isn't the progressive nature of the tax code but the corrupt nature of the people writing it. So, you correct that by taking more from the poor and middle income people?


The Democratics lie continuously about the rich not paying their fair share of taxes. It's the 47% of the population who didn't pay Federal taxes this year who are not paying their fair share. BTW, the richest 10% who make approximately 50% of the income pay just over 60% of the taxes and that's a fact.

Every time I hear tax the rich, get conditioned to saying "Class warfare" and LIES to manipulate the welfare vote and keep them as serfs and diminish incentive. However, what is never stated is that the wealthier people create most of the jobs and the more they are taxed, the fewer people they will hire and the higher the unemployment rate - simple economics, except the Democratics never want you to know that - even though that is a proven fact.

What really needs to happen is to scrap the current tax code and start over. The political will is lacking though. Sadly, it will probably happen about when pigs fly.

Puget Sound

you can be in the top ten percent and not be rich.

Ian Tippet

Bush's Congress wrote this law to specifically sunset at this time. Even they didn't think it should go past this date. Why do you know better than they do?


90% of the people make less than you and you don't consider yourself rich? Where does "rich" start for you?

Puget Sound

The latest data is for 2007
AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) look at the chart
Here--compare which group you fall into. remember this is not Gross but Adj Gross Inc


Ian, The reason it went that way was to get Democrat support, as I am certain you remember. Unlike the crooks there now, because of the make up of Congress and Senate, Bush needed Democrat support on all bills. Bush did not have the kind of majority Oblahblah enjoys at any time in his 8 years.
Every law passed was because of Bush getting bi-partisan support.


Bush's Congress wrote this law to specifically sunset at this time. Even they didn't think it should go past this date. Why do you know better than they do?

Posted by: Ian Tippet | August 03, 2010 at 08:48 PM

That's not true. The GOP Senators knew that the only way that it would escape a filibuster from the Dems would be to have it sunset at a future date about 9 years hence. I'd like to see how you picked up that little nugget of misinformation.

Puget Sound

'rich' is in the eye of the beholder. pretty much all of us who live in the united states have higher or richer standards of living then the rest of the world. i know because i have lived in some of those countries courtesy of uncle sugar.
the united states is one place in which you can have a car, an apartment, a computer, and be considered poor.

when i was in the army making $6k a year i always thought if i could make $50k a year i would be 'rich.'

after college, that was my starting salary and it didn't go nearly as far as i had thought it would especially with a family.
if you make $50k, you want to make $60k. if you make $60k you want to make $70k. lather, rinse, repeat...

someone like you, with two homes would be considered quite rich by most objective world standard of living. yet, i bet you don't consider yourself rich.


AGI: I'm in the top fifty percent and so my percentage of taxes so apparently I'm in the 97 percentile.

You know, it's funny chucks how you never answer questions straight on unless you've got a chance to name call and sound like a smart aleck teenager. And wasn't it nice that when the People voted for Bush - not that they really did - the dems respected that vote enough to come to the table and work. Too bad the Rethugs can't be as cordial, honest and follow the will of the voters.

BTW, AGI is rather deceptive. I know people who have inherited great wealth but whose income is rather ordinary. You see, they are living off the interest and dividends of their inheritance.

Poor babies.


Since you're in the top ten percent and this is adjusted gross income, does that mean you have in the vicinity of $10,000 a month to live on? I imagine a mortgage payment and perhaps college tuition but what else? You paying for a yacht?


The upper 10% earn roughly 120k a year. If you're in this bracket and find it difficult to make ends meet then you're either inept, financially reckless, or you're making the whole thing up.

Puget Sound

andrew, the question was what was 'rich' and not a question of being able to make ends meet or even being fiscally sound.

andrew, what is your minimum definition of being rich? would someone making $130k a year be 'rich?'
how about $100k a year?

Puget Sound

BTW, AGI is rather deceptive. I know people who have inherited great wealth but whose income is rather ordinary. You see, they are living off the interest and dividends of their inheritance.

Poor babies.

Posted by: joanie | August 03, 2010 at 09:48 PM

you are conflating 'earned income' with 'passive income.' if you have passive income capable of generating $10k a month that presupposes an asset that is well north of $1.5 million and probably over $2 million to conservatively generate that type of income stream without dissipating the asset.
people who have earned income ie from salary/wages etc that would have that income stopped if they did not work fall into a different category. that would be earned income. many people who have earned income will take a substantial portion of it and invest it in savings/stocks/real estate in hopes of one day having assets capable of generating passive income as described above. but that generally is a long term proposition which requires discipline.

why AGI is more 'deceptive' over Gross Income is an interesting concept that you raise.


And I'd like to know what any of the last few comments have to do with the story at hand...the hotness factor of Ms. Keeley.

Speaking of hotness, I am in mourning as to the loss of one Melody Mendez. Another gorgeous giver of the new leaves Fischer. 'Sniff'....I just can't talk about it right now.


David Stockman just published an op-ed on how Supply-Side economics has failed.

