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June 08, 2010


Rat Bastard

Damn, I remember the attempted car jacking she went through when they were in L.A.
Hope she makes a full recovery and they catch the scum.

Sailor man

Maybe Seattle will wake up to the Latino plague that's raping and killing our women and kids. These people should be loaded in boxcars and shipped South.

She should have been carrying her weapon.


This poor woman. My heart goes out to her and Bryan. I don't agree with his politics but this is not a time for politics.

I do say that Seattle is deteriorating dramatically from a public-safety standpoint -- wilding in the bus tunnel, brazen shootings on 2nd Avenue, stuff like this case -- and the city's leadership seems to be in utter denial. This is not some progressive candyland where we can spend all our time ripping out parking meters, replacing street asphalt for sod, and dreaming up new business taxes to fund all these goofy advantures. We're in trouble. D. Monson is right on this point, I'm afraid.


If you're a woman and you must go for a walk at 1am you should have either a very large dog or a weapon on your person.

And wow, I wonder if they were illegal immigrants because, you know, that would like, so play into their conservative hands.


Not the time for politicizing Andrew. Very sorry to hear of this Bryan...hang in there and God Bless.


I am not aware of any "Latino plague that is raping and killing our women and kids." I must have missed it in the credible news outlets. Statistics please.
I wish you a speedy recovery, Mrs. Suits.


It should be completely safe to be out walking, but why was she out walking at 1am? She isn't at fault, but going out alone in the dark is not something I am brave enough to do. I am sure the emotional injury will take much longer to hear than the physical ones. I wish her the best.


whoops that should be heal not hear.


Jo...I read that she has a back problem and walks every nite before bed to ease that problem so she can have a restful sleep.

David Anfinrud

We may not have an epidemic of Illegals causing crime. But the actions of this area make it easy for criminals to attack and rob.
Remember it takes over a dozen times being caught stealing a car before you pay for the crime. Criminals have more rights to take from the citizens than citizens have rights to protect themselves.
Lately there has been several Hispanics facing trial that are here in this country illegally. Not all illegals are criminals but is it not a fact via federal law that if you are in the country without a visa a criminal act.
Pick and choose what laws you enforce means no law needs to be followed. Because the criminals can always claim you are picking on me because.... Just because you do no enforce some laws gives them an out to break more laws. So we are becoming a lawless society.
Remember Law enforcement/Jails lose funding faster than social programs. So we are making it easier for the criminals and they know it.


>>And wow, I wonder if they were illegal immigrants because, you know, that would like, so play into their conservative hands.

Posted by: Andrew | June 08, 2010 at 01:19 PM<<

Your attempt to turn a tragic attack into a way to further your political agenda makes you a bigger scum than the suspects in the stabbing. Shame on you.


Yeah, because this is NOTHING like Randi Rhodes allegedly being assaulted by some deranged conservative while walking her dog late at night. No similarities at all.

Sailor man

Plague? Have you seen all the taco trucks? If they don't stab us to death, they'll kill us with microbes.
I say get rid of each and every one of them. They contribute nothing to this country but grunt labor and crime statistics. I expect Bryan will attack these animals on the radio with renewed vigor.


Warmest regards to Rachel Suits and hopes for a speedy and full recovery.
With any luck at all, she will get to testify against the scumbags that attacked her. To stab a woman in the middle of the night while mugging her of jewelry is cowardly. It really is sad that she wasn't able to cap a round between the eyes of one of them, resulting in death and the other being tried for murder.


Good thing we unofficially "ban" guns here, this allows our police officers to do their jobs and stop these crimes from ever happening.


You know, reading this story again is giving me pause. 1. Young Mexicans roaming freely in Lake Forest Park at 1am and nobody notices? Hell, my black behind can't even drive through there at 9pm without getting eyeballed, let alone a couple of dudes up to no good. 2nd For someone that had a flashlight shined in her face in the dark and then had her ass kicked and stabbed, she sure had a pretty detailed description of not one, but two assailants. Former cop or not, you're not going to have that kind of detail when you get hit hard and fast by a couple of muggers... curious to see what, if anything comes from the investigation..


Rachel, a former Dep Sheriff, walking alone at 1:00am,previously assaulted, and she is unarmed?


Something stinks.


I've read that she was actually injured in that attempted robbery in California. I would like more details to better understand how one person could be so unlucky.

Kyle Mesherscmitt



Lou Dobbs said someone 'shot' at his house before he went off the air.


I cant find the article but IIRC Suits wife's arm was slashed in a car jacking attempt at or near their home in CA. Required a lot of stitches.

I wouldnt walk to mass or go to confession at 1:00am in Seattle unarmed.


