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June 11, 2010



I find myself thankful for chucks reasonable thinking! Love ya chucks, but I doubt we often agree on much.

I'm rarely out on my own late these days, but for most of my girly days, I moved about on my own whenever I needed to - often by bus, in downtown Seattle, Belltown, and other urban points. Often worked past midnight and got home safely. The only threat I've had was at early twilight, running around Greenlake, with lots of people around.

Andrew - your attitude that a man should follow his wife or girlfriend if she is out late (What is the curfew?) is pure neanderthal. What about single women? Should they lock themselves in after dark or call for an escort to go out at night?

It seems like something doesn't add up in Rachel's attacks, but I sure don't think it comes from Bryan not protecting his wife.


To thothman: There is a whole string of those Chase ads with the same actors playing husband and wife. In the worst of them, the guy suggests they spend their Chase points on a romantic weekend at a nice hotel. She says, no, you can't spend our Chase points that way. They argue, and it turns out she's stolen them all and blown them on a nice gown for herself without telling him. In the commercial, he reacts with bemused acceptance. A real-life husband would have slapped her, then filed for divorce.

The married white male is the last acceptable buffoon stereotype. Even when he's right, he's portrayed as wrong.


Women should not walk alone at 1AM. That's just common sense. It doesn't matter if you're a single or a married woman.

If a man truly cares about his wife, he will accompany her, or do whatever he must do to make sure she remains safe. A lot of you are making me think the Chase commercials might be right in their depiction of gutless husbands.


I think statistics indicate that more women are injured by domestic violence than by muggings and car accidents combined. Maybe relying on a spouse or boyfriend isn't the smartest move.

Men should not walk alone at 1AM either, if you want to get down to it. But I don't think that many people are so fearful.


If, at 1AM, my wife said "I'm upset and need to go for a walk and you can't stop me" I would say "OK, but I'm going to follow you" and I would probably take pepper spray with. Or if she said at 1AM "It's a nice night, lets both go for a walk" I would say "no, that's needlessly dangerous." That's not being a controlling husband, that's simply standing by your principles. If you are confused, it might be because you lack some.

Now, not to suggest this is what happened, but just to give an example of how deception can occur under similar circumstances, there are times when a husband will injur his wife in a case of domestic violence and require medical attention, and the medical staff will be obligated to report the injury to police, so the wife who loves her abusive husband will agree to make up a story that absolves the husband of the crime.

In the case of Susan Smith, she dreamed up an unknown assailant and blamed her crime of him, and she made him a black man because she believed that would make her story seem more believable (and she was probably right).

I'm not claiming that this happened, but it's because this can happen, and has happened, that I don't always give alleged victims the benefit of the doubt.


i don't particularly care for Suits, believe he should have gotten treatment for PTSD as suggested by the Army shrink he saw in a routine required appointment (Suits dismissed the Doc as a "lib" and poohpoohed his advice accordingly). However i have no reason to believe this attack is anythign more than what the police are saying. Some people aer unlucky.


The real question associated with this topic is WHO ARE THESE KVI STAFFERS that are pondering.
Sounds fishy to me...and not fishy as in Fisher Broadcasting. :)

Puget Sound

A lot of you are making me think the Chase commercials might be right in their depiction of gutless husbands.

Posted by: Andrew | June 12, 2010 at 12:27 PM

So now you are calling Bryan Suits gutless? What an a-hole you are.
Did you even listen to the clip in which he explained what happened?

How would he have even known his wife was going for a midnight stroll if he was asleep. As one who regularly gets up at 4 am I often go to sleep at 8 or 9 pm. It's the only way you can function with those early hours.

Bryan Suits has worn our uniform and served in three separate wars. Not one, not two, but three.

Andrew, you owe Mr. Suits an apology.


Andrew will never give him an apology, even when proven wrong. Has Andrew ever apologized for anything ? Suits checks out this blog periodically and knows who the lobotomized clowns are.

I'd say that this post jumped the shark and has hinted at a rush to judgment. This is too bad as evidenced by the type of responses generated.

Dr. Bill

An associate of mine up your way called me earlier tonight and told me to check out this thread, since it was making accusations of Bryan Suits wife concerning her fabricting her two attacks. I was so damned mad. Do i have to come up there and give soem of you two-bit jerks a sound thrashing the way I did those biker gang punks up at the little bar in the high sierra? We knew how to take care of old boys like you up in Plumas County. I bet none of you two-bit greenie pukes who are accusing Lt. Suits of fraud have ever worn your country's uniform. if i met one of you vulgar jerks in a Starbuck's up there and i heard you accusing the Suits of this crap , you'd be wearing your frappacino, I'll tell you that.

