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August 19, 2010



I'm concerned that Dems still don't have a defense against the right's scary wedge issue tactics.

Republicans can float along for two years voting no on everything and obstructing unemployment benefits and denying health care for 9-11 responders... then come election day conservatives forget all about that because they're more concerned with mosques near ground zero, or gays getting married, or Mexicans crossing the border and having babies, or the anual War on Christmas. All the important issues of fiscal responsibility and foreign policy become meaningless simply because conservative voters are overly emotional and as easy to manipulate as playdough. Dems haven't come up with any defense against the Republican tactic of scaring their base into the voting booths by using patronizing wedge issues. It's going to happen again and again, and I'm getting tired of it.

Puget Sound

Bla'm, I'll have to defer to you about the monkey sex thing but will address something that is being overlooked. It's on both sides over Gay Rights.

On Gay Rights, you are seeing a sea-change going on among the Repub party.
O'Reilly wants to end Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
Beck is saying Gay Marriage is no threat to America.
Ann Coulter ---Ann 'Freakin' Coulter--is speaking positive on the topic of Gay Rights.

YET, a Dem President with overwhelming DEM majorities runs away from Defense of Marriage votes he made like a scared rabbit and won't seriously address the topic of 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell.'

The Repub Party is no monolithic block that can be thought of as a bunch of Holy Rollers that can be counted on to stay put in a revival tent.
This isn't new, you can read any number of books on the topic about the past when you had the traditional split between religious types that were conservative on social issues and the country club republicans of Rockerfeller/Bush Sr that were fairly liberal on social issues.

If you want to really think about this just remember that the Prop 8 in Cali was voted in only because of the influx of pro Obama Voters in the 2008 election. The Dem Party has a similar split among it's minority voter base that -esp among hispanic and african american supporters- has a strong cultural/religious objection to Gay rights. That's the Dem Party dirty little secret.

Ironic, eh? In Cali, a state that went overwhelmingly for Obama those same minority voters also voted to take away the rights of a minority.

Recall the reaction of Gay Americans to this the day after Pres Obama was elected.


Ann Coulter is on the correct side on the birther and gay issue.

Mike Barer

Ann Coulter is so Clinton administration. I think that the Righties have new heroes now

Puget Sound

Ann Coulter is pro gay rights.
Bill O'Reilly says to end Dont Ask Dont Tell.
Glen Beck says that Gay Marriage is okay with him and no threat.

Yet, Dem Pres Obama with an overwhelming majority of Dems in the Whitehouse will do nothing about Defense of Marriage or end Don't Ask Don't Tell.

He is no leader.

But the Usual Suspects give him a pass since they care little for Gay Rights. How do you all look yourself in the mirror?
What kind of 'liberals' are you?
Why not demand more of our President?

Puget Sound

B'lam, I'll defer to your expertise on the 'fun' of monkey sex.

Here is a tough question. Why is it that Prop 8 won in California? Who voted for it in 2008?
2008 saw record high voter turnout that year in the California Election.

This is the same state that votes deep Blue for Pres Obama yet also went to deny equality to Gays and Lesbians.

Think about this, african americans and hispanics that turned out in record numbers also tend to vote culturally conservative when it comes to Gay and Lesbian issues.

So you have minority groups turning around to disenfranchise another minority group. Hmmmmmm

That's the dirty little secret as to why Prop 8 won.

What say the Usual Suspects to that?


I say its fine with me if you are gay, Putz.


Sparkles -That comment is so gay...

Puget Sound

wow sparkles, back in the 50's you would feel right at home telling a white person who wanted equal rights for blacks, '...so do you want your sister to marry one?'
it's the same kind of slur.

what's so hard about wanting equal rights for gays?

blathering michael

Who cares?, Puts. Basic rights should not be up for popular vote. That's why we have a constitution. It's no secret that blacks (not so much latinos) in general are more homophobic than whites. African Episcopals have split the Church of England over the matter of gay clergy, etc. Thank god for the constitution, a document you conservatives seem bent on maiming lately.

Puget Sound

that's my point, Bla'm
basic rights should not be up for a popular vote.
but it was AND the ones that put it up over the top were african americans and latino voters.
the holy roller base was going to vote for it of course. but it only won because of the huge democratic turnout.
the latino community tends to be catholic and conservative on culture issues.


I am all in favor of you having equal rights. It's the conservatives who are trying to suppress them, not the progressives.

Puget Sound

really, then why is it that the O'Reilly, Beck, and Coulter types are in favor but the so called Progressive Pres with a Dem Congress can't do anything about it?

btw, you should be in favor of all citizens having equal rights.
america, a wonderful country.


Oh yes, the progressives are all about equality - equal income with redistributionist policies where big government rears its ugly head. That is different from equal rights. The civil rights act accentuated equal rights. The progressives claim that conservatives are trying to suppress equal rights, but where is the real evidence to back that up ?

Where was gay marriage covered in the Constitution ? in the Civil Rights Act ? I happen to believe that the Government should stay out of it.


When it comes to maiming the Constitution, no one can take a back seat to the current Administration.

They do selectively use it from time to time; in the case of the proposed Mosque 600' away from Ground Zero. However when it comes to rendering the Arizona Immigration Law ineffectual (unconstitutional meddling - A State issue) and Health Care Reform requiring mandatory purchase of a policy (unconstitutional), they ignore it as much as possible. It all depends how they see themselves benefitting from using it.


You two are just too easy.

KS for the usual suspects

Oh really ! Awaiting your MSNBC talking points, which are seldom if ever vetted. You suspects are like shooting fish in a barrel.


Sparkles - Bring it on, if you wish


"..... the Arizona Immigration Law ineffectual (unconstitutional meddling - A State issue) and Health Care Reform requiring mandatory purchase of a policy (unconstitutional)....Really? When were the rulings on these?


You don't know ?? The ruling is being appealed on the AZ immigration law to a higher court and the HC reform case is awaiting trial...


"Ann Coulter is pro gay rights.
Bill O'Reilly says to end Dont Ask Dont Tell.
Glen Beck says that Gay Marriage is okay with him and no threat."

I guess the Republicans are on record now...what is the holdup?


"Ann Coulter is pro gay rights."

I recall Coulter calling a presidential candidate a faggot. Does she have the same Tourette's as Dr Laura?

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