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June 02, 2010



He flips, flops, slithers and comes up with the GR killer. End of story.


And THIS likely won't hurt Reichert.


But, then again THIS likely won't help Reichert either. Tsk tsk tsk POLITICIANS and their follow-the-money schemes.


Are you suffering from blog mania, Duffman?


(as Dori gently laved his testicles)


Puget Sound

well, if flip flopping was against the law we wouldn't be able to keep congress in session...
hey, this sestak deal has real legs to it. not to worry, it's always the cover up that gets you in trouble.
it won't be long before the real story comes out. just looks bad. telling a sitting congressman to quit his run for the senate and promising him you'll put him on an unpaid commission that would require him to also resign from his congressional seat?
what did he know and when did he know it...should be a fun summer.

Puget Sound

oh my oh my, another deal...so much for the hope and change. seems like more of the same. i love the quote at the end of the article from the WH attorney's that tell us, nothing to see here. just keep moving.

"WASHINGTON — The Obama administration dangled the possibility of a government job for former Colorado House Speaker Andrew Romanoff last year in hopes he would forgo a challenge to Democratic Sen. Michael Bennet, officials said Wednesday, just days after the White House admitted orchestrating a job offer in the Pennsylvania Senate race.

These officials declined to specify the job that was floated or the name of the administration official who approached Romanoff, and said no formal offer was ever made. They spoke on condition of anonymity, saying they were not cleared to discuss private conversations.

"Mr. Romanoff was recommended to the White House from Democrats in Colorado for a position in the administration," White House deputy press secretary Bill Burton said. "There were some initial conversations with him but no job was ever offered."

The new revelation of a possible political trade again called into question President Barack Obama's repeated promises to run an open government that was above back room deals.

The Colorado episode follows a similar controversy in Pennsylvania. An embarrassed White House admitted last Friday that it turned to former President Bill Clinton last year to approach Rep. Joe Sestak about backing out of the primary in favor of an unpaid position on a federal advisory board.

Sestak declined the offer and defeated Sen. Arlen Specter late last month for the Democratic nomination after disclosing the job discussions and highlighting it as evidence of his antiestablishment political credentials. He said last week he rejected Clinton's feeler in less than a minute.
In a two-page report on the Sestak case, the White House counsel said the administration did nothing illegal or unethical."


Ken Griffey Jr. has retired from baseball, as of tonight. Thank you Jr. for all the great years of baseball. You are an athlete that all young players can look up to, not just because you were a great player, but you are a decent man as well.


Hat's off to Ken Griffey Jr. Sorry to see him retire under these circumstances, but it was solely his choice.

One of the few ballplayers that could even be considered as a role model (Edgar Martinez would be another). Griffey was the franchise in the 90's and I concur with the last comment. He is most responsible for keeping the Mariners in Seattle when it's future was in doubt.

Puget Sound

Jr was special.
When he came back as a Red I was lucky enough to get tickets to show my son the man who saved baseball in Seattle. Even though it was the third game of this series each and every time he came up to bat he got a standing ovation. My son was one of many who brought in a sign that day thanking Griffey.
Jr still had a little in the tank that day as he hit two home runs that day and made a diving catch in right field. Fittingly, he caught the last ball at the bottom of the 8th and came off the field to another standing ovation.


Just back from a trip to Afghanistan, Dave Reichert is scheduled to be on the Dave Ross Show today. His take on whether this war is 'WIN'able' should be interesting. Those of you who've followed my posts know my opinion o this. I DO NOT think this war to be such.


His interview with Dave gave me the impression that he thinks the war IS win'able and that we need to be there for a LONG, LONG time.
He apparently feels that the security of the whole Middle-East is dependent on Afghan.
GET OUT NOW!!! How do you feel 'bout that sparky/coiler/joanie??


By the way, has anyone else noticed what appears to be a significant decrease in support for Isreal by the current administration.


Yes, I have noticed the decrease in support for Israel with the BO Administration, the most since James Earl Carter was POTUS. BTW, I read that he denounced Israel's actions the other day - like he knew what he was talking about - NOT ! He has always tended toward Xenophobic, IMO.