Rev. Ray

Now here we have the senile and nearly dead Dr Bill coming in here with his years of wisdom, from having his face burnt red in the sun of the Sierra telling us how it is he can take on 'punks' at 80 something, and thats not 80 80 810 to call in please. heh heh. This, mmmmffh! now watch it Ray, this idiot cracker who claims to have built everything from some pos collider at Stamford to having saved the reputation of Caterpillar bulldozers up in the mtns while drinking beer at 14 is nothing but a senile fool, ladies and gentleman. It is no wonder his brain is still working after all the exposure to all that radio-activity he so champions for.

And I don't know who this idiot Suits is, what kind of so-called talent names himself after an article of clothing?


Come on up Dr. Bill. I have your back. We'll mop the floor with these idiots.
As for Rev. Ray, who knows what to think? Those were a couple of queer paragraphs with a little racism thrown in.
And, it is Stanford Ray. Stanford. Good grief, get that one right. My one year old grandson will be a student there in about 17 years.

Jason Andersen

I've not listened to Suits too often, but I've heard him enough in past years to know that his animus toward non-Caucasians is nothing new and had its genesis long before his wife's assault(s).

He can be juvenile and unnecessarily crass too...a couple months back he had a female correspondent on the phone from Dubai (I think?), and after she'd hung up, he makes a remark to the producer about how he'd "like to hit that..."; and before she hung up, he told her that he was in the process of doing a Google Images search of her. He just sounded so creepy! I cannot imagine how he must have made women listeners feel. His style really is more geared to younger FM straight white male listeners who fall into the low-end of the normal range of intellectual function.

I was being robbed at knife point in 2001 for my $3,000 road bike, and thought I’d talk some shit to the guy and dare him to fight me; he was a desperate homeless junkie type, and I was 24 years-old and feeling invincible; he didn’t get my bike, and he ran away like a scaredy cat, but not before literally cutting my nose off my face (25 stitches…I had to hold it on with my hand in Medic One and the detectives taking pictures wouldn’t let me see what it looked like). My point is that the emotional process when you are violently assaulted comes in waves almost like grief; sometimes it takes a while to really hit. And it took me a couple years before I could forgive the guy and let go.

With both their backgrounds in law enforcement and the Army, if these events were staged, they would have a decent shot at getting away with it. But why????? They would have so much to lose, including custody of their child. I just cannot believe that they would stage such a thing. The *only* plausible theory would be that she suffers from something like Munchausen’s and is doing it for attention. Regardless, she is the victim.


BTW, I am a little surprised that Ms. Suits wasn’t carrying concealed...being that she was out at that time of night. I seldom carry anymore, but I sure would if I was a woman out alone at that time of night who’d just been violently assaulted in recent the past.


Excellent post, Jason.


I hope all the cleaning women, waitresses and bargirls are noting that they're not supposed to be out alone at night. Better to go on welfare, I guess. You think Andrew?

Puget Sound

The failure to carry concealed was a point that Bryan made in the 5 am portion of his show. He explained that his wife really had just felt so safe in the neighborhood -even at that hour and having been a victim of an earlier attack (the two suspects from LA have been apprehended).
If Bryan does have an animus, I would say it is directed towards political correctness. Maybe people that have served our country in three different wars have little patience with PC Seattle. If Bryan had a real animus towards minorities then the military would be an extremely curious choice to spend so many hours of your life. Minorities make up a disproportionate part of the military and freedom of association is something not high on the priority list of Army leadership. So assignments on travel,working, sleeping, eating, showering, etc are not based off of personal preferences. You serve a colorblind leadership -at least as much as one can get- that tries to look at only one color: Army Green. Not that it is perfect, but that is the goal.
I would hope you could give him a call and discuss it with him. He'll talk to you.


I saw her story covered on the Q13 crime show, Most Wanted last night. It really didn't give any new information. Hopefully it will generate some leads that direct the police towards the violent criminals.
We need to get these asshats stoped beore they harm some little vegan hippy chick that some of you really care about.


If Mr. Suits hates political correctness so much, then he'll have no people with the public not hesitating to ask the obvious questions just because he has a history in the military. Feigning indignation is at the heart of political correctness... funny how quick the resident conservatives are so quick to do so. Believe it or not, even people with military backgrounds have, on occasion, done bad things to.

joanie, there are safe ways for women to work a late shift, there are even safe ways to walk around at 1AM; don't do it alone or don't do it unarmed. Stop pretending you don't know this.

Puget Sound

So Andrew,
How you gonna walk this back? Or will you continue with this line that casts dispersions on a mother who was the innocent victim of an assault and the honor of a military war hero?
At what point do you come to your senses or is it that important for you to score some political points and cast doubt on their honor?
Will it take a NY Vinnie moment?
People are just wondering...

