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July 19, 2010



Don't get it. Just a photo..?


Apparently, there's no dirt on Frank at this time.


Thus the title..."see" you on the radio...


Listened to him for about 20 minutes a couple of weeks ago.

He is convinced that because of initiative 1100 (Costco selling liquor etc) it does not bode well for Democratic politicians.

Apparently in Frank's convoluted view all the support for this initiative is from the right and those extra voters will make the difference and take down Patty Murray at the same time.

Wasn't he a school teacher?, Listening to him I can see why he isn't any more.

A cure for insomnia.



You are an eejit.


Suit? you think it's cool to be known as a "suit." Frank Shiers is a crashing bore. Dori is a crashing boor.


but he's a progressive...


Shiers made a reference to Blatherwatch tonight, talking about "bloggers " who trash him in a forum other than through his "approved " kiroFM email channel. he said he only responds to his emails, not on blogs. Again, as with Dori, we all kmow what he is talking about but he is too cowardly to call us by name. "Blatherwatch, the blog so terrifying they dare not say i's name!"


speaking of Dori, he was back in full form today , his arrogant manner fully restored after being taken down a few notches with a humiliating cease and desist order from his Mormon bosses, around about the time of the Ethiopians funeral at KeyArena.. Today he was the old Dori, that conceited cocky little snot again, that we all know and love.


How very "droll" CorporateSuit!

Just the kind of insights this Blog needs!


It's all that inappropriate giggling that makes Frank so unlistenable. What's he doing in the studio that makes him laugh? (maybe the thought that he won the job over people with real talent?)


A "progressive", KS? If you consider Shiers progressive in any way, you don't understand the concept. Regressive is more like it.


Progressive is really regressive in a multitude of ways, as they believe in statism. That's what "they" call themselves, so I played along with it. Lib progs works here.

Shiers progressive ? Not really. We all know that Dori is not - hmmm... that may have something to do with the periodic "Dori Monson hatefests" that are whupped up here. You just need to get in on more of the fun....


I try to listen to Frank every month or two and even though I agree with many of his views...
I just can't stand it.
He seems a good guy, just trying to do what he wants to do, but it's that smug, self impressive, laughing tone... Drives me nuts so I remind myself each time after 30 seconds or so that my radios do not accept Frank Shiers.
If it came down to it, I'd take him over R&D any time though.
(I tune them out during the ads they do)
Since Dori was mentioned as he is most any KIRO thread...
"Today he was the old Dori, that conceited cocky little snot again, that we all know and love."
I try to go "no Dori" as much as I can with the Commentators and a bit of Medved to keep things AM, but Dori is quite simply, just very good at what he does.
People like Tommy008 prove that by listening to him constantly even though they claim to despise him.


FOx news just reported that Obama actually sent back a gift that British P.M. had presented to teh White House and Obama early on in his term. It was a bust of Winston Churchill, England's most revered modern leader. What a horse's ass. I suspect this has somehting to do with his far left ideology. Now our relationship wiht the Btits has soured, largely due to this incident . the British people believe Obama does not like them. Maybe Hillary will challenge the "nose up in the air" guy if his ratings continue to fall. What an overeducated fool.


Funny that Fox would leave out ,,"a bust of Sir Winston Churchill that had occupied a cherished spot in President Bush's Oval Office. Intended as a symbol of transatlantic solidarity, the bust was a loaner from former British prime minister Tony Blair following the September 11 attacks. "

It was ON LOAN, it was given to BUSH, not Obama, and it was removed before Obama was inaugurated and sent back at that time.

Yeah, funny that Fox would leave that information out, being such a trustworthy "news" organization and all.


Funny how Sparky would leave out that the British offered to let Obama hold on to the bust another four years but The White House said "thanks, but no thanks."
Obama is pissy as during Churchill's 2nd premiership, Briton suppressed Kenya's (many believe Obama's true birthplace) Mau Mau rebellion. It is alleged that Obama's Kenyan grandfather, Hussein Onyango Obama was tortured by the colonial regime.


It's funny, but I somehow doubt that FOX news really left that portion out re: the Churchill Bust. Chuckles version is the most accurate. The FOX smear merchants at Media Matters, Daily KOS, the Huff Post or MSNBC circulated this half truth for propaganda for Sparky, et. al to glom onto and parrot.

