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July 03, 2010



So, in the future, when everyone is plugged in to podcasts and satellite radio...will we have any personalities to remember? Doesn't sound like it.


I like how Ray Taliaferro reaches out to "Happy" calling in on KGO and tells him to go to hell.


Oh, that would be music to my ears! Randi gave him some grief when he last called her. Can't remember why. She was always coddling him but e did something she didn't like much.

I still think Dave is one of those guys who can dispense warmth, humor and spark interest. I know, talk radio is different.


For a great look at Radio, and its greatest Ones, including Mr. Pat O'Day, has anyone discovered the fabulous book "Turn It On" by Bob Shannon? Bob's interviews with the Wonderful DJs of our time, chronicling possibly the most important moments in radio history, the Rock-n-roll era, are fascinating, right on, and question the future of our beloved radioradioradio...

Check it out!


Puget Sound for KS

Thank you for the valuable heads up. I'll look out for it.

And thank you to Mr. Pat O'Day for the professional insights about Jim Martin.


Happy 4th all! Stay thirsty, my friends.


Thanks to Mr. O'Day for his comments; sympathies to Mr. Martin's family.

I wish Pat O'Day would write a weekly Q/A column. My first Q to him: Who was "Fenwick," a talk-show host on [I think] KOL for a few yrs in the early-to-mid 1960s? Am I the only one who remembers him?

Slight correction:
The book title is: "Turn It Up! American Radio Tales 1946-1996"



Get a load of the sanctimonious prick who has taken over Bernie Ward's Godtalk program on KGO. Some pedantic, hectoring ass and cold fish named Walters. Ward used to talk about ethical and moral choices in our lives- it was a spititual show. This guy seems to have turned the show into a sterile religious history seminar and debate tournament. Ugh. You really suck, guy.

dale from albuquerque

By the spring of 1963, KJR had soundly beaten its opposition KAYO and KOL. KAYO changed formats and became KOUNTRY KAYO...and had a very successful run at being the first country music station in the nation.Meanwhile,KOL went to a middle of the road music format. At that time,KING brought a Seattle attorney by the name of Irving Clark JR. to do, what would become Seattle's first political talkback radio program from 9 to midnite. KOL countered with a Portland talk host by the name of Jim Fenwick.They went head to head late evenings and it was apparent early on that Clark won out. Fenwick left within months and Clark remained on the air until the early 70's.


I should mention that KAYO was the first 24 hour country station and also that KOL resumed its battle with KJR reverting back to rock in the summer of 1965.


In the mid-1960s, in the same pm timeslot as Irving Clark Jr, Wolfman Jack was broadcasting on the same frequency from a zillion-watt station in Mexico. Sometimes Wolfman's signal would overpower KING's. So you'd hear the Wolfman screaming "...ALLLL RIGHT!..." fading in over Clark.

I recall once Clark received a call from an elderly woman who said: "Mr Clark, it sounds like there's a madman in your studio!"

RIP Irving Clark Jr--Killed in a surfing accident in Hawaii.

"KAYO changed formats and became KOUNTRY KAYO...and had a very successful run at being the first country music station in the nation."

Watch your credibility, dale. So the USA never had a country music station until the early 1960s in Seattle?

What happened to Fenwick?


I agree Tommy...we were listening to some old clips of Bernie last night. I really miss his sense of humor. Im really sorry he went the way he did.
John Rothman comes close, but he doesn't have Bernie's sense of fun.

I will have to investigate, via Google to see if there is any historical information on the jocks from KGW, KEX, KISN, KGON and KBZY in OR.


tj...I cant tell you whatever happened to Fenwick after he left KOL. KAYO was the first 24 hour all country radio station. That was their claim to fame.


Thanks for mentioning KAYO. I had totally forgotten it and yet it was my favorite station until peers influenced me to change to KJR. That's a part of my history I'd forgotten. KJR was the "in" station and I was still listening to KAYO.


