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June 18, 2010


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Munson must have heard Rush tell poor kids to go dumpster diving this summer instead of getting a free lunch at there school. So Munson had to use the word garbage today so he could sound like his hero.


Leave the nasturtiums alone, Dori (girl's name)!!! They are not only beautiful, but edible.


More publicity for Dori Monson ? McGinn's impeachment may be a bit far out - but this guy seems like another clueless community organizer. If nothing else, it just gives this blog more ammo.

Build the anti-Dori post and the Dori loathers will come.


"Community organizer" = I hate anyone in society who doesn't know their place. (blacks, latinos, women) pretty much the growing majority now. You should be nicer, they will decide how you spend your old age, ya know?


I'm white, I'm old, I'm angry, and I'm not going to take it anymore!!!!


It never occurred to me to feel sorry for the imbecilic Ron & Don, until I considered that they have to come on the air immediately after Monson each day. It's like picking up dog poop when you've run out of bags.


Ron and Don publicly called out Monson today not only for his idiotic, mean carping about Key Arena being used for the funeral, but for doing it on the DAY of the funeral. The city councilman Monson had on today said the Ethiopian community is raising a fund to pay back the city for it's nominal costs in hosting the funeral. He politely but firmly chastised Monson, saying some events in the city's life are not the time or place for "politics", several times. You could tell he was maintaining his good manners only for the duration of the call, after which i'm sure he exploded with some choice epithets, probably obscene, over this absolute tool and fool, Dori Monson. Meanwhile Sportscaster Peewee Monson will be uploading the video to mynorthwest.com of his double against Mariner pitching at the KIROfm listener batting practice event yesterday in Safeco Field. Does anyone really care- oh yeah , I guess Dori's Dipshits still do.


He was pretty disgusting this afternoon. He went all o'reilly on us and said since the City didn't return his 'calls' he had suspicions. His little libertarian rant let a number of his bigot listeners have time to take off their hoods and complain about race cards.
There are a lot of real stupid people in Seattle.
Ron of R&D went on a tirade about how totally classless it was to build a show around it on the day of the ceremony. Their social value skyrocketed this afternoon.


I thought it was a nice gesture, to have the ceremony at the Key. It was a way for the City to share in the grief for the Ethiopians/victims and the Firefighters.
dori was so pathetically mean spirited I had to turn him off, a little of him goes a long way. Today was way too much.

Obama is the Black President of our United States

Let’s see how long it takes for Dori’s man lover to cum to his aid. His man lover will use this argument; my man loves the criticism because it makes his wood harder. All the while, Dori’s lover will criticize the anti Dori posters. I wonder why Dori’s lover criticizes so many posters. Any guesses?


Message to Dave Ross: Dave, I know your loyalty KIRO runs deep, but it's time to face facts. this isn't your beloved KIRO anymore. Please, save your self! Find a station with an audience that can appreciate your talent. One that has some sense of dignity. Kiro's flag ship program now seems to be Ron and Don, and Dori's just trying to keep up with them. Dave, don't get in the gutter with these fools. Move to KOMO.


Rush Limbaugh has a garage full of Maybach automobiles. these cars go for 350k to half a mill each. It is an obscene, useless extravagance, especially considering the many deserving charities such as the Gates Foundsation that this obviously completely superfluous cash could go to. I believe Peewee Monson' ego is actually bigger then Limbaughs. Iimagine the excess Monson would indulge in if he had the cash.


Tommy, people that hand make luxury motor cars for those successful people need their jobs to. We can't all be bottom dwellers driving KIA's Honda's and Chrysler's.
Some of us need to drive the better cars. That is not a bad thing.
We need to get our yacht and luxury motor coach builders back to work as well.
When that happens, you will know the economy is back on track.
You should see the stretch Rolls-Royce's that Bill Gates and Paul Allen both own. Maybe look up Paul Allen's big yacht and it's two helipad's, rear garage for his 40 foot mini yacht.
Don't forget the hundreds of people that made wages making the luxury stuff. We don't need to be red China or North Korea. We can work hard and enjoy the rewards.

Ave 7

Dori is a sad little man grasping at straws. BTW, has anyone advanced the postulate; his love interest herein may be his wife. Don’t know if it’s likely, just flinging the shti. Hey Andy, did you hear Dori (a girl’s name) got the head coach’s job at Shorecrest High School? Good for him, but I hope there are no brown kids with hopes to make that team.

