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July 01, 2010


Jamof Yablomey

Quiet in here...I guess everyone is IN FAVOR of the tax on candy. What other taxes would the citizens like to propose. In what other products and services can we be taxed more! Please, TAX US!!!


I think anyone who wants to be taxed more should be taxed more.


I think we are just in favor of Eyman blowing goats.

Myrtle Mopup

Eyman is finally blowing his equal. He usually blows up.


the duel of political hacks never came off ? what a shame...


I don't mind taxes on candy and soda pop. Not at all. And I love my M&Ms and cherry cokes!

Interbay Dave

I dont mind paying a tax on something I dont need, like candy and such. However, I do mind being taxed for everyday staples, food we need to survive. Let 'em tax away on the junk, but keep yer grubby hands off the good stuff. And yeh...I do love those M&Ms and the occasional bottle of Jones soda...


The tax on candy, soda and bottled water was the most poorly written piece of legislation I have seen for a long time.

The "Twix" exemption inserted by lobbyists is really a poison pill designed to make this tax so difficult to administer. The retailer now has a candy isle in the store with only half the products being taxed.

Sin taxes on soda and candy are fine with me,and I do consume a few of those items.

Water shouldn't be taxed, I can see that plastic bottles are an unnecessary evil but any bill trying to encourage their demise should be a separate piece of legislation.

I have been approached by several people outside grocery stores promoting this initiative, and they have all totally miss-represented what this is about. This is being sold as decreasing taxes on food, which if you consider snickers and a coke food I suppose it's OK.


Most sodas have corn syrup, I stopped drinking them a long time ago. Jarritos are good though as they have cane sugar.

I didn't like the national commercial where the mom getting her groceries out of the car was concerned that a soda tax would impact her family as if giving your kids shit food is somehow wholesome. I say tax it like cigarettes, maybe people will stop killing themselves.


Coil, why have you stopped using corn syrup? I would like to know why cane sugar is better than corn syrup...

Sugar/water taxes are definitely regressive and impact low-income users most profoundly. Regressive taxation should be replaced with a state income tax (IMHO).


High Fructose Corn Syrup doesn't metabolize as well as sugar but other syrups are better such as agave which has a lower hypoglycemic index than honey. I cut back on sugar as it is.


Coiler is right..and if you have blood sugar issues, it is really important to stay away from HFC. The corn industry is trying very hard to convince people that HFC is "just like" sugar but your body metabolizes it in a way that turns it to "super sugar!!" for lack of a better description. It stays in your body for a longer time and raises your blood glucose level and keeps it there for a longer period of time. Since the introduction of HFC, the nation's undiagnosed Diabetes 2 rate has skyrocketed.

Ok that was probably more info than you wanted Fremont, but that's what you get when you ask a question of the Li-barian :)


I was buying the re-issue of sugar cane coke sold in the old fashioned bottles and I loved it. It fizzed and I love drinking out of glass bottles over cans or plastic. PCBs anyone? I really dislike the plastic. Pagliacci's Pizza always sold coke in cans but now they sell plastic. What's with that. The gulf is dying because of oil and we sell soda pop and water in plastic? We're the idiots.

BTW, I stopped buying the bottles because they cost $1.00 each. But I'd gladly pay a deposit on glass bottles and recycle them.

I've come around to an income tax myself. Provided the tax breaks for rich people wouldn't negate the point of taxing income. Seems like middle income earners always get stiffed.


Joanie, if you check around you can find "hecho en Mexico" Coke in glass bottles. A lot of the small Mexican stores sell it. Costco had it for a while as well, but I believe our local soda bottling mafia objected.

Not the cheapest thing, but life's too short to eat or drink crap. It's a rare treat. Unfortunately corn syrup is taking over the whole world.

It's everywhere.It's even in Campbells Tomato Soup.

On a visit back to the UK last year I purchased one of my favorite drinks from when I was a kid for sale in a supermarket. Read the ingredients and then stuck it back on the shelf after I discovered the dreaded syrup was an ingredient.


One point I agree on with those in leftfield with whom I usually don't agree is about High Fructose Corn Syrup. It's best to stay away from it. It is a scourge to humanity, worse than ethanol made from corn.


Mexican Coke can still be found at Costco..that's where I get mine..also the other mexican soft drinks Coiler was talking about are available in the Hispanic foods section of the grocery store or at Mexican markets...lime is the best!!

Ex-Pat..its in bread too, so you have to look at the labels for the kinds that don't, ketchup is another, although I saw today that there were a couple of brands offering HFC free...

The American Diabetes Association estimates that over 51 million people have type II Adult-onset diabetes and don't know it. And it starts with the way kids eat, and don't exercise.

woody held

Excellent piece here about HFCS. The writer is a PhD in chemistry, former big pharma drone, and researcher. I suspect that it explains a lot of our childhood obesity problems.

BTW, the main reason Coke, Pepsi, etc have gone to HFCS instead of sugar is gov't regulation. Hmmmmm.

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