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July 12, 2010



I've seen some other ventures beg customers for money after their product was originally intended to be free, and fail, but LB is pretty smooth about it. I wonder if he didn't learn the tricks of the trade during his time with NPR. Having said that, if he ever becomes "successful", it will be a lot harder to ask for money. The tens will be like "uh, why don't you give us money?" I've learned in business that customers are forgiving of small, struggling businesses, and openly hostile towards big established ones. In order for his "pay what you can" business model to work, he has to always play the underdog and never let on that he's succeeding. I respect that he puts limits on what listeners can give, for fear that a super 10 might really buy into it and give their whole paycheck. That's ethical. Makes me wonder what NPR's policy on absurdly large contributions is.


Good post Andrew!


No traffic checks or news spots means Luke is talking for three hours straight. He's earning his money! This is one I wouldn't have predicted - that he could earn a living on it.

Podcasts are great except who's got time to listen? That's the obstacle for me. And I've tried to return to KUOW for less ranting but it's boring. I keep hearing SNL's NPR parody.


I can listen because I work at a computer, but yeah, even if I have to drive somewhere I can't be bothered to transfer his show to my iphone. To be honest I don't even really know how you're supposed to go about doing that.

Also his show is between 60 and 90 minutes per day. It's no three hours, and it would where pretty thin if it was.

Aldrin B

we’d judge the crowd might have had any average age of 35-40

That sounds right. The show never quite had the youthful sound everyone claimed it was intended to have. Burbank is an older fellow and, when he tries to sound "hip", it comes out as a little tortured. If he's playing to a more middle-aged audience now, though, I can imagine he's finding greater success.

When TBTL was cancelled on KIRO, the podcast was getting 100-200,000 downloads a month. Luke says, “We’ve had a tenfold increase in listenership since we started just doing the podcast.”

This is not true.

I don't mean that I "think" it's not true, I'm stating that - objectively - it is false.

Two million downloads per month means 90,000 or so listeners (2M divided by number of shows).

That would make him, for all intents, one of the singularly most successful podcasts in history. It would mean he was getting 1/3 the numbers of Adam Carolla, who is a celebrity and established national figure, or about 1/3 the number of Rocketboom, which is charging $15K for ads.

The fact is independent auditing of podcast numbers is not really available. He could say he was having 1,000 or a billion downloads and it would be just as realistic in the absence of an audit.

He probably has a nice little audience of loyal listeners and has sketched out a nice little corner niche for himself in the vastness of the web. But let's not do crazy-talk just because he happens to live out here in the provinces with the rest of us ...


Sixty to ninety minutes a day? That's a pretty good gig if you can get it.


TBTL is going to be the subject of a Harvard Business School study before the decade is out. Its relationship to traditional radio is analogous to iTunes :: Tower Records.

The cynics who didn't like the show when it was on KIRO and made fun of Luke for retreating to his basement in his shorts kind of remind me of GM and Ford execs circa 1974, making fun of Toyota and Datsun and dismissing their rivals' customers as eccentric fringe dwellers. Then one day you wake up and the whole dominant paradigm has left you behind. Radio is doing a pretty good job of committing suicide, especially in Seattle, but as more and more content delivery models migrate away from broadcast and cars start coming with those little Sprint USB wifi sticks as standard equipment, it's difficult to see how to resist the shift. The first casualty will be satellite radio, but broadcast is next in the hospice.

In this regard Luke Burbank may be remembered as the Neil Armstrong of this exploratory wave.


While I utilize ITunes, I have to admit, I really miss going to Tower Records near Seattle Center and spending a couple of hours browsing..ITunes is faster, but the atmosphere in that record store was great.


"Listening to Luke Burbank makes me happy." ~~ Bill Radke


joanie, you have to account for the show prep and that fact that he's producing and engineering his show. I don't know how much time he's puting into it, but production values have been better as of late.

TomF, you can't compare a podcast to a radio station. KIRO is a full service radio station operating 24/7. LB has a hard time showing up to work on time and chooses on a whim when to end his show. Not knocking it, just point at that it's apples and oranges.

The best way to envision TBTL scaling to the size of KIRO is imaging a KUOW-like station with nothing but TBTL style shows all day long. Do you think that would work? The correct answer is "no".


" the atmosphere in that record store was great"

I really miss finding bootlegs. You could go to a place like Easy Street Records and find unoffical live DC's of popular bands, demo tracks and other gems. I used to drive all over the region hunting for them and I met lots of independent proprietors in the process. Now you can find all of it on bittorrent. I'm grateful for the access but I miss the hunt.


Wish they'd podcast the news in the morning so I wouldn't have to sit through endless home improvement and Shick Shadel commercials. Any one know what they're doing with the morning news anyway? Is Tony Minor in there for good now?


sparky, go to silver platters, it's in the new old tower space. I find it better than tower was.


Thanks! next time Im up in Seattle, I will try to do that.


I lived on Queen Anne and loved Tower Records but I liked Tower Books better which replaced Tower Records if I recall correctly.

New technology may be efficient but it sure ain't as much fun.

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