Girl from Ipanema


Dori (a girls name) is neither Paul Allen rich or Bill Gates smart. He is a huckster with a gift to pander to the stupefied. You right wingers have a tendency to put your smart alecks on a pedicle despite their tenuous position. Face it; the man (with hair plants) is making money disparaging 4 dead kids regardless of their skin color.


I've listened to him, but I can only take short bursts.

He's obviously intelegent, but he misrepresents, distorts, and outright lies to make his point. He could be right-wing but accurate, and instead chooses to take three hours of the citizen's airwaves to spread lies and hate as a way of making his living. I find this contemptable.

You don't get to make a living cheating people out of their retirement savings. You don't get to make a living cheating people in the marketplace. You should not be able to make a living cheating people with false information.

I will be very pleased to see him leave the air to make an honest living, and I'll even wish him success.

Zeg Fanta

Dori does know now or somehow may figure out that the Ethiopian kids that we lost over the weekend in a hell of fire will have no chance or opportunity to treat him, perhaps some two decades from now if he ever becomes sick and end up in hospital bed at UW or HV or in any Public Institution. But, the rest "Garbage" people, this we know for sure will assist and help him and possibly cure his illness!

Unfortunately, as all the good and reasonable people know it, none of the 'garbage kids' will be able to cure his madness that is eroding away his happy and peaceful life!

I am just assuming and perceiving things like Dori does it all the time!


if i had limbaugh's cash i would have probably 3 new cars. Older project luxury/sports cars which can be obtained reasonably and restored for modest cost, relatively speaking, don't count. 2 would be under the cutoff point of 350k or maybe even all 3. To me a car over 350k has passed the point of luxury or super speed on to something else- "spectacle" if you will. If you must have a car over 350k limit yourself to one, and give the other half mill or so you were goign to spend on the second "spectacle car" to charity. My garage- 160k 2010 Mercedes luxury sedan , a 290k 2010 Ferrari sports car and a 500k 2010 Mercedes McClaren gullwing sports car.


so you see, Chucks, I'm not really a no-fun grinch, just following Warren Buffet's lead.


I hope I don't sound too much like an old fart, but back in the day of Langan and West and Crow and West and Robin and Maynard, radio entertainment was fun. Radio was entertaining because it made you feel good and laugh and think. Now, with the Rush's, and Monson's and even R and D at times, entertainment is just plain mean and dumb. This so called entertainment just divides and riles people. If this new radio is suppose to be entertainment, give me Pandora and my iPod. Radio used to be a companion. Now it just raises the blood pressure of what little audience is left. It's much tougher to be funny and entertaining compared to mean, nasty and entertaining. Dori, how can you sleep on your free bed, in your free house with your free doggy fence? Really? The end credits are rolling on radio because of people like you, hungry for ratings and bonuses and ego strokes. I am really sad. I love what radio has, or had to offer, but what I want to listen to is long gone. Dead air would be more enjoyable. Shame on you KIRO. I know you need to re-invent yourself, but this? Really?
Goodnight and good luck. Sometimes it's really humiliating to be a human. Today between noon and three was an example of how sad radio has become.


Motor Trend's review of 2010 Mercedes McClaren SLR Price Range-$495,000 Body Style-Convertible Sum up- expensive, pointless.............. but if you have Rush'es money,and above, you're entitled to have one "pointless" automobile. I just believe the second "pontless" vehicle should never happen, and instead become a generous donation to charity. But that's just me.


what kind of grotesque ego this man has , absolutely humongous, engorged beyond recognition, that he believes he's entitled to publicly disgrace and defame this community's funeral on the very day of it's performance.