Puget Sound

Kind of amusing how even the usual suspects on this blog are letting you hang out there all by your lonesome on this. Twisting slowly in the wind. You know it's bad when even Coiler won't go there...

So Andrew, come on back and be rationale about this. Apologize to the victim and her husband for your intemperate and inconsiderate comments.

C'mon Andrew, you can do it. Be a man. Let's not have a NY Vinnie moment.


But if she wasn't a mother and wasn't the wife of a "war hero" then it would be fine. You sure like to play the political correctness card when it works to your advantage.

Of course, this being the Internet, I don't have much incentive to adhere to political correctness even if I were in favor of it otherwise.

Puget Sound

Actually, the fact that she is a mother and the wife of a decorated military soldier just exacerbates the unfairness of what you are doing. She committed no crime other then to think she could walk around the neighborhood late at night.

I recall how you couched your 'concern' for NY Vinne as a vehicle to make some personal remarks about him. He pretty much told you to take your 'concern' and fold it five ways to Sunday before sticking it.


Andrew has become a 'non-event'.


I've lost close friends to heart disease brought on by heavy weight. I was sad when Tim Russert died even though I didnt know the guy personally. If NY Vinnie didn't think my concern was genuine, then I can't help that. Some people just assume the worst in others.

And I haven't accused anyone of anything, so to the extent you insist that I have, fuck off. I'm simply stating that I'm not willing to take them at their word and accept it as fact. I make no apologies for being a skeptic.

Fred C. Dobbs, Esquiire

Right on, Dr. Bill. why can't we go back to the days when men like Dr. Bill were in their prime, running our country and the "Canlis Card" was given as a parting "thank you" to those of the minority persuasions who were uppity enopugh to dine at Seattle's higher class restaurants? Do we really have to have the browns and the blacks, with their loud talk and uncouth eating habits, polluting and degrading our city's fine dining establishments? I have heard a gent on KIRO FM is in favoe speaking in favor of rolling back the law to when the owner was king and could legally put a "no colored people" sign proudly outside his cafe or restaurant. His name is Dorky or Dorsey something liek that. Show in the early afternoons.

Puget Sound

It sounds like you are in the blame the victim mode. Absent facts to the contrary, all we really know is that a mother was injured. At this point in time there is no reason to doubt her other than just plain snarkiness.

As for NY Vinnie, it went beyond that. To the point that NY Vinnie felt compelled to your 'concern.' Here is what NY Vinnie said on the BlatherBlog 12/22/2007:

"You know one of the great things about the last 4 months of being off of the radio (with the exception of a couple of fill-ins) is that I have been able to stay away from this blog and it's mostly perverse personal attacks on local radio personalities. ...

Andrew, it sounds like you have a real problem with me. Does my weight maybe make you look at something in your life and realize that you have trouble accepting people the way they are? Maybe the fact that you are up at 3am taking the time to knock someone else's life means that there is not much going on in yours. Have you ever had a conversation with me? How do you know how intelligent I am? Even more important how can you take a section of people and paint them with a broad brush because they are brought together by something that brings them happiness. Sounds a lot like prejudice to me. Last I looked therwere just as many intelligent people at sporting events as there are at the opera or the theatre or most other cultural events that go on in our city."


NY Vinnie was mistaken. I only ever made one post concerning his weight and health. It was other posters who said vicious things about him but he mistakenly attributed those posts to me. You did a good job finding posts made by NY Vinnie. Why didn't you bother to find what I actualy said? You're just desperate. All of your criticisms are entirely invalid. It seems you have the same fixation with me that you accuse me of having towards others. What's your story?


Mr. Dobbs that was Dori Monson you heard on KIRO. Yes he has stated himself to be in favor of the ridiculous idea of repealing the civil rights act as regards to public accomodations like diners, etc. i won't call him a racist because he claims his views stem from his strong libertarian ideals of invidual rights. In Dori Monson's America " no coloreds" signs outside of restaurants would indeed be legal again. I won't call him a racist- but i can call him a big, big dunderhead and a moron. by the way the Canlis Card is purely apocryphal and never existed at the Canlis Restaurant. The owners have had a 1,0000 dollar check in their safe for about 50 years now, to be given to anyone who can present credible evidence that a Canlis Card was ever presented to a person of color dining at Canlis. It has never been taken out of the safe.

Dave (not dave ross)

thanks tommy for bringing up what i was about to comment on, the 'canlis card' is urban folklore, no one has ever produced one, they dont exist.

Puget Sound

Oh I see, poor Andrew the 'victim.'
You like to accuse others of crap you can't back up and dislike it when you get called on it. That was NY Vinnie's point.

