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June 06, 2010



Interestingly, a lot of comment sections of newspapers carrying this are full of contempt for Elton.
Maybe he needed the money :P


Money talks. As diametrically opposed politically as there is. The newspapers are corrupt - objectivity no longer exists.

Unless they change their approach and continue to mimic Pravda, it would be no tragic loss to those newspapers that go down.


Eltom John's music is above politics. I can't think of a favorite because they are all favorites.


Reminds me of something Randi said: these rightwing talk hosts are all talk. That, privately, they don't hold most of the views they espouse on air. Press was recalling knowing Ann Coulter before she became the rightwing demon she presents. Said she was a very normal person with normal views. Said she pumps up the hate meter when she needs to sell a book.

That's entertainment.

Puget Sound

kind of like big Ed...i love that 'story' he gives on how he changed from right wing talk to liberal talk. anyone listening to him in the Dakota's laughs at it. but it fools enough fools to keep him with a gig.
how's that liberal lion of the left, bernie ward doing these days anyway?

i still recall when mike webb was having his problems how his fellow liberal, erin hart, wasted little time on air asking for his timeslot. nice...

Puget Sound

..meanwhile, Erin Hart continues to email listeners asking them to recommend her taking over Mike's time slot....and the body twernt even cold yet...

Posted by: sparky | January 09, 2006 at 07:23 AM

to funny.


How do you know Big Ed isn't telling the truth?

And what does your last post have to do with the thread?


Erin Hart reminds me of the usual suspects - shrill, whiny, partisan and a revisionist historian, similar to Ed Schultz. PutS - at least you provide documented evidence.

charlie potts

who's erin hart?


My post was not about the newspapers KS. It was about the comments that people made at the end of the article.
I just checked his website, and Elton is performing this summer in Budapest, Tel Aviv, Minsk ....and..........YAKIMA! LOL
On July 18 at the Yakima Valley Sun Dome!


Sparkles, I'm not concerned about what your last comment was about. You mentioned the newspapers and my comment was what came to mind when I thought about newspapers.


Elton is a self hating gay. Don't forget the duet he did with Eminem.

Puget Sound

it was about posing as something you are not.
as sparkles points out in her post, erin had this great empathetic liberal persona but couldn't wait to shove mike webb aside. it surprised me. good catch sparky.


I dislike Erin Hart almost as much as i do Dori. I'm not about right/left - i can't stand weasels, asses and poltroons. Whether it's Hart running over the figurative still warm body of Mike WEbb to try to get his spot, or Monson being a little bitchboy by going snitching to KIRO management with tapes of Mike's more outrageous rants, in hopes of getting him fired.......


I think this is just Rush's way of saying he's so rich he can afford the world's most expensive piano payer for his wedding. As for Elton, maybe he said he'd only do it for a million $ thinking he'd be turned down. Who knows.


Apparently the price for putting your convictions in your back pocket and singing for a racist, fear-mongering homophobe is a cool one miiiiiiiillllllion dollars.


...always follow-the-money!


so, Rush pays for Elton John to play at his wedding and RUSH is the hypocrite...
Rush just wants to have the best music for his guests regardless of the sexual orientation of the performer. Elton John should be the one with the problem yet he apparently has a price at which he puts away his convictions...
Who's the hypocrite again?


Rush wants the best. Elton wants the money. Who's a hypocrite? Neither as far as I can see. If one, probably Rush since Elton is in the business to earn a paycheck. Why should it matter which idiot pays it?

David in B-Town

Eyebrow-raising? Most definitely. To me it just shows a surprising open-mindedness on both their parts. I don't see any hypocrisy here. I actually wish we had more of this so it wasn't so surprising when it happens.


"Does Elton John know that Rush Limbaugh wants to kill him?"

wow that is an outrageous thing to say.

Now I will be compelled to read blatherwatch every day to see what other outrageous things are said here


Why do you libs keep equating opposition to gay marriage as homophobic? Is not homophobia basically defined as being in fear of the queer?
I am opposed to gay marriage, but in no way in fear of, or holding disdain for my fellow citizens that happen to do love the way their hearts leads them.
We may be laughing our butts off at the effeminate fellow working it, but a good deal of that is because of the funny shit our queer friend is saying about him that we might not have even noticed.
Marriage is between a man and a woman. All the rights of marriage should be the same for a gay couple under civil unions.
If I were getting married again,to a hot young woman, half my age and had bought and sold more WAMU stock at the right time, I'd hire Elton to entertain my guests. Certainly not Adam Lambert, but Elton rocks.