Rat Bastard

It is far too often if not mandatory that liberals bring race into EVERYTHING.
Dori is only bringing up the legitimate point that funerals for private citizens are not the business of government.
And yes... I do think that Dori would have been making the same points about this story if it was a white family who were the victims of this terrible tragedy.
TAX DOLLARS! That is the issue here... Not Race.
The city council member on Dori's show today admitted right away that "Seattle now has the reputation for it's people fighting with cops".
A direct reference to the "jaywalker/punch" incident and then a few minutes later when asked if that was the reason for this government funded service... The council member said it was not.
More typical liberal politics.
Ethiopians are an individual group separate from black Americans which only makes it more pathetic that the city is trying to use these fire victims as a way to appease the "black community" and show the rest of the country how Seattle pats minorities on the head like frail little pets instead of giving everyone as individuals the respect that they deserve as human beings.
The constant racism of the left will never end since it would take away the most powerful ammo they have.
Cry "Racism" and it automatically shuts conversation down.
And by the way, I'm not some Dori fan who agrees with everything he says.
I cringe every time I hear him even say the word "Libertarian" since he was on board with the freedom crushing smoking ban.
Dori is a conservative and no where close to being a Libertarian by any stretch of the imagination.
But on this Key arena funeral service issue, he's correct.
Government is DISCRIMINATING against every other tragic death by funding any part of this one.


"I do think that Dori would have been making the same points about this story if it was a white family who were the victims of this terrible tragedy."

It's nice of you to think so highly of Dori but you're wrong. If they were white then there wouldn't be a liberals love minorities more than whites angle that Dori constantly plays. If they were white there'd be no way for him to exploit his audience's anger and outrage, which is his entire MO at this point.


I second John and Bob's sentiments that while some might respect Dori's modest professional achievements, you can, and should, think about the toll it takes on our society to have a cheerleader for intolerance, who foments the worst in the weak minded and the bigotted among us for fifteen hours a week, every week.

Rat Bastard

I really do believe Dori's position on this to be sincere.
He would say the exact same thing if the fire victims were white.
Yes, he's the king of "mock rage", but he also speaks for the rest of us who are just as upset by the extreme waste of our local government.
"Anger and outrage" is right... many of us are just furious at how our tax dollars are spent, both Right and Left... This story is as obvious a case of white guilt and pandering as it can be.
And using the word "bigot" is second in line to "Racist".
More name calling to make a weak point when legitimate argument isn't available.


Rat Bastard says "Government is DISCRIMINATING against every other tragic death by funding any part of this one."

The fact that the Ethiopians are recent immigrants is also a compelling reason to extend some public courtesy their way. We want to make a good impression with a budding community. We want their parents to tell their kids that America welcomes them and that they have a great oppurtunity here. We do not want them to tell their kids that they are outsiders or that driving taxis is the best they can hope to do in this country.

This could be the make or break point where in ten years we see either increased enrolment at the UW or we see an increase in crime rates. Practicing your and Doris' rigid ideology (which ultimately favors whites) would leave new ethnic communities feeling forgotten and second class, and lend itself to the latter outcome.


This "it's not fair to all the people who didn't have funerals in Key Arena" is bullshit. AFAIK these exact circumstances have not previously existed, so the implied hypocrisy is only theoretical. So is Dori's outrage also just theoretical?

I don't know if the drunk driver highschool victims were actualy presented as a counter example, but if true, that's a laughably absurd comparison.


If the victims were white Doris would still be against it, but you have to understand, he will always be against every the mayor ever does. If the victims were white, Doris would simply claim this is yet another extravagant act of liberal excess, and then he'd ask why his grandma's funeral wasn't publicly funded and held at the Key Arena, and then chortle about how Key Arena is America's biggest funeral home to which lapdog Phil would add "and I think the cheapest!"

Rat Bastard

I think that honest people want to be treated as individuals, not stick figures depending on what color ink was used on them.
To say that Ethiopians need "special treatment" is an insult.
Otherwise let's just make a scale for how much a cheeseburger should cost for each of us according to a complex scale of race, gender, sexual preference, height, foot odor, and baldness levels.
We will never move past the problems of race unless we agree to treat people by... Oh... Say...
Content of character?
I realize that won't work for those who rely on everything OTHER than content of character.
What would poor Reverand Al Sharpton and his ilk do?
There are so many factors as to who people are in this world, and to lump people into groups by race or ethnicity is only going to keep them down instead of giving people a sense that they are judged according to their behavior.
It's the "community leaders" who claim to speak for everyone in the group they claim as their "that's right/mmm Hmmm" uttering sheep with no critical thinking skills of their own who are holding people back from acheiving success in their lives that is there for them if they break free from these oppressive "leaders".


is Lake Forest Park, Dori's neighborhood really "lily-white"? Here on Queen Anne there are many asians and quite a few blacks. I just can's see living in a neihgborhood like that if it is truly whites only, de facto, though not de juris (hopefully that's the right latin, supposed to mean "by law".)