More fundamentally, Mr. McConnell’s stand puts the lie to the Republican pretense that its new monetarist and supply-side doctrines are rooted in its traditional financial philosophy. Republicans used to believe that prosperity depended upon the regular balancing of accounts — in government, in international trade, on the ledgers of central banks and in the financial affairs of private households and businesses, too. But the new catechism, as practiced by Republican policymakers for decades now, has amounted to little more than money printing and deficit finance — vulgar Keynesianism robed in the ideological vestments of the prosperous classes.

This approach has not simply made a mockery of traditional party ideals. It has also led to the serial financial bubbles and Wall Street depredations that have crippled our economy. More specifically, the new policy doctrines have caused four great deformations of the national economy, and modern Republicans have turned a blind eye to each one.

The first of these started when the Nixon administration defaulted on American obligations under the 1944 Bretton Woods agreement to balance our accounts with the world. Now, since we have lived beyond our means as a nation for nearly 40 years, our cumulative current-account deficit — the combined shortfall on our trade in goods, services and income — has reached nearly $8 trillion. That’s borrowed prosperity on an epic scale.


You know, PS, you tend to bullshit. Discipline? or good genes? You don't know. Or luck? As in RV sales. Is a janitor worth less than than an RV salesman? Well, if you use the factor of money to determine, you would say yes. But that is an artificial value.

Labor is labor. Some are lucky - chucks - and some are not. There are only so many RV sales jobs around and even they don't look too attractive these days. So I guess timing has something to do with it.

You operate in a very narrow landscape of your own making.

And of course AGI is more deceptive - I said that so please don't tell me it's even more deceptive. Who cares.

And as for the top five percent vs. the top ten percent? Ya. We get it. That's why we want higher taxes again on the top one percent and corporations. If you're feeling "unrich," imagine how the rest of us feel. But, then, it is always about you and chucks isn't it?

I repeat: Poor babies.

As for klueless, he's still hoping to have a numbered bank account in Switzerland on an engineer's salary. And I bet he's really an engineer's helper. The gray matter just isn't there.

And finally, dear Bill, KVI hotties just don't turn me on. But, I do enjoy your posts and hope you find the answer to your second missing hottie.


Thanks for posting that, coiler. I linked it a few threads ago but I doubt anybody read it. They don't want to hear the truth even from their own side. Did you see Greenspan's DISASTROUS? He's for ending the tax breaks on top earners as well.

And welcome back!


Nothing like a week in the wilderness to rearrange one's priorities.

We value people according to the amount money they make, so it becomes a perpetuating circle. A high salary is not an indication of intelligence, morals or values or even hard work or talent. Money can be inherited, embezzled or stolen. Most importantly, money can disappear overnight, and you left to live with the kind of person you really are.


People like Bill Gates Sr. and Warren Buffet aer as rich as they aer because they are "big" people, with a spirit of goodwill, fairness (toward the regressively taxed lower rung income earners of our state, in Gates case) and generosity . The nasty meanspirited and callous types like Dori and Suits may be able to barely get into the 6 figures, for an income, for a time, but they really don't make the truly big money or amassed fortunes because they are simply small, little men.


Let's get back on track here. Keeley was a hottie, and had some strategically placed tattoos that were always worth a second look.

The oversight on KVI contests was sub-par at best and most contests were thrown together last minute and run by either interns working for free, or bimbo's like the blond pictured above. Fisher management couldn't run a free whorehouse, so the cheaper the labor the better.


Maybe they're "big" because they have really big money. They can give away half their money and still be ultra rich. I heard that on Ross today, too. Didn't Ross say they were planning to leave half their wealth to charity after death?

I think money is like knowledge: it is easy to know just enough to think you know everything; it is easy to have just enough money to know you want more. Those are the people in the top thirty percent. Those of us with really normal incomes are still grateful for what we have, know what it is like to have less and we still struggle when emergencies occur, and can empathize with those who have even less.

Welcome back, Sparky! And well said.


let "the dude " speak fpr himself for christ sakes. speak up, "dude".


Monson boasted to Jeff Ma that he was able to count cards at Vegas casino Blackjack tables successfully, but was just not able to pul off the "act" required to go under the security radar and win millions before being given the bum's rush from security, the way Ma and his M.I.T. Blackjack Team were aBLE TO. Maybe he could count cards- it's his sayso with no proof. A pity for him if what he said is true becsuse this was his one and only chance to make millions. I cant see him staying on the air here more than a couple years more , probably less than thay, the way he's pissing off and embarrassing his "Mormon Masters".


the other day i heard Monson trying to belittle and trivialize syndicated raqdio personality Delilah, and what she does on her show, after he stated ,with an air of complete jealousy, that she had just signed a 10 million dollar radio contract. This is similar to his mocking of Celine Dion some years ago. hey Dori- Winners rock, losers mock.


Thanks, joanie...we had a great time..the weather was cool-ish but mostly sunny..fun to see old friends, and there were a baJillion wildflowers this year. Wish I could bottle the smell of the trees. No problem at the border crossing either!
Taking the train is awesome.

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