Their collective mantra is that FOX News must be destroyed - they are cramping the leftwings' propagandizing style.


it's funny how Monson plays his little games with the truth. he trotted out the old boogeyman ploy of saying the unemployment rate is going down solely because people have given up and have stopped looking for work, thus no longer on the unemployment rolls. He went on to say that "people are really hurting now" in the Seattle area. His implication seems to be that people were hurting last year but they are "really hurting" this year. The economic news and facts proves his comments to be false. Nationwide 33% of employers say they have plans to hire new people compared to just 6% this time last year. I'm sure the national numbers roughly match up with our local numbers- if anything we will be doing better than the national average. This is just one statistic among many, many positive statistics. Things still aren't good but they are getting better. No amount of demogoguery or sophistry from Peewee Monson can change that fact.


Goodness, boys, where did i say they should be destroyed. Easy enough to say you refudiate me without hyperbolizing all over yourselves! Nice touch, though, chucks, to toss in a birther thing. By the way, you won't have to get that job at Dick's now that unemployment has been reinstated, and you can continue working on your tan.


Sparkles - we know you didn't say that FOX News should be destroyed. It's their competitors - reread my comment.


The birther thing was purely for fun there Sparkey. I am certain that you have noticed that on occasion, it gets wound a little tight around here.
Don't tell anybody, but I have been working on a temp job for several weeks now. A man that does what I do had a heart attack and I am covering for him while he recovers his health. It is fun to be back in the saddle, if even just as a temp.


Why is everyone so worked over a bust of Winnie. Didn't you guys win the revolutionary war, don't you have some better statues or vases to display?

Churchill was a great man, however he was a drunkard and far from perfect.The Brits dumped him ASAP as soon the war was won.

Seems to me Ike and FDR did just as good in WW2.


Only the British press and the Wingers are upset :)

But hey, Congress voted to extend unemployment, Elena Kagel was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee..so what better time to continue the attempt to overrun the White House with firestorm after firestorm of bullshit? What is frustrating to me is that some on the left keep falling for all the fake soundbites emitted from the media and they overreact. We need to get rid of the wing of even so-called left wingers who are more concerned with PR and keeping their jobs than they are with actually doing their jobs.
The noise machine does what it does - the fact that it makes this administration crap itself and tremble in a corner is appalling to me.


Kagan, not Kagel.


if Blair offered Obama a chance to extend the "loaner" statue through his term, common respect and courtesy would have demanded he do so. If he had personal issues with Churchill because of colonial Kenyan history he could have dealt with it by sticking the bust somewhere where he'd never view it. Returning the bust to Britain was stupid, insulting and narcissistic on Obama's part. Now he's managed to screw up the vibes between England and U.S.A. Have you seen the video of Obama literally walking around with his nose up in the air? This guy is all arrogance and overconfidence. The gulf disaster has shown him up for the incompetent rookie he is. Right now he needs to contnue to slide to a point whee Hillary can take the nomination in 2012, or someone better than her.


Well you and your BBF Duffman can go have a beer and commiserate over Hillary.
No, I have never seen a video of Obama with his nose in the air..care to show me where I can find this? Or maybe you can show me where you found the information that Obama has personal issues with Churchill? Why is it insulting to return something that was only on loan to begin with? You do realize that every Administration replaces the art in offices and private living quarters, but "Any changes to the historic public spaces – such as the Blue Room or the state dining room – must be approved by the Committee for the Preservation of the White House."


...and I wonder why this was brought up now by Fox News, when this all happened in Feb. of 2009....I wonder.....


congrats for being one of the three white voters who still support Obama. Chucks said he had or was rumored to have had personal family issues with Churchill going back to colonial Kenya. Why else would he return the atatue other than some kinf of crap like that. This was an act of respect and honor from our key ally, loaning a cherished statue of their most revered leader, not a set of chintz curtains that Michele didn't find to her liking. Returning the statue was not the act of a smart man, for all the puffery reagarding how "brilliant" he is.


Stuart Varney Fox business reporter brought it up, in relation to the British PM's current visit here. It didn't just emerge from a vacuum. Varney is British and he says over in his home country the populace has the sense that Obama doesnt like them, citing the statue incident as the prime cause. i guess Varney is just making this up, because he woeks for Fox News. Sooner or later you're going to have to stop blaming the messenger, whether it's Fox News or James Carville. This region was bound to have the most hardcore Obama koolaiders in the nation, and you see them on this blog. Remember FDR's guote - "all 47 states and the 'soviet' of Washington"


Most UK friends I talk to couldn't care less about the Churchill bust.

Sure the Daily Telegraph, Mail and all Ruperts newspapers made a big deal of it as usual.

Just like the whack-jobs here that think America could have prevailed in Indochina, there are the old british farts who cannot understand the loss of the "empire".


Obviously trying to make him look foolish for lack of style. No agenda here.

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