>>Randi said: these rightwing talk hosts are all talk. That, privately, they don't hold most of the views they espouse on air. Press was recalling knowing Ann Coulter before she became the rightwing demon she presents. Said she was a very normal person with normal views. Said she pumps up the hate meter when she needs to sell a book.

That's entertainment.<<

Well, duh!!! You lefties JUST figuring this out?

One reason I like Rush, Sean, Glenn and the others is that they know how much their words get the libs' panties in a wad - and it's hilarious to watch.

Mike Barerm

I'm surprised that Elton did it. It basically amounts to selling out. Rush doesn't believe what he says--his followers do.


Elton John hasn't been relevant since "Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy".

Rush hasn't been relevant since his prescription shopping and sex trips to the Dominican Republic.

They deserve each other.


Someone who is able to fork over $1M for a piano player/singer for his 4th wedding might be a bit relevant. Even tho I don't care for him - he has kept the talk radio industry alive. With his avid vast listenership he is 'relevant' to masses. And, he will always be relevant to his ma'ma. That he may not be 'relevant' to you is likely a compliment to him.


anyone catch James Cameron on cable news this morning trying to tell the Engineers and experts what they'er doing wrong in trying to cap the runaway oil well? talk about a delusonal jackass-- he obviously believes the googobs of money he's made gives him incredible intelligence and wisdom. what a fool.




Rush is 'relevant' to his 'masses' I'll agree. BTW, those 'masses' aren't anywhere near the 20 million he claims (plus he's never sourced those numbers). If you know anything about cume, TSL or AQH, you'd know that his people take the weekly cume which can highly inflate the numbers if one listens more than a quarter hour. Regardless, it still comes out to less than 1% of the total US population that really listens on any kind of a regular basis. Still, its a substantial number, but let's face it....maybe lots of people have heard of Rush, but the HUGE majority of Americans don't listen to him.

As for James Cameron....what's he ever done to merit the attention of engineers or oil experts? HE GETS WET AND MAKES MOVIES UNDERWATER!! Well, he did hit it with Linda Hamilton for awhile, but I'm not sure that qualifies him to tell others how to plug a hole.


And I shouldn't have dissed Elton that way. "Songs From the West Coast" was a pretty good album.

Just wish we could forget about all that Disney crap he sold his soul for.


If you had CAREFULLY read what Cameron said, he was offering the services of people who DO know about deep water .. He never said that he personally knew what to do.

"...offered the assistance of the private team of deep-sea experts with whom which he has worked on several underwater films and exploration efforts."

""Over the last few weeks I've watched, as we all have, with growing horror and heartache, watching what's happening in the Gulf and thinking those morons don't know what they're doing," Cameron said at the All Things Digital conference sponsored by The Wall Street Journal near Los Angeles.

Cameron developed expertise in deep sea robotic vehicles and submersibles over a period of 22 years, he said. That's led to the filming of two documentaries about the Titanic, as well as the feature film of that name, which at the time was the highest-grossing feature film ever. He also directed "The Abyss."

"Wait a minute, I know a lot of smart people in deep submergence," Cameron said he thought as the Gulf crisis deepened. "Why don't I just get all these people that I know together for a brainstorming session?"

What's wrong with asking for more ideas? What BP is currently doing is not working, and now they are saying AUTUMN before they can get everything plugged up.


wrong, kimo sabe. on the interview i saw, i believe on MSNBC he started off telling the hosts just what was wrong with how they were going about dealing with the gusher and trying to cap/plug it. I was so repulsed by this fool's arrogance i cut him off midsentence with my clicker. the man is an ass.


the admiral said we'll be dealing with the oil well into autumn. the relief well is still set to be completed in mid august. the relief well should divert all but a small % of the oil into the tankers.


the oil spill is horrible, sickening and enraging. However, the far left and foxnews/far right types are both distorting how bad the situatio in the gulf is, each fo their own purposes. THE 1979 oil gusher off the east coast of Mexico took 10 monthe to stop with a relief well and dumped over 120 milion galons into the gulf. It is doubtful this dsaster will match that total , since new drilling technology will allow them to reach the wells by august. The shrimp crop came back after two years in the Mexico case.


Well, the stallar players (I believe they're called "The Best and the Brightest") surrounding Obama and BP don't seem to know what to do.

I say open the doors to anyone that has some experience. Technology in movie making is supremely ahead of the curve. Only fools put up road blocks and dismiss creative thinkers. You, Tommy, are a creative guy. There's gold in thinking creatively.

I'd listen to anyone who wants to help as long as they have some credibility.

