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June 21, 2010



Dori would complain if they hung him with a brand new rope.


Wouldn't you ?


I don't live in Seattle, but I can listen to Dori's show if I choose because its streamed.

So far I've chosen not to listen because I don't like to be yelled at. That, to me does not sound like talk radio. It sounds like YELL radio, which is nothing less than absolutely BORING, not to mention management by stupidity.

It also feels like a desperation move on the part of either Dori or management to fight for ratings in the hopes of keeping KIRO-FM alive.


Dori must have finally found out they are Christians (and not those evil Muslims) so they now get a pass.


C'mon, guys, the almost daily diatribes against Monson are getting tedious. I think, Mr. Hood, that everyone understands you hate the ground Monson walks on, and you despise the air he breathes. As the Beatles put it, "Let it be."

Your observations on what makes (and what made) Seattle radio worth listening to, reflect your better side and your more insightful inclinations.

Rat Bastard

Let's face it...
Dori bashing is fun for most here and Dori defending is fun for the others.
Answer to this question?
Why is it Dave (KIRO m-f, 9a-12p) saves community celebrations, and Dori tries to quash 'em? Just askin'
The Fireworks display was paid for by private donations and the memorial service was paid for in part by tax dollars.
Significant difference.


Dori is Beck Lite which is why he'll be limited to a now-obscure FM station for the duration of his radio life.

I'm tired of the Dori topic as well.

No, not significant to people with some sense of community and charity. Which is apparently not you, bastard.

Rat Bastard

"sense of community" could apply to either of those situations.
The point is that there is plenty of private money to fund whatever private money wants to fund.
Otherwise I want my damn car paid for, and my house, and my everything else.
No problem right?
Plenty of tax dollars to cover it.
The problem is that everyone else will want the same treatment.
Maybe we should just leave private funding to private sources and let government do what it's supposed to do without running our future off a cliff.


The rat bastards are wrong. AFAIK what the mayor did wasn't illegal, and the mayor was fairly elected through our celebrated democratic process. Agree or disagree all you want, but the people have spoken, and you can't respect that then you must hate America, or at the very least, have a preference for your bank account.

Rat Bastard

OK, sounds great...
I want my damn car, and my house, and my "everything else" paid for.
Plenty of tax dollars for that right?
The problem is that everyone else will want the same treatment...
Maybe we should just leave private funding to private donations instead of tax dollars paying for our future to drive off a cliff.

Rat Bastard

All of us Rat Bastards want everything in our lives paid for like the liberals are happy to do.
Not enough money to go around which might be a problem.
It's OK, just pay for me, then work the rest out when it's not my problem.
Doesn't seem like it will work does it?
Did you get the point either time about the "cliff part"?


Time for Dori to go. I am hoping he is offending the Mormon bosses and then he will be out of there.

When are they going to make the major changes? Whatever happened to that?


Typical of rat bastards to conflate community spending and personal spending. They're the type to compare a kind gesture towards a minority group with buying a car or paying for one's house.

I find more and more that our American freedoms affords many the ability to be utterly ungrateful to the community which maintains these very liberties.


BTW, to our resident Dori butt suckers; if the little guy really loved the attention, it stands to reason he wouldn't have up and dropped this issue. Calling for a mayor's impeachment isn't exactly the kind of topic that one just moves on from, or else we've just taken hyperbole to a crazy, new extreme. Next thing you know he'll be calling for the murder of Santa Clause, or the closing of Eastlake for resurection of Jesus. This is what you would call using your public platform to the fullest extent, on par with Carlson and Wilbur throwing their weight on I-912 a few years back. It's pretty obvious that Dori is "walking it back" as one of the butt suckers likes to say. Either from internal admission, or external excoration, nobody knows. Maybe "Star and the Girls" said "you've hit a new low."

Rat Bastard

Government does not exist to perform "kind gestures"...
That is left to the private sector.
Ya' know...
People who give to charity, which is most often NOT liberals.
This pick and choose, selective giving is much better left to the private sector.
It's more efficient.
CLIFF... The part about government driving us off a cliff...
Oh well... Just stick around a little while and you'll soon find out what that's all about.

 Tommy008 on "no free pass for Dori"

Monson claims that Blatherwatch is just trashing him for "sport", a claim that he also made concerning Blatherwatch and Mike Webb. Like many of things Monson says, this makes a good sound bite, but it is simply not true. ok, the gratuitous comments from some of us about his height and his voice, usually contained wihtin a post about something substantive concerning Dori, could possibly be called making fun of him just for "sport". That is just a side issue, however. tHE VAST, VAST MAJORITY OF POSTS ABOUT MONSON, and almost all of the recent flurry of posts about him, have been full of critical comments about SUBSTANTIVE MATTERS, concerning the hateful, ignorant, dunderheaded, and even immoral crap he spews daily. yeah we've been trashing his ass for a long time on Blatherwatch. He's been spewing crap for a long time, on the radio. Everyday on KIROfm - every day on Blatherwatch . Fair and blanced. No pass, no truce for Monson. Sorry . The trashing will continue until he gets off the air and does something else for a living. p.s. he's too much of a weasel to mention Blatherwatch by name. The "just for sport" accusations were made about an unnamed Seattel radio blog.


