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June 30, 2010



While I don't fully understand the new philosophy for the LDS owned stations I hope something like this might be a trend.

YELL radio has run its course and, in many ways, has gone way too far in its rhetoric.


Hannity's instant intolerance for anyone, specifically callers to his radio show, with whom he disagrees is both pathetic and legendary. Those who bring any level of opposing viewpoint to his hard-core conservative bleatings are usually met with a heaping dose -- not of reasoned counterpoints -- but decidedly unclever sarcasm. Such callers are then dismissed as "lefties" and immediately silenced before a single word of intelligent discourse is presented. It's a tactic that works, as long as you come from the school of "I Won't Listen To Your Viewpoint Because You Might Be Correct And I'm Determined To Never Change My Mind."

I listen occasionally to Hannity only to make note of sponsors from whom I WILL NEVER BUY.


Listen for Glen Beck to add more religion to his shows. If he can convince the Mormon church that he is "sincere" in his mormon faith, he will be more likely to get away with outrageous comments..epsecially if he wraps it around God.


Hannity is on KVI, a Fisher owned station, not part of the LDSChurch, so he won't be leaving this market. So what's the point? And if you think the LDS cares about anything else but the bottom line, then you're fooling yourself.


If Beck does put more of his faith into his shows many of his listeners are going to flee. Most born again Christians I know hate Mormons with a real ferocity.


Hate Mormons? Don't think so. However, I don't agree with their church structure. However, I do believe that are many people that need the strict guidelines that the LDS lays down. If you follow the plan, you will be do well here on Earth and beyond. This kind of hard-line ruled structured of behavior appeals to a great number of people who need to be told what to do and cannot rely on faith alone. But if it helps them find a positive moral compass---if flawed at its core--then who am I to say it's a "bad thing," speaking as a Christian?


I agree. They do hate Mormons. For most Fundamentalist Christians that I know, hate for all other religions is the source of their faith. It is an emotional thing. Their mouths speak love and kindness - do unto others.... - but their actions are emotional and intolerant. Only they will be saved.

Like a plague on our society.


Christianity is a focus on everything that is "wrong" and has nothing to do with what is right. They say it's wrong for gays to marry, yet they'll get a divorce rather than work to maintain their own marriage.

Whenever someone does try to live like Jesus; dress minimal, give away his possessions to the needy, dedicate himself to others, people will say he's a lunatic.

Capitalism, the idea that greed motivates greatness, is fundamentally at odds with Christianity, but that hasn't seemed to bother any of them for over two hundred years.

Of course, I take comfort in knowing faith is ebbing.


No matter what you think about LDS, I have it on VERY good authority that Bonneville had an all-staff meeting where Ryan Hatch asked every employee between the ages of 35 and 45 to stand up. Then he told everyone to look around and see the "new" audience. Dori and Dave Ross did not stand up. Sounds like a way to weed out the old-timers without checking birth certificates.


I see. So I suppose Islam is the relation of love and puppy dogs? Making women second class citizens (barely) and taking the sword to all non-believers? Oh, yeah, there's a religion we can all embrace.

Yes, some Christians say that it is "wrong" for this and that, but they don't take out a sword and kill you for it. Or institute "religion police" to make sure you aren't meeting up with someone of the opposite sex that you're not related to. Or not dressed head to toe in a burka.


Neither do all muslims. Honestly, why are you people so stupid. Go learn about other religions before you make such stupid generalizations.

You think christianity is bloodless? All religions have been corrupted. Get a clue.


Monson is such a two-faced, gutless poltroon. For two days earlier in the week he trashed Publiuc Schol Supt. Randy Dorn, accusing him of being a greedy bum who was in the job just to make big bucks. Heplayed a speech where Dorn whined about the money he made and Monson said he'd been informed there were other speeches or public occaisions where Dorn had repeated these complaints. When he had Dorn on his show today, he called him a good guy and that he liked him. They just has political differences. That was not the tone and tenot of his earlier comments. Not at all.

Jason Andersen

I am just trying to get my brain around that operation...they must employ 10,000 lawyers in Salt Lake City, with these complex for-profit business arrangements, and in industries as heavily regulated as television and radio; at one time, they were even in the sewer business, too! :-) I know that the only reason they tweaked their text to allow "mud people" into their temples in 1977 was after the feds threatend to take away their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Just one question: if they yank the sources of their profit (hate radio), how will they have the tens of millions that they are known to inject into state elections in order to promote hate and weaken secular democracies?


Mormons tithe heavily...it is one way to advance your level of importance in heaven.

Sue Mitchell

Mormonism is a cult, plain and simple. Anytime you separate a family, as they do, from certain functions, i.e., temple weddings where "vetted" members get married. No friends or family that are not "vetted" members can attend. Fathers that are not "vetted" members can not even walk their daughters down the aisle. Plain and simple this is a cult. No different than Jim Jones. There are many other instances that are "cult" like in this so-called religion. The biggest concern I have is ever getting them into government. Want to know how corrupt they can be? Check out Boise, ID. They let fellow Mormons break building codes, etc. as they are judges and code enforcers, trust me I've seen it. you do NOT want them in government EVER.

charlie potts

Sue's argument shows why Mitt Romney will never be president. He will never, ever have the support of the Christian conservative base, of which I presume she is part of.

Those people are essential to the conservative Republican coalition.

The Church being in the media business, as Michael has written, presents another conundrum. Do they go with the cultural flow and make money, or take a moral stand against the unloving, negative radio talkers? They lose money with the former, souls (especially the brown and black ones they are already having trouble with) with the latter.

Jason Andersen

By the way and for the record, use of the pejorative term, "mud people," relating to people of African descent, is the language and history of the Mormom church!!!

Basically, unless you are a Caucasian male, then you cannot reach Latter-Day Saints' transcedential apex, neither on Earth nor in heaven. If one cares to see Mormon text dissected:



They also believe the Lost Tribes live in the center of the Earth and will someday come out to repopulate the world.

And that if you put a stone in a hat, you can talk to God.

And that if you put your hand through a curtain in the Temple, you can shake God's hand.

Anyone here watch Big Love on HBO? It's a hoot.


y'all are too funny. If you hated Mormons more - you could form your own religion!


Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet Of Attempted Rape!

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