No time to get ego-driven, envious, or scornful. If you look at the latest pictures - finally - on Huffpo and probably elsewhere, you'd beg anybody to provide a solution.


hello? they will soon be capturing 20,000 barrels a day, presently at 15,000 barrela.likely ti grow over 20,000 in future asa they continue to tweK IT AND TRY NEW ADDITIONS no its not all the oil- there may be now way to capture all the oil until the rlief well hits.....doesnt mean the people working on it are "morons".. and quit that condescending cRAP ABOUT THE PHOTOS as if yo uand you're group of special people aer the only ones aware of the photos of the oilgooped pelicans.etc and you need to tell us to see them..//weve seen them....just as appaled as you are...


Oh, calm down. Sometimes I think you have an anger management problem. Yes, they are making some headway. That doesn't mean you quit trying to do more faster.

And quit thinking you're the victim of condescension. Only in your own mind. Quit thinking of yourself as a victim of our slings and arrows.

Next thing you know, MacTwinney will be telling me I'm bickering again. Good Lord. Must be a male thing.


Look at the positive side. How many boat and ship owners are getting their propeller shafts lubed every time they take their rigs out?


I bet they'd rather have their bank accounts lubed.


Why is Elton doing a "Heil Hitler"?


I thought that was his Jesus pose. Calming the waters or something like that.

Good site to follow the Gulf situation from a technical point of view: The Oil Drum




Today the Rude Pundit said that Haley Barber sounds like Foghorn Leghorn with a mouth full of testicles. !


how did james carville's voice sound the other week when he tore Obama a new one over his obtuse incompetence in dealing wihtthe spill.haha heehee you Obama trolley riders are about to go speeding down the south side of the counterbalance to your election defeat. haha heeheeh rteeheehee keep it up


don't blame me- i supported Hillary. Mr. Arrogance thought experience didn't matter- his specialness and well just plain fabulosity would get him through any problems he thought.........so he thought....


how did james carville's voice sound...

Like your out-of-control-all-caps-post. Stupid.

Jason Andersen

I've never seen anything from anybody who knows Rush off-air that would indicate that he's anywhere near as outrageous, prone toward distorting the truth, and hate-filled as some of his commentary can be. I've listened to him semi-regulary since maybe late 1990; he used to be a lot more fun to listen to. He's best when musing about this and that in raconteur mode. Rush is possibly the only conservative who is funny. But these days his show is perhaps over-produced and too scripted in order to feed Obama haters what they want; the only time that I will still maybe tune in to him is open line Friday. And Elton is simply the best; I just saw him a few months back in concert with Billy Joel. It is amazing the level at which they both still perform.


Had to report, chux, that on the radio today the news was that the oil is ruining the motors of the boats going out. Go figure.

Lube job? Apparently not.

joanie ti ALL-CAPS TOMMY008

However, the far left and foxnews/far right types are both distorting how bad the situatio in the gulf is, each fo their own purposes....hello? they will soon be capturing 20,000 barrels a day, presently at 15,000 barrela.likely ti grow over 20,000 in future asa they continue to tweK IT AND TRY NEW ADDITIONS no its not all the oil- there may be now way to capture all the oil until the rlief well hits.....doesnt mean the people working on it are "morons".
Posted by: Tommy008

As BP struggles to permanently stop the gush of oil, Simmons has been warning that the scale of the spill is much bigger and that there's a larger leak several miles away.

Simmons also thinks that perhaps the only way to seal the gush of oil is by doing what the Soviet Union did decades ago -- setting off a bomb deep underground so that the fiery blast will melt the surrounding rock and shut off the spill.

Fortune caught up with Simmons this week to hear his thoughts on the Gulf Coast oil spill, the future of BP and what's ahead for offshore drilling.

Experts forecast an active hurricane season this year. We know it could disrupt efforts to stop the spill, but how else do you think storms could impact the Gulf Coast?

We've got to stop the gusher first. Then we have to deal with the other issues. There's a lake at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico that's over 100 miles wide and at least 400 to 500 feet deep of black oil. It's just staying there. And only the lightest of that is what we're seeing hitting the shores so far. If a hurricane comes and blows this to shore, it could paint the Gulf Coast black. We should have been pumping this oil out onto other tankers weeks ago.

Amazing how many people don't know what they're talking about, isn't it Mr. All-Caps 008?


"we should have been pumping this oil into other tanker weeks ago",funny, that's what Carvilles said in his ass-reaming of Obama few weeks back,saying that he should have brought in big tankers to suck up the oil like they did off the coast of Saudi Arabia,.... now our resident elitist wants it both ways....she doesn't want any talk of Obama's incompetence such as Carville states , won't hear of it , he's just stupid, she posts, stamping her litttle feet...but she claims there's way more oil allowed ot be out there now than there should be..........can't have it both ways

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