Lake Forest Park is pretty secluded. I've worked a lot of late shifts in my life and you do get to feeling safe when you probably aren't. Also, I'll bet not really many officers out that late at night in that area.

As for jails being underfunded? I don't think so. They have strong unions that politic to keep minor drug offenses criminal because it keeps them in business. Too many small offenders in jail who take up room.

This whole thing is scary. And we've had several violent events involving Hispanics in the last couple years.


My thoughts and regards to Rachel Suits for her recovery. Seattle is a sanctuary city - that can only make it more dangerous at night. Guess where the affected Hispanics from AZ who feel oppressed by their new law may show up ? A sanctuary city...


why is tommy009 such a predictable douchebag? i'll be back in 2011.


that was Tommy009, some idiot who has just appeared on the board, copying my name (almost) - not me, Tommy008, the thorn in your side for years. Don't you remember i'm 008 not 009? i refrained from making any negative comments. sorry about the /robbery/attack, and i don't support the morons who are showing up here doubting the truth of the police account.




I'm just a little concerned with the apparent selectivity of facts that have been made public about the attack at a time when illegal immigrants are being vilified by conservative radio hosts.




Tommy009 , you're a worthless little worm- how about you surface again from the rock you crawled back under, apologize to Bryan and myself, and identify yourself as someone other then me, Tommy008, who has been trading posts with Bryan for years. You worthless piece of crap.

blathering michael

Tommy009 is NOT longtime commenter Tommy008. The latter has been vindicated, the former has been banned.


thanks, Michael.

Rat Bastard

I just read a KOMO news account of the story...
It does sound as if some dirt bags were driving by, saw an opportunity and went after it.
Bryan's wife Rachel was the unfortunate victim of a crime that will only be growing more common in our area.
That imposter "Tommy 009" crap was awful.
I believe that Tommy 008 was the victim of a cruel joke.
I'm a Suits fan and I realize that Bryan's "non fans" are just as sickened by this story.
We all wish Rachel and her family the best.

Corporate Suite

Why was she walking around at 1 AM? There is something wrong with this story. NOTHING good ever happens after 10 PM.


I have my issues with T008, but I agree that the T009 'imposter' posting(s) were truly unfair to Tommy, who has, for the most part been consistant in his views and postings.


Corporate Suite: I read that she has a back problem and goes out for a walk each nite before bed which apparently helps her get a restful night's sleep. And according to Bryan this wasn't at 01:00; it was more like mid-nite.
I read this on Bryan's facebook account.

Rat Bastard

Bryan's 5am hour this morning was an excellent description of the incident.
I'm sure the podcast will be available on the KVI website soon.


She needs to buy a treadmill.


I don't even like walking around at 12 AM, however I would do it because I'm a male and in good physical health. I would not tolerate my wife walking alone at midnight, and if I couldn't stop her from going, I would follow behind. Women make easier targets. They are sought out by sexual predators. You don't let the women in your family walk alone at midnight. Was this previous carjacking incident an outcome of poor judgement as well?


Yea, to all those who think this is just a political opportunity for Bryan, just take a hike. Just keep ignoring the fact and statistics of the problems that led to this. You know the only thing you can see when your head is in the sand.


and I get accused of politicizing this...


Whatever the circumstances, this was a horrible incident. I hope she is ok.


oh right I forgot there is only one side of the story (abc, nbc, cbs)

KOMO kid

Are Bryan and Rachel still even together? I get from the accounts that I read that they seem to be living separately. It is most amazing that Mrs. Suits has had two nearly identical encounters one in LA, the other in WA in which she was jumped, robbed and stabbed by Latino hoodlums as she walked alone late at night in the exurbs. Quite a coincidence. I will be interested to see how many arrests come from this.


This is not the appropriate forum/time/place, Andrew.


When will it be? After our outrage that a conservative radio host's wife was stabbed and robbed by latinos has fully set in, and all of this is yesterday's news? You're a naive pushover.


Andrew, you're just another liberal douche


I'm sure Lake Forest Park is still a quite safe neighborhood. I don't think Suit's wife was foolish in assuming she'd be ok in taking a short walk by the brightly lit school and back to the house. It seems like a fluke sort of crime. And just terrible luck in being attacked and stabbed twice within 7 months or so. I'm surprised Dori hasn't weighed in by saying she made "poor life choices" in deciding to take the late night walk.

Coporate Suit

Midnight, 1 AM, what does it matter? Why was she out there alone, "taking a walk?" It's just crazy. And the CA coincidence is bizarre. Isn't this the gale Suits left his previous wife for?


Bryan Suits stated today that the attackers in Los Angeles were not Hispanic.


Thanks, AMJ. I think that's important to know.

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