Monson trashes the Governor, the Mayor and Obama on a daily basis, including gratuitous personal ridiculing of Obama . He mercilessly trashed County Executive Ron Sims. Monson would bristle with selfrighteous outrage if we accused him of "trashing local politicians and Obama 'just for sport'". That's why his similar accusation of us, regarding him, is just so much sophistry and selfserving nonsense. It's a crock, Dori- and we all know it.


Bonneville has a corporate culture of charitable giving and "giving back" to the community and encourages and suports their employess to participate in such activities, They would consider the Keyarena service for the Ethiopians consonant and in keeping with their corporate culture. I'm sure they saw no problem with it, unlike Dori. Suits from Bonneville or just ststion bosses, or both, may well have given Mr. Monson a 'good talking to" regarding the Key Arena matter, hence the stone cold silence from him on Monday .


"Monson trashes the Governor, the mayor and Obama on a daily basis, including..... Me mercilessly trashed county Executive Ron Simms........"
Coming from Tommy008, I suspect that this is meant as an insult to Monson, but I and many others enjoy Monson speaking the truth about these morons (the politicians, not you Tommy).
Tommy, do you find yourself spending an inordinate amount of time sitting in a car in front of the KIRO studio or Dori's house? What recording devises do you use? Have the police ever served you a no-contact order? Are you supposed to be using any special medication? When did you run out? Do you know how to get more?


no, none, no ,no, NA, NA


"over a cliff" - is that the cliff I see in my rear view mirror that Bush already pushed the country over?

Catch up, rat bastard. You're behind. Hmm, isn't that just the way with righties. Too bad, so sad.

KIRO mole

"Bonneville can't be associated with this kind of just plain meanness, Biff," - something a little bird told me she overheard one MB (Mormon bastard) saying to another MB regarding Dori and his Keyarena funeral comments debacle, in the back offices of KIRO radio ( a window was open).

KIRO mole

Dori, Corporate is on line three for you, long distance from Salt Lake"- a message Dori just might have received in his office intercom from the KIROfm reseptionist sometime friday afternoon, after his show. a little bird told me.

KIRO mole

"YOU HAVE MEDDLED WITH THE PRIMAL FORCES OF NATURE, MR. MONSON, AND I WON'T HAVE IT!! IS THAT CLEAR!"- comments a little bird told me Dori was forced to listen to Sunday afternoon at the end of a long, long boardroom table, with green glass-shaded desklamps in fron of each of it's twenty seats, in Salt Lake city, his body growing smaller with every word shouted by a redfaced, tall gray-haird man in a three-piece suit standing at the opposite end of the table.

Obama is a black man

Buyers Remorse?

1. Still in Iraq (where are the I-5 protesters?)

2. Still in Afghanistan (where are the I-5 protesters?)

3. Still in Guantanamo

4. Economy still in the tank with diminishing GDP

5. Unemployment at record levels

6. Housing in a depression like state

7. Taxes going up

8. Generational theft from our grandchildren for the outrageous wasteful spending

9. Worst oil spill in history of mankind continues and Obama goes golfing

10. A corrupt administration with no transparency and an imbecile as VP

The experiment has failed.

Freedom 1/20/13.


Rat bastard said: Government does not exist to perform "kind gestures"...

The purpose is not to make a kind gesture, it's to foster good will in hopes of easing future tension and improving intercommunity cooperation which will ultimately improve the quality of life for all Seattlites and reduce crime. You're either wilfully shortsighted... or just none too bright.


If Obama is the answer, it must have been a really stupid question.


Re "Buyers Remorse?" Bush either directly started, or ultimately caused all of the items during his 8 year reign which you accuse Obama of being unable to fix in 18 months as president. Conservatives overlook this because to them it's more important that an R occupy the White House, they don't care if he was the worst president in history. Conservatives are are to America are what cave dwelling Muslim Jihadists are to Afghanistan; not our proudest achievement, not what we would like to be known for.


I like to think about the blazing speed with which old-man McCain and Caribou Barbie would have got us out of all our wars that have been started since 2000.


Did you catch the "I just got hired to be the basketball coach at Shoreline" last week? Dori said that the former coach was fired because of BUDGET CUTS. (He was a social studies teacher.)

