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July 16, 2010


G Marks

I love picking old wounds. Maybe if enough Christians revisit what Jews did to Christ AND Helen Thomas - we might free ourselves from this 2% majority that runs and ruins our country.


Samson was right!


That Beck's antics are becoming wildly comedic clearly outs the totally deranged among us. Two percent? Is that all?

Just sayin

There IS an argument to be made that the Jews have been at the core of every major conflict since WWI, and have profited even by the disastrous WWII. Their own behavior has brought down much of the "persecution" they've suffered.


Will Mel Gibson get his own show?


There is an argument ot be made about anything and everything but that doesn't mean they all have merit.

I think your post tells us more about you than Jews.


What kind of idiot thinks that the Romans of 2000 years ago are synonymous with the Italians of today? They are entirely different people, different culutre, etc. They don't even speak the same language!


"I love picking old wounds. Maybe if enough Christians revisit what Jews did to Christ AND Helen Thomas - we might free ourselves from this 2% majority that runs and ruins our country."

... and

"There IS an argument to be made that the Jews have been at the core of every major conflict since WWI, and have profited even by the disastrous WWII. Their own behavior has brought down much of the "persecution" they've suffered. "

You guys should just have sex and have lots of Hitler babies together!

Sieg Heil to you both... you hateful bastards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Crucifixion was the way the Romans put people to death. If you knew a little bit about history, Biblical or otherwise, you would know that Jesus was crucified for sedition, that is rebellion against Rome. Anyone who laid claim to the Jewish throne (there were many) got the same treatment.
Pontius Pilate was NOT the wimp the gospels make him out to be. He excelled in cruelty and did anything he could to enrage the people he ruled. Jesus headed an anti-Roman movement that, by tradition, was supposed to defeat the occupiers and restore the nation's freedom. He was crucified (not a Jewish, but a Roman punishment reserved exclusively for those guilty of crimes against the empire,) in accordance with Roman (not Jewish) laws, by Romans (not Jews), for breaking a Roman (not Jewish) law forbidding sedition against the Roman Empire.

World Religions was a fascinating class in college and this is about the only thing I remember!

Robert L. Crocker

Well, at least he doesn't use phrases like "hymietown"...

Besides, it doesn't sound like anyone hovering on this site has ever actually read the most accepted accounts of the crucifixion of Christ. At the end of the trial Pontius Pilate, who represented Roman interets, clearly states that he finds no fault with this man. His verdict was rendered for the sole purpose of placating the Jewish hierarchy.

But the whole argument begs the issue of what Christ's mission ultimately was. If he isn't crucified he doesn't fulfill his mission. So the Jews were instrumental to the core of the christian faith. No Christian I know of holds any grudges against the Jews for what happened 2,000 years ago.


Mel Gibson would be the appropriate sidekick for Glennie.


Beck drives the leftwingnuts crazy - making all kinds of wild accusations about him in typical drive-by fashion, but don't have their facts correct most of the time. For instance Beck has also disparaged Mel Gibson for his antics - ridiculing him from his tapes that have been released, as did Bryan Suits and also every leftwingnut's worst local person - Dori Monson.

Gibson has become toxic to say the least - too bad, because I liked him in Braveheart and Conspiracy theory, Lethal Weapon. He needs serious counseling to preserve any shred of his sanity. I was reading that it is suspected that he is bipolar, and the tragic thing is that he is out of control.


" it is suspected that he is bipolar"

What?!? Who said so?? Not that!! Isn't it against the law to be bipolar?? Oh, no,no,no...!


Not that anyone who frequents this blog isn't bipolar... OMG


The reason why Christians don't hold Jews responsible for the death of Jesus is because Jesus made the clear decision to give his life in payment for the sins of the world. Christians know that they are sinners just like everyone else. The only difference is that they have a Savior.


Watch out, Jasper - that will probably be construed as religious bigotry, although your statement will be more difficult to disprove than they think..


...suspected he's bipolar?

perhaps best not to guess about these things, KS.

Randi just compared Gibson to Beck's get off my phone!

Perfect. Maybe Beck is bipolar.


You know, Bla'M, I usually appreciate your irreverence, but this post leaves kind of a sour taste. And I'm surprised nobody's commented on it. For a post meant to decry someone's appeal to hatred of a religious minority, you sure spend a lot of time conflating Beck's religion with the views of that religion's central church. So far as I'm aware, neither Beck nor the LDS hierarchy has ever claimed he represents or is a salesperson for Mormonism. It's like bashing Christianity because Hitler (or Rev. Wright, for those on the right) identified as Christians. It's not central to Beck's appeal to most of his fans. Bringing it up says more about you than him.