"de facto, though not de jure", is what i should have wrote

Rat Bastard

OK, it's late and you broke me down...
Yes... YES!!!
I was at the same meeting Dori was at about this issue and we (meaning "us whiteys") decided that the upper Eastside will be our headquarters for "honkeyville" as we intend to call it.
We will have the finest in white robe bleaching launderettes and all males will go by the name Biff or Tad and females will have no names, just numbers to keep them in "their place".
Geez, the race thing really is the warm, snuggly blanket of liberals.
Someday, my hope is that "my people" will prevail and we can actually get past the concept of humans being trapped in their color coded wrapper and get to something a bit more evolved.
(Yes, I spellchecked "launderettes")


Rat Bastard says "There are so many factors as to who people are in this world, and to lump people into groups by race or ethnicity is only going to keep them down instead of giving people a sense that they are judged according to their behavior."

You live in a fantasy world. The fact is white privilege exists. The fact is that people play favorites, not just based on skin color, but on the way people talk, the way they dress, their height, their physical attractiveness, and on and on. As long as we are human, we will never ever be solely judged based on the content of our character. Our own human psychology assures that this will never happen. We can't just put our head in the sand and pretend there's no such thing as racial, ethnic or cultural division, or for that matter a division between the beautiful and the ugly, the young and the old, the state schooled versus the ivy leaguers, etc.

Rat Bastard

People put themselves into groups to feel better and "fit in".
That's why sports fans wave foam fingers while screaming that they're "number 1" even though they had nothing to do with the game.
There will always be "I'm better than you because..."
The point here is:
Many if not most of us really do want to be judged by our character, but there are so many others who insist on judgement by everything else that character will never rise above all of those agendas.
Race is just one of many reasons to ignore who people really are.
As long as racists keep tugging at the weak, the weak will never rise above it.
Unfortunately, there are far too many tuggers and too many weak.
Good company for each other.
The rest of us can only just tolerate you since we can't seem to get rid of you.


yada yada yada the whole Keyarena funeral thing comes down to what Don said on Friday- "the politically correct thing to do, also turned out to be the right thing to do ......Dori is just sick and wrong on this issue and even his own listeners know how lame he sounds on this. He hit an easy little, lazy blooper into the center fielder's glove on this one, with the dude trotting effortlessly towards second base to catch the ball. haha Dori


Good last post Andrew. There's a moron who wears "baller" over the knee "shorts and a t-shirt who lets his looks-like pitbull puppy run around without a leash( illegal) who moved in next door. The wannabe thug look. This moron has a hideous, fat wife or whatever. The wife seems to want to be friends, waving from across the street. Sorry but i can't help but have a "who let you on the Hill" attitude towards them and i guess it shows because he started muttterings things to his puppy last night as he stood across the street ("hater",etc.), These two are creeping me out bigtime so i've already moved my Mercedes to the side srtet and have gone to "route B" WHERE I CAN DO MY DAILY BUSINESS WIOTHOUT ENCOUNTERING THEM AT AL THIS SUMMER.


And you are making these brilliant observations about and judging these people without taking the opportunity to walk over, introduce yourself and find out who your new neighbors really are.
You might just go ahead and welcome them to the neighborhood, tell them what day the trash guy comes, let them know where to get the best take-out and find common ground.
Hell Tommy, you might just find out that they are absolute idiots and just find new BFF's.
Don't be such a pig.
Shit, I had new neighbors move in across the driveway. They are brown colored, drive a Ford and have Obama bumper stickers on it.
We will be Bar-b-Qing this afternoon, rain or shine while their kids swim in our pool with our grand daughters.
Turns out that he is in the Army and she owns a detail shop. She is going to take the Rolls and Town Car to work next week, followed by the T-Bird and the XR7 the following week. The trucks and the Jetta are going to have to wait a month or so.


I'm starting to realize that it's not 'mr. integrity's' problem. He looks at the ratings and tweaks his cute little show accordingly. That is ALL that matters. No consistency, plenty of stupidity blended with a healthy dose of racism.

If Brennan wants to sponsor "I hate ni--er day", let them. I won't have their jack-booted thugs anywhere near my house, but that's for them to deal with.

This bozo (Monson) is so all over the place that it's hard to pin down wexactly what kind of a racist he is.