Reichert did not really say the Afghan war was winnable or not, except he said if US Troops were able to secure Kandahar it would look good. However, that would take some doing.


We should send Sheriff Hair Spray in to secure Kandahar and write a book about it.


Seems like many of today's politicians could stand to read this article by George Will to obtain the actual history of government over the last 100 years and the evolution of the welfare state specifically since BO took office


The owner of the drill rig (Trans-Ocean, which was run out of the U.S. for a number of violations)that exploded in the Gulf made a $270 million profit off the the loss of the rig, because it was over-insured. We pay for that. We, and the 11 poor souls and their families.


We ALSO pay for all the graft and corruption and waste withing our government(s) at all levels; and $270M pales in comparison.
We need new politicians...and we need a new method of selecting them, one that does not lend itself to the 'follow-the-money' axiom.


Funny, isn't it, Sparky. Insurance companies are in business not to provide services to us (because they are in it for the profit) but they don't balk at all about overpaying corporations for losses.

I wonder why that Transocean insurance doesn't include covering lives lost? I wonder how much of that will trickle down to the families if any.

Did you just fall off the turnip truck, dungman? We've (the left) been saying that for a very long time. Get the money out. It was your Court that just made it worse.


None of that will go to the families. They were employees of BP, so any settlements will have to come through them.


Nice try joanie but you know that I've been a proponent of doing away with the follow-the-money scheme since day one, and I've voiced that in many posts. So, either keep up with the posts so you have some accuracy or don't comment on what you know nothing about. Do you recall me referencing a site called GOOOH. They are a non-partisan group with a unique idea of how we can restructure the election of our officials. Did you bother to check that out...of course not, you'd rather bitch, moan and groan and listen to idiots who are as bad or worse than our politicians.
Try making yourself useful for a change. BTW, I assume you and sparky (and all other teachers who get the summer off) will be going down to the Gulf states and helping with the cleanup of those poor animals that are getting covered in oil. THAT would be making yourself somewhat useful. But, you'll likely not commit to that and continue blogging about chux not having a job and living off the government - when he's DONE the humanitarian thing and just pay lip service. Typical.

Puget Sound

The rest of us recall you posting about that site awhile back. Good stuff, as always.

To bad the Dems didn't go with Mrs. Clinton. You were right, the usual suspects were so very wrong.

Chucks has gone down twice on his own dime to help on humanitarian missions whilst the so called caring Democrats just talk and talk and talk. All the usual suspects could do was kick at him while he was down. What kind of a-hole would make fun of someone losing their job...

Not to worry, Chucks is a winner in life and he'll persevere.


You got it, Puts...no worry 'bout chucks, he's got the right values.


Frankly, duffman, I don't read everything you write. It would be impossible. And a waste of time of which you seem to have more than I do.

As for money in politics as I said (and you ignored) it was your side that just jumped the shark on that.

Finally, I'm out of school officially June 23 with extra teacher work day after that and out unofficially a week later (paperwork and room arrangement in prep for the summer carpet cleaning and other cleaning which is promised but rarely happens) and back the middle of August for classroom setup, meetings and learning days. Since we don't have secretaries and boookeepers at our disposal, we tie up loose ends on our own time. But, then, an old codger who sits in front of a computer blogging all day wouldn't really understand that.

Funny, I had a substitute custodian go through my classroom last week. He was "cleaner" - sort of low pay entry level job. Talkative. Said he was formerly "in business" and spoke well, tall, healthy, and very positive guy. But talked a lot. Fifties, I'd say. Not the usual kind we get. Said he wouldn't be doing that long. Finally, he said: "You teachers sure work late. I always thought you had easy hours. "

Bottom line, duffman: you're an idiot. One of several on this blog.

BTW, there are many, many groups and people trying to change the way politics works. They all have the same chance of succeeding: zero to none. Can you guess why?


Duffman is as independent as they come - so what do you mean his side ? He supported Mrs. Clinton for POTUS and does to this day, yet he is painted as a Republican ?? It just shows how dysfunctional and idiotic Joanie and the rest of the usual suspects are.

Duff supports GOOOH, as do I. Both sides are at fault for this mess and new faces will be required to bring about real change. However, the current administration (no longer Bush) is causing this problematic state of affairs.

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