And what's this about the LDS "owning many of the radio and teevee stations on which Beck appears?" That's absurd. Bonneville is the only major group owner controlled by the LDS, and that's only a few dozen stations nationally, spread across every format. Probably fewer than a dozen air Beck, out of a national network and several hundred local affiliates he runs on. Moreover, your statement sure sounds a lot like the old "the Jews control the media" canard.

I don't really care one way or another about Mormonism, though once you're willing to sign off on the spaceships, I imagine Beck's chalkboards could make sense, too. But in this country, they're free to believe whatever they want so long as it harms nobody else. That's the whole point of why Beck's divisive, fear-mongering hate speech is so poisonous. Mock it, sure, but don't match it.


...suspected he's bipolar?

perhaps best not to guess about these things, KS.

Randi just compared Gibson to Beck's get off my phone!

Perfect. Maybe Beck is bipolar.

Posted by: joanie | July 16, 2010 at 06:34 PM

I'd say that it is plausible that Mel Gibson is bipolar. Do you have a problem with that ? Perhaps Randi is too. As for Beck, who knows ?


I think it is reckless to label people medically without evidence or expertise. Bipolar is not something you guess at. Yes, I have a problem with that. Are you an engineer or a medical doctor? Prudence would dictate that you stick to what you know.


don't forget OBIABM'S ALMA MATER - Glenn Beck School of Economics, . .....otherwise known as Goldline U...... Glenn is head professor.........preach fear, sell gold, preach fear, sell gold........monger that fear, merchandise that gold,.... monger fear, merchandise that gold.....


Shouldn't we determine if Jesus actually existed first before we have these kinds of arguments? I realize such a determination may take a long time (if ever) to occur. But in the meantime it's like arguing about the historical veracity of Snoopy's relationship to Woodstock.


Snoopy doesn't remember much from the whole weekend, actually...


Bipolar is not something you guess at. Yes, I have a problem with that. Are you an engineer or a medical doctor? Prudence would dictate that you stick to what you know.

Posted by: joanie | July 16, 2010 at 08:13 PM

You guessed that Beck is bipolar - hypocrisy. Stop lecturing people about something you are guilty of yourself - you have done that on numerous occasions. And you wonder why you are not taken seriously ? Your self-righteous argument just flew out the window.


i was teaching by example,dummy. Took you long enough. I was reckless to illustrate the recklessness of such statements.

So, what's your excuse?


Bullcrap - ph(j)oanie you have no excuse. go suck on a lemon. You are one of the most closed minded freaks that I have ever encountered.


It seems like this topic hit close to home. Joanie - are you bipolar ? just asking...

Doug Parris

Assuming we can take the (only) written historic records at face value, the facts are clear.
The Romans, as represented by their prefect, Pontius Pilate, who alone had the legal authority to execute, were approached by the Jewish authorities who had paid Judas to reveal Jesus' whereabouts so they could seize him. Those SPECIFIC Jews wanted that specific Jewish carpenter dead. Pilate found him not guilty of anything worthy of death, but, rather than offend this constituenccy, bounced him to Herod. Herod examined him and found no cause either, and sent him back to Pilate. Pilate was a very typical politician and spent some time and made several attempts to talk the Jewish authorities out of their request, stating specifically that Jesus was not guilty of a capital offense. The Jewish authorities, however, mustered a (Jewish)mob that literally began shouting for a crucifixion and Pilate, clearly and obviously reluctantly gave in.
Nevertheless, that said, being a Jew, in and of itself, no more brings moral culpability for the crucifixion of Jesus than it brings moral benefit for the miracles of Jesus. Jesus and his Establishment antagonists were both Jewish.
But suggesting that "the Jews" were not responsible for Jesus death is like saying you're not responsible for the drowning of a man you push off a ship at sea. After all, it is well established that it was the WATER that killed him.

GJ Tryon

KInd of settled??? Yeah! It was settled by the only eye-witness account available called the Gospels a long time ago as rehearsed every Sunday from countless pulpits for thousands of years until the US Jewish run media and Hollywood decided to do their own script doctor routine on the texts. The ancient, repeat, ancient, Jews had Jesus, who threatened their authority and livelihood, put to death using the strong arm of their own oppressor to do it. Period.

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