Imagine his life -- short, pudgy, balding, overweight. He really is a hideous sight. So the dude's angry. You would be too if looked like that and your name was freakin' Doreen.

When he goes particularly over the top, I wait for his rant then the 'sweet' community-based ad. Dori: "Yeah, I'm not sayin' that I hate niggers, BUT......" A couple minutes later he reads the "The summer heating/cooling season is coming..." "Then", he says, go to Rennan Heating and Air Conditioning....

Is that (or any of his ads) a restricted company?

I'm not sayin... I'm just sayin', who would place their ads in the middle of this lepruchan's disgusting fear/hate mongering?

The little guy with the cute girl's name, that's who.

Um, NOPE. If you're selling it, I'm DeFINITELY not buying.

That's all his pin headed show is about. Get as many hits as possible. I'll be a Christian on Sunday.

He said he was 'hired' to take the place of a Social Studies teacher at his kid's school (so he can coach hoops). Poor bastard was laid off 'cause of all that Big Government Overspending. So they lay off that guy and hire Monson to coach B'ball.

What the hell up w/ that.

He's a 10th grader Libertarian (can't make up his mind) and all-around hypocrite slime ball. Doesn't matter since it's all about holding the retarded listenership he currently has.

Every day after his show, I imagine several people guffawing, "Wanna go down d' jail and string one up???? Yuk, yuk yuk!!!

This guy is a pig.


Dori is the local bigot who is sponsored by many local businesses. I definitely want this racist retard promoting my business.

Oh, I forgot to mention he's a Christian and a Libertarian. (You know, hates government but loves all the benefits. Doesn't mind people of color but makes money off inspiring others to violence. Sounds more like a republican to me.)


sorry it's "Mclaren" Mercedes gullwing SLR, not McClaren. under any spelling, it's an awesome, if "pointless" to some, car.



Nice to see that my recent post of Dori is being so accentuated herein; this is EXACTLY what he tries to garner...ATTENTION and you'all are giving it to him in spades. I love it.
And did you'all (especially the two most outspoken Dori-haters) hear that DORI IS TAKING ON A NEW JOB. Head coach of Shorecrest HS girls basketball team...saying (much to mentioned -haters surprise) on his show that up to now he's been 'assistant coach' and that the school district thought so much of his talents that they offered him the 'head coaching' job, and he accepted.
Again, said -haters herein are made to look like the foolish dolts they are. LMAO
ps: btw have you'all noticed the improvement in one of the -hater's spelling lately, since he was 'spanked'...now, if we could only get the other one to improve
Bottom line here is that I'm sure Dori THANKS you all for your attention and for not ignoring him...cause THAT's his biggest fear, you know...like I've preached herein many times.
Keep it up folks; it's appreciated.
[I'm sure Puts has probably duly recorded the latest f*** up by our resident dolts...man, they're like the little Energizer bunny, they just keep going and going in proverbial circle jerk fashion]



Aside - does anyone else notice the scarcity of comments by Joanie of late ? Just curious, that's all


Ha...remember KS she and sparky are notorious for using aliases.


Yes, it seems like they tend to use the aliasses when the wind is blowing in their face, like now. Tigsnort is one that comes to mind. I am not dismissing the possibility of Spar-Coil either. Tommy009 is also an alias from one of the usual suspects.


The service at Key Arena was also for the Fire Fighters. I'm sure they need some outlet for the feelings they had about the mechanical failure at the fire. The total powerlessness at the mercy of some inanimate object malfunctioning.
dori was so mean spirited. He was asking his fox questions 'just wanting to know'. The baiting of his listeners who could barely conceal their contempt for the victims community using 'liberal' and 'political correct' as some dog whistle for venting their vile bigotry. You really had to hear dori and his ditto douches yesterday to realize seattle has a lot more of mean, prejudiced people than one would think.


another Dori hater, welcome to the fray.

Dan D.

Jameschan-- Michael is right about Dori's listeners and the right-wingers who comment here. They don't live in Seattle, but rather in the rurals and outskirts.

The Anti-Dori

Dori is a petty man. That's the best that can be said of him. You align yourself with his ideas, you, too, are petty. We have too much pettiness in our society these days.


Ignore all the haters Duff...But as the resident cheerleader for Dori, do you think it warranted bringing it up on the day of the funeral? Very bad form in my opinion.

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