That sounded pretty crazy so I got in touch with the Principal. How could they possibly afford to hire the Great Dori Monson at the expense of a real teacher? Turns out the former coach was let go due to low enrollment; not budget cuts. Huh, do you think Monson was going to go on a rant about "THE GOVERNMENT" and their evil budget cuts? Instead, it's just that people in Shoreline aren't fucking enough. Sure, maybe Dori can't get it up with a human, but he's not the only male in Shoreline after all.

So now you can just add 'Documented Liar' to his rather pathetic resume. He rapidly changed his blog post to cover the lie. I'm surprised that he can't gin up the phony outrage w/o lying.



The nations problems really escalated with the election of the worst Congress in History, led by Nancy Peelosi and Harry Reid.
There will be no improvement until we get rid of those morons.
How are Obama's promises of ending earmarks, holding unemployment under 8%, no increase in deficit spending, ending no-compete contracts with gumment, ending special interest influence (unions),ending the hiring of former lobbyists into White House jobs, etc going? At least he has got a handle on North Korea and Iran, got the detainees tried and closed Gitmo.
Admit it guys, the man is a liar and incompetent President. I have no idea what his golf scores look like.

michael hood

Hey T: did Monson actually mention BW on the radio... or was it "a certain blog?" You don't happen to remember which hour which day do you? I know we all get under his skin, but they're all loath to mention anything specific.

Michael Hood
listening to talk radio so you don't have to...


My understanding of politics is that changing the direction of government is like changing the direction of a large ship with a paddle. If Bush had 8 years to get these things started, Obama should get at least eight years to clean up the mess if not repair the damage completely. Bush fostered so much ill will towards America abroad that it would surprise me if we're known as "The Great Satan" for another generation or three to come. If theres one thing you should know about humans it's that we don't let go of grudges.


Michael, I have heard Monson mention Blatherwatch by name at least once, and also I've heard him refer it as an unnamed radio blog, he hasn't mentioned us at all, unamed or named in a long time. the time that he mentioned us making fun of Mike Webb "just for sport" was at the time of his murder, just after his body was found and he referred to Blatherwatch as a certain local radio blog, i remember. Later but not recently, he claimed that a certain radio blog was always attacking him "just for sport". At one time, not recently ,i distinctly remember Monson saying Blatherwatch, and how the folks on Blahterwatch are much too extreme in their dislike of him. Actually that was the only time i've heard him say Blatherwatch, the blog so terrifying they dare not speak its name.


What a difference a year and a half makes. In Great Britain, Obama could have walked on water. Now the Brits have figured it out, it is not walking on water but that turds float. Obama probably qualifies as the most despised president since Nixon to the Brits.
At this time, you can't find a paper in London without reading a fiery slam against Obama and his policy's. Obama has lost his halo with them.
Many of us on the right tried to tell you what kind of a rat bastard commie (my apologies to our own RB) he was, with no managerial skills. But no!!! He was hip, cool, black,and could read a teleprompter.
He has shat upon two of our biggest allies, England and Israel will bowing down and kissing the butts of those that hate us.


You're confusing enthusiasm for the man with enthusiasm for an outcome. People were, and are, excited to see a change in direction away from George W Bush and anti-intelectual conservatism. Does that mean change will happen over night? No.

I can tell you're pretty nervous about November. Republicans don't have much to offer accept apologies to BP.


Sean DeTore mention BlatherWatch by name on KIRO when TBTL was aired on the station. Their remarks were not of a positive nature.

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour 2009

Take the pills today, chucks: Those aren't turds floating but tar-balls. Caused by relaxed standards and safety procedures by a British company that has soiled a vast section of coast-line to the point of extermination (Cheerio, Everglades!). The Brits are mad because they're share-holders of a mis-managed and criminally negligent corporation, and they're pissed that thier dole-checks will be a little smaller, rather than those rich Yanks paying for a mistake they didn't commit--ya know, like signing a non-aggression agreement with Nazi Germany?

On another sour note: "Just for sport." That's rich, coming from Munson (Monson? He pronounces it both ways--maybe it's the dental work) when that makes up the bulk (and I mean bulk) of his show. I know he's a liar and a hypocrite (hell, I think everybody--even the posters on this blog--are hypocrites), but geez, do a little self-analysis. Oh that's right, he doesn't "do" analysis. One of those "gut-check" guys.

And, of course, he has the same record-skip mentality of BW's multiple posts on Dori (slow news week?), or the appropriately named "Rat Basterd's" inappropriate "cliff" analogy.

The sun's out. Who would have known?

The Glenn Beck Comedy Tour 2009

"He has shat upon two of our biggest allies, England and Israel will bowing down and kissing the butts of those that hate us."

Chucks, I think you made a mistake when you copy-and-pasted this. It makes no sense.