Blatherwatch becomes a richer, more vibrant and interesting locale when radio people themselves participate in the dialogue.

(Some of Seattle's best-ever weighed in this weekend on the passing of Big Jim.)

Absent a regular radio column in the Times or PI, and the columnists that once kept a thumb on radio's pulse (think back to Vic Stredicke, Frank Chesley, Walt Evans, Chet Screen, John Voorhees, Warren Guykema, Bill Virgin), this site has a lot of possibilities.


I agree WJE! Much better than the name calling.

I would like to know more about what kind of background they all had...did they major in broadcasting in school or was the strength of their personalities enough to get them a job?


Agree w/WJE above. Seattle has an incredibly rich radio history, for which one Mr. Pat O'Day can claim much credit. Not to mention TV--and the immortal JP!

My suggestion for an interesting tale:

The strange story of Ron Bailie--local DJ, then broadcast-school magnate, then...federal prisoner--along with his wife and daughter.

Is Mr. Bailie still around?

Mike Barer

His wife Naida died about 10 years ago, I don't know about Ron.


Ronald Bailie, radio personality and president of Bailie School of Broadcast, was convicted of nine counts of embezzlement, false statements, and criminal conspiracy following a two-week trial in Federal District Court in Seattle.

Bailie's wife, Nada, and daughter, Terri, were also convicted.
The case arose out of the Bailies' operation of the Bailie School of Broadcast in the late 1980s. An OIG investigation
revealed that, between 1988 and 1990 (the last full year of operation for the Bailie School), Ron Bailie, Nada Bailie and
Terri Bailie embezzled approximately $270,000 from the school's Perkins Loan accounts and falsified financial reports
required by ED attesting to the amount of Perkins Loan funds on hand.

More here


More government meddling in the private sector. They should have let the market deal with him... yeah, and Mickey Mouse sings bass in the Morman Tabernacle Choir, BWAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Ron Bailie, meet Peter Weissbach.

Jack Allen

I instructed for Bailie in the 70's and 80's, fired radio in '96 and have been into video production since. A year or two ago Ron was selling cars at Town & Country in north Seattle. We used him in a couple of tv commercials.

Interbay Dave

Which lends to the question...would you buy a car from Ron Bailie??
For awhile there it looked as tho KIXI might be tipping towards the return of real personality radio, what with Morton and company. Alas, it wasnt to be.
As usual, you kids provided the best read Ive had all day. Thanks...


So when did Jim Martin leave the radio biz and what kind of work did he do after radio?

Pat O'Day

Jim Martin later worked for various stations, non of consequence. If we all made one big mistake back in those days, it was our failure to hire a manager who might keep our heads on straight and negotiate our deals. True, there were no real talent managers in the Northwest at the time, and for lack of someone speaking on behalf of great jocks, great talent went un-rewarded, and often un-employed. Sure would like to turn the clock back on behalf of some brilliant young performers, Like Jim!!!

George Cook

Greetings Ya'll-

I attended Bailie School in 1976-77 but transferred to Phoenix school after 2 months in Seattle. A druken driver hit my wife and I head-on in Renton August 13th 1976 and the memory of that gave my wife reason to want to re-locate. Ray "Kicker was one of my instructors until he was messed up in an accident of his own. I liked Ray for some maniacle reason! LOL

Stein Stenseng

I am originally a kind of the Puget Sound, now retired and living in the Larnaca, Cyprus area in the Eastern Mediteranian. But as a kid, for many years I enjoyed the old Irving Clark Jr. program on the old KING AM radio. Does anyone know whethere archived audio of this show exists, and if so where it can be obrained.

Stein Stenseng
Larnaca, Cyprus

[email protected]

Greg Roth

I attended Ron Bailie School of Broadcast from 1978-1980. My first stint on the radio was as the "Road Ranger" for KOMO radio. My main function was to assist disabled vehicles but they used me quite a bit during drive-time with good ol' Ted in the helicopter (what is He up to?) I am now living in Virginia as a GM of an FM station.

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