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June 06, 2010



I was there, the crowd was shouting "Luke!" in a long drawn out way. This is the usual thing when Luke is a panelist on the show.


whatever, michael, whatever. . .


Ya, there's no reason NPR people would boo Luke Burbank, of all people. He's not really popular enough to have enemies at this point.

If anything, NPR should give Burbank an award, and it's advocates grateful, for trying to bring a public radio ethos to commercial radio audiences.

Puget Sound for Chucks

Actually, it wasn't 'boo' rather it was 'Looooouuuuuuke'
Often confused by the uninitiated but as one who spent years yelling 'Loouuuuuuu' at the M's game when the Manager Lou Pinella stepped out on the field I can tell you it is far from a boo.

Puget Sound

by the way Andrew, that was a funny post you had on the serial killers.


Who are you talking about? Lou Pinella?


Luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke...may the force be with you.

Tacoma Radio

Who really gives a flying F*** if they said LUUUUUUUKE or BOO....

50K hits a day! If he had that many when he was on the radio he'd still have a real job.


I bet you don't have 50,000 of anything.


i like when Savage goes off on his "in my day,tops" rants - about the Burbank types who have been promoted (kiro show)well beyond their competence and I.Q. -- example--"in my day Barbara Boxer would have owned a couple of Brassiere store in Queens, tops" . In my day , Luke Burbank would have been wearing a paper hat, ordering high school punks around, as a shift manager at Dick's on Broadway, tops. This is the guy who thought Samuel Clemens "was Mark Twain's 'stage name', right?"

Obama is a black man

How's that correction working out for you Tommy you DICK.


I can't believe Burbank was selected to interview Hitchens at a Seattle Town Hall event.
(Head slapping all around.)


I've already bought tickets.

Once and future KING

I was also there ... it was "Luuuuuuuke" as Wplate indicates. Heck, I took part.


I keep saying Luke Burbank is an incredible talent. May be one that hasn't been fully discovered yet, but truly a talent. He is quick witted, smart, well-versed and has an fantastic memory and recall.
His niche will be found and when it is look out...this guy is destined for bigger things. [likewise in a different way for Jen Andrews; I believe that she is a work-horse as a producer and has ultimate organizational skills...her talents have been as yet unrealized also]


Anne Bremner showed her ass after being arested for drunk driving, trying to throw her weight around as the local "cop's lawyer" , verbally abusing and attempting to intimidate various police employees. Now the 911's of the slurred Ms. B, plus police videos of some of her antics are out. Will Nancy Grace, the nasty, pinch-faced pontificator of Channel 45 at 5 ban her from the show as a guest legal expert? Probably. I'm still waiting to see Anne's smiling face on the lawyer panel, post DUI publicity. Will Grace cover Bremner as a story now, and "unleash the lawyers" as she says on her show every night, before she introduces her panel of experts, this time to talk about one of their own?


Lawyers. It reminds of that local blogger, who is also a lawyer, who made legal threats against a waitress and her restaurant because allegedly he was rude and tipped poorly, and in his mind, it wasn't his own behavior that was the problem, it was that the public had found out about it. The waitress ultimately lost her job.

Likewise, Bremner probably isn't remorseful over her conduct, but the fact that the public found out about it. It says something very profound about a person's character: it's only wrong if someone catches you doing it.


Curiously, Bremner could have avoided any trouble with the law at all if she had simply called AAA and waited for them a few blocks down the road ,away from ant passing police cars. The first 911 operator told her to call AAA as the police only cared if she was blocking the road.


you all remember Nancy Grace. She's the one who told Dori Monson to basically get lost after he made an ass of himself on her show.

Asics shoes

Because of the destiny, we meet in the blog, we sincerely, because be the friend lie between screen, a blessing, a caring, our constant theme in your left belongs to me, the mind at the footprints of your blog. Wish friends happy, happy every day!

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