By the way, our biggest ally, Israel, conducted espionage on this government to obtain nuclear secrets, and fired on the USS Liberty killing 34 of our Navy men during the Six-Day War. Look it up.

Rat Bastard

Lot's of problems in the world...
Bush didn't bring about all of our problems just as Obama has not...
To condense the blame down to just one or the other doesn't solve much. There's just a few more factors than a pair of knuckle headed politicians.
Dori is a self described "small government" supporter which means he's not a huge fan of either Bush or Obama.
And as far as my "cliff analogy"...
We've been headed toward the edge for many years, and Obama has just shoved it into high gear.
It's the big government way of doing things that has put us so far into the debt hole that we all have to wake up to what brought us here.
The good news is that many people are waking up.
We can wait and see the result in November.
There's plenty of blame to go around for why the economy is in the shape it's in.
Many people now realize that they haven't exactly been very financially responsible.
I think Dori is far more help than many here realize...
Hopefully people hear his show and consider his points about government spending.


I can tell you're pretty nervous about November. Republicans don't have much to offer accept apologies to BP.

Posted by: Andrew | June 22, 2010 at 11:11 AM

Barton was called out by the House leadership for doing that. He was correct about the shakedcown aspect, but failed to mention that BP is to held responsible for the damages.

The Unions are conducting a big-time shakedown of the economy and they get a free pass from BO for doing this because they are working lock step with the union thugs. That is reason enough to vote out the leadership and a majority of the democratic a-holes in November. They are pushing the country over the cliff in the name of multicultural one-world government and embracing the rogue nations who love to stab us in the back - a stupid, insane and dangerous notion !


FYI - Barton was called out by the GOP House leadership for making his so-called apology.


Bastard, the government is in the business of preserving the peace, and I feel the public funeral works towards that end.

Re unions, this is old news and it has not been the deciding issue in a national election in recent memory.


FYI - Barton was called out by the GOP House leadership for making his so-called apology.

Barton just broke the ice. Since then a rich montage has been created of Republican figures being sympathetic to BP.

Some Republicans are so partisan that they will side with BP just to score a point against Obama and the Dems, and I'm sure a Dem politician would do the same if the roles were reversed, but this time around its the puglicans that have hung themselves.

Rat Bastard

"Bastard, the government is in the business of preserving the peace, and I feel the public funeral works towards that end."

If Government is going to pander to every individual group, there's no end to the shakedowns that will follow.
I'm sure the individual groups of people, especially those who come to America from elsewhere would much rather be treated with respect, not "special treatment".
If we are to be equal, the government has to stay out of funeral service purchasing.
If a private entity would like to donate the funds, then that's great.
People are free to have as lavish or bare bones a funeral service, wedding, new shoes celebration or any other ceremony they want.
There's nothing stopping everyone who wanted to pay for the funeral service in question from donating the money.


You're deliberately ignoring the fact that in recent times a white cop decked a black lady in the jaw and that a white cop kicked a mexican who was on the ground, not puting up any resisitance.

You're obviously not willing to have a intelligent debate about the facts. You choose to ignore factors that aren't favorable to your selfish, and potentialy racist, world view.


People are free to have as lavish or bare bones a funeral service, wedding, new shoes celebration or any other ceremony they want.
There's nothing stopping everyone who wanted to pay for the funeral service in question from donating the money.

Obviously telling poor people to pay their own way will have zero good will value. Good will and strengthen community bonds benefit all Seattlites, and there is no reason why any particular Seattlite should be spared from contributing to his or her own community.

Rat Bastard

Both of the incidents you mentioned were the acts of individuals... White people do good and bad things just as any other race.
We can't lump people into groups like that.
People are individuals and they make individual choices.
Most cops in Seattle are white and therefore, most police brutality cases are commitd by "white cops".
Black cops, Asian cops, and every other race of cops are capable of bad behavior just as the rest of us.
Racism will never end as long as people are judged by...
Their RACE.


Is it sympathy or smart thinking to recognise that it may not be in our best interest to drive BP to bankruptcy while there is untold billions of dollars of damage to the Gulf Coast that we would like them to pay? Additionally, where is it advantages to us to harm a huge amount of British retires investment income. We really have to handle this intelligently (I know, with Obama in charge that is nearly impossible, but he is who we have).
(and Glenn Beck's touring clown, I accept that I am the only one about Blatherland that ever makes a typo but it should have read ...while bowing and kissing..... Sorry)


bastard, it's entirely possible for the actions of a few to have consequences for many, for the action of individuals to tarnish the image of a larger community. You will rarely, if ever, find an entire community culpable for anything, ever. Your posts are endlessly specious. You're just trying your best to rationalize what it is you really want: white cultural dominance and avoidance of having to contribute your fair share.

It is interesting that both cops were white even though there are cops of many ethnicities on the police force.

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