Hmmmmmm, Duff and NY Vinner were right.

Fred C. Dobbs, free white and (0ver) 21

how dare you call Monson a moron Mr. 008?he has manfully proposed returnign the law back to a time when a restaurant owner was the rightful king of his castle. If a sensible "sorry, no blacks" sign had been posted at the Space Needle elevator last weekend, my expensive dinner at the revolving room would have not been ruined by the table of noisy ghetto rats next to me.


The fact that Libertarians would want to roll back civil rights just goes to show how impractical their philosophy is. They would ask us to throw out land mark, hard fought social innovations just to test their unproven social theory, thinking we can take a time machine back to 1950 and somehow be better off for it. It would be like pretending the world is flat again for the sake of simplicity. The Libertarians disregard for everyone who has worked so hard and sacrified so much to get race relations to where they are now, such that a black man could be president, perfectly exemplifies their extremely greedy nature and utter lack of curiousity.

Fred C. Dobbs, proud white American

this Dori Monson is a champion of my right for white public dining. Whites-only is my right, my choice as a free American, and Dori understands that. who the Hell is this Andrew jerk, Tommy008?


Just a couple of wannabees, Fred...no big deal.


You don't live alone on an island, you live among other people. You don't have the right to excersize freedom to an extent that would limit the freedom of others, which is exactly what a whites only restaurant would do, you racist piece of trash.

Fred C. Dobbs, proud white American

i hAVE A RIGHT TO stroll down the beach boardwalk and enter a diner where i can enjoy A HOMEY-FREE HAMBURGER AND A "MOTHERFUC**R"-FREE MILKSHAKE. it's my god-given right as a free white man in America.thank god for Dori Monson. some day he will be President and rollback the laws with an executive ordert to the day when the business owner decided who sat at his tables and counters, not the government. Andrew is not a real AMERICAN. LITTLE COMMIE LIB JERK.

Puget Sound

actually laws that would prohibit one from serving a person due to skin color would be anti-freedom. both for the customer and the owner who is in business to make money.
so the Libertarian position, to be consistent, should be against such prohibitions.


I don't believe for a minute that Dori Monson is a racist.
He's the KING of Seattle-area talk radio.



Puget Sound

Anychance you'll man up and call Dori's show and let him know what you feel about him and his 'racist' views. Of course, that's after you called the Bryan Suits show to accuse his wife of filing a phony police report.

All we ask is that you let us know when you'll be making these calls.


Why don't you call DOri and tell the producer Phil that he has the worlds biggest Internet troll on the line. No, they wouldn't turn down a real freak show like you.


whites-only racist poster, moron libertarian talkhost, yadayada yada......once again, it's Monday evening a gratedful city turns off all other distractions and retreats to their tv rooms where they will watch a four hundred pound Latino man and his three hundred pound sister lead a repo team through the streets of metro L.A., repo-ing vehicles, bikes and boats from various sorryass deadbeats.


After reading the some of the swill here, I am convinced that this has turned from a grateful nation into a nation that grates.


yo Bryan Suits, reclaim your thread with an update of the crime story..... oh that's right he said he'll be back here in 2011.......

Puget Sound

Why don't you call DOri and tell the producer Phil that he has the worlds biggest Internet troll on the line. No, they wouldn't turn down a real freak show like you.

Posted by: Andrew | June 14, 2010 at 05:50 PM

Figures, all hat and no cattle.


damn it! i just sprained my ankle again runiing over ot the radio to turn Dr. Laura off. This time \she was doing that haircare product commercial wherre she pretends to be a nice person. damn . i hate when htat happens


Krank just posted another SPD brutality video on his showpage at mynorhtwest.com.....the white male cop hauls off and slugs a black woman with his closed fist....really ugly stuff.....looks like this guy will now join the first two with his ass in a sling...this is an even more serious assault than pigboy Cobain did.


actually ive studied htis video for a whike abd i have to say the punch looks like a justified escalation of force. These two black women are complete knuckleheads for fighting with and shoving a police officer. he had two of them fighting with him, being egged on by a bunch of "brave" black men standing around. these two fools just both got felony records over nothing.

woody held

Leo Strauss coined the phrase reductio ad Hitlerum.

We now need a simliar phrase for liberals' penchant for turning every argument into "you racist, me not."


i guess this whole thing starte dwhen the one teen punk started walking away from a cop hwo had detained a small group of high school age females to lecture and maybe ticket them for jaywalking. one insolent brat started walking away , he grabbed her hand and they were off to the races/ duhhhh you dont walk away from a cop who has legitimately detained you. now you have a felony record you teen moron.

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