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June 01, 2010



Those who made my youth exalt with extra meaning are dropping like flies.

Myrtle Mopup

Farewell, Rubber Doe.

Puget Sound

Pancreatic and Liver Cancer is a tough battle to fight.
I salute the Masked Avocado for all the joy and mirth he brought into this world.
We sure could use more of it. A lot more of it.


He was younger than I thought. I'm sorry to hear it.

MariLyn Sabo

:( So many memories of Robert O at KOL... he hand made a card for Joe to give me back when we were dating. He married Justine's mother just a week or so after we got married (July 1970) and we put a big sign on his car when she was born: CONGRATULATIONS FATHER AND MOTHER MANISCHEWITZ!
Robert O will live on in the memories of all who heard him and were entertained by his many voices and characters.

Bill Taylor

Blessed with a versatile and vibrant vocal instrument and a crackling, irreverent wit, he was one of the best of that genre of talents which we rarely hear anymore -- a genuine "air personality," not just an automotonish time and temperature guy.

Truly a man of a thousand voices, who could segue from one to another with seamless speed.

Even in one-on-one conversations, he would sometimes slide into some other voice, and you'd find yourself talking with one of his myriad characters instead of "Rubber Doe."

Robert O. and I had neighboring apartments on Alki when we were kolleagues at KOL in the 1960s. There were some memorable parties during that halcyon period.

In addition to KJR, KOL and KTAC, some may remember that Robert O. did the all-nighter at KVI for a time in the mid 1970s. Suffice to say, he had little regard for the format, and his shows in the overnight hours could be rollicking affairs. In fact, he would sometimes do an entire newscast in one of his character voices. Imagine Harold Hardhat doing headlines, for example. It happened.

Rest in peace, old friend.


Shocking news. He was my all-time favorite. KJR, KOL, KTAC, KVI, Dr. Zingrr on Channel 13. Thanks, Robert O. Go to robertosmith.com to see more of his amazing talents from powerlifting to animation.


Robert O and Lan Roberts on one station! (KOL) compare that to say, Dori Monson and Don O'Neill. Some of us were fortunate to have heard radio when it still attracted extremely creative and smart people, both as performer and listeners.

Bill Wippel

Radio has gone the way of "if it's greed it fits our need." And the stumbling, fumbling of Bonneville is a great example. I am so sick of the monoliths of megamoney that control broadcasting today. My dream would be to have a station filled with former radio greats who were let go because they were too old, or too expensive. What fun we could have! Our station: Lan Archer/ Bill Taylor doing news in the AM. Chris Wedes and Jack Morton co-hosts. In Midday, Esther Druxman and Randy McMillan; news: Steve Montgomery and Dick Cross; PM Drive: Dean Smith and Jim Dai; news:Don Riggs and Dave Stone; All of these are retired but have plenty of gas left in their tank. Let's hope and pray we win the powerball!


Was Don Riggs also "Uncle Don Riggs" in Portland for awhile???



The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour 2009

Robert O. paid a visit to KIRO-TV that I happened to witness. He walked up to the giant picture of J. P. Patches hanging on the wall of Broadcast House, leaned down to the open mouth and yelled: "I'll take a Moby-Jack to go!"


I am stunned. Robert O was my favorite of all the radio personalities when I was a kid in the 1960s. I actually met him several times over the years. He was a sweetheart, one heck of a great guy, and funny in a good sort of way. I have two Indonesian painted wooden frogs. The big one is Walter and the small one is Robert. All the wild and crazy DJs and AM radio personalities are slowly but surely leaving us. Goodbye Robert O. You were an original.


Bob-O was a mentor to me. He and Doc Harris gave me my first breaks in the VO biz back when they were on CFMI. With his help I made quite a career out of it. We worked together on many many occasions and he was a good dude. Crazy in all the right ways.

I'm sad to say I didn't even realize he was ill. I want to let the world know that he was instrumental in giving me the confidence to stick to my career. He knew that, but I'm disappointed that I didn't get the chance to say it again to him in person before he passed.

My best regards,


Sad news indeed. Along with Lan, Robt.O was one of my favorite DJ's. When I was taking a communications class in college, he was kind enough to let me interview him between records. When he was on KJR there was an Coke ad that said "Sandy Posey drinks Coke after Coke after Coke", his response was "Yeah, but you ought to see her teeth!" Coke demanded he be fired and thus ended up at KOL. I've always missed him and will now miss him more. Hope he didn't share the same politics as his son.

Justine Wintersmith

@Bill: Our thanks to you for your remembrances of Robert O., however the cheap parting shot at my brother's beliefs is unnecessary and disrespectful in a posting meant to honor our father's memory. Making perhaps the most difficult time in our lives even moreso by airing your political beliefs to kick my brother when he's so far down is inappropriate, and if he WERE still around, dad himself would redress the issue-- but since he's not, I will. Dirty pool will NOT be tolerated, so play nice or don't play at all. Moderator: Flag and/or remove previous comment for inappropriate content.
-Zach's sister and Robert O's proud daughter, Justine Wintersmith


@Justine--I'm sorry for your loss and I was a big fan of your father. I have no idea what his politics were. My comment on your brother's politics was hardly a diatribe on my part and I said nothing of my own politics. I'm sorry for you loss and I'm sorry for mentioning anything regarding your brother.

Just an Observer

Oh No!

R&D are still on the air WTF?

Don's talking about his Rainier climb AGAIN! WTF?

shelley hudson

We at GGRP in Vancouver are truly saddened to learn that Robert lost his battle against such a terrible disease. He was a unique talent who worked with us for many years. Several of the spots he voiced won some impressive awards. We will miss him greatly. Robert, this Christmas we'll enjoy a Daniel's chocolate in your honour.


Wondering where fans of his cartoon style paintings can view or buys prints?


Would Like Carrie and Ed Boyd to contact Josh Thurston and anybody
who wants to cont to a Robert O. Smith Toast Off this summer.

All are welcome except the City of Vancouver or the Vancouver Police lol, and someone named Signy that lived in Rob's building in apartment #4 - (appartmant number might not be right.) All ALL relatives, friends, business associates, fans, stalkers, and yes even ex girl friends that might prove to be interesting Hope ex Sue Zimmerman comes by too. I will try my best to make this happen but I am alone in doing this.

PS don't forget to say Rob was a great 3D painter can't get those hooter paintings out of my mind I wish I had one

Please contact: [email protected]

Mark Reeves

I am saddend to learn of the loss of Robert O.. I met with him a few times, through our interest and love of cartooning. He was working at KOL at the time. What a great voice talent! I don't think he knew how good he was. Radio theater is a wonderful medium, and it was Robert O's playland. I still miss his show.
I am proud to have known him.
My condolences to his family, and his many fans.

Personal Trainer Vancouver

So sad to see a Big lifter and all around great guy pass. Thanks Robert.

New Orleans for now

Thanks for the much needed entertainment of my formitive years........Peace and love......or two beers!

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