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June 17, 2010



Rachel gets less and less telegenic day after day.


She's super sharp and does her homework, tho...I'll give her that.


She is a bonafide statist, I'll give her that.


I would guess that the reason no president will ever give that speech is because they know that assasination will be right around the corner.


"Rachel gets less and less telegenic day after day."
The profundity and acuity of your observation is stunning, Duh-f! Oh please, give us more...


Why would you opt to focus only on the less than positive comment I made about her. Oh Yeah, I forgot ... you're Fremont. Surely you can see it's true...she is about the most non-telegenic talking head on TV.


On Maddow's "statism": the rationale for the existence of government is to do those tasks whose scale makes it impossible for ordinary citizens to do it ourselves. National security is the classic example; much of the difference between left and right is over what's a necessary task for the state (health care?) vs. unnecessary interference and/or power-grabbing.

That's a fair debate. But is there any possible case to be made that BP is or has been capable of responding to this effectively? Even if they told the truth (which they often haven't)? Even if they were more concerned about the welfare of the environment than the sanctity of their bottom line (which, by law, they cannot be)?

It's not "statist" to conclude that the government needs to respond - much more forcefully than Obama has done thus far - both to respond to this disaster and to change long-term energy policy in a way that best serves our national interest, unless you believe that all government is illegitimate. If gov't is to have any purpose at all, dealing with epic fails like this one are it.

I miss the days when being conservative meant dealing with the world as it is, rather than as someone wishes it might be. In this case, ideologies are irrelevant. The market has failed to promote anything remotely resembling common good, or even to prove it has that ability. Someone else has to do it instead. Only one institution has that capacity. That's not "statist." It's reality.


There, there Du-ff

Puget Sound

Instead of the Fake Pres Obama Presidential Address of Rachel Maddow, you got the Real President Carter's Malaise speech. Hell, even Olberman got it...
Listen to Jimmy Carter and you'll have no problem understanding why we dumped him for President Reagan


Carter was talking about the present and future. Reagan was still in 1930's Dixon, Ill. We had a problem with Raygun's lack of control over Iran Contra, triple deficits, Marines blown to hell in Beirut...

Ya know?

Puget Sound

you mean the 'transformative President' to borrow a phrase from Pres Obama who within two hours of becoming President got the Hostages from Iran released, broke the back of Inflation, rebuilt the military, gave the country hope, and was a driving force to end Communism...
If you want someone to grow Peanuts, I'll call Carter. If I want someone to lead a Nation, I'll call Reagan.


Reagan is DEAD, good luck on that one. Carter built houses for the poor later on and was in WW2. You are such pig fucker


You feign concern about the debt accumulated while Reagan was effectively cleaning up Carter's mess Coiler, but the $5,000,000,000.00 PER DAY of debt that Obama is amassing is OK. That is 5 billion dollars per day. Your share of that is $25.00 to $30.00 per day as a taxpayer, every day, 365 days per year. That is only the debt. You must add the day to day operating expenses as well.
I suppose Maddow and Olbermann will probably cover that story tomorrow.
Somebody please let me know as MSNBC is blocked in my home.

Puget Sound

Carter's building houses for the poor out of guilt as his economic policies helped make 'em poor.


And the rightwing swill continues.

Puget Sound

as does sparky's phony poster machine...
would ya give it a rest?


Yeah, yeah..anytime someone comes on here and criticizes you, you automatically whine that it's me. I have no desire to get involved in all the dick waving you guys do. Face it Putz, there are a whole lot of readers here who disagree with you and "your ilk" as you and KS like to say, but they rarely post because you guys have about 3 standard comments, none of them productive.

Puget Sound

it's not the disagreement, sparkles, it's the predictable nature of what you churn out.
if i wanted agreement, i'd go over to 'conservative' website. so obviously that isn't the issue.


I leave mine safely put away, thank you very much.
I can't imagine anybody disagreeing with me.
(enjoy the summer Sparky, next year, when the Governor comes clean on the real state of the budget, it is going to be tuff)

Puget Sound

President Obama is the new President Carter.
Speaking of the state budget, imagine if Washington was NOT the only state to have no substantial revenue sharing agreement with the Tribal Gambling interests.
How many hundreds of millions of dollars the State COULD be getting in compensation. But no, our Gov elected -for mysterious reasons- to not opt for the money. But hey, Washington State is so awash in dough it must not need their ill gotten gains.
When schools start to shut down and other state workers get pink-slipped just remember to say, 'Thanks Gov Gregoire' and don't forget to send a holler out to our Dem Controlled Legislature for participating.


I have been puzzled as to why the people here keeping reelecting those in the Dem controlled legislature ?

Brain damage ? masochism ? Nanny-statism ? They believe the partisan propaganda of local news media without fact checking ? All of the above ?

Puget Sound for Andrew

Coils, you were all for investigations back when the Dems were taking over, speaking truth to power, and all that so I am sure you'll be on board with this.
Kind of a reverse Henry Waxman deal:

"Rep. Darrell Issa, the conservative firebrand whose specialty is lobbing corruption allegations at the Obama White House, is making plans to hire dozens of subpoena-wielding investigators if Republicans win the House this fall…

Issa has told Republican leadership that if he becomes chairman, he wants to roughly double his staff from 40 to between 70 and 80. And he is not subtle about what that means for President Barack Obama.

At a recent speech to Pennsylvania Republicans here, he boasted about what would happen if the GOP wins 39 seats, and he gets the power to subpoena.

"That will make all the difference in the world,” he told 400 applauding party members during a dinner at the chocolate-themed Hershey Lodge. "I won't use it to have corporate America live in fear that we're going to subpoena everything. I will use it to get the very information that today the White House is either shredding or not producing."

...Dems attempting to discredit Issa personally before he gets the gavel. Politico makes an excellent point: Since it’s unlikely that the GOP will retake the Senate, there won’t be much legislation originating in the House that ends up with Obama’s signature. Nothing to do for two year..." in other words, except hold hearings.


That sounds good on paper, PutS. However, for it to happen, the GOP needs to win 39 seats - no small task to control the House. After Rep. Barton alleged the WH was doing a Jesse Jackson shakedown of BP, the GOP House leadership tried to throw him under the bus for saying that and showed that they had no guts-again. They were afraid of attacks from the Dems and were acting like weenies. If the GOP does win control of the House, I'd hope that someone like Issa become Speaker and replace Boehner who tried to throw Barton under the bus. At least Barton did not apologize the WH directly - he was actually correct in his allegations.

I agree that something has to be done and hopefully soon to clean up the stench and corruption originating from the White House before this country goes the way of Greece - just not sure how this will all play out. There are promising leaders in the GOP with ethics, but they are both Governors (Christie and Jindal). If this comes to pass, holding hearings will be more cost effective to taxpayers than trying to pass more ominbus spending bills, but it appears that BO is losing political capital fast.


When necessary, I can swing both ways so I'd do her.

MM (31, male)

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